Mel Gibson's agency drops him as a client

Just one week after Mel Gibson’s longtime agent Ed Limato passed away, his agency William Morris Endeavor has confirmed that the controversial actor is no longer a client. Deadline Hollywood first reported the news this afternoon. It really comes as no surprise that WME, which is topped by Ari Emanuel, would cease to do business with the former Mad Max. Back in 2006, after Gibson’s well-publicized anti-Semitic tirade was made public, Emanuel pleaded with Hollywood to stop doing business with the man.

That didn’t happen, but Gibson’s last outing Edge of Darkness, grossed only $43 million domestically and was a disappointment for the filmmakers. Gibson recently finished Jodie Foster’s new comedy The Beaver which Summit Entertainment is supposed to distribute. The actor is currently in the middle of an ugly custody battle with his former girlfriend. And an audiotape of his purported rant to his ex appeared online today.

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  • Liz Lemon

    Mel Gibson is a sorry excuse for a human being.

    • Michelle

      He’s wealthy because people like him. Let people see the REAL Mel and find out if they still like him.

      • Cheryl D

        Many of us have experienced ‘insane outbursts’ while hurting other people. Most try to learn from these mistakes and move on to become a better person. Forgiveness the first or second time is necessary. For Mr. Gibson, it is too little, too late. He is showing the world who he really is, and refuses to acknowledge that he has some serious mental health issues. He has the O.J. syndrome: “I am an idol and no one can touch me.” The only way we can help him is to stop seeing his movies, and turn our backs to all his negative publicity. God help his children. They will all have to live this down.

      • Dr. X

        Mel Rulz

    • joblo

      I find it interesting to see the reaction to Gibson, as compared to others in Hollywood. Think of Roman Polanski, for instance. He still gets Oscar nominations, has tons of fans, and even people who will be apologists and defend him and his actions (for which he was convicted and found guilty and then fled justice). There are lots of others in Hollywood who have stupid, insane outbursts (Alec Baldwin, Christian Bale, etc) and they seem to be forgotten or set aside quickly. Sean Penn has made Hugo Chavez his best buddy. There’s no excuse for what Mel Gibson said and he has to suffer the consequences. But it seems that the consequences in Hollywood (and the media) for him will be more severe than for those, like Polanski, who have done worse.

      • JenD

        definitely agree. Baldwin’s rant to his daughter or Polanski’s “indiscretions” are arguably as bad as anything Mel did. People seem to love to hate Mel. Don’t quite get the double standard myself.

      • Kitty

        I think the main reason people jump on Mel Gibson more harshly is because he proclaims to be such a devout Christian. He claims to live by the word of God, but doesn’t. That opens the door for harsher criticism.

      • bill

        comparing gibson striking his ex-fiance while holding his baby and using racial slurs is not comparable to baldwin being a verbally abusive dad. but yes on polanski or charlie sheen or chris brown. and yes, agreed-mel’s fall from grace is much much disappointing. he was a huge icon for decades.

      • veronica

        Your comparisons fall short, and particularly with Sean Penn – his association with Chavez is laudable, in my book (and to loads of other progressives). Venezuela’s done more to address disparities of wealth than we’ve done in decades.

      • Devin Faraci

        Veronica you are retarded.

      • jeremy

        i think the point is that roman polanski is one of the greatest artists of the last century. his contributions to human culture and the advancement of the art form is invaluable. his art and his worth are so much greater than his crime.

        mel gibson… well…

      • @jeremy

        “his art and his worth are so much greater than his crime.”

        So it’s okay if I drug, rape and sodomize an underage girl (13! A child!), and flee the country to avoid punishment if I make movies as good as “Chinatown” or “Rosemary’s Baby?”
        That’s what you’re saying… right?
        I can appreciate the work Roman Polanski has made during his lifetime… but what he did was disgusting and awful.

