'New Moon': Why its girl-driven success is good for the future of movies

Offhand, it would be hard to think of a pop phenomenon as rapturously beloved as the Twilight saga that is also as vociferously hated. My God, the hate! If swoony-gauzy teen-bloodsucker romanticism with a golden-eyed indie-rock James Dean as love object isn’t your cup of passion, then fine — so be it. But why the frothing torrents of resentment? I was seriously shocked, for instance, reading some of the comments on Lisa’s recent post, to see that this much stone-pelting hostility could be directed at an actress as lovely and expressive as Kristen Stewart. What is her crime? Having a personality moody and brainy and distinctive enough that it carries over, maybe a bit too much, from one role to the next? (That was true, as well, of the young Jane Fonda, whom Stewart often recalls.) It makes me wonder what, deep down, is getting the haters so flea-bitten scratchy under the collar.

Frankly, I think it’s this: The ascendance of the Twilight saga represents an essential paradigm shift in youth-gender control of the pop marketplace. For the better part of two decades, teenage boys, and overgrown teenage boys, have essentially held sway over Hollywood, dictating, to a gargantuan degree, the varieties of movies that get made. Explosive truck-smashing action and grisly machete-wielding horror, inflated superhero fantasy and knockabout road-trip comedy: It has been, at heart, a boys’ pig-out, a playpen of testosterone at the megaplex. Sure, we have “chick flicks,” but that (demeaning) term implies that they’re an exception, a side course in the great popcorn smorgasboard.

No more. With New Moon, the Twilight series is now officially as sweeping a juggernaut on the big screen as it ever was between book covers. And that gives the core audience it represents — teenage girls — a new power and prevalence. Inevitably, such evolutions in clout are accompanied by a resentful counter-reaction. For if power is gained, then somewhere else (hello, young men!) it must be lost. Yet such is the populist magic of Hollywood that these movies can’t simply be written off as some overblown high-school vampire version of a Miley Cyrus concert. Or, more to the point, they can be (hello, haters!), but that completely misses what’s going on in them.

I went into New Moon having not read the book, and so I didn’t really experience the movie as an adaptation, or watch it as any sort of Twilight die-hard. Leaving aside a few leaping boy-to-wolf transformations (which could, at this point, have come out of any routine horror film), what I saw, in essence, was a moody romantic melodrama from the 1950s, a movie that told its story, more than anything else, with faces. For two hours, they loomed up there — Stewart, with her pale crystalline severity, her ability to communicate desire and distress at the same moment; Robert Pattinson, with his sweet-but-not-too-safe, hurtin’-eyed, chalky-skinned delinquent chivalry; and Taylor Lautner, with those naturally wolfy features, as the group’s Troy Donahue, a friendly, quick-grinned stud-muffin who’s just buff enough to divert the heroine without threatening to capsize her devotion to her true love.

The key to New Moon‘s appeal, of course, is that a lack of consummation is built into the movie’s very premise, and so the sexiness, as it was in the ’50s, has to emerge almost entirely from the atmosphere, and from the interplay of those faces. And that, more than anything, is what makes this a picture dominated, in spirit, by a new kind of girl power. Mock me all you want (and from the haters, I expect nothing less), but the reason I believe that the big-screen success of the Twilight saga bodes well for the future of Hollywood movies is that the teenage girls who are lining up to see New Moon are asserting, in an almost innocent way, their allegiance to a much older form of pop moviemaking: the narcotic potency of mood, story, and romantic suggestion over the constant visual wham-pow! of action, effects, and packaged sensation. It’s not that New Moon has none of that stuff. It’s that the movie uses fantasy to liberate, rather than to steamroll, its emotions. That’s what makes it a new-style, feminine-driven brand of popcorn, one that’s more than welcome at a moment when the other kind — the boys’ kind — has grown more than a bit stale.

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  • Matt

    New Moon is a bad movie. Its success is bad because it’ll encourage more lazy, shallow films driven purely at this female market. And this is nothing new anyway, have people forgotten what drove Titanic to becoming the biggest film ever?! Even Gone With The Wind had that demographic.

    • Sara

      Agreed. A bad film doing well is never good.

      • fred

        why? what’s the big deal? don’t read it or watch it.

      • Eva

        Agree Sara and Matt. NMoon was yuk.

    • Mallory

      Agree, Bella is a terrible female lead, her life is so dependent on men it is laughable. She has no personality, no goals or ambition of her own, just an infatuation (not love) with a good looking guy. She should get a life and figure out what her interests are before she devotes her life at such a young age to one guy. Honestly what deep connection can any man have with her when there is nothing there. Guys would like her b/c she is young and attractive, after she peaks (around 21 for most women) physically, he will just go looking for the next young girl who finds him to be a “man of the world”

      • Cat

        Can you please define love for me then? Hmm, what did Juliet have with Romeo? Are you calling that an infatuation because Twilight goes more into it than even that. Not everybody has a distinct personality, I happened to be compared to Bella ALOT, so people can in fact have a personality like that, obviously she has personality enough for people to say she’s a terrible female lead and hate her. And Edward probably has seen so many average girls he said he finds Bella interesting, Bella does in fact have a very distinct personality.

      • Annie

        Cat, Romeo and Juliet, while a classic, may not be the best example. You really want to show proof of a long lasting love with a(nother) couple of teens where one begins the play in love with a completely other woman, Rosaline? It’s hard to disparage Shakespeare, but the actual teens involved were immature- you know, because they were still teenagers. Really, as they killed themselves, no one knows if their intense love would have lasted.
        On the topic of Twilight, I agree with Mallory. Bella is a terrible passive character and Edward is a controlling pedophile, both just wrapped up in pretty packages. How else would you describe an old man wanting an underage girl? I am not basing this on the movies either, I’ve read most of the series- that was until I couldn’t take the screwed up messages anymore.

      • same

        I get tired of hearing about Bella not being a strong feminine character. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She knows her own heart and follows it despite people telling her she’s too young to know what she wants. I admire that type of courage and conviction, because I wimped out. I didn’t do what I most wanted to at 17-18 and have regretted it ever since. Just because what she wants is a family instead of an olympic gold medal or an internet start up doesn’t mean she’s weak.

      • Annie

        I mean she’s weak because she is removed from the action around her. People, like the Cullens, make decisions for her, especially in regards for the Volturri (spelling?).
        What solidified my dislike for her character was when I was reading New Moon and she just lost herself because Edward left. I know they are “meant to be”/ true love, but there are months of nothing. She cannot even find her way out of the woods- her own self-survival instinct is gone. And what helps her out of her stupor? Another man. I don’t consider her weak because she doesn’t want to be a doctor or whatever, but how she lets the men in her life shape how she lives her own.

      • Heather2

        I don’t know if you have read the books, but something that the movies do not go into is the connection between Edward an Bella. Edward and Bella are fated and destined to be together, for a variety of reasons that would take up a lot of room in this comment. They actually fall in love over the course of a longer span of time than the movie conveys. And when Edward leaves, Bella is not going through a typical high school crush break up. Edward and Bella are MEANT to be, like Romeo and Juliet, which is something that NM the movie touches on, but again does not explain that well.

        With that said, I agree that Bella is not a role model. The girl has some serious issues. But with that said, she is a fictional character that was created NOT to be a role model. She is going through an impossible situation, being in love with a vampire and werewolf at the same time, while having vampires hunting her wanting to kill her, and on top of that she has special gifts of being able to be immune to vampire’s abilities. Would you not be screwed in the head? :)

      • 30yearoldtwifan

        Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress, I’m not saying her Twilight acting was Oscar worthy but was Megan Fox’s for transformers either? but that’s OK right??? You are all filled with hate because of jealously. You will find any excuse to beat the Saga down,I’m not stating its for everyone but remember for any 1 of you haters we have 20 fans. You will not win in this, The Saga isn’t going any where, so my advice, DON’T hit click!

      • Heather2

        Thank you, 30. Muwah, CF.

      • Jason in MI

        Well, Juliet really would have been about 12. (and played by a boy in the Bard’s time, but maybe that recalls too much of the Adam Lambert fiasco.)

      • Muffy

        I am a chick, and I cannot stand Bella! That chick can turn a sunny day dark : (

        BTW: Films don’t have genders IMO.

      • Amanda

        After reading the previous posts, I can tell people are grasping for feeble reasons to complain (and to name-call). The types of criticism that people are presenting can be found in any book, television show, movie, etc. I can understand the things that happen in the Twilight books and the reasons for them. If you can’t, I honestly don’t understand how you can claim to possess any intelligence. Just because you would not behave in these ways does not mean you get to determine how others are allowed to act and condemn them for not acting in a way you prefer, Jason in MI, I believe Juliet was 13, almost 14. However, I don’t understand what Juliet’s age or anything else in your post has to do with this conversation.

      • Mimi

        Also if you had read the books, you would know that in the last book Bella ends up being the strongest character and saves her family/friends from death and torture. And like someone else said, she’s a fictional person anyway. She shouldn’t be a role model. Real human beings should be role models.

      • Annie

        Amanda, I really don’t see how some of us are “grasping for feeble reasons.” I won’t pretend that there are people in the comments who are being rude, but you’re right in there with them.
        “I can understand the things that happen in the Twilight books and the reasons for them. If you can’t, I honestly don’t understand how you can claim to possess any intelligence.” What kind on passive aggressive bs is that? So, if we don’t agree with you, it’s because clearly we just are too dumb to understand?
        Open your eyes. If you enjoy Twilight, that’s fine, but don’t pretend that the messages in that series are healthy. Bella IS passive in the series, she IS the damsel in distress. Yes that has been a prevailing character throughout literature, but I think one of the big reasons many people are upset about the books and the popularity is because these negative messages about women and relationships can be harmful to young, naïve readers. Hardly anything is accomplished in Bella’s life without a man taking control.

      • Raechel

        Although i respect your opinion i think that you have to look at it from different perspectives as well. In the end Bella isn’t the one weak character that depends on her man to guide her through life. she is the one that ultimately saves her family from being destroyed in the end. Yes i will agree that she takes SUPPORT from PEOPLE (not just men) around her through most of the movie but i also dont think she is solely dependent on it. Yes she might have completely lost herself after Edward broke up with her but like she explained in the book that it wasnt like she just lost the love of her life, she lost the whole life that she had chosen for herself, her family included. Now are you telling me that at the age of 18 if you had a whole life planned for yourself, which most who go to college and start careers usually do decide at least an outline of their lifes (or i should say anyone that is half way intelligent does) you wouldnt be lost for at least a little while. Eventually she did pick herself up and try to move on but it took time for her to figure out what it was that she wanted after that. Hell i know people that are in their late 20’s that dont even know exactly what they want(even though like i said most intelligent people usually have SOME kind of life plan). Dont forget to factor in that this is a fantasy as well. I just hate when people dismiss or dislike something without having all of the facts about it.

      • Amanda

        Annie- First off, DO NOT try to put words in my mouth or assume that you know what I am thinking or what my preferences to anything are! Apparently, YOU “are too dumb to understand” or purposely ignoring what I actually stated. People are “grasping for feeble reasons” because they are complaining about things present in every single form of entertainment (and many acting as if it has only occurred in the Twilight series). People are not “dumb” because they disagree with. They are “dumb” for ignoring or refusing explanations that were give in the books and for portraying actions and behaviors they disagree with as bad or wrong.

        Just because you do not agree with me does not mean I am rude. You are arrogant and deceitful because you tried to claim that I said things that were never stated in my post and for implying that you know what I think and feel. Also, since I never stated my opinion about Twilight or made any references to anything you discussed while stating your opinion and I never asked for your feelings about it , there was absolutely no reason for you to give your opinion in the post since it was addressed to me. If you wanted talk about your dislike for Twilight, you should have done so in a separate post. I am not going to discuss the last paragraph of your post because I do not care to interact with someone who behaves like you do.

        Since I find this tiring and not at all productive, I am not going to come back here to read these comments so anyone can reply to my post(s) however they want.

