Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn' to be split into two movies? reports that Summit Entertainment will split Stephenie Meyer’s fourth book in her Twilight series Breaking Dawn into two films. While that’s a likely outcome considering the first two films have earned over $1 billion in worldwide box office, Summit Entertainment is still reporting that nothing has been decided officially. Their exact words: “No decision has been made and as we have said all along we are continuing to work with Stephenie Meyer to bring BD to the big screen.” My guess is they announce officially their decision next week and then produce the movies back-to-back. For all you Twilight fans, here’s my question: where do you split the film? Remember the first and third sections of the book are narrated by Bella, while the middle half is all from Jacob’s point-of-view.

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  • Benjamin

    Yes, yes, if you do that, you will see more of me.

    • Nick T

      No matter what one thinks of the franchise, that is a hilarious comment.

      • tallpeoplematch

        I love the franhise

      • Anthony

        the first movie will end with Renesme being born and Bella appearing to have died. True cliffhanger beauty. FYI. Twilight rules! So says a 23 year old, straight, football loving man

      • @ anthony

        Go back to high school teenybopper.
        A REAL 27 year old male twilight fan would not feel the need to say “twilight rules” because they would konw that they don’t need to justify that to anyone

      • hope

        I’m not even a fan of Twilight and even I can see the obvious Harry Potter copy catting going on. How low can you go for Hollywood popularity it’s depressing.

      • Cherry


    • Samantha

      no, no, and no. Lets just pretend Breaking Dawn doesn’t exist. That book is too freaking weird. Ruined the series for me.

      • Serena

        Breaking Dawn for me was the best book of the saga!! Loved it.

      • Ephiny

        I agree – Breaking Dawn felt like it wasn’t even written by the same person as the first three books. It was like a really long fanfiction written by a 12-year-old girl, only with better grammar.

      • Jake

        Amen Samantha…that book ruined the entire series for me as well. The whole series draws us in because Bella and Edward are starcrossed and passion fueled. Well the Edward we all grew to love became a supporting character and background more or less. It was crap and written terribly – I mean who changes perspective in the last book for 1/3 of it? And the ending was a buildup for absolutely nothing! Not a fan.

      • nunnya

        I agree Samantha!!!! You know they will do it to make money, but the book almost ruined the series for me.

      • Akane

        I agree, why even bother that book is really bad. Actually I don’t even know how they plan to make two movies, really? I have to be honest but on that book only the first 7 chapters are OK, not good, just OK.

        I guess someone has to remind them that Breaking Dawn is not Deathly Hallows where two movies actually make sense, at least to me.
        If I were Robert Pattinsons agent I would make him run as fast as he can from this movie, he needs to get involved in good movies; he is a decent actor and can prove that with good scripts.

      • tlfm

        TOTALLY agree. It was one of the WORST books ever!! Stephanie Meyer was on crack when she wrote it. The movie will not be much better. How can it??

      • Jen

        I have a few things to add, I never actually saw Edward as a starring character and I always saw him as support, I’ve always thought the books were about Bella & her emotions and feelings and that is why we never seen it from Edwards point of view, I don’t think that Jacob should of been given his own chapter in breaking dawn but I guess the author saw this as important incase she ever does a book starring Renesme & Jacob. The directors of the film have put themselves in a spot of trouble as they have put the film accross like a Romeo & Juliete thing and everyone is now obsessed with Robert Patterson and the 4th book will not be what those fans want to see but to me the books have always been about bella swans Journey through life and thats why I like them. :)

      • Summer

        I liked Breaking Dawn. But I have to admit it did get wierd.

      • SuperFan

        I got 1/3rd of the book from Jacob’s perspective, my favorite character in the series, so it is my favorite book in the series. Simple.

      • brandimus

        ha ha ha! it was very very odd. There was no fight scene.

        WHich made it boring

      • BusyBea

        Me too! Let’s let it end with them getting married & her being turned!

      • Rosy

        Yes I agree for me is a trilogy! I don’t care how many movies they make, after Eclipse I am done.

