'Avatar' passes $300 million mark on Friday, and Sandra Bullock makes box-office history

It took director James Cameron’s Titanic 44 days to reach the $300 million mark. Twelve years later, Cameron’s Avatar has reached that same milestone nearly three times faster, in just its 15th day of release. The 3-D epic grossed an estimated $25 million on New Years Day, pushing the film’s domestic total to $308.8 million. If that pace holds, expect the film to shatter Spider-Man‘s $45 million record for the biggest ever third weekend in theaters.

With no major releases this weekend, the rest of the box office is shaping up pretty much like last weekend. Sherlock Holmes landed in the second spot, with an estimated $14.9 million; Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel took third with $13 million; and It’s Complicated made $7.1 million for fourth.

Finally, Sandra Bullock rang in the new year by also making box-office history. With The Blind Side grossing $4.5 million on Friday for fifth place, Bullock is now the only actress ever to have a film marketed with her name solely above the title (i.e. based on her star power alone, and not a franchise or tentpole picture) pass the $200 million mark in domestic gross.

Click here for the full weekend box office report.

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  • junierizzle

    WOW!I honestly didn’t think it would make it to $300 mill. NOt because it was a weak movie ( i enjoyed it for one) but because of all the AVATAR haters. Now it looks like it will make $400 mill.
    Im really glad all the hard work has been appreciated.

    • Jackie Hard Ones

      avatar is the gayest film ever

      • avatard

        Well, Jackie, you are something of a gay expert…

      • Heather2

        Why do people HATE this film so much? I am seriously curious. And if you are going to give me a smarta$$ answer and not give me a straight answer, then don’t bother.

      • Michelle

        Why do you say that, Jackie? Because there are no fart jokes in it?

      • John

        heather? ppl hate it cuz it’s big and ppl hate to see others do something good. it’s that whole crab mentality thing. i don’t pay attention anymore to what others think. so many cynical b*tches around. if i want to see it i go. if i like it, that’s all that matters. hope that helps and not too smarta@@ ;)

      • TJ

        People who are emotionally shallow and unimaginative hate Avatar. And trust me (or the box office numbers) there are far more Avatar supporters than haters.

      • movieloversmatch

        Its sad that Sandy can’t have kids

      • Tony

        Heather2, I personally didn’t like this film because, even though the effects and 3d were spectacular, the actual story was rather lacking in that all the characters were just archetypes and the story was rather contrived. Me and my friend had guessed the entire plot line rather early. When the movie was over I thought how James Cameron had only made half of a movie. I feel like Cameron didn’t really try, he just took the base “action movie story” and ran with it.

      • Nick

        I hate to be labelled a ‘hater’ but, after seeing “Avatar” earlier today, I can’t believe that those who don’t enjoy this cliche dreck are – as stated above – emotionally shallow, unimaginative and cynical. I love cinema! Love it! I like indie films and blockbusters alike but the dialogue was wooden and every scene was deritivative of something else and yet Cameron champion’s its originality.

      • andrei

        Jackie, are you being sexually abused by your father or the mailman?

      • Nichole

        Some people hate it because a) people are jealous b) it lacks narrative and c) it’s really objectionable politically … have to send in the white man to save the native people. I just find it a sad commentary on how we don’t respect others.

      • Dake

        Well, since there was no homosexuality in the film and I assume you are not ignorant, racist, or a first time movie goer, I will agree with you. “Avatar” was definitely a happy film. Gayest? Probably not. I would think that your life story might possibly be the “gayest” movie ever.


        Jackie, FYI – you are insignificant, irrelevant, unimportant, and inconsequential. GET. A. LIFE. ALREADY.

      • Scott

        Wow. It must have worked hard to beat out “Brokeback Mountain” and “Milk”

      • jessup

        Well Heather, I didn’t hate it, it was so so. The 3D was the best part, without that, it might have been unbearable. It wasn’t bad, just a boring story with some cool visuals.

      • eddee

        What would make a film the straightest film ever?

      • Trazey

        Well, i hated it because if you stripped it of all it’s blue splendor, all the blue trickery, you’re left with a sad weak story that’s been told many times before and better. The visuals are very nice, yes, but so was willie wonka – it wasn’t my cup of tea either. i’ll take substance over style any day of the week.

