Box office update: 'Toy Story 3' on fire; 'Jonah Hex' bombs

toy-story-3-lotsoImage Credit: Disney/PixarHere’s a lesson for the movie studios: You can make a sequel 11 years after its predecessor as long as the story is great and the characters are so beloved that earlier generations are still attached to them. That’s what Disney-based Pixar did with the third chapter in the Toy Story franchise.  Toy Story 3 grossed an estimated $41 million Friday night, suggesting that many of those 20-somethings who watched Toy Story 2 when they were in elementary school came back to the franchise to see its latest chapter. Now Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody are destined for Pixar’s record books, with the highest-opening ever for a Pixar movie. Based on the Friday numbers, Toy Story 3 could earn as much as $120 million for the three-day frame. (The studio’s previous opening-weekend record was $70 million for Finding Nemo in 2003.)

That’s the good news. The bad news is that Warner Bros.’ action Western Jonah Hex is a giant misfire. The Josh Brolin-starrer grossed approximately $2 million for a weekend that’s likely to wind up with only $6 million and a probable sixth place in the box office rankings. That is really bad. And it doesn’t bode well for the studio that released Splice earlier this month to paltry numbers too.

The rest of the top five will be dominated by holdovers, with The Karate Kid holding in fairly well considering its competition from Toy Story 3. The Jackie Chan-Jaden Smith starrer grossed an estimated $8 million on Friday for a weekend that should total $30 million, representing a 46 percent drop-off and a total cume that’s likely to reach over $100 million. The A-Team is in for a steeper fall, earning less than $4 million on Friday for a likely weekend total of $13 million. That represents close to a 60 percent drop for a movie that bowed last weekend to number’s beneath industry expectations. Shrek Forever After is likely to take fourth place with a bit over $2 million on Friday and a weekend total that should add up to over $8 million. Fifth spot goes to Get Him to the Greek which earned a bit under $2 million Friday night for a weekend that should reach $6 million for the frame.

Check back tomorrow for official results.

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  • Jeff

    A-Team is really good. I’m surprised that it hasn’t done better.

    • Rex

      Lacks female interest. Convincing your girl to go see it is the same as them trying to convince you to see sex in the city. Except guy aren’t that good with using sex as a bargaining chip

      • Gen

        So true. I really don’t want to see that movie at all. Sooo boring looking. But I didn’t want to see SATC2 either. Loved the early seasons of the show, but I believe the reviewers for this one.

      • Seymour

        The A-Team is nothing like Sex and the City. The A-Team should have female fans – there are plenty of women who like action films. The problem is that a lot of fans of the series don’t like the casting choices in the film. This is a situation where they might have been better served tweaking the premise and coming out with a new franchise than trying to reboot a classic.

      • Heather

        I agree on both counts Seymour.

      • tvgirl48

        I’m a girl and I would love to see the A-Team. I love action movies and, since I never saw the original show, I actually like the movie cast! How about this factor: some of us are cheap and don’t like spending upwards of 8 bucks for a movie ticket and prefer to wait until it’s on DVD?

      • Jon Dekerley

        The same reason INCEPTION will disappoint. No female appeal.

      • Joe

        Yep, agree with Seymour… The Mr T replacement killed the desire to see it for me. Love Liam Neeson, the other guys were good picks as well. Mr T is just irreplaceable yet such a big part of the show.

      • Eddie

        Maybe as a gay guy it’s different from the girls, but I love Sex and the City and I definitely want to see the A-Team too, I mean, Bradley Cooper!

      • Fizzygrrl

        Hey, I am desperate to see the A-Team. With Father’s Day and a birthday this month, I am keeping a tighter rein on expendable cash. Otherwise I would be there in the theater all by myself to see it.

      • petuniafromhell

        WHAT? Inception will not dissapoint! I’m a female and so many things I am so looking forward: Big Fan of Chris Nolan, Love all the movies Leo has made since Gangs of NY (none of them girly films), mayor crush on Ken Watanabe and JG Levitt is super cool and Ellen Page is too…plenty of reasons to see Inception.

