Box office: 'Alice in Wonderland' on track to break all March records

alice-in-wonderlandDisney Studios sure chose the right date with its March premiere of Alice in Wonderland. The Tim Burton-Johnny Depp collaboration debuted Friday to close to $40 million, putting its 3-day cume in the range of $110-$120 million. That far surpasses the previous March record-holder, Warner Bros.’ 300 which opened to $71 million back in 2007. Overture Films’ release of the R-rated cop drama Brooklyn’s Finest bowed in similar fashion to the R-rated films of the past few weeks, earning an estimated $4 million on Friday for a early weekend estimate of $14 million.

R-rated thriller Shutter Island looks like it will drop an average 40% its third weekend in release, for a $4 million Friday and a $13 million three-day take. Last weekend’s debut Cop Out from Kevin Smith is likely to fall 50% for its sophomore session. The Bruce Willis-Tracy Morgan combo generated around $3 million on Friday, putting its weekend total in the $9 million range. And Avatar has finally fallen like a normal film after 12 astounding weekends in the release. With Alice taking the majority of 3-D screens, Avatar is likely to lose close to 40% this frame with an almost $2 million Friday and a weekend take of a bit over $8 million. Check back here tomorrow when I post the final results.

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  • ryan

    well it seems almost everyone was wrong on Alice. That just shows you how horrible the re-issue of charlie really was. People wanted to give it a chance, but even that couldnt save that crap. THis movie is at least watchable compared to that.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      You know, I actually really liked Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, especially the fact that it was a much more faithful adaptation than the original. Burton’s vision of Wonka and all of the other characters was great, and very true to the source material. A lot of people genuinely forget that the story is adapted from a book, and just assume that the new one was too different from the original. The book is extremely fanciful, with lots of spectacular sights and sounds, and Burton captured that perfectly. Also, even if their was no source material, and it was just a stand-alone project, I still would have loved it.

      • SwnyTddObsd

        Wonderful name, Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary. XD.
        And you bring up quite the point. Burton faithfully reproduced the book, but added his own touch to it. Rather than hold it against the whimsical 1971 adaptation, it would be better to look at it with either a fresh mindset or in the context of the original text.

        I suppose I should start to wonder how many children still read Roald Dahl. I still read his sillier stories, and I’m just a high schooler. :D

        On Alice itself, it was quickly paced, which was quite a disappointment to me. I wanted to submerge myself in that world for just a few more minutes, and I was quite disappointed as the credits came on. I would like to suggest we all hold a Futterwack Ball in the honor of the cast and crew. Hehe. The makeup was perfect, exaggerating the emotions and just expressions of the characters. The voice actors did a splendid job, even if they were offscreen, and the animators… well, I can’t find the words for them. It was really just simply marvelous. In the Burton style, that is. If you were waiting for a fall from grace, or searching for a fault, you probably found as many as you could. Watch the movie the first time with no misgivings. It leads to a much better acceptance.
        … Although I do hope Burton will soon return to HIS dreams, rather than the ideas of others.

      • J

        Good points. People often don’t realise that Roald Dahl’s wife said that she thought that Burton had been faithful to the story and it was the only version her husband would have liked.

  • lynn

    Don’t listen to the critics! This movie is fun! The actors are amazing! Yes, it is not an incredibly complex story, but neither was Alice the book – the characters ARE the story. Visually stunning! Great for the big screen. See it.

    • Joe

      I’ going to go ahead and guess you’ve either not read Alice’s Advenures in Wonderland or you didn’t understand it when you did read it, because it’s undeniably a work of great linguistic and theoretic complexity. Th book was based around the idea that all of Alice’s actions had corresponding reaction aboard that reversed world, which was a chessboard. The book’s greatest complexities are either unfilmable or, if filmable, too complex to appeal to a younger crowd. Don’t look to the book for validation of your point if you want to make the justify the film’s simplicity, because that’s simply wrong.

      • Uh

        The sequel, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1872), tells the story, structuring its plot like a mirrored game of chess. Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (1865) uses much a simpler card-game imagery, along with sophisticated allusions and wordplay.

      • lynn

        I am so glad a person of your great intelligence is on this board. I am truly humbled by the level of your pretentiousness. Get over it, it’s just a movie. But of course, it would have been much more entertaining if filled with political commentary and allusion. And, fyi – I read the book years ago when I was about 13. Of course, I know it was political and social satire you “big head.”

      • J

        It’s interesting that you said ‘it’s just a movie.’ Film is a medium that many people take as seriously as literature, music or other art forms.

    • Stephen Mc elrath

      Yes,Yes. Beautiful to watch. It looked real. The critics be damned.

  • Generation Gossip

    I admit to being wrong, I am stunned Im wondering if it will hold up the steam though the weekend. Shouldnt it make more money today than yesterday?

    It’s Secret Saturday over at , A day of blind items

  • Jill

    Bad Make-Up – I was just watching the trailer via internet TV ( ) Depp looks like Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Burton dressing and make-up technique is always the same

    • Blasie

      That is what is known as his style.

  • Jim

    wow. really? i didn’t see that one coming. i thought weird big headed helena bonham carter would scare everyone away.

    • Liz

      She is actually amazing in the film.

  • kushka53

    I will quote from a friend, who sums this up perfectly. “The verdict on Alice… It was okay. I think that it sent a much better message to children (especially young girls) than older Disney movies (if you wish upon a star— basically sit around, hope, and it will happen). Nevertheless, the graphics, which look awesome in the advertisements, just made me want to see Avatar again. And other than the red queen,the acting was bland and the characters didn’t really drive the story. Johnny Depp is so interested in characterization he doesn’t connect, in a human way, with anyone else. I felt like Burton just forced a lot of ideas together without making them feel like they grew out of each other. It’s not quite as disappointing as the last Indiana Jones, but…” 2 stars out of 10, in my book. Don’t waste your money!