      • Diane Kaplan

        I have heard sooo many Twilight fans who claim to hate Breaking Dawn. I don’t understand why…I loved the wedding, and the final consumation of there love. I wished for a little more detail, though, I am aware that is a teenage novel and some of the tameness of the sex scenes was understandable(but after 3 books of absolutely no sex, I have created scenes in my mind lol!)…I loved the book up to Reneesme’s birth and Bella’s enterance into the vampire world…I found her a brave and admirable character. I may have been far to terrified to make many of her choices.

      • jnewlbjk

        of the twilight franchise i did not like breaking dawn, new moon, or the movies. :|
        they were all fairly disappointing.

        as for breaking it up into two movies, i don’t find that necessary at all. harry potter on the other hand had so much crucial information it had to be done. with breaking dawn it’d just be a waist of money.

      • Molly

        Yes yes yes. Breaking Dawn was terrible. Had to skip some parts, it was that bad.

  • Diana

    What??? No hater comments yet??? *gasp*

    • tvgirl48

      Lol, I’m not Twilight fan. I guess I’d be classified as a “hater,” but I am curious as heck to see how they make Breaking Dawn appropriate for young audiences, what with the rough sex and graphic birth sequence.

      • Heather2

        What rough sex?

      • Kalie

        The sex is implied, but never described in the books. As for the birth scene, it could be from Bella’s point of view, since she’s pretty out of it for the whole thing. Everything could be blurred, or they could just exclude a lot of the bloody stuff.

      • crispy

        There’s a secret extended chapter to the island honeymoon scene floating around the internet that was apparently stolen from SM’s computer… turns out Bella’s quite the little masochist; some of those scratches were self-inflicted. And Edward’s into some kinky stuff. Can you say vampire watersports? Gross!

      • CRISPY TROLL!!!!!


      • Heather2

        Crispy, sounds like someone has been reading fanfic. AWESOME!!!! Kinky Edward. Send him my way.

      • crispy

        Oh, jeez. Get a grip. I was just funning around. I didn’t say anything negative about Twilight in that comment. The reason people make you fun of you Twilight freaks is because you take it so damn seriously.

      • Heather2

        Crispy, exactly. Good lord, even I can laugh at the mess sometimes. Come on, sparkly vampires. It is asking to get laughed at.

      • crispy

        My previous comment was obviously not directed at you, Heather. You seem sane. You and Ambient and other less crazed fans are the ones who convinced me to give Twilight another chance.

      • Heather2

        Crispy, and plus I love Lost. So I do have some redeeming qualities.

      • Ambient Lite

        Heather2, you can’t have Edward AND Kristen. You keep grouchy and leave me the other. I’m pretty sure he’s my type and have matching cars, which is super cute (book, not movie).
        Awww, crispy. You count me among the less crazed. My cup runneth over.

      • Heather2

        Ambient, you can HAVE Edward. As long as I get Kristen, I am good to go. *wink* No arguing with you there.

      • Samantha

        I believe they’re already making it R rated. So it won’t be suitable for young audiences. Looks like the parents will have to make the decisions as to whether or not their children will be able to watch it or not.

      • Ambient Lite

        I would think it would have to be ‘R’ rated. I’m still kind of surprised that parents let their 12-year-olds read Breaking Dawn. But really, I wish the entire series had been left alone and not converted to ‘young adult’ fiction. I’d love to see it that way.

      • Andrea

        It won’t be rated R. Part of the deal Meyer made with Summit was that all of the films has to be PG-13.

      • Hannah

        Further proof that Stephenie Meyer is a moron. She doesn’t want her books made into R-rated movies, and yet writes scenes that would warrant an R-rated movie. If she doesn’t want an R-rated movie, don’t write R-rated scenes in the book. Not exactly rocket science.

      • cookiegirl

        Crispy is the biggest trickster on the ew boards, silliness and shapeshifting with dollops of wisdom here and there. Don’t be afraid of the crispy!

      • Kate

        Their demographic is teenage girls- they’ll never make the films R-rated. The whole point of making the films so quickly and the probable reason they are splitting the second film (aside from “narrative integrity”) is because the franchise is a feking cash cow. Rating the film R means that all those lovely mothers won’t let their obsessed 11 year old daughters go see- hell, forget the preteens, if they make the film R most of their teenage demographic will struggle to find a way to legally see the film. It’ll be PG-13 the sex will be implied (as it is in the book) and the birth will be done either artistically or be relatively brushed over.
        Film doesn’t use P.O.V the way books do so I imagine the two parts of BD would be wedding up until the birth and then post birth till final conflict/ happy ending. Makes the most sense I think.