      • M

        I’m thinking that the main reason is that the A-team is less family/kid oriented than KKid.

      • Jen

        Um, I’m a girl and I’m excited for Inception, and so are many other women I know. How can a movie with DiCaprio, Gordon-Levitt, Watanabe, Murphy and Hardy not have “female appeal”?

      • Kat

        Sorry dude, but I am a girl, and I LOVED it! Maybe you should get a new girlfriend.

      • Hannah

        @Jon Dekerley

        I am counting the days for Inception. I already plan to see it at full price at the IMAX theater. That’s why I am not wasting my money on the A-Team. Inception looks so awesome – plus Leonardo DiCaprio AND Joseph Gordon Levitt with Ellen Page. This movie has plenty of female fans waiting.

      • megan

        i’m a girl and i saw A-team. it was far-fetched brain candy but, i enjoyed it!

      • LAJackie

        The same reason INCEPTION will disappoint. No female appeal.
        Are you serious? Me (age 49) and my daughter (17) are both excited for that movie.

      • Nikki

        How do you call an awesome looking Chris Nolan film with none other than the gorgeous Leo DiCaprio “no female appeal”? I take offense to that.

      • T

        John Derkerley. You are an idiot. Just because there isn’t a huge female presence in a movie doesn’t mean that women won’t see it. There just like everyone else. If the movie is good they’ll see it. Plus every woman I know loves DiCaprio and Gordon – Levitt. Try not posting next time.

      • mickey

        I’m I a girl and I didn’t have to be convinced to see the A-Team.

      • hannah86

        Inception is not a movie marketed towards males. I’m not a bra burning feminist but sheesh… females can watch smart movies by Christopeher Nolan too.

      • @no

        wrong. I am chick hate Sex and the city. Love the Ateam the show, and the movie the Ateam was crap. Bradley C is not a big star no matter a handful of women on here lusting after him-which I don’t get- to pull a fan base. Hollywood is depending to much on blonde male who all look alike and have not been around long enough to be big talent. I hated the ateam movie because it ruined the bond that the show had of the guys,.
        And please not all chicks love twilight- I will not be watching that or love SITC. So far the only good movie this summer has been Toystory and I am shocked since I expected to hate it way better than Up. The Ateam movie is written for a dumb down viewer. Personally I’m excited about the next movie from the Dark Knight director so don’t assume anything about all chicks :)

      • Jake

        Just because a few of you ladies liked the A TEAM it does not mean that majority of the ladies wll like it as well. It’s not just about seing a guy half naked, they have to like the story line as well.
        A TEAM also have no appeal around teens and especially kids.
        NO females + No teens = No Blockbuster

      • stacy e

        I’m female & dying to see Inception! I’m interested in The A-Team but with Toy Story 3 coming out this weekend I wouldn’t have gone to anything else. $80 tickets/snacks for a family of 4 is a lot of money for us but is always worth it for a Pixar movie.

      • TBFan

        Au contraire! Female here, and I grew up watching the A-Team. I was super psyched when they made this movie. It wasn’t quite the same, but it was just as fun. Could’ve done without Jessica Biel though. Her being in it was just as bad (okay, maybe not quite as bad) as having Katie Holmes in Batman.

      • tomm

        Teens and 20something moviegoers see ‘The A Team’ as their “dad’s old favorite show” or never heard of it. Mr. T put a curse on the movie, since it wasn’t true to the show.

        Also, it isn’t ‘The Hangover’, so Bradley Cooper couldn’t bring them in. Cooper is best in comedies, and isn’t an action star.

      • blythe

        I saw A Team and I’m a girl. and I went with some other girls and we all loved it.

