'Captain America': New details, including another possibility for the starring role

Marvel Studios’ search continues for the perfect actor to don the red, white, and blue suit and spread American ideals in the big-screen adaptation of Captain America. Today’s rumor mill throws G.I. Joe’s Channing Tatum into a mix of 20-something-year-olds that include the known, Ryan Phillippe, Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans; the semi-known, Tron’s Garrett Hedlund (UPDATE: We’re now hearing that Garrett is no longer in the running), Cloverfield’s Mike Vogel, Gossip Girl’s Sebastian Stan; and the unknown, Young and the Restless’s Wilson Bethel. The studio held lengthy screen tests last weekend for at least four of those actors (Hedlund has not yet screen-tested, though sources believe he is the studio’s first choice), and Marvel is expected to have a decision soon.

In the meantime, we’ve got a few plot details to share. Sources tell EW that Captain America, which is set to begin filming in June for a release next summer, will be shot on location in London as the Joe Johnston-helmed movie will feature a stylized 1940s WWII backdrop. And while Cap won’t be fighting Hitler as he did in the very first Captain America comic book, he will battle Red Skull, Hitler’s right-hand man.

Probably the biggest challenge with Marvel’s casting challenge is not the Captain America movie, but what comes next. Marvel’s plans include an Avengers film that will bow in summer 2012. And anyone familiar with Marvel lore knows that Captain America is a father figure to the rest of the Avengers. That means Marvel’s casting choice for Cap must be someone who can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury, and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, to name a few. “They’re casting two franchises here,” said a source close to the production. “This is no easy feat.”

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  • Nick

    If they want the Cap to have the role he had in the ‘Avengers’ series then casting a twenty-something is a BIG mistake. RDJ and Samuel L Jackson will wipe the floor with any of the listed actors – I would go with somebody in the mold of Jon Hamm.

    • Moeq

      First of all, Jon Hamm???? Really? Captain America is young (not too young) fit and if they want to make a franchise, then they would have to choose someone still in his prime. Second, I think channing is an excellent choice. The guy is fit for the role, still in his prime and he can ACT!

      • ^^^^^^^^

        I read that Ryan Phillipe is now in consideration!
        Too puny?

      • rerun

        Where do i see this proof of Channing Tatum acting? He had the acting skills of a potato in GI Joe.


        Jon Hamm would be a good Superman, as for Cap America – none of these guys seem worthy. I would suggest Daniel Goddard – the guy has the look and physique to pull it off, plus he can act.

      • Johnification

        And how is Hamm not all of those things?

      • Jude Law’s Butthole

        Bam Margera. Duh!


        WRONG!!! tatum channing CANNOT act – he has basically just ONE expression on his face. The guy is hanging on a thread holding onto his looks to get him through life. DUH!

      • Shaun

        Where do you get the idea that Cap is “young”? I mean, he’s not a geezer, but he’s not an early 20’s guy either… No, they need a guy who’s closer in age to Downey, someone with the same presence and gravitas to stand toe to toe with Downey’s Iron Man. Either Aaron Eckhart or Mark Valley would be perfect. Around the same age, the right build, and I’d believe either of them. Not these kiddies that the article suggests… I mean, does the name Channing Tatum sound like a superhero to anyone? Honestly? I hear that name I think of Carol Channing… Or Tatum O’Neal.

      • Katie

        Um…really? Channing Tatum can ACT? HAHAHAHAHA I guess I haven’t seen him try to act before. I mean, GI Joe? *gag*

      • andrew

        channing tatum is the WORST actor. the only role he can play as capt. america is the scene he gets frozen….and that is a strech.

    • Moe

      First of all, Jon Hamm???? Really? Captain America is young (not too young) fit and if they want to make a franchise, then they would have to choose someone still in his prime. Second, I think channing is an excellent choice. The guy is fit for the role, still in his prime and he can ACT! I think this would be a great choice.

      • JurryL

        Channing Tatum…can act? Really? sorry honey, but he is just a VERY pretty package. The lights are on, but ain’t no one at home!

      • Jen

        Well Ryan may be puny but so was steve Rodgers till they gave him the super soilder serum and ryan can get well ripped when it’s called for plus he can actually act. However I always thought the role for Cap was a no brainer after all Aaron Eckhart looks exactly like Cap (you know the dude who plays Harvey Dent in Batman!!!!!! HELLLLLO MARVELLLLLL WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!) but if they don’t want him then Ryan is a good choice, I heard they were thinking of Chris Evans as well….good but he will always be Johnny Storm to me. :)

      • Jen E.