      • Hilda Von Toot

        Icon?..seriously..for what? Those Mad Max ,lethal weapon movies did big buisness but hardly iconic films-now Marilyn Chambers,John Holmes are Icons

      • Indy

        What happened with Ms Geimer was clearly the fault of her mother, for what kind of person leaves her sexually active, drug-using kid alone with a film director, for a photo shoot in the SEVENTIES


        As a parent, i know that in a similar situation, there is no way I would have let this happen without supervision.

        Yes and in all this commotion the Press and Prosecutors and Santa Monica & Los Angeles Judges for 33 years have forgotten that Roman Polanski was not an ordinary MAN, since he was a highly attractive person to Samantha Geimer and her family, through the fame and fortune Polanski could potentially have brought her in Roman Polanski being a successful and famous film director.

        Everyone in California is upset about seduction of an underage girl, but on the other hand there may have been seduction of Roman Polanski by an underage, oversexed, unsupervised kid, to gain his favor, and fame and fortune, or alternatively just simple mutual attraction, an accident waiting to happen,

        A Streetcar Named Desire.

        I agree with @jeremy who said “I think the point is that roman polanski is one of the greatest artists of the last century. his contributions to human culture and the advancement of the art form is invaluable. his art and his worth are so much greater than his crime.
        mel gibson… well…”

      • Mark

        Retarded is an incredibly offensive term, Devon.

      • SallyinChicago

        I agree and what’s even more interesting is how they get caught on tape. Don’t they know that even cell phones have voice recorders? I wouldn’t say anything derogatory to anyone on the phone these days. Take it outside where people can’t hear you.

        Message to Mel: You can still move back to Australia and find work.

      • m.

        How can anyone even compare giving drugs and alcohol to a child and then ass raping her to anything what mr. Gibson has done?!

      • teresa

        Devin: Calling someone retarded is completely inappropriate and is almost as bad as calling someone a racial slur. Try to be enlightened. Are we sure he did these things he’s accused of?

      • joblo

        And @Indy just made my point for me exactly.

      • AJ

        Devin–wow, great argument. Someone says something you disagree with and you name call. How about on intelligent point of view on Penn’s choices. Tell me why he’s misguided,
        state a position, defend it. It not that hard if you have a few facts and the ability to reason.

      • branwren

        Veronica, really?!!! disparities of wealth? That’s socialist speak for I’m lazy and I want your hard earned money because I think I deserve to live just as well as you do, even though I’m lazy. So many young people today believe they deserve the 3-2-2 and the Escalade because the deserve it, and, they are willing to take what I have worked hard for to make sure they get it. After all, who am I compared to them? Just their slave making the money for them to take away. What a bunch of socialist crap.

      • Are you for Real?

        @Indy—Are you sure you aren’t actually Roman Polanski?

      • rae

        If you listened to what Mel said, he went a lot further than the rest you listed and Roman Polanski is in a category onto himself. Words and actual rape are worlds apart.

      • B

        My views regarding Polanski has boiled down to this: do I condone rape? No. Do I want more films by by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, even if it means allowing that filmmaker (a rapist) to “escape justice?” The answer is yes. That timeless art is more valuable to me than the fleeting justice. I also just can’t generate the anger so many people seem possessed by regarding this particular “rape.” And I’m not a lawyer or a cop, nor do I agree with all of our nation’s laws, so I don’t have to think in Black and White about justice or morality. Now… as regards Gibson – I continue to separate artists from their personal lives – I don’t care what they do at home, nor do I care about their political views or disreputable actions. “Triumph of the Will” is an amazing film, ya know. To me, it’s clear that people get off on the Gibson/Polanski thing because it makes them feel better, and gives them a way to channel their frustration and anger.

      • LADY CACA

        B– Great point, however, the examples you used are not strong arguments.
        Hugo Chavez was democratically elected, and as much as he has opponents, there are many Venezuelans who love him, especially the poor. It is difficult to understand why someone would admire Chavez — But if you understand the role American policy played in creating guys like him, you’d get it!