      • Robert

        I can’t tell you how many girls are absolutely excited about Inception coming out. Having actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are huge draws, but also because dear Jon forgot something important – women have brains. Women don’t go to movies for “female appeal”. I believe women go to the movies for a great storyline, something that leaves a mark on their minds. Yes, you do have a few chick flicks that have very little storyline and that try to rely on the romantic emotions of women, but guy movies aren’t any better. How much thought is put into most action movies? Hardly any. “Let’s blow some buildings up, throw in a chase scene, and kill some people.” “Sounds good. Taping begins on Friday.” Most people (this means men AND women) are fairly more intelligent than this. We go to see those types of movies because we want the thrill of romance, action, or the thrill of living vicariously through those over-the-top characters in these implausible fantasies. But the movies we remember are those that are intelligently crafted, unique, inventive. Not to overhype Inception before it’s even been released, but people want to see it because it looks to be well-crafted and an intriguing concept. And judging on past experiences of movies with Christopher Nolan at the helm, it’s certainly worth giving a shot. I honestly believe Inception will do very well on opening weekend, for males AND females alike. BTW, Toy Story 3 falls under the category of inventive story-telling and was a great movie, and in my opinion the best of the 3. It had me emotionally drawn to every scene and was absolutely entertaining. Everyone should go see it!

      • AJ

        I’m a female, and I saw the A-Team because I love action movies– not because of its “female appeal.” I’m also excited for Inception because the concept is very different, the visuals look amazing, and because after The Dark Knight I have faith in Nolan’s directing– not because I want to ogle the male cast.

        Shockingly, my gender is comprised of individuals who each enjoy a variety of things for different reasons. We aren’t sheep.

      • Michele

        I’m a female, and Inception is basically the only movie I’m looking forward to all summer. I’ve worshipped Nolan since Following, and I’m a big Leo fan as well. He’s one of the most talented and consistent actors around and has been for some time. I have no interest in the majority of films that have been released thus far this summer. Last movie I saw in theaters was “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and before that, Shutter Island.

      • lewis

        no it is not my sister loved it

    • chris

      me too i saw the a team and liked it alot too.

      • Sarabeth

        The A-Team was the best movie I’ve seen all year. And I’m a chick. You want your girlfriend to go? Tell her Bradley Cooper goes shirtless in a lot of it. That was the initial reason I went. Then I got the shock of my life when the entire movie was PERFECT. Can’t wait for the next one. There had BETTER be a next one.

      • Grace

        haha sarabeth bradley cooper’s shirtlessness is the only reason i wan to see it! i am very excited for that :)

      • Ashleigh

        @Sarabeth: As good as Kick-Ass? I doubt it. A Korean film called “Mother” that was released should also be seen if it’s still playing in select theaters – it was an INCREDIBLE thriller-type film…hard to categorize.

      • thin

        I liked A-Team much more than Kick-Ass. I wanted to love Kick-Ass, but it was only okay. A-Team was just more fun.

    • Emma

      I took my three girlfriends to see it and we all liked it but we certainly weren’t seeing Toy Story 3. Their marketing campaign was pathetic. I only went because I read EW’s cover story on it.

      • ObscureC

        Let me get this straight Emma, you are saying that you didn’t go see a movie because their marketing campaign was bad…. So you need a good marketing campaign to make you do stuff,so basically you have no self confidence and can’t make choices by yourself. Wow you are the perfect sheep for ad egencies

      • huh?

        what is an ‘ad egencies’?

      • Eddie

        Toy Story 3 is easily the best movie I’ve seen since The Dark Knight. It had everything it should have been and was a very satisfying and emotional movie.

      • Jen

        So basically you’re robot and/or sheep who only does what publicists tell you to do? What a sad little person you are.

      • Anna

        Emma, you suck. A-Team was an enjoyable way to pass two hours, but TS3 is a much more satisfying filmgoing experience. It is a GREAT movie, and you are fool to pass on it just because you didn’t live the advertising campaign.

      • bryanbmp

        @emma, what a stupid excuss you wrote, only a troll like you can write such a crap,,,,
        TS3 was EPIC

      • MaxPowers82

        Wow! You guys are harsh. Ease up. I believe all Emma was trying to say is that the trailers and stuff for Toy Story 3 haven’t done the movie any justice (which is true). I had absolutely no interest in seeing it either until I read all the great reviews people have been giving it, because they frankly haven’t done that great of a job at marketing it. It’s not a matter of the publicists not telling me to see it…it’s a matter of them just not making it look that interesting. I’m pretty sure that’s all Emma was saying as well. That would be the exact opposite of her being a “sheep”. The marketing people say ‘hey, come see this movie’ and Emma says ‘No thanks, it looks like crap…until I hear otherwise’. Technically, you guys would be the sheep who are just doing what the ad agencies tell you to, well Emma was waiting to hear an unbiased opinion of whether the movie was actually any good. I think you guys are probably the ones who need to work on your self-confidence when you have to nit-pick and tear down other people’s comments in order to make yourselves feel better.

