Warner Bros. on the hunt for the next 'Twilight': Is it 'Beautiful Creatures'?

Tomorrow marks the publication of Beautiful Creatures, a young adult novel from Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl that centers on a mortal high school boy living in Gatlin, South Carolina and his love for a very strange girl with some mysterious powers. Her name is Lena Duchannes and she’s trying her best to conceal her powers. Sound intriguing? Well the publishing world has been very kind to Beautiful Creatures with glowing advance reviews.  (Little, Brown, the publishers behind Twilight are behind this book.) Hollywood has also been interested in it for some time and the book’s rights have just been optioned by Warner Bros. for writer/director Richard LaGravenese (P.S. I Love You, Freedom Writers) to develop. Erwin Stoff (The Blind Side) is producing. The book doesn’t go on sale until tomorrow but Amazon and other booksellers have been offering pre-sales on it for some time. Here is the link to the book’s home page and its own trailer. (Who knew books had trailers?) So tell us readers, have you heard of this tale? Does it interest you?

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  • Sam S.

    I still think the “Hunger Games” could be the next “Twilight” series if handled correctly. I would have to learn more about this book before making a final decision about it, but it sort of just sounds like a role reversal of “Twilight”.

    • Anne

      So true! I love the “Hunger Games” and its sequel. Since there’s going to be a third book, too, it’s automatically a franchise that some studio should snatch up. It has action, gore, and an appealing (and attractive) lead. Katniss is the opposite of Bella in every way; however, the story still has a love triangle and enough eye candy to keep tweens entertained. The violent aspects could draw in more male viewers.

      • Cole9219

        I know! I think it is going to be a movie with the author set to direct. I loved the book and the sequel. Katniss truly is the anti-Bella. She’s independent, resourceful, and not a complete whore.

    • Charli

      Hunger Games or Uglies (especially if they leave off the very lame last book).


      i know! but i just can’t seem to think of the hunger games to be made into a movie

      • ines

        I heard they were going to make a movie of the Hunger Games!

    • J’

      Lionsgate bought the rights to Hunger Games and is developing a movie adaptation.

    • ines

      This book is NOT similar to twilight AT ALL!!! Beautiful Creatures is honestly WAAYYYY better than twilight, of course! I recommend this book to ANYONE! Beautiful Creatures is a really great book. 10/10. You should buy it! You won’t regret it.

  • Mandy

    I wish people would stop asking if every single YA book coming out, supernatural-themed or not, is “the next Twilight.” It can’t be the next Twilight, the same way that Twilight is not “the next Harry Potter.” Each is popular in its own way and on its own terms. This is just a lazy way of getting page hits.

    I agree with Sam about the potential for a great movie series from “Hunger Games.”

    • Charli

      i agree to some degree. why does the next big franchise have to be supernatural based. Why not a spy series like Young James Bond or do an Alex Rider type film series but with a strong girl

      • random

        alex rider has already been made into a movie, if you haven’t heard of it then i suspect it wasn’t really popular…

    • Lynn

      Agreed. It was always sooo annoying when the publishing industry kept trying to force-feed us “the next Harry Potter” (including Twilight, by the way). There is no “next Harry Potter,” or “next Twilight.” And saying so is just a cynical ploy on the part of the publishing and film industries to try to drum up enthusiasm and a fan base and make money.

  • Lia

    It’s always bad when a book is so hyped before it even hits shelves. And it won’t be the next Twilight because there’s only so many times you can remake the same formula and strike gold. True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight- we get it, pick a new monster. It’s like when execs were so shocked the Sex & the City did so great- where did they get stupid and think women don’t buy movie tickets? I know we for darn sure read.
    But I am glad that YA fiction is getting so much attention these days; it’s funny since I’ve been reading it for years and I was mocked until Harry P, Twilight and Lovely Bones woke folks up to this great genre of fiction

    • Heather

      If you think the Lovely Bones is a young adult novel you need to go to a psych counselor.

  • izikavazo

    I thought those City of Bones, City of Glass books would be the next Twilight type franchise. Not that I think they’re good or anything, just popular.

  • Justin

    I’ve seen this book on sale at my local Barnes & Noble for a couple weeks now, but have been waiting to read it on my Kindle. It looks like it has potential, but I am tired of all of these YA authors trying to ape off of Twilight’s success (I’m looking at you “Shiver”).

    The first 2/3 of The Hunger Games Trilogy is amazing, and I wish there was more buzz surrounding that series.

    • ines

      You should read THE MOST AMAZING BOOK EVA!!! It’s Beautiful Creatures. I’ve read the book and i got soooo hooked on it. It’s a really good book. Buy it! 10/10…its NOTHING like twilight.

      • Josena

        - Super sympa cet article ! Et qu’est-ce que e7a e0 l’air beau chez toi !!! J’aime baeucoup ta de9co, c’est tre8s vintage comme j’aime et tre8s fleuri chez toi C’est une chouette ide9e, bravo

  • Julia

    I guess I don’t really care if it’s “the next Twilight” because for me personally that’s not such a good thing. But I get what they’re actually saying. “Let’s figure out what book series we can turn into a movie and milk for all it’s worth”. But hey, if it gets more YA fiction like The Hunger Games, The Uglies series (or anything by Scott Westerfeld), Skinned, etc. I guess it’s a positive thing.

  • Caitlin Rustemeyer

    I hope nothing is the next Twilight I even enjoy it but only so far, how can someone possibly enjoy something when its all anyone talks about it kind of ruins it for you after a while.