      • Irastev

        Did you also hate The Dark Knight, because if you stripped the paint off Joker the ‘deranged supervillain plans to blow up everything’ plot line has been done to death?

      • dragonboi

        as a gay man i didn’t find anything gay about this movie. i have seen it twice in 3D and it was better the second time.probably the best movie i have ever seen. i didn’t like the dark knight or titanic.heath was a good actor but if he hadn’t of died i don’t think it would of made as much money as it did.

    • maiv

      I didn’t like the story, but I’m not surprised at all. The 2 main selling points of the film have been the visuals and Cameron’s name.

      • Telly B

        And yet the word of mouth says otherwise. This film has resonated with all demos and the thing I hear the most is “emotionally resonant”

        People came for the visuals, but they stayed and kept coming back for the characters and the story (not bad for a film accused of a “bad story and corny characters”, eh?)

      • Hutchy

        Thats exactly what my wife said, who is far from the biggest sci fi geek. She loved the characters, they completely resonated with her.

      • Ashley G.

        My hubby and I saw the movie this afternoon, and I gotta say I was very wary going in to the movie and had pretty low expectations, but after the show ended I am a total AVATAR convert. I loved the story, characters, everything.

      • firemenfriends

        It was better than WallE

    • David O

      Watch… Avatar will become the biggest movie of all times. $650 million in the US, $2 billion worldwide. Bye bye Dark ‘night.

      • velter

        The film is very good, and has alot of fans because of cameron’s name and the visuals. But the dark knight will always be better..

      • uh

        Titanic is the biggest movie of all time, not The Dark Knight. Don’t know why you got to hate on the amazing Dark Knight movie. Just say bye bye Titanic. Only fitting James Cameron can top HIS OWN movie.

      • KingLion

        Avatar is doing good, but it’s not breaking the records that the Dark Knight has in place like fastest to 200, 250,300,350mill, ect. So I highly doubt it will finish ahead of the Dark Knight when the dust settles.

        And given that DK was done with HALF the budget and released in the middle of a summer with other blockbusters gunning for it week in and week out, that is a more impressive feat.

      • cameronfan

        Avatar has no serious competition coming out soon and it has more power on the long run the DK had. Plus it’s much more of an Oscar sweetheart then DK ever was so it has serious potential to become the biggest ever. Cameron just got re-crowned as king of the world :p

      • Mac

        Adjusted for inflation, Titanic would have made $921 million today.

      • Jay

        I don’t understand this “Avatar” vs. “Dark Knight” schtick, saying that people only went to see the first because of James Cameron. Most movie-goers really aren’t all that into directors (quite a few still think actors make up the movies) … and if you want to cite a gimmick, how much of that Batman dough was because WB hyped the death of one of its major actors? “Avatar” didn’t need sleeping pills, comic books, or a studio full of rehashed sequels to make the killing it’s making now.

        The most original sci-fi/fantasy flick I’ve seen in years.

      • Jay

        The box office is impresive, Mac. I don’t put too much hype into the “adjusted for inflation” figures … too many variables to make that very accurate (like the older movies on that list from IMDB … if you wanted to see Gone with the Wind back in the day — you didn’t have half your audience waiting for the DVD).

        What I would like to see are these movies listed “per unit sold” (movie tickets + plus VHS + DVD + Laserdisc, etc.). Then we could see who the “real king of the world” is!

      • @ KingLeon

        New moon beat Avatar to 100, 200 but Avatar caught up and passed it, so you arguement does not hold. Titanic didn’t get to 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 mill as fast as Dark knight, so the speed it reaches the milestones does not really tell you where it will end. Avatar has the all time record 2nd and soon the 3rd weekend so it is catching up. The box office hold is more significant. I don’t know if Avatar will beat TDK but it is very possible at the rate it is going. And last weekend was the biggest box office weekend ever. The number 3 movie made 50 million. How is that for competition. And don’t tell lies. Either you don’t know math or you don’t know the actual budget numbers or you just want to make TDK sound better when Avatar does not take anything away from TDK’s success. TDK’s budget is not half of Avatar.