    • Mac

      I thought the A-Team was pretty good too. Even if it doesn’t do well in theaters, it will sell lots of BluRay and OnDemand. Underrated movie for sure.

    • KissMeImIrish

      This is one of the few instances where the American audience recognizes garbage when they see it and won’t go. A-Team was terrible, through and through. Even more so than Transformers.

    • joblo

      I agree. I loved the A-Team and thought it personified everything that a great summer popcorn flick should be. Just a ton of FUN. Toy Story 3 – also incredible.

    • Murdoch is great

      I don’t understand it either. I really enjoyed as a (female) 80s fan of the original series. I thought it was a good movie.

    • Rekcuf Yeh

      The A-TEAM failed because we had actors playing other actors playing roles that were essentially the other actor’s personas. Find a black dude about the same size as Mr. T, give him a mohawk and spouting “I Pitty the Fool!” and you have a Mr. T impression not another take on a role. Karate Kid did it right with new characters and new interpretations. If its not in the script you’re not going to find it by copying another actor unless you’re doing a spoof like The Brady Bunch. But this wasn’t meant to be a spoof, though it played like a bad one.

    • robinepowell

      I know. I saw it last Tuesday with my mom and at the end people were clapping.

      I’m hoping for a sequal, since Karate Kid has been given one.

    • Ana

      I think the problem is that people aren’t really interested in movie remakes of 80s tv shows. The presumption is that it will be a pale imitation at best.

    • SusanS

      A-Team should have done what it could to be a PG rather than a PG-13 movie. It’s a deterrent for parents and tamping what would have been wider appeal.

  • Sam

    Toy story 3 was amazing!!!

    • Ashley G.

      I loved TS3, I cried when they thought they were all going to go into the incinerator and they all held hands, it was such a touching and funny movie, everything I have come to love and expect from a disney/pixar movie. The second the movie finished I wanted to see it again. Best movie I have seen this year so far. Now if only Deathly Hallows would come out sooner!

  • Bubba

    Toy Story was such an amazing movie. Pixar, in my opinion, has made one of the best movies in a long while. I know its a kids movie, but I’m a eighteen years old and still appreciated everything about the movie and so did my friends who went with me. Pixar’s 11th and biggest hit is also their best movie.

    • Levi


      • Sam

        I’m 22, and I have never laughed so much in a movie. It even made me cry! It was definitely funnier than any other movie I have seen this year, and not in an immature way, in an actually funny way.

      • Chris

        You cried?! What’s wrong with you? Are you a bit touched in the head?

      • dipshat

        Toy Story 3 was beyond great!

      • highoncelluloid

        You didn’t cry? I pity anybody who is so cold hearted that they don’t cry once during this movie.

      • Chris

        I didn’t cry because I’m over the age of 10 and don’t have a mental illness. How are you able to function in society when a cartoon makes you cry? If you breakdown watching a cartoon then the evening news is probably ripping your heart apart.

      • Jose

        Chris what is wrong with you? Toy Story 3 was a great movie with characters that touched the hearts of many viewers and made us care about them. Great movies are supposed to make us emotional and made us react differently. I’m 18, don’t have a mental illnes, didn’t cry, yet I’m not making fun of those who did.

      • Adam

        Have you actually watched the evening news? BP is destroying the world. If that’s not horribly depressing to you then you clearly aren’t living on the same planet I am.

      • Chris

        It was a good movie but I didn’t cry. It’s a cartoon, not real life. It’s time for you to grow up and realize the real problems of the world and not get so carried away by cartoon toys.