      • Rose

        “Bella IS passive in the series, she IS the damsel in distress. Yes that has been a prevailing character throughout literature”. Do you know that you just admitted that you and other haters are hypocrites? If you are going to whine about Twilight, then you need to whine about all the other ones too. “I think one of the big reasons many people are upset about the books and the popularity is because these negative messages about women and relationships can be harmful to young, naive readers.” I love the haters can come up with all these imagined negative images of women and relationships when this is all supposed to be just a nice love story. I have a huge problem with you acting as if all young people are stupid and naive. According to your logic, every young person that reads a story or watches a show or movie with a sex scenes just runs out and does the same. Just because you were this way when you were younger does not mean everyone else was too. The other problem I have is that you are acting as if it is the place of a fictional book to teach children about relationships or anything else for that matter. That is the job of the parents. If something is wrong, the parents are at fault, not a book. “Hardly anything is accomplished in Bella’s life without a man taking control.” She got just as many things accomplished before getting a boyfriend as she did afterwards. When were able to know every single though Bella had and know everything she wanted to get accomplished? Why listen to supernatural being when you dealing supernatural being? Bella should completely ignore everything that two people that she cares a great deal about says because they are just guys trying to control her because she is a woman. Do you people not realize how ridiculous you sound when you try use these things as your evidence?

      • Dwight Schrute

        But Twilight deserves the venom! It is pure garbage!

      • Morgan

        If people really want to know what Shakespeare thought about some teen romance stories versus hard won adult romance, read Taming of the Shrew. Yeah, it’s more than a little sexist, but the satire on love stories is worth it.

      • Liz

        do you people realize that you’re arguing over whether or not fictional characters love each other? seriously? and if you hate it so much, why are you wasting your time complaining about it?

      • Jess

        To Mallory – I can’t believe a woman would write that most women peak around the age of 21. Are you kidding me?!

      • Claire

        Rachael, Amanda, and Rose have already said most of what i wish to say but I wanted to add one more thing. This story is not adored by so many becasue it’s an epic infatuation. or even a story about lust. these characters express and display unconditional love, which is so rarely seen in this world that most people won’t even know what i’m referring to. here is a quote straight from eclipse (3rd book of the series), it’s right there in black and white, so i don’t know how you can argue with it but i’m sure someone will find a way – jake and bella are having a conversation on what it is that makes bella love edward so much
        “Is that what this comes down to? Good looks?”
        “Don’t be stupid, Jacob.”
        “Is it money, then.”
        “That’s nice, I’m flattered you think so much of me.”
        “I’m serious! I’m trying to understand here, and I’m coming up blank.”
        “I love him. Not because he’s beautiful or because he’s rich! I’d much rather he weren’t either one. It would even out the gap between us just a little bit — because he’d still be the most loving and unselfish and brilliant and decent person I’ve ever met. Of course I love him. How hard is that to understand.”
        So there you have it, and I must say that I don’t think Edward is perfect, he has his flaws just like everyone else but because the stories are from Bella’s point of view of course it would seem, if you’re not paying attention, as if that’s what the author is trying to say. alright, tell me why i’m wrong.
        oh, and i just want to say thank you to the author of this article, really enjoyed it – except for the part about teenage girls being the driving force, it surprises me that people still don’t understand that this story appeals to women of all ages, and men too, the ones who give it a chance.

      • Cat

        Honestly I was reading these and then I got to Annie’s third comment and stopped reading. Everybody here has read books and I think alot of people are right, Bella was not created to be a role model this is just a book! Why people are getting into full on explanations about needing to explain why Bella’s such a horrible character and why she’s not a role model I can’t understand. First of all I’m on the side stating Bella’s mature enough on her own to handle these decisions, she’s had plenty of time to decide on her becoming a vsmpire or not, and Edward although, onehundred and whatever, he’s still physically 17, he may have an older mind, but that doesn’t mean he’ll want a 40 year old, or he’s attracted to them, he’s spent a good portion of his life around younger people and although he doesn’t get along with them, he’s still physically 17! If he was really a “pedophile” then he would’ve been with some other teenager else alot earlier, and that also shows how Bella is alot more olderminded too. I would like to see some of you thrust in her position in New Moon and see how you handle it, Bella didn’t even cry or whine, she tried going through her life. Although I still understand everybody’s mind is different, but at least I’ll try to see how other people think, and that’s how I’ve stuck with my beliefs.

      • Cat

        And Annie, in regards to your second comment, I think you’re forgetting Edward’s given her plenty of chances to walk away and make her own decisions, the Cullens aren’t making decisions for her. And the Volturi? I’m not sure what part you’re exactly talking about, but if it was when Bella’s human, the Cullens ARE vampires, and the Volturi ARE vampires, so it’s no so hard for me to believe Bella knows that the Cullens will know more than she will on that subject. And also Bella herself realizes she may’ve gone a little crazy while Edward was away, that’s no secret

      • Cat

        Claire: Thank you, that pretty much sums my entire feelings in regards to this mess. People who just want to disagree, just are doing it for argument’s sake, the proof is right there!

      • Lydia

        Um…you all know that this is a story right? Books and movies like these are used to escape reality. I think it is unfair to compare them to reality in anyway, there are vampires in it for petes sake. If you don’t like it, that’s one thing, but to put it down because the story isn’t believable is another.

      • Claire

        Lydia: i so see where you’re coming from and i understand some people think that way but for me these books have taught me so much about life and love that i can’t just see it as an escape – i know people will probably mock that explanation because they don’t see what i have learned or how i could have learned it, but it happened for me nonetheless and those things have changed me and made me a better person. and someday a better wife and mother.
        i know that most people’s reaction to this will probably be along the lines of “wow, you care way too much” and i’ll admit that, but i won’t regret it

      • Claire

        Cat: you’re welcome, i thought i’d try going to the source. i just don’t understand why if people have so much hate for something to waste their time dwelling on it

      • Lydia

        Claire: If these books have moved you to the extent that you say, then who am I to bring that down. If you feel as though you have learned certain aspects about youself and how to conduct your life in a positive way through Twilight, then keep standing up for it. Its great to have an entertainment outlet to feel connected, mine is music. But please keep in mind that becoming too passionate about a story that was written for pure enjoyment could cause you problems with reality later on.

      • Claire

        Lydia: thanks for understanding. and i definitely will keep an eye out for any problems that may ensue, but just to clarify – i do always keep in mind that this is a story with fictional characters in a fictional world and all of those things i’ve learned are taking that into consideration and applying them to the very real one we all live in
        thanks again

      • Cat

        Again, Claire took words from my mouth on pretty much everything. And I also feel very tied to Twilight that way, it may seem crazy to some people, but it’s a heck of a lot better than what alot of people obsess over. Music and Twilight are two things that really effect me, that’s why alot of fans get so upset when people attack it for meaningless reasons, if you’re someone who says “well that’s fine if some people like it, I don’t” then why are you even posting a comment?

      • Claire

        i’m so…honored, maybe that’s the right word, maybe not, for being able to word something i feel was important into something that someone else has said fits for them too – so thanks Cat. to everyone – there are so many people here that are opinionated, interesting, and so unique i think it’d be fun to continue this conversation in a less hostile environment, i’d give my email address but i’m a little wary of that so here’s the address for a blog i started recently, feel free to contact me through that if you’re interested http://cantputintowords.blogspot.com – looking forward to any conversations that may occur (but i’m not really expecting anything so no pressure)

      • T.

        What confuses me about these posts is that I understand Bella to be an ultra-feminist (as a man that kind of annoys me even tho I heart her) from the point of view of a Christian author, specifically a devout Mormon mother and wife (traditionally a patriarchal pathology). When I finished the books it became clear to me. The cover of Breaking Dawn says it all. The queen moves to the front of the board. She started the saga as a lonely outsider with low self esteem, she ends the adolescent chess game with the unattainable man of her eternal dreams and their immortal child, as the most powerful member of her extended family of mortals, wolves and vamps. It’s pointless to have an issue with the fact that the heroine wants to play the game on that board at all instead of …what? Going to college and working for 30yrs while getting old like Gram while she could get bitten by her true love and have vampire sex for infinity? Nonsense. And besides, who doesn’t love Kristen Stewart? Plus, just want to say- I loved Twilight the movie so much, because of the arty, indie feminine vibe Catherine Hardwicke brought. New Moon felt like it was aimed at young girls and I specifically wasn’t invited. Still looking forward to Eclipse.

      • Annie

        @ Raechel, if more people relied as nicely, I won’t feel so on guard. :) While I think you have a good point that she is 18 and that type of love can just ripe you apart, I just wished she wasn’t so decimated by it. While it showed how intense their love was, the fact that without him, she didn’t really want to live is “scary,” for lack of a better world. It was like without Edward, Bella was less of a person, when I firmly believe a man should not “complete” a women in order for her to be whole. That “you complete me” line from Jerry McGuire drives me crazy… wait Jerry McGuire fans aren’t going to attack now are they? :) While I am entitled to my opinions, you are certainly entitled to yours.

        @Amanda, if I misrepresented what you wrote, then what exactly did you mean by “I can understand the things that happen in the Twilight books and the reasons for them. If you can’t, I honestly don’t understand how you can claim to possess any intelligence.” I did not put words in your mouth, I quoted you. You understand something that we just don’t. Is that not what you said? Also, calling someone “arrogant and deceitful” is rude, is it not? Also, deceitful? I haven’t stolen your wallet or anything, it’s a debate about a book/movie.

        @Rose The mere existence of other types of characters like Bella do not make us hypocrites. If someone had said they’d admired a similar character while disparaging Bella, THAT would make someone a hypocrite. I am not one for just pointing out others exists.

        In general, I read the books a few years ago, got through the first 2 mostly enjoying them. But the more I looked back at the characters, the more I realized these were not characters I could root for. Bella, in particular, is too passive- for me. She just falls apart when Edward leaves. Also the dynamic between E&B is too possessive… for my tastes. Really no on is right or wrong, they’re all opinions. But please don’t try to blow mine off by claiming they’re frivolous. I am not here to attack any of you. Yes I disagree with some (most?) of you, but wasn’t Owen asking why people were so anti-Twilight? I won’t pretend others here don’t hate the actors or its success, but my grievance towards the series lies with the characters and story.
        So I said my peace and I’ve already spent way too much time debating. For those of you who love the series… well, I hope you enjoy the next movie. :)

      • Rose

        You are a hypocrite for going on ranting about how terrible Bella is and not doing the same for other similar characters. If you and the other haters acted like this everytime you read about a character or meet a person that supposedly acts like Bella does, then you would not be a hypocrite. You guys are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. If you had actually paid attention to what I said and stopped trying to reword what I said, I would not have to repeat myself. About your comment to Raechel, Bella acted like many people who have lost a loved one (which is basically what happened to her). Is everyone supposed to just bounce back immediately afterwards and act perfectly normal, not feel anything except happy thoughts? It is not a man that completes a woman. It is that deep and incredible connection to another person that completes people. I was also wondering since gay and lesbian couples say the same thing, how does that fit into your women are so dependent (or controlled by and everything else you are complain about) on men theory? About your post to Amanda, even I can tell she is talking about when you said that she was saying “if we don’t agree with you, it’s because clearly we just are too dumb to understand?”. She called you deceitful, not a thief. She did not accuse you of stealing anything. She said you were trying to speak for her. That is being deceitful. I think you were being deceitful for trying to twist around what everyone is saying. You were being arrogant for acting like you know what Amanda was thinking and feeling like she said. I don’t think Amanda was rude either. I think she was being honest about how you are acting. Your claims are frivolous. If they were not then others would not be able to dismiss them so easily and with evidence from the books (the way things actually happened and not the way you feel things happened in the books). Are you one of those people that believe Harry Potter supports devil worshipping or the use of drugs too? I think you need to get a dictionary because you don’t seem to know the definition of debating. You are just trying to get in arguments with people by twisting around what they are saying and for the attitude you seem to have with most of the people that disagree with you. Also, if we had a replay of your life, I am sure we could find you doing all these things that Bella is supposedly doing and probably things that are much worse than that so please drop the “I am so much better than everyone else (and Bella) act”.

      • DarkLayers

        Annie, Edward is not really a pedophile. First of all, big age gaps are hardly new . Jane Eyre? Lolita? Angel and Buffy? Pedophilia pertains to sexual desires for pre-pubescent partners. That’s clearly not the case in Twilight.

        Edward is guilty of a lot of things, but pedophilia is not one of them.

      • dizzy

        Totally agree on the bad rep Bella gives women. This dislike people have for Twilight has nothing to do with teen girls asserting themselves. Bella is so needy and dependent on Edward that she feels that he’s all she needs to live. Forget her family, friends, ambitions, etc. No, she’ll have the shallow relationship. It’s just disgusting the way that’s romanticized.
        It’s not just guys disliking Twilight. There are whole lot of girls, and the dislike stems from this romanticized unhealthy relationship Bella and Edward have.
        I don’t hate Kristen Stewart, She seems like a nice and reserved girl, but she tends to play the same type of character. So, I really can’t praise her role as Bella. She was much better in Into the Wild.

