Box office: Friday numbers put Freddy Krueger in top spot with a $15 million night

nightmare-on-elm-streetImage Credit: New Line CinemaNow this is what a weekend box office is supposed to look like. After last weekend’s sluggish performance from newcomers The Losers and The Back-Up Plan, it’s nice to have a new release with some heft to it. Such is the case with Nightmare on Elm Street. The R-rated remake of the popular Freddy Krueger slasher movie from the 1980s is destined for the top spot with what could be a $35+ million weekend. Starring Jackie Earle Haley, Nightmare grossed a solid $15 million on Friday night. That bodes well for horror fans. With an opening this strong, New Line Cinema must be thinking sequel options already.

Furry Vengeance, starring Brendan Fraser, had much more trouble finding an audience Friday night. The other newcomer for the weekend grossed a paltry $1.7 million on Friday for a weekend take that could top out at a little over $6 million. The PG-rated family film is unlikely to make it into the top five for the frame and has done little to steer How to Train Your Dragon off its course. That film landed in second place on Friday. While far beneath the No. 1 grosser with only $2.5 million, the 3-D flick is still likely to add $11 million to its already full coffers.

The battle for third place through fifth place could be a bit of a horse race with Date Night, The Back-Up Plan, and The Losers all jockeying for position. The three movies each grossed somewhere in the $2 million range on Friday night, and how they perform today will be the real determinant. It’s likely that Date Night will beat the other two flicks and should end the frame with something close to $8 million. The Back-Up Plan could gross in the $7 million range, while The Losers will be around $6 million. Check back tomorrow for full results.


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  • Rob

    Don’t care till IRON MAN 2 comes out next week!!!!!

    • Bobby

      I second that.

    • Vicky

      Hell yeah.

    • Steve

      That is the movie I am waiting for!

      • musicloversmatch

        wow, looks good, tallpeopledate

  • JBD

    Kyle Gallner stole the show. Amazing performances by the actors, which is probably why it’s doing so well now.

    • graeme

      Yup. That’s why people go see a slasher flick: to see great acting.

      • Will

        you’re right…I go to horror movies to see terrible acting, because if the actors don’t look genuinely scared, then I won’t be scared…so yay!!!! Alert: big eyeroll sequence begins. I like to see movies that are well acted, and this was definitely well acted. I thought the whole cast did a fantastic job, even Rooney Mara. Although her character as Nancy was a little different then the original, I prefer the Nancy in this remake, it was just a more believable performance. Brava!

    • Kyle

      Katie Cassidy was the real stand-out performace (for what she was given) her scream puts some of the veteran scream queens to shame.

      • TJ

        Katie Cassidy was great. I’d like to see her do more stuff where she doesn’t end up dead at the end. Well, she was alive at the end of Melrose Place’s season finale, but we all know that show is dead, so…

    • Celia

      I haven’t seen it, but I know people I did. Most of them said it was good and reminded them of the original, which is a good thing I guess.
      I’m sure this means there will be a sequel.

  • La

    @Rob well Rob you must care if you felt the need to comment. Now go back to ”Mommy’s” basement until IRON MAN comes out.

    • mal

      you’re chastising a guy because he’s excited about a movie that a ton of people are excited about? he didn’t say any of the movies were stupid, and he’s clearly just looking forward to Iron Man 2.
      Also, do you think “Mommy” is figurative? He probably does have a mother. Overall, your comment is pathetic.

  • raquel

    oh for gods sake. whyyy do people like this nonsense?

    • Silent Rage

      you can say the same about vampire movies chick flicks and reality shows, people just do. Get over it

      • jordan

        so true. every single movie can be cateogrized as “nonsense” based on someone’s opinions. but slasher movies- like chick flicks and reality shows- will always have an audience, however silly they might be.

    • raquel

      well by nonsene i meant remakes- how many of these horror movies get remade every ten years? horror is not my thing, but i know other people love it. i just don’t undertand why these crappy remakes do so well.

  • Jay

    So it made $15 million opening night. How many of the people who saw it can honestly say it was any good? This movie (and I use that term loosely) will drop by at least 60% next week, just like every other lousy Platinum Dunes remake. Michael Bay must be destroyed!

    • ugh

      i enjoyed it a great deal. it doesn’t hold a candle to the original, but its still fun and its nice to freddy back in the theaters

      • Kyle

        I completely agree. I saw it with my friends to have fun, not to see a piece of cinematic gold. The film was fun, the actors were good, all-in-all a really enjoyable time. Movies don’t have to be flawless to be entertaining.

      • Will

        it makes me really upset to see all the bad reviews it’s getting. I thought it was incredibly entertaining, and it was a bit refreshing to see a teen slasher movie that stuck to the story and didn’t include unnecessary teen partying/drinking and all the sex and drugs that have become some what of a stupid formula in today’s horror genre. and the death scene of Kris (Tina in the original) AMAZING! nearly lives up to the original!

    • Carrie

      I quite liked it.

    • TJ

      I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as good as the original, but Robert Englund is iconic so there was no way it was going to match that, but I thought it was a solid slasher flick overall.