      • Carly

        Chris is a troll, don’t pay attention to what he says.

      • Rich

        It may be a cartoon but I think the reason why people cried or were touched by the film is that many of the viewers grew up watching the Toy Story trilogy. So as they grew up from kids into young adults Toy Story literally grew up along with them and made them nostalgic about their childhoods. It wasn’t the cartoon aspect that moved the viewers to tears but the fact that the movie made them realize that they all went through the same phases that Andy, Woody, and Buzz did. It made them realize that they all had to grow up at one point and they also had to learn to accept on sacrificing things that they once loved (and no I’m not referencing to just toys) in order to deal with the “real problems of the world.” Just because it’s an animated movie doesn’t mean that there isn’t any substance that’s relatable to young adults/adults.

      • Jose

        Thanks for summing it up perfectly Rich.

      • Chris

        Carly why did you even bother to comment? I’m thinking you’re the troll here. If you want others to ignore me then follow your own advice.

      • Chris

        That was a great reply Rich. I can’t argue with that. My apologies to Jose who also made a good point. Maybe it’s those horns at the world cup that’s got me irritated this afternoon.

      • but p!

        Adam, i’m about to loose my job, won’t be able to get married next year and buy a house, and therefore, having a baby is going to have to wait longer and my ovaries are going to dry up soon…the other day, i was watching the little couple and i started crying. Sometimes things just trigger deep emotions. There is nothing wrong with crying over TS3.

      • Vina

        Don’t mind Chris. He’s just at the Age of Not Believing. He’ll get over it.

      • Dan

        Chris, Well I didn’t cry in T3 but tell me you didn’t feel anything when in Lion King when his father died.

      • Em

        movies, whether they be cartoons, or “real life” are meant to make people feel something. there were very touching moments in toy story 3, and as someone who grew up with the movies, it can be quite the emotional adventure. for those of us who aged with the characters, i think it can be a bit nostalgic. the fact that people cried during the movie means pixar has some excellent writers.
        by the way, i totally cried during up! and i am not ashamed!

      • Ashley G.

        Rich you took the words out of my mouth. I grew up with Disney cartoons in the “golden age” of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and itis so nice to see that Disney is stil cranking ot some of the best movies for kids of all ages. TS3 was a very touching beautiful addition to the Toy Story series and I can’t wait to add it to my movie collection.

      • Ashley G.

        sorry about the typos guys, typing on my ipod is tricky! lol

      • Emerald

        This was a fantastic movie. I had some tears a few different parts of the movie, it was truly lovely. But @Chris who says he doesn’t have a mental illness and didn’t cry….umm, what? If you didn’t cry, fine…but there are mental illnesses like schizophrenia where you lose touch with the human part of yourself, and ae unable to feel natural basic emotions. So don’t go putting down people who were really attached to the characters and the story.

    • EdwinShy

      Actually Toy Story 3 is the 10th Pixar film Cars 2 is the 11th

      • griffin

        who cares if the number is wrong, the point is still the same.

      • Chris

        No it’s not. Up was Pixar’s 10th movie. Toy Story (1), A Bug’s Life (2), Toy Story 2 (3), Monster’s Inc. (4), Finding Nemo (5), The Incredibles (6), Cars (7), Ratatouille (8), Wall-E (9), Up (10), and Toy Story 3 at #11. Cars 2 is #12 followed by Brave and Monster’s Inc 2.

      • Alice

        Actually, Toy Story 3 is the 11th feature. Up was the 10th.

    • Andrew m

      Who cares if it’s a “kids” movie? Thats the problem with adults and teenagers today, don’t want to see movies that are for kids. Why can’t movies just be movies, and a story just be a story, meaning they be for everyone. Just because a movie is animated doesn’t mean it is lesser.

      • Bubba

        When I said “kids movie”, I just meant that most people consider animated movies kid’s movie, but still that title still doesn’t stop me from seeing a great movie no matter if it’s animated or has subtitles. A great movie is a great movie no matter what, and Toy Story was that rare exception where it was even better than great.Thats all I was trying to say. I’m sorry for calling it that.