      • Anne

        Ugh I told myself not to look here & post again: FAIL

        This is a video by (the great) author John Green- a fan of Twilight. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, jump to 0.57 about the whole pedophilia subject.

      • Annie

        Also, here is someone who did a New Moon last week, one fan did a side-by-side comparison of Bella and Edward’s relationship as it compares to the National Domestic Violence hotline’s list of domestic abuse warning signs.:


      • Annie

        Woops, apparently you can’t post youtube clips. I posted a comment with one & it disappeared.
        So I had decided not to check back here or respond. That didn’t work out: FAIL

        Here is (the great) author John Green- a fan on Twilight. He talks about the whole pedophilia subject. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, jump to 0.55


      • Martine

        I think Bella is amazing. She doesn’t do the annoying immature act of acting snotty to the man she wants. Playing hard to get is for people with no honor. Anyone who says they can live without the person they love is either lying, or not in love. Humans need love in their life to live.

      • kellybelly

        Now Buffy was a role model. Strong, beautiful, intelligent, with all of the other girl problems, but somehow more beliveable and she could kick Bella’s whiny a**.

      • Jane

        I agree with you, Annie. All the Twilight fans have to back them up is name calling and Romeo and Juliet. And they go on and on about Bella not being a role model, but then discuss how much their lives and views of love were changed by the series.

      • Claire

        i’m so tired of hearing people say that Bella isn’t strong. i don’t understand. she has so much strength that it inspires me – she’s willing to die for the people she loves, she may not be able to go and kill or destroy the threat but she’s willing to put herself in harms way if she can keep the people she loves from being hurt (and not just Edward, but her mom from James, her dad and Jake from Victoria, the list goes on). she also never lets on to how much pain she’s in to the people around her. people complain about her being whiny but i wonder if they realize that she doesn’t actually vocalize her complaints to anyone, the only reason the reader sees the extent of the pain she’s in is because it’s 1st person narrative and you’re in her head. the way she describes her transformation in breaking dawn just leaves me in awe, i hope could be that strong. she is explaining the pain and how she wants to scream but she can’t and by the time she can scream (days later with pain never ceasing) she decides to keep quiet because she knows it will only hurt Edward to hear her pain. she describes the change as if at the beginning she was tied to the stake as she burned and then it’s like she’s gripping the stake to hold herself in the fire where the pain could only hurt her. i’m sorry, but does that sound like a weak person. she’ll stop at nothing to protect those she loves, and i don’t understand how that could ever be seen as weak. yes, she can’t go kick anyone’s ass and she’s so clumsy she’s alomst disabled but i never said she was strong physically. so i guess it matters what’s more important to you – a strength that can be developed and learned through training and applied when brute force is needed or one that is internal that is shown in every action made and attempts to always protect those around them

      • Claire

        oops, i forgot to name call and mention Romeo and Juliet – sorry Jane

      • Michelle

        @T – You do realize that in the Breaking Dawn cover, Bella represents the red pawn? Because she has the potential to become a queen? Because red represents blood? The white queen represents the vampires… it’s white, all powerful, etc… anyway.

        To the Romeo and Juliet analogy, that was never love, it was infatuation. I wrote my term paper on it.

        I used to be a big fan of Twilight when it first came out. Then new fans started being sucked in. Eventually, it was this giant thing. I was left thinking “You realize it isn’t that good?”

        Bella is not a feminist. I cannot stress that enough. She is an underdeveloped, static character that doesn’t change a whit throughout the entire series. If she was truly brave and independent, she would have stopped crying and whining and gone after her “true love”! Where is the chemistry between her and Edward?

        And I truly resent this article’s claim that Twilight is some kind of leap for womankind in movies. What? Since when is scratching off 50 years’ hard work for feminism a good thing, ever?

        For that matter, Twilight has no purpose hiding behind it’s Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror genre. It’s just incorrect.

        What feeling do you get after reading any of these books, or watching the movies? Is it something uplifting, like the feeling that you can change your destiny? No. It’s that great feeling of “I want an Edward”. Yeah. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magical godsend come in and grant us immortality, and we don’t have to worry our pretty little heads about it? Every independent feminist’s dream, no?

      • Rose

        I am really tired of people acting as if Bella is a relationship with normal boy. She is not. Things are not going to be the same since we are dealing with vampires (and werewolves). People are acting as if everyone is trying to control or abuse Bella. If I (as a human) was dealing with vampires and werewolves, I would definitely be following what my friends, who are saying. They care about Bella’s safety and people need to stop acting as if it is anything else. You might don’t like or agree with how Bella acts, but you need to stop turning things into stuff that they are not.
        The haters of Twilight, not the fans, are the ones doing almost all of name calling. I lost count how many times I have seen a hater calling fans stupid, immature, or Twitards. I find that last one particularly sleazy because they are combing the words “Twilight” and “retards”. Anyone who uses that term is lower than dirt. Annie, that you agree with so much has name called and made plenty of other rude and insulting statements, just trying to get into arguments with people. Examples: “Bella is a terrible passive character and Edward is a controlling pedophile.”, “she’s (Bella) weak”, pretty much her entire post addressed to Amanda, “without Edward, Bella was less of a person”, her second post addressed to Amanda (she really seems to try to pick a fight with her for some reason), “Bella, in particular, is too passive”, “the dynamic between E&B is too possessive”, when she brings up a pedophilia again (with some YouTube clip), when she links someone’s bizarre and false LiveJournal post, “when Bella promises Edward she’ll let him get her a new car once her old one dies. And what happens the next day? The car mysteriously doesn’t start. Hmmm, that is kind of a red flag right there. Yet Bella doesn’t have a single hesitation about it.”, “Magically, the day after the promise? With her auto- knowledgeable boyfriend standing right next to her. Doesn’t even find it a little suspicious? Really… not even a little.”, “She doesn’t pretend it is 100% original, why are you?”, and “I certainly wouldn’t want more movies like twilight. If we learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that they just regurgitate the same thing over and over again.” These are just her comments from this page. She might have posted more, but I think that I already have plenty. No one can deny that she is trying to inflame people into arguing with her.
        I think people that try to bring up pedophilia or other forms of abuse in Twilight (or anywhere else that it did not occur) pathetic and disgusting. I know that it is very insulting to victims of pedophilia and abuse. Heck, I am not one, but I find it insulting that you are trying to use it to prove how much you hate Twilight. The LiveJournal post that are trying to use as evidence can be proven untrue by anyone that has read the book. (I would do it myself, but this post is already long enough.) You keep making comments about other people’s “opinions”, but you act as if everything you say is true. It is just your opinion, not a fact. You need stop claiming everything IS this and everything IS that when you are talking about your (extremely biased) thoughts and feelings. You might think other people’s feeling and thoughts are also biased, but we all realize that we are talking about our thoughts and feelings.

      • Claire

        ugh, feminism is about, well the root of feminism is about women having the abiltiy to CHOOSE the life they want
        some women WANT to be the wife and mother more than they want to have a career in the workforce
        Bella is CHOOSING a life with Edward, that doesn’t make her weak or antifeminist
        and i’m sorry if the books didn’t leave you with the truth that you can change your destiny because you CAN and Bella DOES, that’s basically Breaking Dawn summed up in a sentence, just look at the author’s explanation of the cover art
        feminism is such a broad topic and there are so many perceptions but mine is that something good – women becoming EQUAL with men – has become something misguided – women becoming the SAME as men. we are not men, we are women. we are something else completely, no better and no worse, just different.

      • hannah

        this is quite possibly the best article i have EVER read from ew.com! bravo, owen! i’m so relieved that that someone is looking at this film as a throwback to older hollywood! i appreciate this article so much and look forward to reading your future articles! thank you!

      • Chrissy

        We have to remember that this is a series for teenage girls. I think anyone can remember how it felt to have a crush in high school. You felt like you were in love and that you couldn’t live with out this person. As teenagers we tend to be overdramatic. We think the whole world is against us at times. This isn’t supposed to be something that is real…that’s why it’s FICTION not nonfiction. The core target demo is teenage girls. I do admit, I absolutely despise Bella’s character and believe that she is the anti-heroine, but the feelings that she feels in the books and displays in the movie are feelings that we could all relate to as teenage girls. If you weren’t melodramatic then I would seriously consider you to be in denial. Also, these books are not literary masterpieces nor are the movies Oscar worthy. They weren’t made for those reasons. They were made to entertain. Some people are so passionate about these things when the whole reason of there existence is not to get picked apart, but to create a passtime for some people. Not everyone has to be a fan, but maybe have a little respect for the people who are. Don’t ruin it for them with your lame diatribes. For hating this whole franchise so much ppl spend an awfully huge amount of time bashing it.

      • suzyactiondoll

        Yeah, I peaked around 21. That’s why I learned to play guitar at 22, fiddle at 25, married my husband at 27, got my master’s degree at 36, changed careers at 37, did my first triathalon at 39, and still have time to have a great s e x life at 40. Too bad my life peaked when I was barely out of acne.
        Anyone who thinks like that life peaks at 21 is destined to life in a trailer.
        For most of us life barely began at 21. That’s just when we came to our senses.

      • @suzyactiondoll

        suzyactiondoll you rock!
        As a 22 year old, I was staring to feel it all goes down hill from here(sarcasm).

        Plus, women’s sexual peak is right around their mid 30’s.

      • Michelle

        Breaking Dawn in a sentence –

        Demonic vampire child bursts out of former abstinent teen who wishes to die so she can mate with shady, 100+ year old dead man (supposed stalker and abusive boyfriend)

      • Molly

        Annie, your comments really show what type of person you are. (After reading all your comments, I seriously think that you might have some issues.) I have never understood why people waste their time clicking on an article and talking about how much they hate it. You went on and on and on and on about. You have like over 10 posts here. Even more weird is that you have searched Youtube and people’s blog looking for Twilight stuff (when you really hate it) and for people dissing Twilight. I think that you are trying to get into fights with people, too.

      • @Molly

        Way to ignore the point conversation and make a personal attack.

        Score one for Twi-hards?

      • Molly

        First off, I don’t know what “the point conversation” is. Are you meaning the point of the conversation or something? I really like the double standard here. Annie and other people that hate Twilight, can make “personal attacks” against anyone who they disagree with (look at all the comments here for example), but I can’t bring up how awful and weird Annie’s behaviour is. Just for your info, I am not a Twi-hard. I don’t even really like Twilight. But I don’t really hate it either. I am definitely not going whine about Twilight (or look up other people’s reasons for hating it) like people on here are doing. Anyone that spends doing that does have problems or they are just nasty people, especially if they like doing it like Annie does. So I guess that is a -1 for the Twilight haters since some of them think they know everything.

      • kenne

        i don’t even want to read this article because, for sure, this will just be very biased and all… the movie is a crap, a huge pile of it. and so are the books. personally, i think that Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress… i think she’s monotone. :)

      • Pointing Out People’s Stupid Actions

        You did not want to read the article and think the movies, actors, and books are bad, but for some reason still decide to click on the article and then comment about it. Complaining about things, but not giving any actual examples of why you think it is so bad. Can anyone say “Loser trying to start an argument”? :)

      • abby

        you really must have a cardboard personality to be compared to Bella. Bella has no love for Edward, only lust. she has no ambition whatsoever and only wants to be the whore-slave for edward. GET A LIFE, YOU MORON

    • Andrew

      Yes, New Moon is not a great film and I’m sure it will encourage more “shallow” female-skewered films, but I’m doubt those could be any worse than the shallow films solely made for the male market.

      • Frank Anderson

        Yeah, I agree with you 100%. I was not huge on New Moon, but loved the first movie. I welcome variety in all forms of media (and in life as well). New Moons brand of melodrama might have bored me, but I do love a good romantic movie that I can take my wife to and not feel bad that she has had to sit through yet another action filled mess of flawed logic.
        I think New Moon might not be half the movie its hardcore fans want to say it is, but despite that I really hope it does get Hollywood to wake up and make more movies aimed at humans other than 18-34 year old males.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Frank, I appreciate your willingness to accept New Moon’s success and fan base for what it is.
        Too many people on these boards are quick to criticize it solely because it doesn’t personally appeal to them.
        Heck, most of them haven’t even seen the thing.

