Box Office Report: 'Michael Jackson's This Is It' makes $101 million worldwide

Michael-Jackson-singing_lHalloween audiences picked beats over blood this weekend, pushing Michael Jackson’s This Is It to the top spot, while horror phenomenon Paranormal Activity scored a strong second-place finish. With a $21.3 million domestic gross, This Is It raised its worldwide total to a massive $101 million that easily breaks the record for a concert doc, though it falls far short of the $250 million that concert promoter AEG reportedly predicted. Even so, the performance was good enough to convince distributor Sony (which acquired the pic for a mere $60 million) to announce that the concert pic will remain in theaters at least until Thanksgiving.

Still beating expectations in its third wide-release weekend, the sleeper hit Paranormal Activity dropped just 22 percent for a $16.5 million haul. At $84.8 million total after six weekends, the surprise smash is now the year’s highest grossing horror movie. Rounding out the top five are holdovers Law Abiding Citizen ($7.3 million), Couples Retreat, ($6.1 million), and Saw VI ($5.6 million).

The weekend’s two other newbies both had lukewarm receptions in wide release: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day made $0.5 million at 68 theaters, while Gentlemen Broncos earned $10,000 at two sites.

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  • Nerwen Aldarion

    MJ MJ MJ I’m so sick of Micheal Jackson, this is getting ridiculous!!!!!

    • mens

      then dissappear of this earth

      • meso soup

        Now is that what MJ would say?

    • renee

      yeah disappear. i saw this movie and really didn’t know what to expect. i walked away knowing there are good artists, great artists, and then there are those people …
      michael jackson fell into the latter category. beyond the stratosphere that had the nuances of artistry artists pray to be blessed with and learn. i finally became sad he is gone, and can’t wait to see the movie just one more time so i can really appreciate it.

    • whatever

      so y did u click on this article? genious…

      • supadupamodel

        Probably because it’s a free country.

    • Mandy

      What’s really ridiculous is clicking on this and taking the time to comment if you’re sick of him. I for one, loved the film- and Michael left us just like he was always going to… wanting more. He was a once in a lifetime, brilliant, and kind hearted musical genius and I will always love him.

      • boots

        what’s even more ridiculous is taking the time to click on here and comment about someone who is taking the time to click on here and comment about michael jackson if they are sick of him.

      • steve

        I’m not much of a Michael Jackson fan either but i clicked on this article to read about how the other movies did since its the box office report. Its so low when people attack other’s comments the way people do.

  • mens

    well what many people forget to add is that hallowween was a big decline and it hasnt fallen on a saturday since 1996 so it was a huge slump fr thisit ,despite that it managed to do very very well and am sure it will make 250mill eventually

  • NerwenHasAsmallDick

    to Nerwen, you claim you’re sick and tired of Michael yet you read the article and posted your retarded opinion, nice try idiot

    • bedc01

      Oh come one, NERWEN is just looking for attention, and how do you know it’s a dude? Nerwen sounds more like a girl

    • Chris

      It’s an article about the movies this weekend, not an article about MJ. I also happen to agree. Not that he wasn’t talented… but people… stop trying to profit off his death… please.

      • Maymay

        Why shouldn’t they profit off of Micheal’s death they profitted off of Elvis Presley Death with Graceland and they are still making money off of graceland. so stop hating.

    • kyky


  • fadumo

    ofcourse it is always mj mj mj & mj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he is the king that’s why.

    we’re going to hear about him for the next 500 years. hehe^-^

  • fatima

    who gets tired of michael??? wierd!

    • Lindsay


  • fatima

    it’s good that movie made all that money!!! very good^_^ kongratz!!!

  • KC

    I have to agree with Nerwen. Before he died, no one gave any thought to MJ except that he was a bona fide creep, but the moment he dies, people crawl out of the woodworks and the media goes into overkill mode.

    • SWE

      Just becuase you thought he was a creep doesn’t mean we all did. They are those of us who loved him admired and appreciated him for all he is but did not kiss and tell to everyone who hears, we were dignified about it. This is out way of showing L.O.V.E

      • Hutchy

        ROFL thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Didn’t kiss and tell? What are you even talking about? “Yeah, I love that show…..but I’m not going to tell anyone I like it. Because I dont kiss and tell, I’m dignified. So I keep it a secret. It’s called showing love. Loving The Sopranos=watching it in your room with the door locked and the sound down and not telling anyone. Dignity, baby.” Riiiiight.

      • AA

        Ummm…. ok?? Hutchy, in case you didn’t know, some of us were fans before he died… i.e when it wasn’t cool to like Michael Jackson. Do we have to spoon feed you everything? Get a life.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I agree with KC….he was missing in action except for the fabloids/tabloids….and had not toured in the U.S. in 10 years. His major fan base was overseas and I doubt very many people cared. He’s richer and better in death than in life.