        He can ACT… badly. He absolutely ruined G.I. Joe for me. Worst acting I’ve seen in years.

      • Veracity

        Seriously, he’s awful. I don’t understand why he keeps getting cast in films. He is neither an actor nor a star as he has neither talent nor charisma. And the faux homeboy thing gets REALLY old REALLY fast. He’s not bad to look at and that’s about it. Casting him would be a huge mistake.

      • Adam

        Go watch A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Channing can act. If memory serves he doesn’t directly have any scenes with RDJ in the film but Tatum’s performance holds up to RDJ’s. I’ve been a supporter of Channing since when I heard Captain America was being made. I think he could absolutely pull it off and it would be great.

    • ****

      Cast Tantum Chumming and I will boycott this film. Marvel can cast anyone else even pouty-face Ryan Phillipe but I swear to god if I walk into the theatre, summer 2011 and I see those thin, white chapped lips and beady little eyes I will never watch another Marvel related film AGAIN. Scarlet Johansen in Iron Man 2 was bad but this…would be unforgivable.

      • shut up

        Dude, aintitcool is just a click away if your gonna b*tch about these little details.

      • Andrea

        why would scarlett johanssen be bad in iron man 2? i thought she was a good choice! and i think channing will be able to pull this off. i think he’s learned from his mistake of g.i. joe.


        I agree, Daniel Goddard is clearly right for the part.

      • ****

        Andrea, if Scarlet Johanson is such a wonderful casting choice why didn’t she utter a single word in the recently released trailer? I’ll tell you why because she sounds like a bad parody of Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle, that’s why. And Channing’s learnt from his mistakes in G.I.JOE? Um, no he hasn’t, he’s still convinced he can act. If only he didn’t get fat and old then he could still be an underwear model and he wouldn’t stink up my film-going experience as much.

      • Gabby

        Scarlet Johansson has been in films in which she’s proven her acting capability. She’s not brilliant, but she’s more than just a pretty face. Mr. Channing Subtlety-Is-Not-In-My-Vocabulary Tatum is not. But he is an excellent stripper.

      • ****

        The last good film ScarJo made was Lost in Translation and that was in 2003! And FYI I’ve seen the video and honey, Channing is mediocre even when it comes to stripping.

    • DUSTIN

      Ready to get your face wiped off Nick? According to marvel lore, Steve Rogers was born in 1917. He was frozen in 1945, at the tender age of 28. With the super soldier serum also involved, Steve Rogers would need to be played by a 20 something. In the case of RDJ or Sam jackson wiping the floor with him, your really not looking at the big picture. Captain America, at its essence, is a story of a man out of his own time. Stark and Fury would wip the floor with Steve Rogers at first, because they have about 60 years on him. Read up before you Post up. B*tch.

      • nykolus

        …because every marvel movie made to date has stuck to the source material, dustin???

      • Dustin

        maybe not, but complaining about the producers looking for a young actor for Captain America does stick with continuity. Soooooo….you suck.

      • Popsy

        Nice call

    • Nick

      @Dustin: I’ll try and ignore the bizzare aggressiveness of the post and respond. I’m not trying dispute the age of the character but I feel as though that facet is more flexible than his role in “The Avengers”. Captain America, for all I know, was the de-facto leader of the Avengers and I doubt that any of the listed actors could project that sort of authority whilst in the same room as RDJ or Samuel L Jackson. I readily admit that, since I am unfamiliar [except on broad terms], one of these guys might be okay in his own film but I doubt any of them could command such veteran actor and, if we’re talking physicality, Ryan Reynolds who is to set to be ‘The Green Lantern’. I thought of Jon Hamm because he’s got that ‘from another era’ quality to him, is a fantastic actor and exudes enough charisma and stoicism to be a leader.

      • Dustin

        Jon Hamm is awful and Mad Men is soooooo boring and overrated.

      • mike

        I don’t see Jon Hamm as right either, but I see where you’re going. Mad Men is great, but the family drama part of it does stop it dead in its tracks sometimes. I know Steve Rogers was in his late 20’s in the comic books, but times were different then, late 20’s looked a lot older than it does now. I just don’t see any of these metrosexuals being right for Cap. Maybe they should make him older, that could be a good plot device, he wants to volunteer because of the war, but he’s a little too old. I can’t think of a specific actor right now. It’s too bad Aaron Eckhart is a little too old even for my idea.

      • Niix Starkyller

        @Nick: Welcome to the world of comic book movie casting. The geek audience (I include myself among them) can get quite worked up over something so simple as an alteration of the stitching in a costume. When it comes to casting, they can get positively frothy. There ain’t nothing tepid nor calm about these waters.