      • Frank Anderson

        Thanks Bilbros!

    • corteo

      I agree there is a difference between marketing a movie to an unmarketed group and pure pandering. It’s the female version of blaxploitation.

    • Grace

      i think is because you don’t have good taste in movies.

    • Celia

      Well saying the hate is male-driven is just sexist. I’m a 22 year old female and I hate twilight more than the next person. I dislike it because it’s shameful that so much money and time can be devoted to some Schlock. It’s just more power behind the whole “females are idiots” argument. It’s taking feminism back 30 years. Twilight does have male fans, but the vast majority are female and I just think it’s sad that this is what they’re spending their money on. No matter how many different arguments you come up with…it’s simple fact that twilight is a horrible book series and an even WORSE film series. It doesn’t matter who plays Bella, she’s still a horrible role model and I’m sure regardless of what actress they got to portray her in the films, Bella would STILL be a whiny, weak, pushover. It’s a big deal because she’s the main character in the story. She’s the one that all these little girls are idolizing. She’s the one they want to be! What kind of message is that sending!? Not only does the story contain weak characters, but the story itself is weak, cheap trash! And yet all these women are going out to support it and the messages it sends. It’s really scary, especially since there’s already a problem with females trying to dumb themselves down to get attention and that’s exactly what Bella does in the books and films. It doesn’t matter how many big words you try to use to describe it’s appeal or how many times some people try to make the storyline sound like there was some actual thought behind it…the simple fact is Twilight is a cheap story that requires no thought, no intelligence, no heart and yet this is what hundreds of young girls and women are drooling over. Kristen Stewart is somewhat good elsewhere, but in twilight she doesn’t even try. None of them do because they know they don’t have to! The fans are dumb enough to love it despite how bad it is. This isn’t a male/female debate. We know men love shallow films too, but those films aren’t making millions of dollars at the box office. Films like Transformers 2 and Fast & Furious also have female fans as well.

      • Jenny

        I agree with you, don´t hate the actors, hate the book, hate the characters.

      • Krystle

        Settle down – it’s a book/movie series that people enjoy. How does Bella dumb herself down? You don’t site any examples. And for the argument she’s always depending on men in her life: She doesn’t run to Jacob as ‘love interest.’ He’s her friend. She doesn’t even look at him as a possible love interest until much later. It’s okay to depend on people – especially when you’re only 17. Most importantly, this is a book/film series based purely on FANTASY. Bella is living in a world of mythical creatures! So you can’t really relate everything Bella does to reality.

      • Annie

        Krystle, how about in Breaking Dawn (I believe), when Bella promises Edward she’ll let him get her a new car once her old one dies. And what happens the next day? The car mysteriously doesn’t start. Hmmm, that is kind of a red flag right there. Yet Bella doesn’t have a single hesitation about it. Need another example?

      • Krystle

        Annie – was that an example of her dumbing herself down? I’m pretty sure her vintage Chevy died on its own…which was stated in the book.

      • Annie

        Magically, the day after the promise? With her auto- knowledgeable boyfriend standing right next to her. Doesn’t even find it a little suspicious? Really… not even a little.

      • mk

        thank you krystal.
        if you don’t like twilight…don’t read it. i read it before the movies were ever even thought of and it’s BS that people think it is stupid. we can read what we want so don’t get mad at us for doing it. i’m sure you have enjoyed something other people think is stupid and it would annoy and hurt your feelings if you were called stupid and accused of taking back feminism 30 years…it is a book..atleast us girls are reading!

      • baloneyhead

        Celia – many people love “shallow films,” whether they pander to a male or a female audience. Plenty of male-oriented “shallow” films have been successful.

        e.g.: Spiderman 3 (sorry), The Matrix Reloaded, Men in black, Mission Impossible 2, Kung Fu Panda, Austin Powers, Jurassic Park III, Wedding Crashers.

        Not that all of these are particularly bad movies. Just that depth is clearly not a prerequisite for success.

      • Celia

        @Krystle: How about the fact that Bella CONSTANTLY holds back her opinions and just accepts whatever Edward wants to do. She NEVER gets what she wants. It’s always about him. She’s supposed to be independent since her mother is so immature and she had to play the role of the parent growing up…but when she meets Edward she’s all of sudden so dumb and incapable of doing anything herself just because she’s so “in love.” She tells him she doesn’t want his money, but then she ends up with a credit card. She says she loves her truck, but she ends up with some uber expensive bmw. She says she doesn’t want to get married, but he tricks her into it. When her life is in danger, instead of telling her about it…he tricks her into going out of state. He treats her like a child and she accepts it!

      • Celia

        @baloneyhead: I know people love shallow films. There’s nothing wrong with that. I love them too. Not every film is going to be Slumdog Millionaire or No Country for Old Men. But at least with all those other shallow films you mentioned there’s a thorough plot line, there are strong, well-developed characters, there’s good acting, and there are even strong female roles. There are many shallow, fun films that were not just thrown together. The filmmakers worked hard to make sure it was still a great film. Twilight on the other hand is completely pointless, the acting is cringe-worthy, the special f/x are stuck in 1990s, the whole thing is just DUMB, which isn’t surprising given the source material; But it makes all this money? It would be a different story if the filmmakers actually took the book and TRIED to make it into a better film, but they didn’t and I just think it’s insulting because they KNOW the main audience is female and they didn’t even try. They just took some garbage and released it. I just think it’s insulting to women in general.

      • Krystle

        @Celia Bella doesn’t follow Edward blindly. She was persistent about wanting to remain friends with Jake and wouldn’t let Edward convince her otherwise. She even left school with Jake knowing Edward would be pissed. Also, she wants to be made immortal – going against Edward completely. He only ends up changing her because she’s going to die. Bella’s a very stubborn character – she wants what she wants. And she happens to want Edward. The argument about letting him buy her things – well that was all about their compromise.
        He doesn’t trick her into marrying him – at the end of Eclipse, he tells her to forget it, b/c he thinks it’s not what she wants. But she realizes it is b/c she wants to have that human experience to share with her mom & dad. If you plan on spending eternity with someone, marriage really isn’t that big of a commitment in the grand scheme of things.

      • RealityChk101

        Celia I believe it’s safe to say you are an idiot. I am a forty year old mother with a fourteen year old daughter who knows perfectly well that this book based on “FICTION”… is exactly that “FICTION”; however we both read them together and found them entertaining. Are they Oscar winners? Probably not, have I seen better acting? Yes I have, personally I would have liked it if the movies had more Underworld tones to them. I think what needs to be final about this is, if you don’t like the books, don’t like the movie and didn’t watch the movie nor read the books then shut up already… You people are ridiculous and I wonder about your imaginations and boring lives.
        Movies do not raise our daughters or sons anymore than music or video games, if that were the case we might have a lot more people running around shouting “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND”… For your sake Celia I pray you do not reproduce, it’s obvious you are doing nothing but vomiting old quotes from other threads and have no real thoughts of your own. I have read all of your reason for hating this series of books and I still come up with the same ending… IDIOT who likes to hear her self talk for the sake of talking. I do not even feel the need to defend the book to you because you have taken a simple book of fiction and attempted to rape the content in order to make it fit your need to hate it. Take a Prozac and move on to another topic or better yet get off the computer and go outside, its lovely out in the REAL world.

      • Diana


        I couldn’t have said it better myself.


        You’re obviously some uptight femnazi who would rather die old and alone than pledge your everlasting love to… GASP.. A MAN! And, oh my goodness, what terrible messages we are sending to these young girls. Edward gave her a credit card… I suppose it would have been much better if he made her sign a prenup and told her what’s his is his. Oh, and OMG, he wants to get married before they have sex!!!! That’s just terrible… they should definitely just do it in the back seat of his car like in most movies. She feels a little broken and lost when Edward leaves her… WOW… yeah, it would be much better if she got right over it and moved on to the next best thing. God, you are so right about everything… my only dream is to be as smart as you. Apparently, I’m just an idiot who thinks this is a fantasy story about mythical creatures. I really had no idea that the author wrote it with the intention to parent our children and tell them how to live their lives so that we don’t have to teach them any values ourselves.

      • kitkat18

        HA HA!!! Amen to that Diana! I’m just baffled at how much hate and anger people hold for this series. I feel like I just stepped into hostile territory on this page. What on earth did twilight fans do to twi-haters? It is not that serious. Lighten up. I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but why can’t the fans enjoy the series in peace?

      • Rachel

        I had a old nissan that barely ran. My boyfriend asked if he could take it to his mechanic when we went to go pick it up I had a brand new car waiting me! That he bought me because my car was old and didn’t run right and was possibly dangerous and that doesn’t make me dumbed down or less of a strong independent woman. So your arguement is a moot point there.

      • Celia

        @RealityChk101, Diana, and kitkat18:

        I have read the books and I saw the movies online. Regardless of what you may think, I don’t just blindly bash something for the heck of it. Like you said…it’s fiction, so I’m sure everyone interprets things differently. I’m just telling you MY opinion on the series. And regardless of what you may think, BOOKS and FILMS do influence people. I don’t have a problem with people who love twilight. They can do whatever the hell they want to do for all I care. I’m just saying…if something is going to represent what “females” spend their money on, I would prefer it be something GOOD. But I agree with Owen’s point about females finally getting some Schlock that makes tons of money and objectifies males instead of the other way around.

      • Celia


        Oh and by the way…what’s a 40 year old woman with a teenage daughter doing on an EW website at 8am arguing with a bunch of people half her age over TWILIGHT??!! You tell me to get a life. You first, *****!

      • Krystle

        @Celia I didn’t know EW was only for teens/20-somethings…40 yr-olds aren’t allowed to be entertained? Good to know. So when you hit 30, I’ll be glad to give you a swift kick to the a$$ out of here.

      • Celia

        @Krystle: I didn’t say that, but she’s the one who verbally attacked me first. I was minding my own business. There was no need to get personal. I would expect more from someone who’s older.

      • akak428

        Thank you Celia! I completely agree that Bella is a bad role model for young girls. I know a lot of people have argued that it’s only fictional, and not all girls are as impressionable as others. But there have been multiple studies on the impressionability of teenagers in general, and they are all just trying to fit in. If we are going to have a role model such as Bella that shows young girls that it’s ok to be completely dependent on men, they will grow up with some form of that mentality, particularly with the intensity that these girls adore the series. I’m not saying that older women shouldn’t enjoy, because that’s a different case. They have the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction, and they know that the book can teach moral lessons about love and relationships. What I’m saying is that we should be careful how younger girls entertain themselves, because it could have drastic consequences on their mentality towards men later in life.

      • Hannah

        Thank you. Never has the wrong end of the stick been so firmly grabbed when it comes to working out what’s upsetting people about something. Men who are scared about “girl-driven success”? No, the vast majority of haters I’ve encountered are women who are angry about the feminist movement being dialled back a few decades. I’m a woman, I’m part of the young adult audience, this series horrifies me and that’s nothing to do with films like Transformers or The Dark Knight (neither of which I’ve seen) being shoved into the background. The vile Bella is presented as all but flawless; her abusive, co-dependent and shallow relationship with Edward is presented as true love. How can anyone pretend this series doesn’t provide role models? It doesn’t matter that Meyer might not have sat down and gone “I want to influence teens with my characters”; that doesn’t change the fact that people are being influenced by these characters and their relationship. That’s the problem, not that anyone’s scared of “a new girl power”.

      • kay

        i loved the movie!!!!!ive seen it 3 time already. i think that you have to read the book though. it is more of a chick flick, but that doesnt stop the few guys that did read the book to go, and enjoy it! for the haters-DONT JUDGE IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS!!!! and if you have-the book is always gonna be better then the movie, dont hate it because of that. if you hate if for none of those resons the fine, but if you haven’t read the book, and hated the movie, mabey give the books a try-you never no,you may like them.