      • Hutchy

        Hence him making 21 mil here (a failure, even if they deny it, 21 mil is far below expectations for the U.S.) and 80 mil overseas, a smash by any way you want to measure it. Clearly the vast majority of his fanbase was outside the United States.

      • JA

        If he was “missing in action” as you say…how do you exaplain the cool million in London concert tickets what were sold BEFORE he died? Just because he fell off your radar doesn’t mean he fell off everyone’s. No matter how you feel about him, you can’t deny his monster talent and contributions to popular music. It’s a big deal that he’s gone.

  • Jay

    “The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day” had lukewarm reception? The film wad made by Sony’s DVD movies department called Stage 6.
    A movie that was supposed to straight-to-DVD can have more than $5000 per-theater average; it is a success, not lukewarm .

    • Hutchy

      Troy Duffy is that you?

  • Trish

    Boondock ii “lukewarm?” Uh no.
    Jay’s math is a little off, though; comes out to $6700 per theater.
    Half a million in 2 days –not bad!

    • stryker

      Actually that is not that great for a limited release movie. If it earned that average playing at 1000+ theatres, that would be impressive. If it couldn’t even sell out the 2 theatres it was playing at, that’s a bomb. Man, people are dumb sometimes.

      • geoff

        You mean the 68 theatres, right? Not too smart there pal. I agree with you though that it is not exactly a hit by any interpretation. Too bad as the first one was quite good.

  • jon

    Michael Jackson is a legend and he is alive and well. I just talked to him yesterday. I said ‘Mike you need to Beat It’ and he said shut up Jon…dont you know IM BAD!

    ‘watch music videos and movies for free on defSpot com’

  • jon

    I am also predicting ‘This is It’ will be making over 1 billion dollars worldwide…defeating Titanic as an all time grossing movie…Nuff said!

    • SWE

      he he you are funny…that would indeed be a miracle…LOL!

    • Ryan

      Well Titanic made about 1.85 billion…and that is in 1997 dollars.

    • theduck

      First off, the film won’t run anywhere near as long as “Titanic”. Second off, the true box office champ is “Gone with the Wind”, when you adjust numbers for inflation. Not that it matters – “This is It” is a flop (theatrically – it’ll kill on DVD), at least in the USA.

  • Sheldon

    I knew it wouldn’t do $250 million! Shame on everyone who gave more money to this dead pedophile.

    • Chris

      Sheldon you are everything thats wrong with this world.
      You are disgusting.

      • reno

        That aptly describes Michael Jackson Chris.

    • Ryan

      I don’t know if you realize, but he was acquitted on those counts.

      • eli

        I thought he settled out of court and paid for their silence.

      • to eli

        you don’t remember the footage of the trial, him being acquitted, folks letting off doves when he was acquitted…? the man settled with one family (who had a father with questionable intentions), and was acquitted of another.

      • Jackie

        OJ Simpson was acquitted of murdering Ron and Nicole. Doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.
        However, I do believe that both the families who accused MJ were just out for money although the prosecutors must have believed at least one of them or thought they had enough evidence against him to actually bring criminal charges.

    • Jackie

      Well technically they’re not giving it to him as he is dead and has no use for it.

    • john

      I always believe he was innocent. There is no way in hell he would do that to kids, America is so judgemental other countries love Michael because they love his music and dont believe in the stupid crap that goes on in the U.S.

  • scorpio9094

    I read this article for the weekend boxoffice numbers. Not surprised people went to see that weirdos(MJ) movie. After Thriller MJ went nuts. He was great before that.

  • a

    you people get way too heated over MJ. Sure, he was good in his heyday (and that’s in the 80s and early 90s) but lately he was a presence only in the tabloids. Then he dies, and all I hear for the next 6 months is MJ this – MJ that. The funeral was a creepy affair, non stop airplay was tiring and i hope you all realize that this movie is doing nothing except capitalizing on the huge surge in popularity the guy got after he died. I just think we all need to step back and look and things in perspective.

    • AA

      gee, thank you for the history lesson.

  • Hitman

    HEY!!! WAKE UP! its not just about Michael, its the music and the message . A genius is a genius, no one can take that away from him. The more you knock him the greater he becomes, so stop wasting your time! He’s the King!

    • Hutchy

      1. When the vast majority of his music’s theme is paranoia and the world leaving him alone and with his pedophilia entanglements, I would say the music and the message are hard to distinguish. 2. Everyone knocked him in the 90’s would you say he became greater? Pedophilia trials, declining relevance, declining album sales, endless jokes, drug addiction. Yep, on top of the world there.

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