      • J

        For Avatar to climb as fast and stay around as long as the Dark Knight, it would need one of its actors to die. The Dark Knight wasn’t all that impressive.

      • Mac

        @ Jay: It doesn’t matter if you put “too much hype into it” or not. Movie tickets averaged about $4.60 in 1997 and they average about $7.20 nowadays. Let’s go the other way… Avatar cost $500 million to produce and Titanic cost $200 million. For Avatar to make a $400 million profit in the US, it would have to crack $900 million dollars, domestically. And Titanic isn’t even the top earner ever, GWTW is… adjusted for inflation…

      • KingLion

        @the person who spelled my name wrong.

        TDK has a budget of 185mill and Avatar is 237mill (reportedly) while not HALF, like I said earlier 52 million is still a sizable discrepancy. And that Avatar record for second week, beat TDK’s by like 200K, that’s not much.

        And what the hell do I have to lie about? TDK had competition that it just kept knocking down, it held the lead for 4 weeks before a movie could take it down, which is what Avatar is doing, just not the same speed that TDK did.

        I don’t want to take anything from Avatar, cause it was an excellent movie, but I’m not going to put it up on the pedestal before it gets to where it’s going either as most people here are doing.

      • @ KingL”i”on

        In what world is 185 million half of 237 million? That was your lie. Anyway, avatar may not have started as strong as dark knight but it is doing well in its own way. TDK has the first weekend record, Avatar has the second weekend record and it will break the third weekend record this week. Avatar also did better during the second monday to thursday than TDK. Avatar’s second weekday gross even beat its first weekday take. TDK started strong but if you look at the numbers Avatar is picking up heat and is holding better. Avatar deserves credit for that. TDK had an advantage of being a sequel and the buzz from Heath Ledger, but Avatar is catching up. I like both movies and I don’t want to compare but Avatar deserves to be on that pedestal with over $800 million worldwide in just two weeks. That is insane.

      • @ Mac

        Avatar did not cost $500 million to make. Get that straight. That figure includes marketing and it is still exaggerated. Fox said the production budget is $237m but other estimates puts it around $280m. Regardless, that is still far off from $500 million. Know your facts.

      • KingLion

        @ the nameless person.

        You know, after looking at the numbers and giving it some hard thought (while watching UFC). I think this movie will jump TDK, the overseas support is phenomenal and has already best TDK’s numbers by over 10mill.

        I can admit when I might be wrong and after looking a bit more at the numbers, I might be in this case, my hat off to you.

      • the nameless person aka Jane

        Avatar will beat TDK hands down in the worldwide box office mainly because of foreign box office. The number where it is only 10 mil ahead is as of tuesday(only 12 days of release). Tomorrow they will release a more current number. Plus it is has not even opened in China. The worldwide contest is over but it will be interesting to see if Avatar can beat the domestic gross of TDK.

      • ulik_

        biggest movie as a compliment? now I don’t think I’ve heard anything more stupid. can’t you see? it’s only a blockbuster. exept entertainment (good or bad, not the point) there’s nothing else! I’m actually disappointed this year didn’t bring anything of some decent artistic value (special effects in 3D don’t count)

      • Ian

        You douches seriously need something else to do. Who cares if movie A beats movie B. If the movie YOU like better, do you get a check in the mail from the studio? NO, you don’t. The studios don’t even compete in this way, let alone the filmmakers and actors.

        I think you guys should argue about who has done the better job of disguising their parents’ basement as adult living quarters. Whoever wins gets an inflatable girlfriend…

      • david

        thats true Avatar came out of the blue and made sells. no books comics or cartoons no background history to lead hype of its release

      • credit

        awesome guesstimate, as of june 1st,
        it is at 2.7 billion

    • Hunter

      Where are all of these Avatar haters you speak of?! (Other than the same losers with nothing to do other than post negative critiques on any message board that mentions the movie) I for one loved Avatar and have recommended it to everyone. I seriously haven’t talked to anyone who didn’t like it…

      • Hutchy

        I agree. As i stated up above, my wife and her parents all are FAR from the biggest cinemaphiles out there, or biggest sci fi fans, and all 3 loved the heck out of Avatar and found it amazing.