      • Em

        There absolutely is rough sex – the books go from absolutely chaste in the first three to decidedly NOT in the fourth. I guess it isn’t described graphically, but Bella’s head-to-toe injuries (which she enjoyed receiving) were pretty indicative.

      • jen

        The reason why the BD is riddled w/ sex and plenty of it is because as long as you are married that stuff is acceptable. Stephanie is Mormon, it is not by accident that she waited until they were married to write that in, that is the only way it is acceptable in her religion. These books are nothing short of preaching to young girls about abstenance and the importance of reproducing after you get married.

      • Mallory

        Jen, if you read the first couple books, it is clear that Bella really wants to have sex with Edward. The reason they abstain is because he thinks he would kill her. Actually this book is more likely to get young girls having sex with their “true loves” from high school.

      • Anya

        @tvgirl48 – I understand why you say it might be tough to film for the demographic because of the (implied) rough sex. It might be tough when Bella ends up covered in bruises (and feathers) on their wedding night. Edward knew that due to his strength that his passion could become violent and sure enough it does, to which his guilt is consuming. As much as I understand vampire strength, what is bothersome is what some delusional girls might think if their boyfriends beat them up, then say they love them (just like Edward). No, it’s not like Edward. He loses control because he’s a vampire, which BTW is a fictional creature Most of us can understand this, but there will be those few that want a love like Bella and Edward’s so desperately that it could be dangerous.

    • Eva

      To answer the question – where would you split the book? – I think the obvious place would be just after the birth of Renesmee, before we get to see Bella become a Vampire. I loved Breaking Dawn, am a Twihard, loved TWILIGHT and hated New Moon, for the record. I hope Summit brings back Catherine Hardwicke to direct Breaking Dawn. Fingers crossed.

      • JB

        Are you KIDDING me? Twilight the movie was TERRIBLE! It was so horribly corny and poorly put together! New Moon was SO MUCH BETTER!!!

      • b795

        whatever they do they need to stick with one director because the first two films were so different and uncomparable

      • Donna

        I also like Twilight much better then New Moon. Twilight had the magic of E&B love.Granted it couldve been better But at least it had it. New Moon to me was Awful..I didn’t feel any emotion from E&b scenes. They only part that I liked was Bella’s depression.Kristen nailed those scenes perfectly.E & B kissing scenes in NM were painful to watch!I know its suppose to be hard for him to controle himself while he is kissing her, but it didn’t come across like that it almost looked like he was getting shot with poison.The magic was gone for me in NM.I do belive Eclipse will be better then Twilight and NM.I believe Slade Can catch the essence of their love.

      • Connie

        I loved the books and feel Breaking Dawn is the best. There is a lot to capture so 2 movies would be good. I just hate the wait. Movies are very rarely as good as the book anyway. When you read a book it is your interpretation the screenwriter has another director another and so on. You can’t be so literal about it and just enjoy it for what it is.

      • Janet

        I loved the books,but i agree with the fact that new moon did suck most of the time.i did like the end when she is conviced that shes dreaming.i agree with the fact that BD shood be rated r.if its not i dout that it will be verry good,but it could suprize us all.i alsow disagree with the not so suttel message about not having sex untill being maried.parnts need to realize that people are having sex a lot younger today.i dont think the books will change that any time soon.over all i agree with what all of u said about the books,becides that they suck.heck my husband even thiks that its gay,but then again he is a looking foword to the next two movies.and no mater how manny times i reed the books i just cant put them down.

      • sarah

        ugh, twilight and Catherine are AWFUL! She botched twilight so bad. Go see Eclipse…it is the BEST movie to date. I wish David Slade would direct the next 2, he captured the book PERFECTLY.

    • Angela

      If you don’t like the twilight saga you shouldn’t be talking about it. End of Story.!!!!!!!!!!

    • nye

      you know that is kind of mean i really liked breaking dawn why does everybody hate it so much?????

