The unsinkable Harvey Weinstein

I just read an interesting item over at InContention in which writer John Foote speculates that Harvey Weinstein’s successful campaign for The Reader may end […] Read the full post.

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  • Isabella

    I think it’s kind of obvious Kate Winslet is going to win (and if she doesn’t, I’ll be surprised). She’s been nominated 5 times before and has never one, so the Academy may feel it’s time to give her a statue. But I think Anne Hathaway deserves it. It’s the most surprising performance of the year, and she really deserves it.

  • Jasper

    I agree with Karger on this one. And T.g. Pierson is right. I liked Meryl in Doubt though so if she wins, I won’t be upset. I will have none of this Anne Hathaway nonsense, however.

  • Roland E.

    While I loved Kate Winslet’s performance in the Reader, Meryl Streep’s performance in “Doubt” was multi-layered and very nuanced. Besides, Meryl has not won an Oscar in over 25 years – for the most nominated actress in history, she is long overdue to be honored again!

  • Laura

    Kate Winslet gave the best performance by an actress last year… twice. She was spectacular in both The Reader and Revolutionary Road. It’s her year to win because no other actress was as good as she was last year. Meryl was good but not great. Anne Hathaway? Please. Hathaway did not even come close to the complexity, depth, and layers that Winslet conveyed in her two roles. Not to mention the level of difficulty alone – Hathaway’s role is just not nearly as hard to pull off as Kate’s role in The Reader. Kate wins hands down. Here’s hoping Harvey doesn’t ruin it by campaigning too hard for her.

  • ra

    Meryl is the greatest actress ever,
    No competition.
    but she has been overdue so long time.
    even though I’m sure that kate will win this year oscar.

  • FromBim

    This overdue talk is nonsense…it should simply be who was better. I think that Kate was awesome in both RR and the Reader..and i will extremely happy if she does indeed win

  • bluestem

    I didnt realize that The Reader belongs to Harvey Weinstein. Now the omission of The Dark Knight from the best picture ballot makes sense.
    When is the Academy going to put a stop to the ridiculous campaigning that goes on especially at the Weinstein Group? It has already had to change its scheduling due to the public black eye the Academy got in 99 when Weinstein wined and dined Shakespeare in Love to the top prize. It was so obvious that the Academy was not voting with ther conscience but voting for the production company that gave them gifts and a very nice dinner.
    The Academy is beginning to have a very serious public imagery problem as it appears more and more disconnected with its customers: the American moviegoing public. Weinstein and producers like him need to be prevented from sending anything more than a DVD to each voter. No dinners. No gifts. No watching parties. All of these extras turn these awards into a farce.

  • joe

    Weinstein screwed Winslet out of an Oscar by not pushing her in the Supporting category. An Oscar is an Oscar is an Oscar–whether supporting or lead. Winslet’s win would have been guaranteed had she been in the supporting category allowing the Academy to kill two birds with one stone this year: a trophy for Winslet and a third for Streep.

  • filmboymichael

    “Weinstein screwed Winslet out of an Oscar by not pushing her in the Supporting category”
    Joe, Winslet was being pushed and promoted for supporting for The Reader. However, the academy can nominate a performance in whatever standing they want, be it supporting or lead. My guess is given the close proximity alphabetically between The Reader and Revolutionary Road, most oscar voters didn’t discern between the two. Either that, or they were well aware that she was lead in The Reader.

  • SC

    Just to clarify things for some of you, Kate’s performance in The Reader is NOT a supporting role. Kate is on screen a lot of the time. Also, she was being promoted in the supporting category because of Revolutionary Road, but the Academy voters can change that if they like. It appears that they thought her role as Hanna was more of a leading than supporting and voted for her in the leading category over Revolutionary Road, despite what the campaign was for. Since you cannot be nominated twice, Revolutionary Road lost out. I think it should go to the best performance and this year, it’s Kate, whether you think it’s for Revolutionary Road or the Reader. She has not won before, but it’s not about that. I would hate to think that a campaign for the film would cost Kate the Oscar. That’s ridiculous and something she herself has no control over, so why punish her for it?

  • Jason

    I’m sorry, but if Winslet wins the Oscar this year, it’s a pity win. Streep’s performance was sooooo much more deep and layered and executed to perfection. Winslet didn’t really do much with that character except be angry, cold and distant. Where was the human? It was a robot. I was incredibly disappointed in her performance and I usually like Kate. Her accent also distracted me because she went in and out of the German inflection more times than I can count. Meryl deserves this Oscar no question. Kate will win it only because people will feel sorry for her, NOT for the better performance.

  • Bill

    I don’t think Oscar voters will penalize Winslet because of Harvey Weinstein’s aggressive tactics. The voters obviously love her (6 nominations by age 33). Streep is a definite possbility because she won the SAG, and Doubt has 4 acting nominations. As for Hathaway,
    Academy support for Rachel Getting Married is light, with the movie only receiving one nomination. My prediction: When Kate Winslet wins let Oscar rejoice! (I stole that from Cheri Oteri as Barbara Walters on SNL.)

  • alluhrey

    MERYL STREEP gave the best performance in “Doubt”. It was easily the most memorable, most powerful and most intelligent performance of what is essentially an unlikeable or even a caricaturish character. Meryl Streep invested her Sister Aloysius with so much humanity and contradictoriness that she was riveting and mesmerizing in every turn.
    Winslet’s made Nazi Hanna Schmitz sexy and sympathetic and likeable even, but couldn’t she convey with her face the motivations of this remorseless woman. It was a one-note boring act that seduces because of the stylized rape and the manipulative plot.

  • Martin

    Shakespeare in Love was a fantastic film and deserved its accolades (well, maybe not Paltrow). However, Weinstein did manage to get Chocolat and I believe The Shipping News nominated in various categories — both of those films were mediocre at best. The screenplay for Shakespeare has to be one of the best the past 20 years and IS worth of the nominations it received.

  • Ida

    Meryl or Anne for the win. Kate is one the best actresses ever, but The Reader is garbage. No one should get a “sympathy” Oscar or an “overdue” Oscar. Of the nominees, I believe the correct order for performances is: Streep, Hathaway, Leo, Winslet, and finally Jolie. I would have liked to have seen any of Winslet (for Rev. Rd.), Hawkins (Happy-go-lucky), Thomas (I’ve Loved you…), or Williams (Wendy and Lucy) get nods over Jolie or Winslet in The Reader. Poor Winslet… she really should have won for “Eternal Sunshine” and now has to deal with this ****.

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