    • lmfao

      Naww. The haters are just the loudest.

    • Hutchy

      Very simple: people hate Avatar for the same reason everything gets hated on these days, an excess of hype. When you hear about something over and over and over on the 24 hour news cycles endlessly, you just get sick of it and want it to fail. Add to that Cameron’s arrogance and his basically saying that this film is a game changer that will change movies forever and make zillions of dollars. Of course, Cameron was dead right: it IS a game changer and it HAS made zillions of dollars. Cameron wins, the haters lose, as always. That makes the haters even more irritated, so they are even more vocal about hating the movie. None of this has anything to do with the movie’s quality or lack thereof. For the record, I found the movie a bit derivative and wooden, but visually far and away the most stunning piece of cinema I’ve ever laid eyes on.

      • Brandon Ortega

        That’s exactly what I think, and very well said. thank you

      • gaphoogy

        hutchy, thank you so much for the explanation, very very well said, and true :)

    • junierizzle

      I don’t see how so many people say the story is weak. Its a classic story line. Good over evil. Plus you dont have to be a rocket scientist to know what Jake Sully ends up doing. Yeah you really figured it out WOW! Come on. i think haters are giving themselves too much credit for “predicting the storyline”

    • keith

      I saw Aavtar the day after it came out, and i loved it. People complain that the story was basic, and it was, but it doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. Many of the big Films are basic (like star Wars) or copies of other films, Harry Potter is a copy of Star Wars, and Star Wars is a copy of a Japanese film, Hidden Fortress.

      Avatar is a Great film, which has risen the level of Special Effects, and should be seen on the Big screen.

    • sidney

      dark knight, like avatae was about a year longer than it needed to be.

    • Barry

      It made itto $300 million due to the outragious 3D & IMAX prices. My local theater is charging a $3.50 surcharge for 3D which brings the price up to $13.50!

    • Tego Livi

      I’m not a “hater” nor have I seen Avatar, but what I can’t figure out is how it has made so much. I don’t know anyone who has seen it or expressed any interest in it (or even talked about it). Is it the same teenagers going to see it over and over?

    • wakeforce

      I saw Avatar today and I must say I really enjoyed it. This is the movie that will make me finally buy a Blu-ray player. Visually stunning. Even though the storyline wasn’t intellectually stimulating I was never bored. the same as with Titanic. James Cameron is once again King of the World!

  • Kim

    Awesome news for James Cameron and Avatar! This movie deserves the money and praise that it is receiving because it’s just that good.

    • Kat

      Agree! AVATAR is so amazing, beautiful, wondrous. And with this boffo success the next film story in the franchise is guaranteed. Hooray. Thank you, Mr. Cameron, for bringing the magic — And BIG CONGRATS to Sandra Bullock, who is so deserving of this success. She’s been terrific since SPEED. Bravo. I hope she wins the Oscar! Go Sandy!

    • Sarah El

      I agree. :)

  • Anna U

    I was one of the people who expected word of mouth to be strong and defended Avatar the first weekend, but this is just ridiculous. It increased from last friday. Even SH dropped from $24.9m to $14.9m. It grossed over 800 million worldwide in two weeks. It is exceeding my high expectations.

  • Moe

    Screw ALLL the haters…What do you have to say about AVATAR now. AVATR RUUUULLLLLLEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

    • Matt

      That the extra cost of 3-D glasses has made up for almost 100 million of that 300.

      Avatar wasn’t that great, man.

      • Tristan

        And don’t forget the extra cost for the IMAX viewing. I thought the story line was pretty lame..but the visuals were pretty cool in the IMAX theater. Not surprised at all about gross.

      • Irastev

        Yes, and people are not only prepared to pay that extra cost, and then come back for another viewing with family and friends.

      • keith

        The 3-D glasses are not taken into account of how much the film has made.

      • Matt

        Keith–yes, they are. EW even had an article on it.

  • T

    Yay! Go SANDY.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    It is sad to see that some people prefer pretty CGI as opposed to a strong story.

    I am glad to see Sandra Bullock doing well, unlike Avatar, The Blind side actually had very deep plotline and was more interesting beyond cool special effects.