    • FAA

      I agree. It made me also want to see Avatar again. Its best 3d was when it ended (the flowers growing on the sides).

    • FEE

      the only thing good about AVATAR is the 3D, the story is not original, actually it has been used in a lot of movie before. About the acting, AVATAR is the worst. I would say Alice is better in the acting area.

      • Jane


      • Carmel

        Amen to that.

      • pj

        spot on

  • Dustin

    seeing this tonight! can’t wait

    • D

      We’re on our way to see it tonight as well!

  • Matt2

    We were planning on seeing Alice in Wonderland today in IMAX 3D. I called to get tickets this morning and every single show is SOLDOUT for the remainder of today. And with guests coming over tomorrow for a night of the Oscars I doubt we’ll have time to see it tomorrow. Next weekend for sure!!!

    • FAA

      Don’t waste your money to see it in Imax. It is nothing like Avatar. Cheap 3d is good enough to hurt your eyes with round trees and flat backgrounds.

    • Hannah

      don’t even bother with 3D.
      I hear it’s just as good 2D, and less fuzzy too. He shot it 2D and converted it to 3D.

    • FEE

      don’t listen to these fools, go watch it in IMAX 3d I’ve already watched it both 3d and 2d. you’ll regret it if you watch it in 2d. FAA and Hannah are just AVATAR suckers who hate it to be outdone by other movie.

  • Celia

    Awesome! I haven’t seen it yet, but I can’t wait. I heard Helena Bonham-Carter steals the show! :D

  • thom

    I was kind of hoping it would bomb –

    Just so that Tim Burton would stop with the remakes and do something original or at least something that was not adapted before.

    Seriously, Tim Burton’s Agent, stop sending him scripts for remakes!

    • James

      To bad you faggot.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        Oh, James. One day, at your funeral, the few that actually show up will be forced to try to remember any redeeming details of your life, and all they’re going to be able to come up with was your propensity to use homophobic slurs on internet comment sections.

      • Joe

        Too bad you can’t distinguish the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’.

      • Nshi

        Wow, James.

      • dfgjkoi

        participating in internet arguments is like participating in the special olympics. win or lose, you’re still retarded.

    • mike

      Although I wasn’t hoping it would “bomb” I do wish Burton would stop doing remakes. He has a unique style but constantly remaking familiar material seems to squander his talent IMO.

    • FAA

      It didn’t bomb because of Avatar. Every one (me included), wants to experiance the next great 3d movie. Unfortently, this isn’t it.

      • jodipo

        *roll eyes* it didn’t bomb at all, and Avatar was overhyped… eye candy for people who cannot follow a story line

      • John

        Hey Jodipo, I’m pretty sure he meant that it didnt bomb, because of avatar.
        I dont think he said it bombed, hes stating avatar is the reason it didnt bomb, because people want to see more good 3D

        ……..*rolls eyes* fagget
        oh wait…now no ones gunna come to my funeral, oh man

  • Laura

    I saw it last night. I did not want to see it, but went with my husband who really wanted to see it. I was pleasently surprised! Great acting – beautiful scenery and I really enjoyed it.

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    I’m taking my daughter and a friend to see this tonight. I read a couple of bad reviews, but then most of my friends that have seen it loved it. So I’m going to give it a chance, even though I’m always weary of Tim Burton. He’s a very talented man, and sometimes he hits them out of the park for me (Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Charlie, Sweeney Todd, Mars Attacks), but then sometimes, I just don’t get it (Big Fish, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes, Corpse Bride). He’s hit or miss for me.

    • Julian Herrera

      didn’t direct nightmare before christmas. henry sellick did. when will people get this straight.

      • Jayd

        Odd, I don’t see her saying Tim Burton directed Nightmare. Burton did produce and write it, so I think it’s fair to say it’s one of his.

      • C Mc

        Weird…on the box for Nightmare WHICH I LOVE it says right there “TIM BURTON’S Nightmare Before Christmas” making it one of his films.

    • harley quinn

      Oh wow. I wasn’t expecting to see Nightmare or Big Fish on the “not get it” list. Both are amazing films. For me, Burton’s biggest mistep was Planet of the Apes. Enjoy most of his other work, with the stand outs being Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Big Fish, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

  • jeremy gonzalez

    OMFG i just got back from seeing it it was AMAZING EVERYONE SEE IT

  • Rashy

    A visual marvel but couldn’t they find someone better to write the script. It’s like Coke Zero. Def not the heady trip I anticipated.

    • Becca

      Exactly what I thought. The script was just…blah. Expected something better from that, but the visuals were still amazing.

  • Blasie

    I was riveted. Every second was filled with visual abundance. Some liberties were taken, but they made Alice nearly a super-hero. The Jabberwock looked just as the original Tenniel illustration depicted him. There were obvious influences from Elizabeth I and Joan of Arc. It was dark and dragony the way bad dreams can be, but it also had a whimsical cruelty in the feuding queens. Helena Bonham-Carter has never looked lovelier and Anne Hathaway, poor thing, looked like a zombie. The White Rabbit’s role is largely usurped by the Mad Hatter, but Depp has the bone structure to carry off whiteface like no one else and he teeters ever so delightfully between melancholy and euphoria that one can hardly get enough of him. I loved every frame and can’t wait to see the special features on the dvd

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