'Eclipse' interview teaser: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner talk 'Breaking Dawn' and the end of 'Twilight'

twilight-eclipseImage Credit: John Gress/Getty ImagesEntertainment Weekly sat down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner for a feature interview running in this week’s magazine to discuss the world they inhabit within the Twilight universe — both on screen and off.  The three young stars opened up about coping under the glare of intense media spotlight, how they rely on one another to pull through, what they think of the upcoming final movie, Breaking Dawn, what lies ahead once the franchise wraps, and much more. In this preview, the three stars talk about gearing up for the final chapter of the saga that has changed each of their lives forever.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You guys are about to start shooting the two Breaking Dawn movies back to back. You signed on to this franchise before Breaking Dawn was written. When you read it, were you thinking, How is this going to be turned into a movie?
: Yeah, definitely. What is Renesmee going to look like? Is it going to be this little teeth-baby running around? It’s going to be weird.
[Laughs] “Little teeth-baby.”
Yeah, but I think it’s going to be cool. One of the main objectives of the series is to get Bella to a point where she’s mature enough to make such a hefty decision, and she goes through a lot. In the fourth one, she is going to become a wife. She is going to become a mom. She is going to become an adult and a vampire. To do it so young, it needs to be believable. So I’m really excited about playing that.

Some people read Breaking Dawn as very pro-life and Mormon because Bella decides to have her baby even though it’s endangering her life. Did any of that bother you when you read the book?
No, because it made sense. Not wanting to give up the baby is about her holding onto that last thing that she would have to give up if she was not human anymore. Right after she and Edward sleep with each other for the first time, she says, “Oh, f***, I might want to be human for a little bit longer.” The baby is just an even more intense version of that.
PATTINSON: I think people make up all these Mormon references just so they can publish Twilight articles in respectable publications like the New York Times. Even Stephenie [Meyer, author of the Twilight novels] said it doesn’t mean any of that. It is based on a dream.

The Breaking Dawn movies are the last in the series. How do you feel about all of this coming to a conclusion soon?
In terms of shooting them, they’re almost done. We’re going to be done by March.
It will be so weird, the last day of filming that last movie.
It will be sad, too. It’s been one of the most crazy, indulgent experiences as an actor, to be able to follow a character for this long.
I think stopping will be very weird.
It will just feel like a chapter has been closed.
A big chapter.
STEWART: I’m going to be like, “But wait, there’s this scene…”

For more from the three stars of the Twilight movies, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, June 25.

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  • Marie

    please don’t make this about “pro-life” because it was pro-choice, she made the choice to have the baby.

    • Zoey

      Oh please. She never actually considered abortion. As soon as Edward brought up getting rid of it, she freaked. Maybe Meyer didn’t do it on purpose, but she definitely advocated the pro-life stance.

      • Mrs. Frisby

        And that’s a problem because….?

      • Jenna

        Why is choosing life so wrong?

      • avenger

        Choosing life is by no means wrong, but the operative word here is choice. The woman can choose to have the baby or not, that is her right

      • KIMBOAT

        Really from that whole book you got a anti abortion ad? seriously? so i guess that means that Harry Potter is a book on witchcraft. people need to get a life. its fiction and it is for entertainment! leave the politics out of it!!!

      • Dede

        As a pro-choice person, that is exactly what I am. Pro Choice. Just as every woman shouldn’t be forced to keep a baby they don’t want, they also shouldn’t be forced to abort a baby they do want even if the baby is dangerous to her health. Bella did make a choice. As a mother I can understand her choice just as I would have understood her feelings if she had chosen differently. I liked the way Stephenie Meyer handled the pregnancy part of the story.

      • Taylor

        Even if she chose to give up the baby why would she? I mean that is the last thing that happened in her human life. She gave birth to Renesemee. She would still want a piece of her human life.

      • amanda medlock

        OMG its a friggin book!

      • Arianna

        Have a choice doesn’t mean choose not to have the baby… she did chose. She chose to have it.
        And for her it wasn’t something to fix, it was a product of love not a mistake

      • Lizzie

        Pro-Choice means having a choice, she chose to keep her baby. That is what freedom of choice gives you, options. Just because she never wanted to get rid of it doesn’t mean she didn’t have that option.

      • Jan

        It was more shocking to me that Edward would even consider an abortion. The Cullen family was always protecting life not destorying it. This was HIS child for crying out loud!

      • Cindy Ramsay

        I have to agree with the woman who says “It’s a friggin’ book.” I think the intent (not that I would know) was to see it in terms of human vs. vampire rather than pro life vs. pro choice.