    • Moe

      IF you saw the movie then you cant deny that it is perhaps one of the best,if not the best single cinema experience you’ve had. ( if your part of this generation)

      • Matt

        Yes, we can.

      • Hutchy

        Rephrase that: you CAN deny it, but just be aware your on an island alone with the other 37 message board haters, and you are the only 38 people who think that. The other 300 mil domestic grosses worth of people think it was anaamazing experience.

      • Matt

        Hutchy, considering the cost of IMAX and 3-D glasses, the “other 300 mil domestic grosses worth of people” aren’t as many as you think–and not all of them enjoyed it. Besides, I’m not ashamed to be among the group that needs dynamic characters and good dialogue to enjoy a film. If that’s what constitutes an Avatar hater, I’m on board.

      • @ Matt

        Considering it got an A cinemascore and is ranked 26 on the top 250 on imdb with 8.6, it is safe to say most of them loved it. And the fact it has seen small drops weekend to weekend shows very positive word of mouth. The second week friday to thursday gross beat the first week take. And now this friday beat the previous week. There is no way avatar will see that kind of increase if people did not like the movie and the increase has nothing to do with the ticket price. You can be a pretentious movie snob all you want, but even the top film critics think it is a great film and they are so right about this movie.

      • Matt

        Don’t have to be a snob, just a filmgoer with an opinion. And even the critics are allowing themselves the luxury of saying the story and characters are far below par but the visuals make up for it. I just happen to take more issue with it than they do.

      • @ Matt

        Most are not saying the story is sub par. That is Owen Gleiberman and he got dissed in variety recently for saying that. The top critics acknowledge the story is oldfashioned and not original but say it works. It has several four star reviews and 84 on metacritic. But you know better.

      • Mike

        I think these posts are hilarious. I haven’t seen the film yet — and I promise I will — but why must the Avatar lovers insist that EVERYONE (including Matt!) must love this film above all others? Matt didn’t say he hated it, but it wasn’t the single most amazing cinema-going experience he’s ever had. If 99% of people love something, can’t the other 1% simply be DIFFERENT from you instead of WRONG? It’s a qualitative judgment, people! Relax!!

    • Sarah El

      Avatar isn’t solely CGI, as the Avatar-haters seem to forget. By playing down the story so much, y’all tend to forget that an old school David vs. Goliath epic war and escapist movie lies within Avatar and it is pure, unabashed, FUN. It’s beautiful CGI may be its biggest strength, but it also boasts a talented cast and an engrossing story (even if, as people keep saying, and I can’t seem to understand because it’s no more PREDICTABLE than many other films that I see, that it is predictable).

      • Sarah El

        Its* beautiful CGI, rather.

    • Telly B

      THE BLIND SIDE is as derivative and corny as AVATAR. I loved them both, but now the AVATAR haters are looking for anything to belittle AVATAR’s success. TBS is not a story we haven’t seen a million times before, even if it is a true story, and the craft used to make the film isn’t groundbreaking. If you say that AVATAR has a bad story, then you have to be BLIND to say that TBS’ story is amazing…

    • keith

      The Blind Side is a Great film. Films based on True events are quite Deep, but Avatar also had a message many people seam to miss.

      Avatar was the only film in 2009, which made me want to see it again.

    • Ron

      i like how you say avatar doesn’t have any meaning or lacking a message. obviously you didn’t watch the movie or weren’t paying attention. avatar has a message of social tolerance, preserving the planet, appreciation of culture/past, spirituality, and advancement of technology.

  • jojo ellis clay

    Will be #2 alltime when the dust settles. Best ‘blockbuster’ film we’ve seen in the last few years. Out.

    • KingLion

      I say number 3. The Dark Knight shall not fall.

      • Jen

        As much as I like TDK, I think it’s going down. Avatar has a monopoly on IMAX and 3D screens until MARCH. I was at a sold-out 2D (2D!!) screening today. It’s NOT SLOWING DOWN.

      • Ralph Conway

        … TDK shall not fall? I really like it, but its allready passed I guess. Foreign B.O. numbers are 5 days late and like somebody here already mentioned does not include the japanese and chinese grosses, as far as I know … – I guess, it will reach TDKs WW total today or tomorrow. And it will become number 3 and 2 within this week (TDK is no. 4 only).