        Christian Bale being a perfectionist and losing it on a co-worker is no new feat… It happens to the best of us and in many stressful professions.

        Again, Alec Balwin is a bad example.. Apart from his horrible rant, we know he loves his daughter immensely and made a bad decision to act out.

        At first I gave Mel the benefit of the doubt, especially when under the influence of alcohol. The problem with Mel Gibson is that his behavior gets worst and more CRUEL. How do you wish the mother of your child raped by a gang of men (forgetting the racial slur)? Burning the house down even with your child inside?

        I am not making excuses for anyone, however, MEL GIBSON leaves no room for redemption of for people to feel sorry for him..

      • Cody

        That’s because in Hollywood (or in most Western parts of the world), making anti-semetic (sp?) comments in public is the worst thing you can do. You can ass-rape blind children with cancer, but even that’s regarded as not as bad as making AS comments.

      • waver


    • kraven4more

      you hate him cause he hurt the
      feeling oo jews please give me a break if he make a movie about jews you will forgive and forget

      • Liz Lemon

        No. I forgave him the first time he made an idiot out of himself.
        There are no second chances when it comes to issues like this. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even drunk this time.

    • Shirley


      You are severely mentally challenged. There. Is that better?

    • Mike

      Thank you Mel for what will be an AWESOME Southpark episode next season!!!

  • Hiro Protagonist

    I love him

    • Hah!

      Oh, you say that to all the women beaters…

    • paul nemko

      what’s your phone number, babe? I’m looking for a low self esteem gal since I got out of anger management.

    • nik

      he should be DEPORTED back to the outback that gave birth to his sorry kind

      • chattypatra

        nik, unfortunately Mel was born in the US, not in Australia. His father moved the family there so that Mel’s brother could avoid the draft and miss the Vietnam War.

      • Carlito

        Ignoramus, he was born in Peekskill, New York, NOT Australia. Do some research before you spew your ignorance.

      • Tor

        Ah that would be America where he was born. He is American. Came to Australia when 12 years old. We taught him how to act.

      • WOWWIEEE

        He’s origanlly from New Jersey or New York. He moved to Austrailia when he was like 10 or 11.

  • Noel Goetz

    Mr. Gibson should be able to possess the same access to privacy as the rest of us. We are all guilty of saying and doing things we wished were never to be made public. Yes I am a great fan of his, and yes, I think restraint is always the best course. But those who wish to dethrone a great actor and producer for something in his own personal life need to clean your own house first. Remember when you point a finger at someone else that three fingers are pointing back at you. Good luck Mel. Return to your roots.

    • Yes

      The truth is that he kept his private life very much private for years. But when you go on racist rants and threaten the mother of your children – yeah it’s gonna go public if you’re in the public. It’s one thing to say that a lot of people say things when they are drunk – but IF (and only if) it turns out that he had threatened his girlfriend that is beyond lapse of judgement.
      It just makes you wonder what his wife put up with since he admits he had a problem with alcohol for several years before. That woman deserves a medal.

    • jp

      Most of us (at least I hope it’s most of us) don’t threaten to beat the crap out of women and use profanity of the lowest degree in said threats, with racial slurs on top. Plus, there is evidence that Mr. Gibson made good on those threats, and actually hit this woman. To which there is NO excuse.
      Sorry, Noel, but I cannot agree with you on this. Mel needs some repercussions.

    • hc

      Right, but having listened to the tape, have you ever denigrated someone close to you to the extent that Gibson did? And Gibson has profited handsomely from his public profile. If you’re going to leverage your fame for $20 million/picture paydays than you better be prepared for the baggage that comes with it. To some extent I believe Gibson has just fallen (as opposed to being a masked jerk this whole time), but I’ll reserve my empathy for some worthier people.

      • Katelyn

        !00% this.

      • wakeforce

        hc- The most intelligent argument yet.

    • FrankieCee

      Hear hear Noel!