      • dee

        For the record, there were very few kids in my theater last night. It ranged from people in their late teens up to people in their 40′s, from the looks of it.

      • Emerald

        I went last night and I think I brought the only kids into the audience! My boys are 4 & 5, and the rest were teens and adults. I almost felt badly for bringing in kids to TS3, LOL! Almost. The movie was pure genius and I think I might sneak in another viewing of it.

    • Carly

      Bubba, it’s like books, the best books for kids are the ones that adults can enjoy too, and TS3 deals with universal themes.

      • Bubba

        Your right Carly, and thanks to everyone, even Chris, for commenting. Thank you

    • bryanbmp

      I am a Man, I am 22, I grew up with TS 1 and 2 and I watched TS3, and I cried a little bit, I know it is a bit embarrassing, but that movie deserved all my feelings, laughs, tension, everythings
      PIXAR you scored a GOAL

  • Jose

    Sigh, I know these numbers are good, but I was hoping it would break The Dark Knight’s opening weekend record. Oh well at least it will definitely break Shrek The Third’s record for biggest animated film.

    • Chris

      Why does that matter to you?

      • Jose

        I wanted to see it break records, is that so wrong?

      • Chris

        If you can tell me how it will benefit you. Huge success or huge failure, it won’t add or take away a dollar from your wallet. It’s just a movie!

      • Desmo

        Why you gotta be like that Chris? Can’t he just want something for no tangible reason?

      • bryanbmp

        @Chris… does it matter to you that Jose cares about breaking records?

        I personally loved the dark knight and Toy story 3, but it should have been awesome that ts3 could have reached TDK, at least it just would have been for a little time until Batman 3 breaks records again in 2012,

    • Jose

      Bragging rights.
      And stop being such a d*uche.

      • Chris

        Who exactly will you be bragging to? I doubt many care but have fun with that in the school yard….oh wait, you’re an adult which is pretty hard to believe.

      • Jose

        Me and my friends pose bets to see how much money a movie will make at the box office. I betted that it would be the biggest opening weekend ever. Lost $20, people in Wall Street do it too. Pretty hard to believe that you’re a decent human being by the way.

      • Mattix

        Chris, what is your case? If grown people cry during a movie, so what? Why does that automatically mean they don’t care about what’s going on in the real world. You are one shallow individual. I am 29, male and I cried watching ‘Up’ and it is tearing me up watching the BP oil situation as well. This is a comment thread for people who saw or are interested in seeing Toy Story 3. And there are a lot of people who follow B.O. records. People can care about movies and politics. This thread has NOTHING to do with politics. You are a troll. Stop being a douche

      • Chris

        Sorry for insulting you Jose.

      • Jose

        It’s OK Chris.

      • @Mattix

        Ugh, I had such a hard time watching the first part of Up. I would think that anyone who’s ever loved and lost someone could understand why people get emotional during that movie.

  • Hope

    YAY I knew it would. :) Go TS 3!!!

  • llevinso

    I’m seeing Toy Story 3 tomorrow and I’m 27. Super excited!!

  • Allen Swords

    @Edwin: Toy Story 3 is most certainly Pixar’s 11th film to date — not counting shorts.

    Toy Story (1995) to Toy Story 3 (2010) = 11 films.

  • Paige

    The great thing about Pixar movies are that adults and children can enjoy them equally.

    I’m 20, and I’m so excited to see Toy Story 3. I love Pixar.

  • JPX

    It pleases me that Megan Fox’s career continues to slip into Lindsay Lohan territory. First Jennifer’s Body bombs, then she mouths off and gets herself fired from Transformers 3 and now Jonah Hex bombs(whoever thought this film would be a good idea should be fired). Soon it will be direct-to-video movies and finally a Playboy shoot.

    • Mac

      Megan Fox really isn’t that bad, much better than most of the other PYT actresses. She has at least another chance to shine, in Pirates next year. Although I can see the 4th film in that series doing about as well as the most recent Shrek, due to burnout – meaning she will get more flack for being apart of a boxoffice failure.

      • Jessica

        Megan Fox is awful, and she will not be in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. That has already been confirmed by Disney!