        Avatar is far one of the most amazing movies I ever saw. And I even did not watch it in 3D ;-)

        It will outplay TDK total within 45 days of running time (TDK ~ 231 days) and “Titanic”s US/CAN gross within less than another 10-15 days.


    • Math Teacher

      I agree. We haven’t even seen the numbers from China and Japan where you know Avatar is going to do crazy business.

      By the way I’ve seen Avatar 6 times. I’m off next week so I’ll probably see it a few more times. I’m currious to see how it looks in 2D.

      • KingLion

        It still looks good, I seen it normally as the IMAX is a 40 min drive, and didn’t feel like shelling gas money and 30+ dollars for tickets (wife and kid)

      • keith

        Woldwide Avatar has made over 700 million as of the 3rd of Jan.

      • joss s.

        six times? that’s an obsession.

  • michael butts

    as for bullock, how about the disastrous ALL ABOUT STEVE. bullock is just eye candy, not an actress. anyone could have played her BLIND SIDE role.

    • dork michael butts

      you might say that, but more people think that she is a good or even a great actress and does what she has intended to on the screen and its to entertain people so yeah you suck ork.

    • Coyote

      michael, it sounds like you’re talking through your last name! Bullock’s a fine actress. Loved her since Demolition Man.

      • J

        She was great in Demolition man!

    • purple poet

      she may not be that great an actress but this post was about money. She puts butts in seats. So not just any actress could have carried that film to 200 million on her name alone. Think about that.

    • @ImStillToni

      Ironically I just watched All About Steve 3 days after TBS…BUT I was actually very moved by AAS – Sandra played the hell out of an annoying role, there were still laughs, Bradley Cooper eye candy, and a message. People didn’t give ABS enough credit IMO, after watching it I was already thinking she’s WAY overdue for an Oscar not even including TBS. Hands down, 09 was Sandra’s year at the box office, now if I could only forgive her for Speed 2 lol

  • ryan

    shoot, 400 mill. with 60 or more this weekend this is on its way to 500 and not much exciting happening next weekend either. Mabye nothing that will even break 20 million just like early last year.

  • jaime

    I just hope Avatar doesn’t beat the dark night just please don’t that movie was so much better.

    As for Sandy she is finally getting the attention she deserves maybe now they will give her way better movies.

    • temps

      Dark Knight was only good the first time. Every time I’ve watched it since then, it gets worse and worse… the plot is contrived, it has plot holes everywhere. The only good performance is Heath Ledger’s. It gets real boring.
      Avatar is a superior film in almost every aspect in my opinion.

      • RyRyNYC

        THANK YOU TEMPS… The Dark Knight was the BEST Batman Movie, but far from best movie of all time… and I’m glad someone else mentions that it is mainly praised for one friggin’ good performance.

      • Alan smithee

        I will sort of agree with you. I loved TDK but as I saw it more it more, it started to become funny to me. As with any movie you like, don’t over do it.

      • Ryan

        TDK was AMAZING the first time and then got worse and worse with each viewing…

        By contrase, I thought AVATAR was not great the first time, then with each viewing I have come to LOVE it.

  • ryan

    hey butts! guess what ? take a look at wikipedia and you will see it only cost about 15 million to make. So add worldwide and even that was a hit for her. Actually it was a hit in the states alone. Some one at work said it was actually pretty funny, but everyone is different.

  • Bruce

    I predict that Avatar will surpass Titanic domestically. There is nothing good coming out that can make avatar crumble. Thats my prediction. Anyone agree?

    • Morgan

      I sure hope so! And I wouldn’t be suprised. I would just be really happy.

    • Danielle

      NO way will “Avatar” top “Titanic’s” $600M. There won’t be the repeat business for “Avatar” that “Titanic” had (12 year-old girls seeing it 15 times and more). Plus, the entire industry has changed dramatically since “Titanic”. “Avatar” won’t stay in theaters as long since the “window” between theater release and DVD keeps shrinking. I do, though, think this will top “The Dark Knight” giving James Cameron the #1 and #2 spots on the “Highest Grossing” movies list.