  • Phnam Ngyuen

    I am still not being to now why all of the peoples loving this type of movie with the vampier and scary things. How can be so popular with all of young ones two?

    • Zoey

      Honestly, it’s more laughable than scary. Actually, scratch that. The acting will scare you right out of the theater.

      • jnewlbjk

        hahaha, nicely put.

  • Momo

    Bad idea. I like Twilight, it’s escapist fun, and I still think splitting Breaking Dawn into 2 movies is a bad idea. There’s just not enough plot in there, or specifically, good plot. I say, keep it to one movie, and trim out the fat from the original story.

    • Levente

      What a perfect way to describe it. Escapist fun. I’m stealing your intellectual property on that! It’s no masterpiece, but mind-numbing enjoyment.

      • Momo

        Haha thank you, although I don’t think I invented that word :P But it does adequately describe my relationship with Twilight! I love “smart” novels, but I appreciate some junk food once in a while too :)

    • megan

      I like your idea too…there wasn’t enough good plot. I already wrote that they should split…but triming the fat(as you put it) could work too!

    • Celia

      I hope they actually split it into two films, so that it can fail. The whole vampire fad is starting to die off, so by the time both of those films come out they will probably tank and Summit will lose money. *fingers crossed*

      • Em


      • toonaspie

        I too am getting tired of the supernatural/vampire fad.

        Splitting a film like this that doesnt need to be split in two films is an obvious cheap ploy to earn extra millions.

        It will screw them over in the end though, trust me!

      • Claudia

        I totally agree with you. It was one of those things that teenage girls go OMG over for a year, then it totally loses it. Like Edward describes in the beginning of Midnight Sun “Flashing an shiny object at a child”

    • Gazza

      I actually read an article which said that Stephanie Meyer doesn’t want it split into two, and with good reason. I used to like the Twilight books (I know they weren’t that well written, but still, entertaining) until I read this last book. One-word description: atrocious.

      • Em

        I liked the last book. Not sure how I feel about it being split. I did think it had a lot of plot, but I’m hesitant to be specific (don’t want to spoil for anyone).

        I do think the major event at the end could, conceivably, be drawn out to an hour and a half (like a real-time type of thing), but I don’t think that would work very well. Or, (I think enough people know about this) maybe the first movie ends at the birth of Renesme (and Jacob’s reaction, but without explanation)?

      • DD

        I so agree! I hated the last book…but loved the others. It was awful.

      • Caitlin

        Same here. That book just made me realize that the whole series wasn’t that good. And I think spliting it up is a horrible idea. There’s not enough action. There’s not enough of anything going on for there to be two movies. With that said, the only part of the book that I even found remotely interesting was Book two with Jacob. That’s weird, because I can’t stand any of the characters.

    • hc

      Momo, said it right on! Breaking Dawn slips into dodgy fan-fiction territory multiple times throughout. I don’t think it is a good idea having two films, they should just “trim the fat” fa sho.

    • kay

      They should split it right after the birth when jacob is about to kill renesmee and everyone thinks bella has died. Then u get a close up of Bella’s face and she shoots open her bright crimson eyes..Movie ends.

      • kay

        i also think it would be awesome to see jacobs p.o.v for a change. it will be interesting to see how they include the linked thoughts of the pack.

      • Em

        I had the same idea – if they split it, that’s a good spot. There’s enough to carry both movies on both sides of that plot point.

        Still not sure it would be better as two, though.

      • DE

        that’s actually a very good idea. I was trying to think of where they would split it…

      • Jane

        They won’t be showing Jacobs pov.
        Some summit producers said that since the movies are third person, they wont go into that.

    • SuperL

      Totally Momo! Trim the fat. There is plenty that can be left out of the book w/o losing what little plot/action there is.

    • Kate

      I think trimming the fat is completely the right idea but they won’t do it- they’ll probably stretch b/c two films= more box office gross.

      • Momo

        You’re absolutely right. Artistically, I think splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies is horrible. Business-wise, why not? But I think they have enough money off of the franchise that they can still keep a little artistic integrity, too.