    • Tom

      Apparently Mel could wind up killing a woman and there will be some people out there saying “people who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses” or some garbage to justify their idol’s repellent behavior.

    • Ben

      Let’s see: He hates
      Gays, Blacks, Jews, Mexicans and women (who he also abuses). Hopefully that does not describe most of us.

      • Ben

        Almost forgot: He’s a low-class drunk.

      • I’mjustsaying

        Well not all gays and women- he likes Jodie Foster…

    • Mel is Sorry excuse for a human being

      Like Martin Luther King said, “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends,” and “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” People who excuse Mel’s disgusting behavior are no better than he is.

    • SallyinChicago

      He’s showing his age and looks like hell.

      • Wanda Sex

        But would you still smell his butt?

    • ckey

      How long have you ben on mel’s payroll

  • Dan-O

    Goota love the holier-than-thou types judging Mel Gibson. I guess by crticizing Gibson, it takes the focus off of their own failures.

    • Sara

      Yeah, admitting to punching a women, threatening to burn her house down, then threatening to kill her and bury her in a rose garden, that’s all no big deal! How dare we judge Mel for that, it’s perfectly normal behavior!

    • Ronnie

      Are you kidding? NO ONE is more holier-than-thou than Mel Gibson!

      • ger

        Perfectly said.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Oh geez, I can see this board filling up with people on their high horses. If you don’t watch movies based on people’s beliefs or actions, then you have a very short list of movies to watch.

    • Yes

      Disagreeing on beliefs are one thing, actions are whole other thing.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        So you would never watch a movie like Chinatown or Beetlejuice again then?

      • Yes

        Ok, you’re totally changing the subject there. It’s completely different to watch FICTION.

      • Yes

        If you mean the people in these movies – yes sometimes the person in them turn me off to such a degree I don’t want to see their movies. It’s MY money – I should be able to spend it how I see fit. Why give more money to Mel if I don’t enjoy watching him anymore? How is that wrong? People have lost box office for much less.

      • @Rusty Shackleford

        Really moronic comment.

      • gwen

        Rusty, I get what you mean with Chinatown. But what’s the deal with Beetlejuice? I haven’t heard about Tim Burton breaking the law. Do you mean because Winona Ryder was caught shoplifting? I won’t watch Beetlejuice because I think it’s a bad movie, I just don’t get what you’re reffering to.

      • Melinda65

        To gwen: it confused me, too, until I remembered that Alec Baldwin was in it. I’m not a Baldwin fan (not *those* Baldwins, anyway) but I honestly forget that he’s in it because he seems like a different person.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    We all have watched movies by people of ill repute. Don’t be hypocrites.

    • JenD

      I’ve been skipping Polanski’s films (even tho’ I love Ewan McGregor) and I don’t watch 30 Rock b/c of Baldwin’s rant at his daughter. I just can’t look at him without thinking of him calling her a little pig. And I love Tina Fey. So yes, I’m at least one person who won’t be entertained by someone whose actions I can’t condone.

      • talkin’

        ditto on Polanski, ditto on Baldwin and add to that: Woody Allen, Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.

      • also

        add in Angelina Jolie too

      • allie

        add Matthew Broderick (killd someone in DUI)to the list as well.

      • @Also

        You are really comparing Angelina Jolie to Mel Gibson and the others on this list because she “stole” Brad from Jen? I guess so; Brad had no choice in the matter and got dragged along. She’s probably got him chained in a basement somewhere. How can you compare someone leaving another to the actions of these people? Also, you have GOT to be a woman. Typically, women make these kinds of judgements. Sad.

    • AaronT

      I haven’t watched anything with Tom Cruise since he freaked out on Oprah and I saw what a zombie his wife had turned into. I can’t even see his face now without cringing, regardless of the role or movie. It’s true many of us will watch movies or shows with reprehensible actors in them, but all of us have certain actors that have turned us off. Mel Gibson has joined that list for many people.