      • SLDB

        I agree Mac. Megan Fox is not that bad. She’s young and a little stupid. However, I’ve seen much worse acting from Kristen Stewart than from Megan Fox.

      • Anna

        As someone who saw “Jennifer’s Body” I don’t think Megan Fox is that bad either, but Kristen Stewart is a talented actress – you just have to see her in one of her other non-Twilight projects like “Into the Wild” or “Adventureland.” Also, critics said she was the best thing about the “Runaways” (even if I didn’t see that).
        The Twilight dialogue makes everyone suck, SLDB. No one can come off remotely credible in those films because the content is so ridiculous that even the actors can’t fake taking it seriously.

      • m

        I saw Jennifer’s body as well. I think a lot of her negativity comes from her looks. She isnt a bad actress. I mean she isn’t great, but as someone who major’s in theater, she’s pretty good without any formal training. Truthfully I think she is better than Kristen Stewart because Kristen Stewart seems to play herself in every picture. From every megan fox interview, she is extremely insecure and neurotic yet is always playing self sufficient heroine/alpha female types. However, Megan Fox made the unfortunate error of speaking her mind, which is frowned upon in our country if you haven’t “earned it” so to speak by excelling in you profession. I hope that makes sense

      • @no

        major’s in theater? wow and you think Meagan fox is good? no wonder Holywood is full of bad acting. Sorry nothing to do with her looks she is that bad. I just saw JH and she plays the same note in every role she is playing herself. And I really wanted to like her in this role. I think people make excuses for how bad she is because they think she is hot.

      • m

        I havent seen Jonah Hex. Its unfortunate you would attack my character after making one comment. I never said she was good. I just don’t believe she is as bad as described. Why you choose to insult me is beyond my knowledge. You have no class.

    • nodnarb

      Can we finally agree that Megan Fox is not a box office name? The reason people went to see Transformers was because of the giant effin robots!

    • Lyss

      Just wanted to point out that Jonah Hex is actually based on a DC comic. So their idea isn’t even original, like most movies today.

  • Sgt. Rock

    Glad to see Toy Story 3 getting good reviews, there’s been so many bad films out this summer. If Toy Story 3 is in 3D, does that make it Toy Story 3 squared?

    • Umm

      No. It would be Toy Story 3 cubed, genius.

      • Chris

        Oh snap!

      • Desmo

        Innocent question, jack @ss response.

  • Bill

    A-Team was a disgrace. Murdock was the only redeeming casting choice and was the only character worth watching.
    Pixar has hit another home run with Toy Story 3.

    • Garrett

      Sharlto Copley can redeem any movie he is amzing!

  • Miss Mary

    I’m a so-called “chick” and much prefer action flicks over sappy romantic drivel. What keeps me out of the theater are the prices. I’m not paying top dollar for an awful experience of noisy rude people and overpriced junk food.

    • Diana

      But I think a lot of females are less willing to see an action flick for the sake of seeing an action flick like some guys are. There has to be buzz about the particular movie first. And I enjoy romantic/comedic films, but not the “romantic comedy” genre as we know it that literally has not produced one quality film since the 90s.

  • dgh

    “What happened to your face” shoots the guy “cut it shaving what happened to yours” is reason enough not to go see Jonah Hex movie!

  • larry k

    My wife and I saw Toy Story at the Imax 3-d last night.Best movie of the year!And take kleenex!As far as A-Team goes,it was a fun summer popcorn flic that should have done better at the boxoffice.

  • Michael

    It’s still kinda upsetting to me that Splice didn’t do better. Sure it was a little strange but it was really creative and interesting…

    • Chris

      It would have been better if Adrian Brody’s nose wasn’t blocking half the scenes.

      • Dave


      • Garrett

        Yeah he is wierd looking but having pretty people that cant act in it really would have ruined it

      • Dylan

        But having a pretty person that could act would have been better, lol. Too often people automatically assume ugly male actors must = brilliant thespians. That’s why actors always “uglify” themselves for serious parts when they’re gunning for an Oscar.

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