  • Wade

    Not Channing Tatum…he couldn’t stand toe toe with Marlon Wayans in GI JOE

    • HD

      so true, no disrespect to marlon though


        True that, the Wayans Bros was a great show, how about Daniel Goddard -that’s right – THE BEASTMASTER

    • Eros

      LMAO…thanks Wade

    • rerun

      No Tatum!!! I’ll take Ryan Phillipe, but Chris Evans may be the best choice of who has been mentioned so far.

      • Jen

        Chris Evans is Johnny Storm!

      • J.

        Chris Evans is a good choice, look at his work in Daylight. And who cares if he’s Johnny Storm, the Fantastic 4 franchise is dead. 2 loser movies is enough for me.

      • Jen

        I enjoyed the Fantastic 4 films but I may be the only one who will admit to this! They were good family fun & I hate it when an actor plays 2 diff superhero’s it ruins the realism and escapeism of the movie for me so as much as I love Chris Evans & think he is an amazing actor I will have to say Marvel go with Ryan!

  • Martin Haro

    Jason Behr? They cast a blond Bond. Maybe they can surprise us and themselves and cast a non-blond all-American type.

  • terrier


    Hello Matthew Fox anybody….

    He’s perfect, Perfectly HOTT!!!!

    • BlackIrish4094

      Too old and Lost sucks….

  • Martin Haro

    Josh Holloway would be better. (If they want a blond.)

  • Redvector

    Looks like casting an unknown isn’t going to workout like they hoped it would. An unknown who can go toe to toe acting wise with RDJ and Sam j? There’s no such animal.

    • D’s Advocate

      Sure there is.

      He’s just…unknown.

    • Johnification

      There are thousands of great actors who aren’t famous.

    • Sambo

      John Littlefield can go toe to toe easily, and he is the right age and looks.


  • R.J. MacReady

    It’s not just casting two franchises, it’s also trying to keep the salary low. A “known” actor has a better chance of leading the Avengers, but will cost more. Too bad they already cast Chris Hemsworth as Thor, he could’ve pulled it off.

  • Franky

    Ugh, please no. Tatum has ruined enough movies.

    Cap SHOULD be in his twenties, ’cause I doubt guys in their late 30s like John Hamm enlisted in WWII

    • niki

      I So disagree , Channing tatum is a great actor and he definitely HAS NOT RUINED ANY MOVIES.

  • darclyte

    The reason that Cap is a “father figure” despite his age is that he’s from the 1940s and took part in WW2, but gets frozen and revived in modern times. So although he looks in his late 20s/early 30s, he “feels” older because of when he comes from and what he’s been through.

  • XSEDrake

    Channing Tatum would suck the life right out of this. And as much as I love Chris Evans, why not try his brother Scott, who certainly has the look and has done some great work on daytime?

    • Josie

      Interesting, Chris has a brother? I shall have to research and get back to you on that possibility.


        Here is a better idea – Daniel Goddard – THE BEASTMASTER

  • John

    No Channing Tatum. Need someone with acting chops. A 20something from the 30’s and 40’s is going to be more mature than a 20 something today. I suspect the interplay between Tony and Steve will be an immature 40 year-old against this more world-weary 28 year-old will be great if the actor has the chops.

  • Manny

    If Captain America is supposed to be a leader and a “father figure” to the other Avengers, why are they looking to cast these young kids (who are kind of pansies anyway). Cast someone older or at least more rugged. I have no idea who this could be but how hard can it be finding a decent tall handsome white actor? Isn’t that all they look for anyway????!!!!

    • DUSTIN

      because when Cap is frozen, hes about 28. so he would be 28 when he is unfrozen.

      • rerun

        What Dustin said.

    • Normalman

      Also remember this is supposed to be a franchise. You want someone who can still play him 5-10 years from now in CA 4. Find somebody who looks the part and was good in one of these recent WWII pics.

  • JDmiami

    Channing Tatum? Really? Come on, this guy cant act at all. He is eye candy, nothing more.

    • Manx

      eeew he’s not good looking enough to be eye-candy imo

  • harry

    Ryan Phillippe? good choice.

  • noam

    what happened to john krasinski?

    • Caroline W

      I’m with you noam. I thought he was the best choice…is he out of the runnings completely?

      • Jam

        Krasinski BLOWS! BIG TIME! Oh sure, let put this comic meatball in an action role. and then 10 years form now someone can reboot that franchise the right way ‘a la Batman’. How about Jeffrey Donovan.

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