      • Lori

        I have one question for you. Did you even read the books? Bella is not a “whiny, weak, pushover.” She’s the strongest character in the entire series though she doesn’t think of herself that way. Edward is actually the damsel in distress in New Moon and Breaking Dawn. It’s Bella who races off to Italy to stop Edward from doing himself in. It’s Bella who saves all their lives at the end of Breaking Dawn. She knows what she wants and she goes after it with a singular determination despite the ‘men-folk’ getting in her way. Her decisions started with the first page. She decided to move to Forks. She decided that she wanted to be with Edward. She decided that she wanted to become a vampire. She decided that she wanted Renesmee. She decided to befriend a werewolf. Edward didn’t want any of those things for her. He did his level best to try to stop her but she wouldn’t be deterred. Bella’s smart, a good student. She loves to read. It was her that figured out that Victoria was behind the new born army in Eclipse. Heck she figured out what Edward and Jacob were with very little help. Bella is brave. She faced a psychopathic vampire to save her mom in Twilight. After Edward left, she got up every day and went about her normal routine despite the fact that all she wanted to do was to curl up in a ball and die. She faced the Volturi in order to stop Edward from trying to kill himself. In Eclipse she stabbed herself to distract Victoria when it appeared that Edward and Seth might be losing. She was brave again when she let Jacob go despite the fact that she loved him. In Breaking Dawn, she risked everything to bring Renesmee into the world. Bella is very mature. Her own mother called her “her middle aged child.” I can’t think of why anyone would call Bella a push-over. In Twilight, she made her goal very clear. She wanted to be a vampire, a Cullen. She wanted to be wth Edward forever. At the end of her Story in Breaking Dawn she got exactly that and so much more.

        As far as the story itself being “weak, cheap trash,” I really don’t know what you mean by that. If you think a story about a love so strong that in the end nothing can tear it apart is weak, then I guess that’s true. If you mean a story where the characters remain chaste until marriage is cheap then you got me again. If you mean a story about knowing who you are and what you want and going after it is trash. I’d have to say your right on the money.

        I’m not saying that Bella (or Twilight) is or should be a role model, but to that it has no though, intelligence or heart is just plain wrong.

        About me, I’m a thirty-four year old female. My father introduced me to Twilight last January. I haven’t stopped reading it since. I’ve introduced my son to the series. He’s currently half way through Eclipse and he loves it. I loved both movies, but New Moon is my favorite, Twilight was a little too blue for my tastes. When I went to see New Moon last Saturday, their were quite a few men in the audience. That was gratifying to see. I really don’t think that this story is just for women anymore than I believe action movies are just for men. I loved the Transformers movies.

      • Celia


        I’ve already answered that question. YES! I read the books. I read all 4 of those pathetic waste of papers. Like I said, people interpret things differently. I thought Bella was weak, whiny, and a pushover because she constantly put other people’s wants and opinions before her own. She goes along with whatever they tell her to do without asking questions and even if she objects they don’t listen to her and she accepts it. She doesn’t really fight for anything unless it has something to do with her unhealthy obsession with that glittering rock, Edward. She just bores me. And I didn’t say twilight was ONLY for women. But women are the intended audience just like men are the intended audience for action films like Transformers and Fast and Furious.

      • Claire

        to Lori – thank you! i just wrote something about a comment made above about bella not being weak and i’m happy someone else is able to use examples to show her strength
        Celia: putting the people’s wants and opinions before your own is called being selfless. IF you’re doing this because you’re scared or don’t feel like you’re worthy to speak up for yourself THEN you are weak – what bella is doing is out of love. she’s NOT scared that if she does something she wants then edward will leave her, she’s choosing to let him have it his way because she knows he’s just trying to protect her and when she has an actually problem with something she finds a way to do what she feels needs to be done

      • Claire

        Celia: oh and another thing, i just read that you said in a previous comment that Edward keeps “tricking” Bella in to doing what he wants, like getting married. he didn’t trick her into anything, it’s called compromise and growth. she was the one explaining that she wanted to marry him by the end of eclipse. i know you’ve said you’ve read the books, i just find it so hard to believe when the proof contradicting your statements is all right there – but i guess you probably think it’s proving something else

    • TellyB

      I totally agree with the article. When a big, dumb, male-oriented film like Transformers makes a gazillion dollars, you don’t see hordes of girls spewing vitriol online about how “stupid” teenage boys are. But God forbid a female-leaning film becomes a hit, cuz you know you will get hordes of insecure fanboys attacking and berating and belittling whomever likes that film. It’s ridiculous. And fanboys are so self-centered. Every time a film doesn’t cater to them, they immediately dismiss it and call it “gay” (which of course also denotes homophobia, in addition to fanboys’ typical sexism)

      • Muffy


        “Twilight” is also dumb! I will admit, I plan on watching every film, because I watched the first one. I din’t care for it, but I will still see all the films. Give me “Harry Potter” anyday. Not every chick lives for “Twilight.” Bob is not hot; he looked good in HPATGOF, but that’s about it. Beauty is in the eyes for the beholder.

      • Dan JD

        Plenty of guys hated Transformers too, y’know. Not to mention the pile of stink that was GI Joe. Male-oriented sucky movies are just easier to dismiss because there’s so many of them, they get interchangeable after a while.

      • Jen

        Twilight and Transformers are EQUALLY stupid. So the logical response to a godawful male-driven movie is to create an equally godawful (well, maybe not THAT bad…) female-driven movie? Why can’t we forget about male-centric and female-centric movies, and just focus on GOOD material and GOOD stories? If the material is solid, it will draw BOTH sexes.
        And what about women who despise Twilight? Are we sexist?

      • Morgan

        Just for the record, the most vehement haters I know are feminist women. The men I know don’t really care either way.

      • Diana

        It’s only because their fragile egos are bruised. They’re angry because the male characters can get the reactions from their wives/girlfriends that they can only dream about getting.

      • chris

        You’re welcome to like your movies all you want. What I don’t care for is the inundation of Twilight marketing and ubiquitous coverage by various media, not the least of whom is EW.

        All mediocre, pandering movies should be denounced, why limit it to the Twilight series? I would expect more from Transformers and GI Joe, two properties I grew up with. Yet they couldn’t even get those right for the fanboys, let alone the general public.

      • James

        I saw 13 movies last summer, and Transformers was my absolute least favorite, and I tell everyone I can how bad it was, just as I do with Twilight! What surprises me most about Twilight’s female fan base is how they seem to ignore/not recognize/not care about how incredibly sexist it is towards women. My best friend (female) can go on for hours about how terrible these books are for teenage girl’s self esteem and gender views. I can only go on about it for a couple seconds, as I just have shown.

      • Lydia Jane

        A Jen you are totally right!!! We women are not haters, I think men inner ego is playing a big part in this. Only because the franchise wasn’t appealing to the male audience that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be successful..that hurts their macho self…Grow up haters!!!

    • Ashley

      I’m particurlaly vehement on my hate because most fans are just intolerant. They can’t seem to accept that not everyone finds the stories as good or the relationship as deep as they do, and especially for girl haters they will try and tell you that your opinion is wrong and you should like it, I’d hate it a lot less if fans would actually go “So you don’t like it, ok.” instead of defending it.

      The fact is, they defend it so hard and hit it so fast because they view themselves as Bella. That’s part of the reason she’s such a horrible character, she has no personality or real motives so you put yourselves in there. And your being told that “The hawtest, most extra specialist guys like you just because your you!” and no, they aren’t fated, this guy loves her because the author deems it so and she apparantly thinks that’s all thats necessary.

      Now Stephenie Meyer being an arrogant twit is another issue I have all together.

      • mk

        how come you are allowed to rant about how much you hate twilight and fans aren’t allowed to defend if it is good?
        if you don’t like it you don’t need to hate it.

      • Diana

        I really don’t see any comments on here telling people how much they should love Twilight. All I see are people who like it trying to get people like you to stop hating on them so much. If you see an Article regarding Twilight, why would even bother to read it if you hate it so much… just skip it and move on, what’s the big deal?

      • Rachel

        Preach Diana!
        I hate going to read a Twilight article that I may or may not enjoy due to the opinion of the author. But if the author and I don’t agree then I don’t go immediately to the comments and rant about how “dumb”n they are for not likely Twilight! I respect whoevers opinion and leave it at that. But when I go to a article that’s pro-Twilight or Twi-hards or even is neutral you see all these comments dissing the movies/books and the people who like them can find enjoyment in them. It just doesn’t seem fair!

      • Claire

        Ashley: i want to apologise for all those fans of the series for making you feel like you were somehow less of a person for not thinking the same way they do. i know that the core of all my excitement and just…joy of sharing the series is the sheer amount that the books have affected me and i would guess the reason there is so many people will tell you you’re wrong is because they were affected too (i go into all of that in a earlier post) i do agree however with some of the others and say i hope you can find something better to do with your time than dwelling on hate – whatever that hate may be for. there are so many emotions that are more rewarding to rest in. wish you and everyone else here all the best – and less venom, whether they’re accusing or defending

      • Lydia Jane

        I like the books and the movies, however, I don’t understand why so many people hate them..that i8s silly Live and let others live too…This is a free country and we are entitled to have an opinion and if we love Twilight, what do you have to care about that? If you don’t like it that is Ok. Move on!!! The good think about Twilight is that people are talking about it and that is good even with haters like you!!!

    • Jenn

      Transformers 1 & 2 were bad movies too. So are most action flicks. But they don’t get nearly the hate a disdain that Twilight does. Why is that? Why is Twilight so much worse than your standard shoot-em-up movie?

      I’m not a fan of the books (they were dreck) or the movies (the acting is laughably bad) but they don’t deserve the extreme level of hate and derision they get. They’re just regular old bad movies, like 99% of what Hollywood puts out, but because they are driven by girls everyone FREAKS OUT. It’s sexist.

      • ToT

        Thank you for pointing out how bizarre people are acting over Twilight just because they dislike it and that there are two sets of rules. One for “girl” movies and another for “guy” movies.

      • veronica

        I think you hit the nail on the head.

      • TellyB

        Fanboys dislike Twilight simply because it doesn’t cater to THEIR power fantasies. Simple as that. And now they are jumping on the “bad influence, Bella is a bad role model, sexist” crap. Like all of those comic books are so empowering to females.LOL

        Fanboys tend to be sexist, self-absorbed and frat-boyish. Now that pop culture is momentarily not about CGI robots or superheroes, they can’t stand it. Grow a pair, and let whomever likes these films enjoy them.

      • Gavin

        Well, I’m a 26 year-old male, and I don’t have any feelings about the Twilight films, other than I won’t see them since the central storyline doesn’t interest me. I’ve been reading these posts because I’m fascinated by how so many strong emotions are attached to whether someone likes or dislikes this film series. I believe the reason there are so many vehement attacks (and equally vehement defenses) is because there are so few films made for women, at least films that aren’t romantic comedies; therefore, when a movie directly marketed to women is made, many women are desperate for it to be deeply resonant intellectually, or emotionally honest, because there are so few chances for said movies to be made. If it is just mindless entertainment (like so many male-driven movies), then it would seem to say that all women are somewhat weak, emotionally stunted, and need a man, since there are far fewer female-skewed movies than male-skewed ones (again, I’m not judging Twilight, I’m just trying to explain why I think there are such strong emotions attached to it). Regarding the other side, fans are so dedicated because films that target them are so rarely made, that when they are attacked, they defend them to the death. What those that oppose the films need to remember is that it is the same for the male-driven action films. I sat through (most of) Transformers, and I didn’t come away thinking that any of the characters were exactly Rhodes scholars, or even the slightest bit intellectual (plus the storyline was awful). This isn’t a pre-requisite for a good film; I’m all for popcorn flicks, as long as the story is plausible and follows some kind of logic, or if the performances are strong (Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pretty Woman, etc). However, I believe there should be a place in cinema for intelligent, intimate character dramas, which seem to be considered boring and pointless by the Hollywood majors (one of the many reasons I miss 90s independent cinema). There are still good examples of those types of films being made (Precious and Up In The Air, for instance), but they should represent more of the Hollywood pie, and not just at the end of the year for awards consideration. Anyway, that is my theory, feel free to tear down if you will.

    • Rosalie

      Bella is in fact a strong character. She came from a broken home, so she naturally longs to have a family and siblings. She took care of her mom emotionally. She loved Edaward and went for it, she jumped in with both feet. Yes, Bella gets removed from the dangerous situations. That’s because she is loved! When you love someone you don’t want to see them get hurt. I can totally relate to her in New Moon as well. I know what it’s like to loose the love of your life. For months it seemed that all I was able to do was breath, although I never disregarded my responsibilities. I still cleaned the house, went to work and so forth. But for the most part it seemed like all I was doing was breathing.