  • jack

    How about Cirque du Freak? Oh, wait, they already f-cked that up! Most YA novels are terrible anyway, I stopped around sixth grade. I realized there was REAL books out in the world.

  • aprilnichole

    It would be great if this got made to a movie. I’m reading it now and I’m from the South, I can say they hit the nail with how people are. It is a great book but I do agree that people need to quit looking for the next Twilight. Let it be its own thing.

    • ines

      I agree. I hate it that everything has to be “Twilight” related.

      • tanya

        yeah i know! i just finished reading beautiful creatures and i LOVE it!

  • Trish

    Having read Beautiful Creatures, I can tell you that it’s not “the next Twilight”. It’s not about vampires. It doesn’t follow the Twilight formula. It’s a fantastic book that can stand on it’s own merits and would be a great film. One that–unlike Twilight–I’d actually pay to see.

    • Katie

      You’re taking it way too literally.
      They’re not saying “it’s the next Twilight” because it has the same storyline. Twilight wasn’t about wizards, but that didn’t stop it from being called “the next Harry Potter.”
      All it means is that eventually Twilight (and Potter) will be done, and something else will inevitably step in to take its place as a teen fad. They’re positing that Beautiful Creatures might be that item. That’s it. It has eff all to do with the subject matter.

      • Trish

        I know what it means. What *I* am saying is that there are lots of books that *are* trying to be the next Twilight i

  • Krys

    Beautiful Creatures is an ok book and the Lena character was very annoying. It’s sad that Meyer’s Twilight and Noel’s Immortals Series are the most popular books in YA and they are awful. We need an Uglies movie and Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty series would be gorgeous on film. Can’t wait for the Hunger Games movie!

  • Chick Lit Teens

    Read it. Reviewed it. Loved it!

    This books deserves to be made into a spectacular movie!

  • TLily

    I agree with Krys: Beautiful Creatures is an OK book but it’s definitely not the next Twilight, not even close. I personally like the Twilight series, but as far as following in its footsteps as a popular movie I would say that the City of Bones trilogy has more potential to be a great movie series than Beautiful Creatures. I’ve read all of those and it’s the same love triangle and the series ends well. Beautiful Creatures really let me down at the end, though up until then it was very good; I hope the second book is better. I haven’t read the Hunger Games books but since everyone seems to be excited about the movie then I guess I should pick them up.

  • Lenzi

    Beautiful Creatures is NOT the next Twilight Saga. It was okay, but not something that will spread like wildfire. The reason Twilight is so popular is because it is an enthralling read, and will leave you dopey and craving more. Beautiful Creatures did not do that for me. Lena and Ethan’s eternal love was not convincing…in fact, it seemed rather boring and way too much work. For all of the Twilight bashers, I’m not sure why such hatred and negativity exists for the series, but pull the cobb out of your butt. As a middle school reading teacher, I’m thankful for Stephenie Meyer. I have girls (and boys, too) that were not readers before being sucked into the Twilight Saga, that are now clamoring for more books. Twilight helped them figure out that reading can be fun and enjoyable. So stop raining on my middle schoolers parade! ;)

    • James

      Twilight is crap.
      Your middle schoolers should be reading something with a better plot, characters, themes, and writing.

    • anonymous

      I don’t know what the deal with English/Reading teachers thinking that gives them an edge on Twilight opinion, but if anything, that makes me think worse of your education if you think Twilight is “enthralling.” The literary equivalent of pop rocks and cola? Sure. “At least they’re reading”? Sure. “My opinion is better than yours because I teach it”? There are bad apples in every profession, dipstick, who’s to say you’re not one of them?

    • Sarah

      I don’t get why some people think that their OPINIONS are somehow “fact”. Everyone is entitled to love what they love, and hate what they hate. And I’m talking about both Twilight fans and non-Twilight fans. I’ve seen both sides act as though their opinions are “absolute truths”, which is ridiculous. They’re OPINIONS.

    • Kelsey

      I’m sorry, but isn’t it your job as a “middle-school reading teacher” to get kids interested in good literature? If you can’t make the material enticing and get your students to relate to it, then I’d say you’re probably not that great of a teacher. But hey, why get the kids to eat their veggies when it’s easier to be lazy and feed them french fries?

    • Mo

      Wow, what a bunch of nice replies. Personally, I don’t like S. Meyer (haven’t read Twilight, the movie sucked, and I have read The Host which was a pretty mediocre book, even if it kept you reading, and yes, mediocre writing and “enthralling” – although I wouldn’t put it anywhere near that strongly – storytelling aren’t mutually exclusive) but my niece was not a reader before Twilight and now she is branching out and finding stuff to read. Hopefully it’s better stuff than Twilight, but hey, even if you only read crap your spelling gets better at least. And please spare me the comments to this that add nothing to the conversation, such as “you and your niece are morons”, “I know better than you”, etc.

  • Jane

    I would hope there’s never another “twilight.”
    Twilight is such an overhyped, piece of garbage.
    HOWEVER, If there were a film company that would make another YA book , one that’s actually GOOD (like Harry Potter), into a movie, they could have a hit.
    Or they could follow Twilight’s footsteps and promote the hell out of it until we’re all forced to succumb to the power of the teenyboppers.
    I’m hoping that once the twilight movies end (2011!!),
    That some new amazing YA Books will hit it big, and ones that actually deserve the praise.
    Twilight just milks off of shirtless men and cheesy merchandise.

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