    • BLM

      Totally agree–nothing really happens in Breaking Dawn, so how are they going to fill 4+ hours of screen time? Keep it to one movie… and make sure Taylor has his shirt off most of the time!

    • sophie

      hi i think new moon was cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda L

    I really don’t think it is necessary to split the film but since they are I would stop the first movie when they realize the Volturis are coming.

    • Ambient Lite

      Interesting idea, Linda.

  • ugh


    this movie’s gonna be soooo ridiculous, even twilight fans hate this book

  • Tonys

    I think someone should turn twilight into a musical…that would be HILarious!:-D

    • Heather2

      As long as Rob and Kristen sing and play guitar throughout the whole thing, I am IN.

      • Amidala

        oh geez. I saw a youtube video of Rob singing and let me tell you, I was in physical pain listening to it.

      • Heather2

        God bless. Rob’s voice. I could listen to that until I die. Can I say on here what his voice alone does to me? LOL

      • Amidala

        wow. you really think he’s a good singer? In my opinion, and my friend who was listening to it, he sounds like a 60 year old man… and/or also a dying animal. I’m sorry that you’ll be listening to that for the rest of your life. I pity you. haha

      • Heather2

        Oh, sweetie. Don’t pity me. I am perfectly fine and in love with his voice. It is beautiful. So is Kristen’s.

    • Celia

      What are you talking about? The movies are already funny.
      They have no reason to turn that book into two films. It was 900 pages of excruciating, pointless GARBAGE! They would be doing the plot a favor if they cut out most of it and made it into a 30 minute film.

      • Josie

        I actually wouldn’t say the movies are funny, just boring. I was actually yawning and losing focus while watching New Moon.
        I agree about eclipse, that was garbage. the section from Jacob’s pov was pretty awful. and then it got even worse when we were reading from Bella the vampire’s pov. horrible horrible.

      • Ambient Lite

        Josie, you’re talking about Breaking Dawn but calling it Eclipse.

      • Josie

        ooh whoops. sorry about that. thanks Ambient Lite!

      • Celia

        I honestly don’t remember either of the films. I saw them both online and fast forwarded through most of it. But I distinctly remember laughing at parts that were not meant to be funny.
        The acting is so cringe-worthy, you can’t help but laugh.

    • Kristen

      Hmm a twilight musical with NPH as Edward and Nathan Fillion as Jacob. The wheels are turning!!!!

    • Caitlin

      Actually, they already have that online.

  • megan

    Haha yeah no haters yet. I enjoyed the Twilight books enough to see the movies. They are not the best written but I enjoyed them nonetheless. I think they should split the film either when Jacob finds out about Bella’s pregnancy or after the birth. Yes I know vamps don’t procreate but they have sex in the Sookie Stackhouse/Anita Blake books and that technically shouldn’t be possible either!

  • Heather2

    Let me comment before the hateration pounces. I think if they do two films, which I am a proponent of, they should end it when Bella wakes up as a new vampire, after the birth of Renesmee. Because then there would be no point in me seeing the second film because the rest of the book sucked.

    • Ambient Lite

      Heather2, good to see you! :)
      Though I dread the whole mess, I tend to agree with your idea about that being the break…just can’t imagine stretching that first one out to 2 hrs.

      • Heather2

        Well hey there. For the actors sake, I wished they would just do one, but how could they honestly cram all of that in one movie? But if they do do two films, I say they film them both at one time. I don’t know how I feel about it. MR doing the script just gives me low expectations from the start.

    • Linda L

      Actually that would be a good split.

  • Cole

    Can you say copier? They would not even be considering this if it were not for Harry Potter

    • mickey


    • Ambient Lite

      That argument is ridiculous. The book is extremely long and the author said she thought it would be best split years ago.

      • Jim

        And it’s been almost two years since WB announced the Hallows split. Breaking Dawn wasn’t even published when they announced that. Hmm, I wonder where Meyer EVER got that idea…
        And Meyer may have wanted it but it took Summit to sign off on it. Which I can guarantee wouldn’t have happened if HP hadn’t done it first.

      • Ambient Lite

        Why in the world does any of this matter? And why do you think the HP franchise invented it?