    • Rachel

      And Gone With The Wind was an amazing ground breaking movie in cinematography. You can’t compare that movie with Twilight anyway there is over half a century of time between them and times have changed! What do you have against Titanic anyway?

    • JenD

      i don’t think OG’s point was to say whether it’s a good movie, but rather why people are interested in it and what that means for/says about pop culture. and i think he has an interesting point. i like action films in theory, but am annoyed with so many of them. it’s like the audience is a user who’s grown immune to the effects of their favorite drug and keep shooting up more and more with less effect. i think OG has a point about the quieter pace of twilight/new moon being so attractive to so many people. we’ll see a new trend in hollywood hopefully, which will make everything feel fresher.

      and no it isn’t a ‘good’ movie. most truly good movies aren’t very popular and therefore can’t say much about pop culture. aaannd i also think bella is kind of pathetic and the whole premise is a bit silly, but again that’s beside point of OG’s article.

    • Chris

      I do think resenting any film with such severity is wrong, but Matt makes a good point – this is a bad film. I do not mind more films being made that address females of any age group, but the films do not have to be drawbacks to the ’50s melodramas, which were relatively chaste due to the code, not due to personal philosophy. Insinuating something because it is required and doing so because somebody thinks it’s a good thing are two different things.

    • hannah

      Most comments made about the female lead role in this series have to do with the character and not the actress. Given a pathetic, moody, self-destructive, and hormonal teenaged girl who hurls herself off a cliff or into danger for a boy leaves the person playing her with little to go on. Playing a moody, sullen cullen leaves the actor with nothing more to do than look at you through his eyebrows (which is a vamp standard stare started by Bela Lugosi).

      • Martine

        I think Bella is a refreshing change from the overly smartmouthed female leads that play hard to get until the audience finally gets sick of them. The charm of Bella is that she is not some high maintenance bitch that wants something different every three minutes. She loves Edward, and she knows what she needs for a happy life. Him, and eternity. Id say that makes her honorable. As for needing someone to make you happy, there is nothing great about not needing people. Its just lying to yourself. We all need those that we love.

    • Cat

      Heh! You haters are truly laughable. I can almost understand the nonsense coming from boys/men but not the kind of stuff written here from women. What’s worse is that some choose to pick specific examples from the movie that aren’t even true.

    • Joey Jo Jo

      I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have to agree with Owen that no mater what the quality of this film, it is good for counter programming. Hollywood constantly needs reminders that 18-49 year old males aren’t the only ones going to the movies. If anything, the guys I know in this demographic don’t go to the theater anymore, but sit around trading bootlegged dvd’s that they or pirate streams that they found online. Hollywood tends to forget that it is women who drove the box office for Titanic, GWTW and Twilight because it encourages repeat viewing within the female demographic. If that means studios will be more willing to program things more Precious, The Devil Wears Prada or Something’s Gotta Give, then I say “Go Twilight!”

    • J’

      “Its success is bad because it’ll encourage more lazy, shallow films driven purely at this female market” …and “Transformers: RofF” is such an original piece of cinematic movie-making? Please! Most action films are shallow, lazy films too. And, if they get made for their target audience, why shouldn’t these films? Girls don’t get popcorn films because YOU think they are shallow? Get over yourself.

    • Billiam

      But there are plenty of lazy, shallow films aimed at the male marked. Epic Movie? Transformers?

      While personally I find the Twilight movies way too angsty for my taste, their existence doesn’t anger me the way it does some other guys I know. The fact that something is successful that they personally do not enjoy really does seem to bother the crap out of some people.

    • Lily

      Agree Matt. NMoon is a terrible terrible movie. Awful. I loved TWILIGHT but then, Catherine Hardwicke directed that and she knows how to make a romantic, sexy movie. The TWILIGHT franchise would have appealed to women because the books are written from Bella’s point of view. But since NMoon was so ghastly, I don’t know that this series will continue to do well – unless they bring Catherine Hardwicke back for Breaking Dawn. So far, from Australia, to Germany, to Sweden, to Spain, to the USA, every woman I’ve talked to or blogged with absolutely hated NMoon and loved TWILIGHT. If movie studios want to appeal to women as well as men, you gotta make a great film.

    • octavia

      i love the movie twilight new moon its so cool and at the end how he told bella to marry him so 1st of all its not lame if anything u r and stop being rude cause jacobs cute and edward got voted 1 of the most beautiful people in the world. And 1 more thing stop critasizing people if ani seen the movie.

  • maiv

    Hey Owen,
    Be prepared to get a lot of hate here too. I’m also tired of people complaining about how “Twilight sucks” and stating “stop talking about Twilight, EW.” It’s just a fad, and people should just take it for what it is. Of course it’s not the greatest literature! We forget that when we were younger, most of us liked frivolous stories as well. Some adults enjoy Twilight, but I think they are quick to admit it’s not the most meaningful work either.

    • Malorie

      I have to agree with maiv- there is so many haters, bad talking about New Moon on how its been so out there, and there is no really a story line, “We were all young once” looking for the romance… I ve read the books, have seen Twilight and New Moon, the meaning as said many times the movie and book is in my view a young Romeo and Juilet Love story!!! I cant see any fault if anyone or everyone seeing it as a love story and not much more then that… Thanks for the cast for bring the books to life !!! :)

    • Natalhy

      I love the Twilight series so just keep all the bs coming haters, i dont really fu**ing care wat any of u have to say. You all are apparently retarede bcos u dont understand dat we dont give a shi** wat any of u think. You dont like the movie or the series? Well OK then dont watch the movie, its as simple as dat.The movie actually stayed true to the book, which was amazing to see. We know dat you guys will never(most guys)understand wat this saga means to us, but com’n, its getting ridiously stupid. Hope at least dat u guys r teens bcos if u hating on the saga nd u r in your 20’s or older, u literally have no life. So sorry for all u haters who obvously have no life.

      • softsynth

        Dear. Sweet. Lord. Not to pull a spelling flame, but if the above is the state of communication among the young, our entertainment has played too much of a role in dumming down society. It makes one weep. Not blaming New Moon, mind you (boring but harmless), but something has gone really wrong when “dat” is considered okay…

      • paige

        Do you realize that you made absolutely no sense there? You are doing nothing but hurting the reputation of Twilight, but please. Don’t stop. Maybe you will make a few more people hate Twilight.

      • Sara

        Oh Natalhy (is that supposed to be Natalie?), that was a truly painful comment to read. Does it really take that much more time to write a word correctly? I understand some short form, we all do it from time to time, but what were you even trying to say?

      • Frank Anderson

        Guys, you have to speak her language.

        Natalhy- U got 2 stop dat type o typin. Peeps don tink dat makes U look 2 smart. Wat wrks fer txting does not wrk on a comment section, or on yer school term papers. Dey make U look stoo- pid.


      • invaliduser

        congrats ew this is your audience that you are pandering to. notice all the posters that are backing new moon write like they are texting. using LOL? hilarious the inmates are running the asylum and media is supporting it.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Invalid, you’re supporting it just as much as they are. You use these articles as your own playground, counting the numbers of posts up, which prompts EW to crank out more Twilight related articles.
        Then again, I’m glad for you…because if you didn’t have this, it would be just another night of WoW in your mom’s basement.
        Variety is the spice of life.

      • invaliduser

        the hilarity of the delusional is amusing. ew’s going to comment on twilight anyway. the are more posters that are deemed haters sorry dildo

      • invaliduser

        sorry dildo but you are being grouped in with likes of natly (or whatever her name is). congrats!

      • Patrick Sheridan

        Natalhy’s name is spelled like that cause she’s black. She also spells “that” like “dat” because she is black.

        I thought that was pretty obvious.

      • kudos

        we dont understand what it means to you(its fans). hollywood is guy dominant, please twilight is just a soap opera in theatres. also twilight is a story of forbidden love( or something to that effect) with a love triangle, ever heard of TITANIC. so dont give me this sexist BS.

      • kitkat18

        To Patrick Sheridan- How on earth do you know someone’s race based off a post? So because she uses text language while commenting and because her name is spelled a certain way, she’s black? Wow, that’s amazing. Bet you can’t guess what I am, you stereotypical jerk?

      • Rachel

        Wow Patrick I’ve heard some racist stuff but that was a completely unnecessary post. Just because someone types in text and has a name spelled differently doesn’t mean they are black. Maybe she was reading this from her iphone or something and was in fact texting!

      • Frank Anderson

        Yeah Patrick… that was just a sad post to read. I am surprised that you would think that is something cool to post in a comment section.

        If I am sided with people like you by making fun of Nathaly, then I would rather side with Nathaly.

      • Elphie

        i’m hoping that was a nice bit of satire, Nathaly.

    • Cat

      People need to stop looking at the big picture and comparing it to everything that’s already out. This is an entirely new story, there has been NOTHING else like Twilight, basically, again don’t look at the big “Romeo and Juliet” or romance stories, it’s entirely new and a really good STORY. Sorry it doesn’t live up to some people’s literary expectations, but Stephenie Meyer herself has said she considers herself a storyteller more than an actual writer writer. Very good article Owen, FINALLY someone writes on the subject of these commenters, which really why? it makes no sense to hate it with this much passion, if I don’t care for something, whatever, I don’t care for it, I don’t hate it. Twilight hasn’t ruined your lives, and if it has, well it just proves people can be very dramatic.

      • Heather2

        I completely agree. That is one of the many reasons that I like Twilight. It is different from anything else that is out there right now. It cannot be compared to anything else. Sure I have a sense of humor about it, it leaves itself open for that. But why is it a bad thing to be a fan of this franchise. The books are really good, in my opinion, and the cast and the movies have put it on a grander scale.
        The first two books are not that deep, but once you get into Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, the dynamic of the vampires and werewolves and the Volturi and the imprinting come into play, and the romance builds. Why would one be so opposed to a storyline like that?

      • twicurious

        vampires are a totally new concept?

      • Areyouserious

        There is nothing out there like this, there is always something out there, that’s already been made.
        Underworld was a film that was similar in many ways, it was just a darker film with a lot of killing and stuff, so this film New Moon is more of a candy version of vampires versus werewolves over a girl.

      • Celia

        Actually. There’s been A LOT of things like twilight. Have you ever heard of Anne Rice, LJ Smith, Charlaine Harris, and pretty much every other vampire novelist on the face of the planet that wrote their series BEFORE Meyer claims she had her wet dream and came up with hers’. THOSE authors didn’t get this much attention and they did it FIRST and their stories were infinitely BETTER. Twilight is NOT unique. It’s NOT good. So WHY does she deserve this attention and those other authors don’t?!

      • Dan JD

        Major disagree. There have been plenty of stories like Twilight; in fact, I’d say that’s why it’s so popular. It’s the typical “girl falls in love with Bad Boy with A BIG SECRET OMG and it’s the truest purest love EVAR.” Just because SMeyer’s vamps sparkle doesn’t make it original. Any given series with vampires in it probably has twenty Mary Sue fics online that read almost exactly like Twilight.

      • Annie

        Stephanie Meyer has claimed she was influenced by Romeo & Juliet, Wuthering Heights, Jayne Eyre, Merchant of Venice and many many others. Throw in vmapires (a classic since Bram Stoker) and you have the plot to most of her books. Add dialogue, then repeat.
        There is nothing wrong with being inspired by and alluding to other work in our novels. She doesn’t pretend it is 100% original, why are you?

      • Jen

        There have been a LOT of stories JUST LIKE THIS. The Vampire Diaries (the books), the Anita Blake series and True Blood (both the books and the show’s development) ALL predate Twilight. Throw in vampire-werewolf rivalries from Underworld, and the long-suffering vampires with “soul” in any Anne Rice novel, and you’d see that Twilight is absolutely not original at all. The only thing it did that was “original” was butcher vampire mythology.
        When someone tries to tell me how “original” Twilight is, all it shows me is how completely insulated they are from other books.

      • Leigh

        There are a lot of stories similar to Twilight. The Vampire Diaires were written before Twilight. The Sookie Stackhouse books were written before Twilight ,though they’re still continuing, and True Blood is on HBO. Sookie also has a friend who’s a shapeshifter and prefers dog form. Just saying. There was also a series called Kissing Coffins that I read when I was younger about a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire. The concept isn’t really all that new. I enjoy Twilight, but there’s been a lot of similar stuff.