    • keith

      Will it surpass Titanic, Maybe, but if it doesnt it will get the second spot.

  • jacob

    yeessssssss this is the best movie ever!!!

  • John

    My god some of the comments on here are really defensive. You lot make these so called Avatar Haters sound like some sort of protest group. I mean the comment by Moe saying ‘Screw ALLL the haters…’ I’m like my god get over yourself, its a film, it appeals to different people, the majority like the film. I have no interest in seeing it, so does that make me a Avatar hater?

    • avatar lover

      yeah it does so screw you too…
      and oh yeah what about that Sandy making some history, cool,
      still screw you.

      • John

        Where did I say in my comment that I hated Avatar? No interest does not mean hate. I might simply wait and see what my friends and family say about it, then go and see it. I mean I’m not going to go out of my way to see it, if someone needs someone else to go with then I’d prob go too. But my god your comment really shows how small minded you are.

      • Michelle

        @”avatar lover”:
        There’s a difference between saying “Avatar is gay lolololz” and saying “I have no interest in seeing it”. Get your head out of your arse and grow up.

      • anonymous

        The site is full of tweens, John. I would worry more about the adults who can offer something more substantial than “screw you” and still are elitist about entertainment preferences.

      • Jen


        I know you say you have no interest in this film but you have enough interest to come on here and comment about it? I will say this, I have seen Avatar twice and enjoyed the hell out of it both times. I would suggest you go see this film, I brought my Dad to the movie and he is completely indifferent- he had NO desire to see this film and was so impressed by it that he wants to drive 2 hours to the nearest I-Max to see it in that format. There is something special about this movie and it is a movie you need to see on the big screen. Is it a movie that has a predictable plot line- yes but I think most movies are like that now days anyway- you should give it a try.

      • John

        Jen I actually came on here to read about Sandra Bullock not Avatar, however when I read some of the comments I had to voice my views. I prob will go and see as I’ve been asked by one of my friends and I’m free on that day. Hopefully it will be a good film, but for me anyway it wont be the best film I will have seen.

      • Justin

        you do realize this movie is nothing more than pocahontas with better graphics right

    • KingLion

      I was not all that interested in this movie either. . .that is until I seen it and I must say, it is a wonderful story. Sam Worthington makes this movie, period. His performance is once again the highlight, I think we have the new action hero on our hands.

    • movie lover

      People who like avatar are defensive because people who don’t like it are so hateful and personal. Just check out the comments on the avatar articles about its ‘so-so’ story.

      • RyRyNYC

        I’m still enraged about it’s “so-so story” article by that @sshole critic Owen. I found no merit in his claims and as I will repeat once more he lost all claims to be a “real” movie critic when he gave Transformers 2 a B+ (which I’d like to remind everyone he was one of like 3 out of 100 to not call the film trash.)

      • keith

        I loved Avatar, but it wasn’t my favorite Si-Fi film, That goes to Serenity and The Fith Element.
        People have different tastes, and thats what what makes us Humans so interesting.

  • Heather2

    I feel like I am on a Twilight post. You guys argue like crazy.
    No one is alike. Everyone is different with what does it for them. To me Avatar was amazing, but far be it for me to come down on someone for not liking it. Can’t expect the same two people to like the same things all the time.

    • John

      Thank you Heather2, I would still love to know how no interest means hate lol.

      • CominUpTHRILLHO

        John, saying “No Interest doesn’t make you a hater, but you do open yourself up to people assuming you are on the side of the haters.

      • CominUpTHRILLHO

        John, saying “No Interest” doesn’t make you a hater, but you do open yourself up to people assuming you are on the side of the haters. Which I do understand you’re not

    • Sinew Jack

      I don’t think Avatar is the best movie ever, and in the end I do like Dark Knight better overall. That being said, I really enjoyed Avatar. The CGI is the best I’ve ever seen, and the story while simple, was still moving.

      Remember, the dialogue in Titanic wasn’t anything special either, but the film was still very good because it was a great theatre movie.

      The one thing I thought Avatar lacked was a stand out soundtrack. It was fine, just not memorable.

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