      • Devin

        I agree. I also do not watch Schwartzeneger movies anymore and never will again. What he has done to the state of California is heinous.

  • Caitlin

    A lot of folks gave Mel the benefit of a doubt the last time his outrageous statements were reported. Arrogant sexist bigots like Mr. Gibson need to get what is coming to them: an abrupt comeuppance. Enough already!

  • Juniper

    I wish that as a society, we could gather on the streets and make a “boo gauntlet” for Mel Gibson to walk through. Mel might be a great actor, but he is a terrible human.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      So tell us what it’s like to be perfect?

      • Kate

        So you’d punch out the teeth of your girlfriend while she’s holding your child? Please Rusty, you don’t need to be perfect, just not as sub-human as Mel to see his behaviour is disgusting.

      • Maria

        So Rusty, Michael Jackson being an ACCUSED

      • Maria

        So Rusty, Michael Jackson being an ACCUSED and TWICE ACQUITTED molester makes listening to his music unforgivable, but Mel Gibson, who is a PROVEN a-hole, is alright in your book?

      • Katelyn

        I love that if I don’t beat my partner and use racial slurs, I’m perfect. Sorry, but missing paying my Visa bill just don’t compare. (and look! Poor grammar!)

      • Jeremy

        It’s quite fantastic actually. You should see my trophey shelf. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.. you suck Rusty, BTW who the hell names their kid Rusty.

      • teresa

        And how do you know he really did punch his girlfriend? Were you there? Don’t you think we oughta wait until the truth comes out before tar and feathering him?? It’s possible that this woman is lying.

      • @Teresa

        Did you hear the telephone call with her? He may not have physically hurt her, but the verbal abuse was chilling.

  • Stax

    Rusty – I understand the Chinatown reference but what do you have against Beetlejuice?

    I’m certainly not holier-than-thou but I do no for a fact I’m a better human being than Mel Gibson no matter how good of an entertainer he is…

    • Grrr

      Re: Beetlejuice… Geena Davis once beat up a hobo.

      Actually he’s probably referring to Jeffrey Jones.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Very good Grrr, that’s what I am referring to.

      • Snsetblaze

        Alec Baldwin was in that movie as well.

  • Sambo

    you’re all queer

    • Funzini

      Everybody here is gonna get r@ped by a pack of n***ers.

      Mel has prophesied this.

      But seriously, what a douche!

      • Jeremy

        Where do I meet them at?

    • @Sambo

      but you are an idiot

  • poughkeepsiejohn

    Do you think it’s possible that everyone who saw “The Passion Of The Christ” can get a refund now? I figure it’s the least we can ask from this hateful, pathetic man.


    As far as I’m concerned Mel lost it when his marriage fell apart. My guess is she (Robin)kept him together, once things started falling apart, he started clubbing, then came the arrest and the anti-semantic tirade, followed by divorce, now this. He needs to dry up and beg Robin to take him back.

    • LAJackie

      I kind of have to agree with this.

    • Sara

      He lost it well before his marriage ended. In 2003, he told a New York magazine that there would be no salvation for his wife because she was an Episcopalian. Robyn would be crazy to take him back, she is very lucky to finally be free of that lunatic.

    • talkin’

      why wish that upon her?

    • Hilda Von Toot

      she won’t.Girlfriend got her a big hunky black guy named Le Roy-oh yeah black love.I LOVE BLACK LOVE

    • AJ

      Mel is “anti-semantic”?
      I didn’t know he hates words and meanings in addition to hating women,
      blacks and Jews.

      • Jersey Jeff

        Too funny. I think I just soiled myself from laughing so hard. :)

  • Sheila

    At Lloyd’s insistence, no doubt.

  • NTVLand |||

    Mel Gibson ‘Lethal Weapon 5′ movie poster. #gibsonfail #racist www .twitpic. com/23vs35

  • Lorie

    Kudos to WME.

    • sam


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