      • Cat

        Hello, I’m sorry I just said don’t compare it to a overall genre (vampire love) because of course Twilight isn’t original on that. Im talking about the part of the actual storyline, not just the fact it’s a werewolf vampire human storyline, actually the story itself, you guys are still looking at the big picture, I’d have to write the whole story to explain myself here. And I know stephenie meyer’s influenced by stuff, but again that’s the “big picture”. You guys are just seeing human/vampire love with werewolf drama. Im talking about the actual storyline, obviously Im right because then why isn’t everybody commenting on Vampire Diaries posts, or talking about how much they obsess over Underworld? The actual storyline itself, the content is hugely different, im not commenting anymore on this subject because next time I read someone disagreeing with me, I’ll just end up writing the same argument, because people won’t actually process what Im saying here.

      • Celia

        @Cat: The storyline to the sookie stackhouse series is scarily similar to the one in twilight. The same goes for the one in the Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith. We know the twilight books are not the only ones with Vampires and Werewolves. But the actual storyline itself has been done countless times before Meyer claims she came up with it. It’s so close that it’s bordering on plagiarism.

    • Rick

      I agree completely! Twilight is a nice little story that excites girls without demeaning them (seriously, Katherine Heigl, what are you thinking?), and the old boys’ club is threatened. For those who gripe that it’s bad writing, go back and really listen to the dialogue in Star Wars (by the way, I am a huge SW fan). Good stories can be told even with bad dialogue at times! I teach middle school, and I so prefer my students (boys and girls) going to stuff like this over Saw. I hope this leads to more movies being made for all types of audiences! (2012’s success will ensure plenty more testosterone type things too for the boys).

      • birdy

        exactly!! i’m a huge star trek fan and their writing isn’t exactly brain food.

        what i’m really tired of is the feminists attacking bella for being an average girl who does pretty average things making pretty average decisions for her age. they think it sends a bad message to girls that they don’t need to strive to be more when in the same breath, they’ll applaud plus size models being featured in magazines because it represents the average overweight american girl. but doesn’t THAT send a message to overweight girls that they are perfectly acceptable overweight and shouldn’t strive to be healthy? i’m confused by this feminist crap and they are seriously getting on my nerves. i was just happy that FINALLY women have voting power in the movie industry so that they’ll make movies WE want instead of explosions and gratiutous sex scenes. almost every single show i’m assaulted with a crotch shot or some other female part. i’m glad the tide is changing.

        i’m sick and tired of hearing how this movie and its characters should serve as role models anyway. since when did it become the requirement for movies that its protagonist or any of its characters serve as role models? certainly most of the oscar worthy movies don’t have sympathetic or even close to moral or ethical characters. since when is every story supposed to be an after school special with a politically correct message? why can’t a story just be a story? if everyone was so damn perfect, there would be no story to write about! people are imperfect and that’s how they should be portrayed in stories for them to be close to believable. why is bella supposed to be some symbol for feminist girl power? if she was written that way instead of the average girl’s likeness, we wouldn’t be reading these books nor could we even identify.

      • birdy

        AND… both sets of my grandparents, who are still married till this day, were married at 18 and had their first babies by 20 years of age. are you going to tell me that their love was just some stupid teenage crush? ar eyou going to tell me that my grandmother should have left my grandfather when they had serious trouble early in teh marriage? after all, they were so young and she should have been out for only self, right? that she shouldn’t have been so devoted to him then or he to her later when she experienced post partum depression?

        i am sick and tired of the message we’re sending our kids these days that we should love only when it’s convenient. in case you guys don’t remember, they’re calling this the “self-entitled” generation. i can’t imagine what my family would look like if it wasn’t for the selfless devotion of my grandparents to be together and create this family. we need more of THAT. we should love each other so much that we’d go to the ends of the earth to save them or whatever.

        can you imagine if shakespeare had written his plays in modern day? he would have been set on fire!!!!!!

      • twicurious

        2012 sucks and movies like it. not all men are robots that see movies with explosions and movies with girls with ample breasts. that is like saying all women will see new moon. although i am beginning to think they are.

      • Krystle

        Rick & Birdy – LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!

      • Hannah

        birdy— First, way to assume that *all* feminists hate Bella and also celebrate the presence of plus-size models. That came completely out of nowhere, and you haven’t found a hypocrisy until you can actually prove that lots of people do both these things. It’s completely off the point, but bearing in mind “plus-size” tends to refer to models who are size twelve and over, I’m a little horrified that you assume they’re all unhealthy and overweight, just as I’m horrified by the assumption that anyone under a size ten is unhealthy and starving themselves.
        It’s not about whether the characters *should* serve as role models. They *do* serve as role models, whether Meyer intended that or not. The problem is that they are bad role models who are presented as good. Bella, weak, whiny, dim and self-centered, is presented as a caring, intelligent, mature young woman. Edward, controlling, arrogant, a stalker and pretty much bipolar, is presented as the ideal man. Characters who are weak or morally corrupt in Oscar-worthy films aren’t people that anyone would consider a good role model because they’re handled by competent writers who acknowledge that they are weak or morally corrupt. Meyer is so insistent that she’s written the perfect couple that of course her target audience are likely to look upon them as role models.
        No, because I’m assuming that what your grandparents had was actual *love*, not a shallow obsession whose entire foundation was that your grandfather was really hot and your grandmother smelled like a delicious snack. No one’s saying people should only love when it’s convenient. Where are you plucking these ideas from?
        Luckily for Shakespeare, he was writing four centuries ago, and therefore has an excuse for his presentation of men and women. What’s Meyer’s excuse for producing a female character who is certainly just as weak and possibly more weak than some of Shakespeare’s women?

    • Grace

      I agree with you Maiv there are so many people that complain about the Twilight saga, if you don’t like the movie then don’t read about.

    • Dee Dee

      I think it’s kind of stupid how most of the comments are about how much you hate Twilight. Do you haters just read Twilight articles to post hateful comments? Losers.

      • @DeeDee

        The article isn’t about Twilight…it’s about people who hate it and why! I think that gives us a legitimate reason to post about it.

      • Rachel

        I’m pretty sure the article itself is not for people who hate Twilight. It’s about how Twilight is a new type of movie and about how it might be a good and profitable idea for more movie to follow in the same direction and instead of all the sex and action in most entertainment today. The name of the article is “Why girl-driven success is good for the future of movies”. Not “Hey all you negativity spreading, Twilight haters come here and tell us all how stupid we are for liking a FICTION story!!!!!”

  • Andy

    When you say ‘the boy’s kind’, do you mean Transformers?

    • amanda

      Transformers is officially the worst movie I have ever seen. Talking car/robot thingys? Seriously?
      But, hey, people like it. It made bazillions of dollars. It dominated the entertainment airways for weeks. Whatever. My point is: if you don’t like it just deal. It will go away shortly.

    • Mark

      Notice that most of the haters are boys. Hmmmm.

    • Lilo

      i’m not a twilight movies fan or hater. i liked the books, saw the movie, enjoyed it, and that was it.
      but glad you bring up transformers, cause i was thinking about that. i loved the first one, but come on people, the second one is about as bad as it gets story wise, even new moon beats that one. soooo, why all the hating on this one, and not on that second transformers movie? doesnt make any sense!


    I wish I could be thankful today for EW giving us a much-needed break from anything Twilight related.

    • ANNYONG!

      EW constantly shoving this crap down our collective throats only fuels the hatred for this overrated series of films and books.
      Give it a rest already!

      • same

        Silly rabbit. It’s the click that count, not the content. Thank you for putting Twilight on the top of the hit list by posting your comment!

      • Lisa

        now that makes no sense,EW shoving this crap down your throats? What do you think EW stands for? Obviously they have to report on what fresh and Twilight saga is it so if you dont like to here about it then why do you click on the adds for Twilight then scroll down to trash it. Its a movie and a book. No need to get hostile over it. Just remember to keep scrolling through till you find an article you like and comment to all the haters that didn’t.

      • Diana

        Umm… if you don’t want to read it, don’t click. I thought that was kind of a common sense type thing, but apparently not.

      • Rachel

        don’t like it. don’t read it. then maybe you won’t be a negative ahole!

    • Ashley

      Stop asking them to quit posting on Twilight. It’s not going to happen. It’s a humongous phenomenon in pop culture today, any other movie this popular would be commented on just the same. After Eclipse (And maybe Breaking Dawn) are released, all of this will go away. Until then, just shut up.

    • Willow

      money makes the world go round and at this moment,the Twilight franchise is rolling in it. Of course EW is going to be publishing stories cause it sells.

    • Celia

      Lmao! I know right! And I love how we had such a LONG break before they gave us another twilight cover…oh wait….

  • Leila

    New Moon is a good movie and I will be watching it as many times as I want becasue is my right! Actually, if the rest of the Twilight Saga’s movies get generally good reviews than I’ll start worrying because it means they’re listening to the haters and messing with a fantastic love story.

    • Mark

      And actually this is what defeats the haters. Whether you like th emovie or not, it appeals to an ignored segment of the population: girls. Titanic didnt make 600 million domestically from boys. And Hollywood is slow to learn lessons. Very few movies can inspire an audience on a 50 million dollar budget. You may think the movie sucked but the themes are good and believable. And its profit margin will be one of the highest in movie history. So no matter how many of you don’t see it, it won’t matter. I was more than happy to shell out extra money for my kids to see this movie rather than some of the normal Hollywood trash.

      • Q

        Both Twilight and Transformers are poorly made films that target the lowest common urges for either sex. Titanic was a film that appealed to all four quadrants of the populace – men, women, old and young. You want to say that it wouldn’t have made $600 million without females – fine. However, it wouldn’t have grossed that much without everyone else as well.

      • Rick

        See now you’re cracking me up, because to me, Titanic is one of the most annoying movies ever made. I was hoping both selfish whiny leads would die so we could watch the interesting characters on the boat.

      • corteo

        I like Titanic because it was an important piece of film work. It was stunningly beautiful and had phenomenal direction, sure it was a shallow soap opera but it was still well made. Twilight just isn’t good. I don’t see the gender boarder in movies, good is just good and Twilight just isn’t good.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        corteo, I don’t think you’ve read the series or seen the movies. New Moon, in particular, also had some beautiful cinematography.

      • corteo

        I have read and seen both of them. There is nothing beautiful or artistic about them. The movie was at once very dull and just bad. The acting was fine but no one could save those awful characters. Cinematography is important to me but can’t be the sole saving grace of the movie. Children of Men that’s a movie that had great cinematography that enhanced an already incredible movie. All the cinematography did for New Moon was made it half way bearable and that is only for people who can get off to Edwards’ creepy pedophiliac actions towards Bella.

  • Sally

    I watched New Moon and no Kristen nor Robert were good. Supporting characters like Anna Kendrick and Dakota Fanning stand out more than the lead actors.

    • Heather2

      I respectfully disagree. You have the right to your opinion, but I thought that the acting in the first movie was truly awful. But watching NM, Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Dakota, Anna, etc., really brought their A game and conveyed the characters from the books perfectly. I don’t see why people constantly put down Robert and Kristen. Sure, Rob has yet to really prove himself. He will in due time. Kristen, however, is a great actress with so much potential. The transition of time scene where Kristen is sitting in the chair, the Volturi scene where Kristen is begging for Edward’s life? How could you not watch that and be in awe?

      • akak428

        Actually, if you’ve seen Robert Pattinson in any other movie he’s done, particularly Little Ashes where he does an uncanny impression of Salvador Dali, he’s quite talented. I think he has proven himself. And Kristen in Into the Wild was infinitely better than her performance in either Twilight movies. I think they did a good job, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it perfect.

  • Padraig

    Kristen Stewart is expressive? Only if you consider “constantly constipated” as an expression, ’cause it’s the only look she has in every scene of every film.

    • Kris

      Go read the books she hit every emotion spot on. She was the only thing that made this movie watchable.

      • Amy

        Thank you Kris .. nice to see someone finally defending Kristen instead of criticizing every single move she makes on and offscreen. I think she is a fantastic actress and actually think she’s better than the Twilight saga. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read all the books and enjoyed them. I was extremely excited to see Twilight but thought it was horrible – EXCEPT for Kristen. She was perfect as Bella. In fact, I don’t think anyone can blame Kristen for her acting .. blame the character.

      • jodie

        i agree. i thought kristen was sooo amazing.i don’t understand what people expect. she did better than anyone could.

      • Rick

        Kristin is one of the best actresses of her generation. Go back and watch her steal Panic Room right out from Jodie Foster. And her role in Speak was Oscar-worthy (in a tv movie no less).