      • Jane

        actually… Harry Potter DID invent it.
        It’s the first series, at least BIG MOVIE, that is an adaptation from a book that is being split into two.
        I can’t think of any books/movies who did this before Harry Potter.

      • Billiam

        Studios generally want to avoid being the first one to try something new. At the very least, I’m sure the fact that HP is doing this made them more likely to do the same.
        But the fact that HP is the first one to do it, does not mean that no one else ever should do so. HP is starting a new precedent for adapting lengthy books (though I worry about how well half of a story can stand on its own).

      • sarah

        I agree they’re competing with Harry Potter, want to see which ones do best in their final installments, but I think there’s other reasons as well. A, the money haha. B, just like HP, BD is thick. C, its the last book! (so far) I personally love BD. I know it is so far stretched and lots don’t make sense, but doesn’t matter, its good brain candy. A marriage, a romantic honeymoon, a baby no one thought was possible, fine line between life and death to save someone you love, bella becoming a vampire (I can’t wait to see her POV of that…loved reading it in the book) jacobs annoying obsession with renesmee, the volturi….I just loved it and am thrilled they’re breaking it up into 2 so that they will include every. single. detail. lol but that’s just me, I love the book and don’t want to miss a thing so I’m sooooo glad it’s being drawn out. :)

    • anonymous

      I’m not even sure HP needed it, but it’s got enough action to at least consider it. No Twilight book does. I’m thinking the main reason for copying comes from a business exec realizing “This is a great way to get twice the profit from the same film!”

      • Allison

        Agreed! No way this is a creative decision.

      • Yes

        Exactly. Which is why I’m going to laugh my ass off if this comes back to bite Summit in its greedy ass by bombing.
        There’s already evidence of Twilight burnout and they’re only on the second film. By the time the first half of Breaking Fail comes out, there might even be actual fans who are sick of it.

      • Celia

        The Harry Potter book needed it. They actually could’ve gotten away with splitting a few of the Potter films because there’s enough story in those books to support it.
        But like you said with Twilight, it’s completely about money and I think they might be overestimating the staying power of twilight. Vampires are just a fad. People will get tired of them pretty soon (if they’re not already). The fans will get tired of it pretty soon. I know a lot of them already are. So if they split it they’re just setting themselves up to lose money.

    • TrP

      ITA. The reason Deathly Hallows is being split (besides bigger $ for the studio) is that there is too much content in the book and leaving any out would bad for the story.

      With BD, there is hardly enough content to fill one movie (and I am saying that as someone who loved the books). Bad idea Summit.

  • jen_s

    The middle third?

  • Josh

    Considering part two and part three of the novel overlap quite a bit, this is a bad call.

  • Ambient Lite

    Ohhhh, noooo! Can’t even fathom this, though I’ve known for some time that this was SM’s wish. This book was so unbelievably awful, can’t imagine how this is even going to go down. I can’t watch a movie from Jacob’s perspective.
    I’m going to squint real hard and concentrate on Eclipse this June…that may be where my Twilight movie experience ends.

    • Ambient Lite

      And someone PLEASE tell me they’re looking at other screenwriters. Melissa Rosenberg has killed the entire series thus far, her cheesy perspective will SLAUGHTER Breaking Dawn.

      • Amidala

        I so agree!! Why on earth are they sticking with Melissa Rosenberg??

      • Heather2

        Me and you are in full agreement. MR is Satan to this series. She has made mincemeat of both Twilight and NM, I shutter to think how potentially awful Eclipse is. It is a really great thing I adore Rob and Kristen and the rest of the cast so much.
        And BD, ugh. What was SM thinking? Scary superhuman teeth baby anyone.

      • Kelsey

        It’s going to be unintentionally hilarious no matter who writes it. But if they keep that hack Rosenberg it’s just going to be excruciating.
        As far as I’m concerned, the series ended with Eclipse anyway. Only way I’d see BD (either part) is for “watching a train wreck” value.

      • GoodWitch

        THANK YOU! I thought I was the only who believed Rosenberg had infiltrated and was trying to kill these stories.

    • Linda L

      I had no problems with BD. I enjoyed it for what it is but I agree with you, they don’t need to do Jacob’s perspective.