    • JBW

      I didn’t view the book as being pro-life or pro-choice. Her decision to keep the baby was reflecting her character. Bella is the type of person who will put herself in harm’s way in order to protect the people she loves. She’s willing to hurt herself to make sure those around her don’t have to be in pain. That’s just the type of person she is, that’s why her “power” after she’s changed into a vampire is so important. It means she can protect those she loves.

      • esme

        i totally agree it waz her choice in that time and i would have done the same im just that type of person so yep bella is a cool cat and that waz a wonderful choice

      • Nicky

        I totally agree that it was just the type of person that she was!! Pro-choice/life/abortion has nothing to do with the story of Bella, Edward & Jacob

    • bw

      either way, one more baby we will have to celebrate in our lives with us. welcome, Renesme.

      • mo

        You do realize that she is fictitious, right?

    • Sara(:

      Omqq really r u quyys serious yu are really qunna fiqqht about bellas dessision???? Dats preety stupid de book made it that wayy and nobody can chanqe it no more qoshhh welll i also wanted to sayy i cant wait for eclipsee only a few more days and breakinqqq dawnnn omqqq

      • Michelle

        You do realize that a “Q” is a “Q” and not a “G”…right?

    • Tamara

      I agree…Pro Choice…I was pregnant and it was ectopic…I couldnt keep my 8 week old feutus and I wanted to so bad, it still hurts…will anyone tell me…was I able to keep my baby, is there any way I could have had my baby??


      Dude, it’s a book. But, also. She choose to have the baby for a reason. It was her choice. So, leave it at that.

  • StewyFan

    So are they are on the cover or is this just an article inside the mag?
    And why did you guys show THIS picture out of the slew that were featured from this shoot? There was a really good one of them all smiley and happy.

    • Ceballos

      The best we can do is cross our fingers and hope EW FINALLY puts “Twilight” on the cover.

      • StewyFan

        Six covers is NOT enough!!!!

      • Ambient Lite

        Yeah, why can’t they ever just let Twilight be great? heh

      • Miranda

        I get three free issues of the magazine, and I already got one in the mail. So I do hope they are on the next cover. : )

    • mk

      i mean, really, could they have chosen an WORSE photo?

      • StewyFan

        Thank you!!!

      • Peter

        She’s got that tired old “Oh, you snapped just as I was casually pushing my hair behind my hear” pose.

  • Sarah D

    I had already had my first daughter when I read Breaking Dawn so from the moment she nicknamed the baby “her little nudger” I knew how she felt and that she wouldn’t let anything happen to her baby, monster or not.

    • Chicky

      oy vey

    • kste86

      i have to agree there, i read breaking dawn just after having my third and four children and i can relate, from the moment you feel your little nudger for the first time, you care not what they are or what they become as you only care that they are yours and you must protect them.

      • bw

        beautiful. I believe Stephanie Meyers wrote the first books for recognition, and money—-but I believe she wrote Breaking Dawn for herself. She now has the dream marriage, family, friends, and child all would want. Great books-great finish (and a brave finish also==it’s hard to kill your creations.) Now maybe more books about the Cullens when they were younger (older?), books about the Voltati and Books about Nomad vampires.

  • Selen

    Kristen is so immature and without class. Just when you think she’s going to make a coherent statement she throws in the F word. Stay classy Kristen.

    • Sarah D

      Don’t you mean Klassy?

      • milli

        classy starts with a “C” you a$$wipe!

      • Michelle

        Seriously Milli??? I think everyone else here knew Sarah was joking.

    • Trinidad

      I have the Elle magazine with Kristen on the cover. And she doesn’t hold back. She says how she feels, in the way she feels most comfortable. She’s not Bella. She’s Kristen. And I think its just part of who she is. And I don’t think she should be criticized for being herself. That’s all people want anyway.

      • StewyFan

        She’s 20. Why wouldn’t she use the f word? And the way I figure it, at least she is not getting popped for DWI every weekend and sleeping with all the players in Hollywood and keeping her private life private. But noone seems to notice her positive attributes.

    • Jody

      Isnt that called freedom of speech?

  • Kalie

    I’m glad Rob said what he did about Stephenie being a Mormon. I get really tired of people using her religion to bash certain storylines in the books. It’s ridiculous. Should we know the religion of every popular author out there, so we can compare their storylines to their religious beliefs? I mean, come on. It’s just a story about vampires and werewolves. I seriously doubt she was trying to push her religious beliefs on anyone by writing these books.