    • Celia

      A lot of people said it was good. However, it does currently have a 15% on rottentomatoes, so I’m not sure I believe them.

  • Koobie

    I don’t like the “Nightmare” movies because they inflict a terrible stigma upon sever burn victums. These films lead many to believe that if someone is burned, they are therefore an evil and sadistic person who is a killer.

    • Zachary

      Seriously? I can’t say I’ve ever thought of burn victims as evil and sadistic simply because Freddy, who was evil and sadistic pre-firey death, happened to be one. Really don’t see the connection here.

      • Zachary

        mia culpa

    • Ed

      Gotta disagree with ya, Koobie. I have never heard of anyone who has thought that burn victims are, by nature of them being burned, evil and sadistic. I think you’re reaching here, Koobie.

      • Alan

        i am a burn vitim and i have had people, mainly kids yell ‘hey freddy’ to me .

    • ugh

      yeah, i think people think Freddy is evil and sadistic because he harmed and molested a class of kids…and the whole killing thing…

      • Lan

        Give me a break Koobie are you for real or just so politically correct you’ve lost all sense of self?

    • Korey

      Absolutely! The first time I saw I saw Nightmare On Elmstreet I immediately though “Geez those burn victims seriously need some anger manangement”. I’m sorry but that is by far the silliest objection to a movie that I have ever heard. Seriously, lighten up.

    • Kyle

      It’s saying HE is evil not all burn victims. I don’t know anyone that’s shot a burn victim because they think they’re evil because of ANOES. that was the stupidest comment I’ve ever read.

    • Carrie

      Really Koobie? Because I thought the more realistic ‘burn victim’ make-up this Freddy is sporting actually took away from his scariness.

    • Jason

      I feel the same way about how the Hellraiser movies stigmatize people with a bunch of pins sticking out of their head.

  • Victor Eloy

    does anyone know if Katy Cassidy’s character dies in the film????
    I love her!, her Ella is the best from Mrlrose Place….so sad it seems its gona be canceled….
    so are the performances that good on NIGHTMARE???
    I can’t wait to watch it!

    • Kyle

      Yeah she bites it just like every other horror film she’s in (besides Black Christmas) but her death is definitely the best visually.

      • TJ

        She was in Black Christmas? Wow, I truly did block out just about every element of that film. I was just saying she seems to die in everything she’s in save Melrose Place.

  • Preston

    I think people just knew how silly the Brendan Fraser movie was from the ads with him fighting over those furry animals. And critics have slammed the movie left and right. Nobody likes it AT ALL! Brendan looks a little paunchy in the film a far cry from seeing his oval shaped toenails exposed in a Gap magazine ad in 1994 advertising clothes and a slimmer body back then.

    • Giggles

      I have to change the channel when I see those ads, because they make me so sad about what Brendn Fraser has been reduced to.

  • Brad

    i have the same feeling about friday the 13th…it perpetuates the stereotype that all hockey goalies are psycho killers

  • Criss

    “i have the same feeling about friday the 13th…it perpetuates the stereotype that all hockey goalies are psycho killers”

    You mean they aren’t? I’ve never really followed hockey that closely.

  • Dean

    People it is just a movie.Don’t take it seriously.

  • Victor Eloy

    don’t u think Kattie Cassidy who is 23 years old is too old to played a high school student???? it’s like the guys and girls from 90210……my mom laughs out loud everytime she watches them on the show and I said to her 2mom they r only 16 years old”!

    • Danielle

      Come on, how many 16 year old characters are played by 16 year olds ever. It’s always someone who recently hit 20. Part of the reason for that is a real 16 year old can’t understand the character well enough to play them because they don’t understand the ironies or subtleties necessary to play their own age.

      • ella

        and how old are you, Danielle? Fifty?

      • David

        Actually the reason a 16 year old can’t play a 16 year old on television and in most movies is due to child labor laws. They can only work a certain amount of hours a day and it would drag production out. It’s faster to produce a TV episode and movie if the actors are over the age of 18.

      • Will

        exactly David! And Danielle I feel you just insulted a bunch of 16-year-olds, just because they’re not as old as you doesn’t mean they can’t be as smart as you.

  • Mike

    Okay, I’m as bleeding heart liberal as they come, but the level of political correctness suggested by some people here really does go over the deep end. Kids are cruel. Besides calling a burn victim Freddy, they also like to stare at disabled people and generally make fun of anyone who is different from them. It’s kind going overboard to suggest this movie perpetuates some stereo type that burn victims are maniacal killers and child molesters. Having seen the movie, I really liked it (for what it was) and personally thought it was far better than the original. I liked the new Freddy, but he will take getting used too. He is definitely not Robert Englund. I do like him though.

  • Steve

    Great. So now we will get more Hollywood rehashes. I blame the people who go see this garbage. If someone thinks of a new idea in Hollywood nobody goes and sees it. Prime example the great movie Kick-Ass.

  • Victor Eloy

    still, Cassidy is 23, not 20 but anyway, it’s just I am so used to see her as Ella the publicist in Melrose and I actually thought she would be 29 years old or something…..
    anyway it seems the movie is well acted….great for Earl Haley, I love him since little children and he was the best from Watchmen……

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