      • MsSuniDaze

        I agree. I kind of hope they don’t do Joseph’s perspective. It was kind of distracting in the book and I don’t know how that will flow into the movie.

      • Ambient Lite

        Joseph’s perspective WOULD be weird. HA

    • Diana

      Hmmm… Breaking Dawn was my favorite of the series.

    • crispy

      Ambient, I almost cringe saying this… but of the 4 books, it’s the one I dislike least. (Does that even make sense?) The other Vampire clans from all the over world are the most interesting thing about the whole Twilight universe and the only thing that might get me into a theater to watch this dreck.

      • Linda L

        Crispy, you actually read the Twilight series?

      • Momo

        I agree with you Crispy. Breaking Dawn is my favorite of the four because Edward and Bella finally DO IT. No more whining and no more annoying yearning. Bella finally gets a bit more assertive (just a bit) and we’re introduced to a more fleshed-out Vampire politics. It still had huge flaws, though, and I think splitting this book into two will just enhance those flaws (like boring Jacob’s POV) unless they drastically change it.

      • crispy

        I read all 4 books… you gotta do something at the dog park. I would never bash anything I wasn’t completely familiar with! :)
        BTW, Linda L, you don’t happen to live in Georgia, do ya?

      • Linda L

        No Crispy, I live in Southern California.

      • Heather2

        Crispy is fair ladies … and gentlemen? hehe Crispy hates it but at least he has done his homework.

      • crispy

        Ahh, ok. I am related to a Linda L major Twilight fan in the offline world… that woulda been weird!

      • Ambient Lite

        Crispy, first of all, why don’t you just say it’s your FAVORITE of the 4? I think you meant favorite. heh
        Secondly, the part with the vampire clans coming together was BY FAR the best part of that 800 page disaster – special shout out to the crabby Romanians, my personal faves. Wouldn’t it be great to see them try to take down the Volturi AGAIN? What a wasted grudge.
        Anyway, I’ll save you a seat in the theater for pt. 2.
        And Momo, there’s rough sex, then there’s sorry about your welts and bruises sex. You dirty birdy. ;)

      • crispy

        Fine. It’s my favorite Twilight book. ::shudder::

      • Heather2

        I feel like we have had a breakthrough. Someone pop the bubbly.

      • Ambient Lite

        YAY! I could live on that for dayyys.
        Just curious, what’s your LEAST favorite, crispy?

      • crispy

        Definitely the second one when she turns into a quivering mess and repeatedly tries to kill herself. (I know, I know… she was just “thrill seeking.”) I have never wanted to slap some sense into a fictional character so badly.
        At least the 3rd one has that cool fight scene at the end.

      • Ambient Lite

        Thought so. See, I think that if we put our feelings about the series in a Venn Diagram, we’d have lots of the same stuff in the middle.
        I wonder how they’re going to handle that head rolling around on the ground in Eclipse.

      • Courtney

        Crispy and Ambient: you guys are my favorite.

      • eaten by trolls

        Trolls also love them. Crispy and Ambient Lite are the smartest commentators in the history of comments. EW should seriously hire those two to recap all that is pop culture.

      • Ambient Lite

        Awww, you guys rock. You are my Valentines.

      • Ambient Lite

        **Burp** Just ate you. You make it too easy. Wow. And here I thought you guys were smart.

      • Ambient Lite

        That actually made me laugh, so alright, one point for you.
        Happy Valentine’s Day, glad you have someone to love. (me).

      • Faux_Ambient Lite

        Mission accomplished! I really did mean it when I said that you are one of the few on here whose comments I do enjoy…even when I think they are hopelessly wrong :)

  • Vivien

    If they could figure out a way to make pt 2 of the movie about *spoiler* Bella’s life as a vampire/Volturi confrontation. That would be ideal. But I don’t think there is enough before that to make a whole pt 1 movie…Unless drag out pregnancy drama and Jacob drama? I don’t know, not sure its a good idea to split aside from my selfish desire for it to last longer.

  • Stef

    I enjoyed the series but I think it should be kept to one film. 1) It’s the least favorite book in the series. 2) The story can easily be told in a span of 2-ish hours. 3) There’s already backlash and burnout. Why add to it?

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