    • lilian

      This is not about the author pushing an agenda. But being a Mormon informs her worldview and colors her beliefs. I would be surprised if it wasn’t pro-life, if Bella had an abortion. It would clash with everything the author stands for. And it is naive of Pattinson to assume that the interpretation of the books lies solely with their author.

      • mama23

        it had nothing to do with pro life who wonts to read a love story were the couple kill their baby that would have been lame i mean some people are so stupid

  • Ambient Lite

    Done filming Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 by MARCH?? Is it fair for me to interpret this as meaning it will be incredibly CGI-heavy?

    • Jenny

      That’s one way to interpret it. Another way to interpret it might be, “Everyone wants to get it over with, so we’re rushing it like hell.”

      • Dan

        Frankly, I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to move on. They all look miserable and harassed every time I see them.

      • fiona grapple

        filming has nothing to do with cgi which is a post production aspect that the actors are not involved with.

  • mari

    hi i love robert

    • ME

      May I ask why you love him? Do you know him personally? What about him to you find physically attractive? I ask because to me, he looks unhygenic.

    • Bark

      don’t settle just for Robert-be the kind of person that attracts other Roberts to you. When love finally comes to you there will be no way that you can stop it.

  • Sarah

    Seriously, why are people making this a pro choice vs. pro life debate? Just because Stephenie is Mormon so she MUST be writing about a moral issue? No. I think Kristen Stewart explains it just right. It’s about Bella hanging on to her human life.

    • delle1

      And the fact that it’s Edwards’ baby…..

      • Brandi

        Exactly! Edward is the man or (vampire) she loves and she was pregnant with HIS baby. That and of course it was the last piece of her human life. Like others said before. It’s a book. People get so “conspiracy theory” on this. Stop looking into this so hard!

    • Elaine

      Actually Stewart is wrong. Bella kept the baby because it’s part of Edward. Everything she does is about Edward. It had nothing to do with her human half, she was ready to “die” and become a vampire as soon as she fell in love with Edward and knew he was a vampire.

      • Taylor

        True but she loved the baby and that’s also why she kept it. I don’t think it was about holding on to humanity or being apart of someone else. She loved the baby so much even before it was born so of course she would never get rid of it. I don’t think it had anything to do with religion period because if you love something so much you risk everything to keep it.

      • Harshi

        Agree with you guys!!

    • shark jumper

      yeah, I personally find the pedophile issue much more disturbing (and Mormon).

  • Shuler

    Wow. Rob looks terrible in this photo!!

    • ME

      Rob looks terrible all the time.

      • Nicky

        Rob does not look terrible all the time! a good chunk yes, but hotter than hell most other times!

  • jason

    OMG EW didn’t you think to put a spoiler tag at the front of the interview!!! KS spills what i would consider to be some major beans regarding the Twilight story!!!

    • Kate

      In all fairness, if you care AT ALL about this story, you already know what happens.

      • Jody


      • cat

        true, before i even read the book, i went to wikipedia to find out the plot simply because i couldn’t wait

    • jodipo

      really? a spoiler warning for a series based on a book that has been out for a while now?

    • ME

      “Teaser” meaning, to share a bit of an upcoming story, enough to get you interested in seeing the rest of the movie. In other words, Edward and Bella have a baby…go see the movie now that your curiousity is peaked.

  • Kate

    Can I interpret this to mean that we’re to be BLESSED with yet another Twilight cover?
    I guess it’s OK if it’s the week before the film opens. It’s when EW puts it on the cover the other 51 weeks out of the year that it gets truly annoying.
    And yes, that photo is hideous.

  • Wendy

    LOL Kristen’s face in that picture looks like the face I make when I see another Twilight story.

  • Wilson

    I think they may actually be the three most boring people on the face of the earth…

    • Jody

      yeah,your right! They are such boring people that they are replying back to how you look in one of the millions of photos that was taken of you in the last 2.5 yrs.

    • delle1

      you clearly haven’t watched any of their interviews then…..they’re 3 of the funniest people on the face of the earth….especially Rob.His humour and quick witt is very enlightening….

      • Jody

        Thank you delle1. my point exactly

      • murley

        i don’t think you know what the word enlightening means.

    • StewyFan

      You can accuse Rob and Kristen and Taylor of a lot of things, but boring is definitely not one of them.

      • jodipo

        well, you can totally accuse Kristen of being boring

  • Chicky

    Oh. Emm. Gee. I cannot WAIT for this movie to open. It is going to be the BEST movie EVER!

    Oops! I think I just wet my pants.

  • Bluebell

    I can’t wait to see this movie. I’ve enjoyed the other episodes so far. It’s about time too!!!!

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