      • Heather2

        I agree. Kristen Stewart stole this film. I loved most of the casts’ performances, but Kristen was in every scene, and this movie hinged on her performance. I thought she got Bella and handled the depression and the elations and the emotions of love and despair beautifully. Why do people love to hate this chick so much? Because she’s not overly bubbly and cookie cutter romantic comedy material?

      • Alissa

        maybe because Bella feels practically three emotions the whole time – wanting to bang someone, being scared, or being depressed. NOT. HARD. in fact, the lip biting and hair twisting can be done to convey all three emotions…which she clearly has figured out. she does the same thing in Twilight, and in In The Land of Women, and in Adventureland. she’s NOT one of the best actresses.

    • Rory

      I completely agree. I’m sick of people calling Kristen Stewart “the best actress of her generation.” She constantly looks bored in her movies, and when she is suppose to show any real, expressive emotions, she just looks uncomfortable.

      • Willa

        Calling Kristen Stewart “the best actress of her generation” is not saying much for her generation.

      • Celia

        Agreed. The BEST actresses of HER generation are Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, Ellen Page, Rachel McAdams, Emily Blunt, Anne Hathaway, Evan Rachel Wood, and a few others. NOT Kristen Stewart.

    • Celia

      I agree with you. Stewart isn’t the only one, they all had that “constipated” expression. I don’t care what people say…she’s not a good actress. The only reason she gets movie roles is because her parents work in show business so she has “inside” connections.

  • Amy

    I totally agree with this article! It is so true. The male gender has owned the movies for a very long time and now that they are getting knocked down is really making them angry.

    While me, it’s making me giggle. Hello guys! Step over! You don’t rule it anymore.

    • Annie

      While, yes it would be great to have more female driven movies, I certainly wouldn’t want more movies like twilight. If we learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that they just regurgitate the same thing over and over again. Look at the Transformers, then GI Joe. Movies based on 80’s toys/cartoons.
      Twilight’s success is great for Twilight fans, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a boon for woman looking for something different.

  • chrisweitzretireplz

    i have read all the books and saw both films. twilight is a much better movie.

    from the boards i hang out on, the word is new moon sucks and chris weitz only cared about CGI. the fans don’t like it but they have gone because they love stephanie meyer and her books and they want to make sure the 4th book gets made.

    but new moon is the worst movie i’ve seend in years.

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      “worst movie i’ve seend in years”
      Yeah, that pretty much says it all.

      • invaliduser

        who are the haters? you see you only grade the grammatical errors of the so called “haters”. guess you need others to prove your point. what was it again? we haven’t read it? we haven’t seen it?

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      Yeah, it varies. I don’t usually pick on grammar, but “seend” was particularly tempting.
      Speaking of all of that, HAVE you read the books or seen the movies? You always dodge that question.

  • LJ

    You are spot on. I actually came out of New moon wondering why I enjoyed Twilight slightly more and it was all related to the mood, story and depth of romantic suggestion. Can’t agree with you more and how this can possible be considered bad for the future of the film industry is beyond me. Stewart is outstanding and young girls will of course be jealous – she gets the gorgeous guy/s.

  • Lisa

    Owen, I could not agree with you more. A lot of movies are made with eye candy for men, which is fine. But with Twilight and New Moon, the ladies finally get some of their own candy along with a fantasy story that appeals to girls and women. The boys’ kind has certainly grown more than a bit stale!

    • Sarah

      Amen! I’ve seen one too many blockbuster-y, action-driven crap films (ahem, Transformers). So Twilight is fluffy escapist eye candy…at least it’s eye candy meant for me and not testosterone-fueled teenage boys!

    • Heather2

      Even though there is definite eye candy in Twilight and New Moon, and don’t see what the big deal is with the shirtless men? I didn’t think that any scene was overly gratuitous. Every scene that Taylor and the rest of the wolfpack were shirtless had viable reasons for same. The men need to really get over this fact. And I know I sound like a broken record, but the shirtless factor is explainable from the books. I don’t get it.

  • Icon

    So, if you didn’t like the movie you have to be a hater? There’s many movies i didn’t like at all, but that doesn’t mean i hated them.
    Calling haters everyone who didn’t like New Moon as if their opinions were not objective is ridiculous when the only ones defending it are the fans who are obviously subjective.

    • Alliet

      Good point.

    • Leila

      Haters are the ones that insult people for liking a movie they don’t like. For some reason the Twilight Saga has brought a lot of haters. It’s okay if you don’t like the books or movies. There is a lot of movies or books I don’t like or don’t like how an actor portrayed a character. Does it give me the right to insult does that do like them? I don’t think so.

      • @Leila

        The problem with that is, too many Twilight fans take ANY criticism of it AT ALL as a personal attack on them.
        For example, if I said that the books were atrociously written and Bella sets women back 50 years, I’d have fangirls on me calling me a hater and whining about how mean I am, even though I didn’t say anything about them personally.

      • Celia

        Exactly. Or calling you a feminazi and saying they hope you never reproduce, just because you say you don’t like a book who’s main character is a weak, whiny Mary-Sue. And you don’t understand why so many females are fans of the series with that type of weak female representation. I don’t care if people like it…I’m just saying I don’t understand why?

    • maiv

      If you read through various Twilight articles’ comments, you’ll see the difference between haters and people who just didn’t like the movies.

    • Heather2

      No, just because he don’t like the movie does not make you a hater. But if you read some of the comments on the other Twilight articles, the haters are all over the place. It is one thing to say “Meh, this is not for me and I don’t care for it.” But it is another when you say “Twilight sucks, anyone who likes this shiz is stupid and a moron and Kristen Stewart is a b*tch.”
      See the difference? :)

  • Shamrock

    You mean, good for EW. If you want movies made for girls or women, why not make good ones with good actors.

    • Heather2

      See this is what we are talking about. That is YOUR opinion Shamrock. And you are a “hater.” Some of us think that the New Moon is a good movie with great actors. That is MY opinion. Just because you and some of the other haters don’t like it doesn’t mean that myself and other Twilight fans should follow in your footsteps.

      • John

        I think it is funny Heather2 that you are all over these boards defending Twilight as if your own self-identity were somehow wrapped up in it. If you don’t care what haters think why do you feel the need to make a big deal out of it? Go outside, get some fresh air.

      • Heather2

        So it is ok for the haters to slam the film and the franchise all over the boards, but it is not ok for a fan to defend it all over the boards? I am confused.
        I have never pretended to not be an obsessive fan. I am admittedly one. And I also confess that I don’t mind that people don’t like it. Different strokes for different folks. But like I have said in other comments, I don’t get the all out forceful hatred. Twilight is not to that level of cheesiness and horribleness to bring about such negative emotions.
        You guys have opinions as well as the fans.
        And I have had the last couple of days off, so yes I have been on here a bit.
        I am a huge fan and will continue to support and defend something that I have a vested interest in.

      • uhypocrite-Heather2

        “No, just because he don’t like the movie does not make you a hater”
        >”That is YOUR opinion Shamrock. And you are a “hater.””

        See the problem here, Heather2? Those are your words, written within minutes of each other, with inconsistent results. Clearly, Shamrock’s opinion was that the movies are not good and neither are the actors. A perfectly reasonable opinion to hold that does not put anyone down. So, explain again what a hater is and then tell us how Shamrock’s comment displays these characteristics. If you can, that is.

    • Sally

      Exactly! Let the boys have their stupid action movies. Us girls will take something smart with talented actors unlike this Twilight pap.

  • Red

    This article is a load of crap. Do EW writers do any research from their own magazine? I’m 27 now but when I was teenager, I believe we girls had our share of “a new power and prevalence”. The mid to late nineties was essentially about girl power. EW did a whole magazine about it. I remember they even had a grid that was kind of like Jennifer Love Hewitt =Sarah Michelle Gellar- Melissa Joan Hart or something like that. This whole idea of “new girl power” gets recycled every few years and now EW is using it to excuse Twilight.

    I’m 27 and I can ‘vaguely remember’ when I was a teenager and I saw Varsity Blues, Cruel Intentions, Can’t Hardly Wait, Save the Last Dance etc. There were plenty of good and bad films to pick from. I never felt like there were not enough movies geared to me. But I also saw Fargo, LA Confidential, Titanic and other great movies. Some teenagers just like good movies.
    Most people have a problem not with the girl driven success but with the idea that some girls will run out and see a movie as bad as this. Hollywood then thinks it doesn’t need to try at all. Why give girls a good script or decent special effects? Lets just put in guys that they think are cute and girls that are cute won’t be threatened by and it will be box office gold.

    • Padraig

      Exactly – it’s incredibly ridiculous that Owen thinks that the hate for Twilight has occurred because it “represents an essential paradigm shift in youth-gender control of the pop marketplace.” God, overthink much? The hate comes from the fact that it’s a terrible movie, with amateurish acting, cheesy special effects, and unintentionally hilarious plot points (vampires that sparkle!). And it’s not just men who think so – check out the reviews on Metacritic and you will find plenty of female film critics who say the same thing. Girls certainly deserve better than this drivel!

    • mishka

      I’m 28 and even back in my teen days, I was able to make a distinction between a successful chick flick and a crap. Legends of the fall is a romance movie, Interview with a vampire is a vampire movie. Both were good movies and did great in theaters.
      Twilight – no matter what people who read the books said – was a good movie. New Moon can’t stand on its own w/o its crutch -the book, I meant. I don’t blame the directors (CH or CW) nor the cast. I blame the fact that “fans” wanted to have the exact replica of their beloved book on screen and that obsession produced the snoozefest that is New Moon. The advantage of a book is that the readers can imagine their own version of the characters and of the atmosphere. The movie showed the defaults of the book and somewhat the non sense. Seriously, first, why three guys (2 hunk and 1 “chandler”) will just fall for a regular girl(Bella not Kristen) that almost all the audience finds boring? Second, Is it a romance movie (Legends of the fall like) or a vampire movie (Interview with a vampire like)? Either way , the director should not be afraid of the cliché and just go for it! Looking at it as a vampire movie, can we call this a vampire movie when there’s no blood sucking? On the other hand as a romance, everybody knew Bella would end up with Edward by the end of the same movie, she barely hesitated between Jacob and him, therefor isn’t the “romance” pointless? There was so much talk about the action scenes…I didn’t buy them because there was no purpose (brothers werewolves fight, yeah big time). I read that New Moon was about Bella’s distress due to Edward’s departure, does it make any kind of sense that she’s not afraid, even for two seconds, of leaving her human life and human father and human friends to become a vampire?
      Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney fairytales too but when you’re in for a cliché, go for it. Don’t make people go to sit in theaters for two hours long when only the five last minutes are really worthy.

    • Shelley

      I would agree and point to “Titanic”. That was a huge huge movie which countless girls saw repeatedly, but how quickly we forget. Periodically, there is a big romance that really hits. Twilight isn’t new, it’s simply the latest romantic melodrama in a long history of melodramas in between the action films. The girl power/ balance of power theory is interesting, but not quite on the money.

      • Wino

        Hmm, I don’t recall Titanic having the numbers so heavily skewed towards (young) women. Families and couples were a huge part of that success. And if you follow Owens’s argument, he does say Twilight is about a yearning for an old fashioned romance. And as you guys pointed out, its similar to what we saw in Titanic. You are(inadvertently) supporting his point. Young girls are craving mooding glances and sweaty palms.

    • invaliduser

      good point red. a voice of reason from the female perspective

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      You’re going to use Twilight/New Moon as examples of movies that gave Hollywood permission to make sub-par movies going forward? Really?!?
      Beverly Hills Chihuahua grossed nearly 91 million dollars.
      So Twilight is not your cup of tea. Let’s keep things in perspective here…

  • SaveTheHumans

    Lisa, my thoughts exactly. No one ever says a word when it’s half(or full) nude women all over the screen, but have a few females all hyped up over shirtless men and every guy on the planet start putting it down and we start feeling ashamed for it.
    BS on that!

    • Alliet

      Uh, Owen wrote the article not Lisa.

    • twicurious

      first of all taylor lautner is 17. that is like me lusting over selena gomez. second of all men never scream when a sexy women comes on screen. women are jealous of megan fox, scarlett johnason. men could care less about taylor lautner. he has been famous for a week.

      • ToT

        I find your entire post to be pointless and kind of stupid. Your “women are jealous” comment is especially laughable.

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