Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk?

It’s certainly one of the more left-field choices from Marvel’s casting department. But there does seem to be some truth to the idea that Mark Ruffalo, who can be seen right now in the critically-acclaimed The Kids Are All Right, could be the next Incredible Hulk in Marvel’s The Avengers movie, which Joss Whedon is on board to direct. The news that Ruffalo was in talks to take over the role most recently played by Edward Norton was first reported by Deadline.

Sources confirm that there is interest in the 42-year old actor for the role, but negotiations have yet to take place. Marvel and Ruffalo’s reps declined to comment. Marvel does have a penchant for casting serious actors as superheroes and, admittedly, it would be nice to see Ruffalo break out from his indie corner.

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  • Lorie


    • Jackson

      Mark Ruffalo is an underrated actor. He is truly amazing. He elevates every movie he’s in even if the movie is flat-out bad.
      So I say yes x10000. He’s a great choice!

      • Brenda Barrett

        LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him. He’s one of my 3 or 4 favorite actors.

      • Ann

        I agree. Ruffalo is underrated and could actually fill Norton’s shoes (I’m crying right now). But if another actor has to step into the complex character of Bruce Banner, Ruffalo is the best choice.

      • Jon Dekerley

        “complex role of the Hulk” LMAO!

      • Josh

        He said complex role of Bruce Banner, not the Hulk, numb nuts….Hulk is easy, Banner is the difficult part to play.

      • @ann

        crying? really? get a life! i agree he is a good actor but crying? lol

      • at @ann

        I suspect the crying was over Norton no longer having the role and that it was figurative.

        JSYK – “get a life” is a tough line to cast when filling out a comments section.

      • Avengers Nerd LOL

        The actor who plays Bruce Banner shouldn’t be a good looking muscle dude. It should be a skinny kinda scary weasel person. Like Steve Buscemi, he would be great as Bruce Banner. Or even david Tennant as a quiet scary nerdy type!! =D

    • rerun

      Yeah, totally down with this choice. Great actor- don’t think i’ve ever been disappointed in any of his work.

    • Jacqueline

      Mark is great, but I’d recommend Tim Daly. He has a strong resemblance to Bill Bixby (I think he is being considered to play Bill in a biopic) and he played a man on the run already (The Fugitive). I think he could pull off the stress and frustration of Banner without it becoming depressing. Has comedic chops also. And not too bad to look at…

      • Brian

        Never gonna happen. Not a big enough name and way too old for how Marvel is marketing.

      • Lindsey

        He may be too old, but I disagree that he’s not a big enough name. I would think more people would know Tim Daly, especially considering he’s on a (for some reason) successful TV show right now. I’m not a Hulk fan, but I’d be happy with either of them.

      • jb

        What does a “strong resemblance to Bill Bixby” have to do with getting this role? Bill Bixby is just some guy who played him, not the actual character.

      • jesse

        lol, and didn’t Bixby play “David” banner, not “Bruce”?

  • Kiki

    I am 100% on board with that!

  • James

    …and Parker Posey as She-Hulk?

    • mary q contrary

      Heh heh. You made an indie funny.

    • HD

      Now that would be awesome! But Mark Ruffalo is awesome too!

    • JJHill

      hehe…..nah how bout J Lo as She Hulk? HAHAHAHAHHA

      • Rich

        Wow. You jest, but I’d actually pay… well, $2.50… to see J. Lo in a white bikini painted green.

        Get on it Marvel!!

  • julie

    love him. would be great for his career. i’d be happy as a clam for him if he gets it. i love off-the-wall casting choices like this. could be very interesting.

    • Ann

      I also agree that Ruffalo’s talent should be used in the more commercial-based market so more people can see how talented he is. It would be great for Ruffalo’s career indeed.

  • Kaci

    This is a strange casting choice, but I REALLY like it. I think Mark Ruffalo is an amazing actor and may be able to pull it off well.

  • Shane

    Mark Ruffalo has spent almost seven years apologing to me for ‘In the Cut’; him as Bruce Banner would earn my forgiveness.

  • mary q contrary

    Yes! Wonderful. I never would have considered it, because he’s always been an indie boy (for the most part, anyway), but I would love to see him take the role. I, for one, have always had a thing for Mark Ruffalo, and he’s got just the right amount of geek in him to pull it off. Someone make this happen!

  • jessadiemae

    He’d be okay but Matthew Fox would be better!

    • MJ


    • Bradley


    • Karen

      Matthew Fox would be SO good! Casting directors TAKE NOTE.

    • STYX24

      I think you just hit the jackpot.

    • markinnyc

      people keep saying Fox from LOST but I keep thinking Jeremy Davis AKA Daniel Faraday!

    • Valley Girl

      Ditto! Though I admire just about every movie Ruffalo I’ve seen, Fox would be awesome!

    • freshjedi

      Instead of Jackface. we could have Hulkface. Matthew Fox would be awesome. Although I heard that Josh Holloway was being considered for a role and I doubt they would have two Lost actors in the movie.

    • freshjedi

      Instead of Jackface we could have Hulkface. Matthew Fox would be awesome. Although I heard that Josh Holloway was being considered for a role and I doubt they would have two Lost actors in the movie.

  • John

    after two terrible movies, can’t we just let the hulk die. three different actors in ten years…give it a break

    • SilentRage

      Hulk’s in the script, not like this is a new Hulk movie, pay attention.

  • writergirl

    Love it! Killer actor–great choice. Hope they cast him.

  • Nessab

    Me likey.

  • Turbo

    No Edward Norton, No thanks.. sorry but I’m passing on this movie already. After the disappointent that was Iron Man 2 (and giving us a glimpse of what an avengers movie would look like), I say this movie will be a huge mess. And for once, I will no longer sit through a Marvel movie

    • norton fan

      Agreed with earlier post. No Norton no thanks!

      • MaxPowers82

        Comments like this make no sense to me. Even if I thought Norton gave the definitive end-all performance as Banner, this isn’t a Hulk movie–it’s the Avengers. Is it really going to make much of a difference if somebody else is Banner? Ruffalo (or whoever they end up casting) will probably end up with like 10 minutes of screentime as Banner. It’s hardly going to be a make-it-or-break-it performance for this movie.

    • Brett

      Norton’s not irreplaceable. His was an interesting take on the character, but by no means was it definitive.

    • Sam

      While Edward Norton is not irreplaceable Marvel’s President Kevin Feige’s doesn’t seem to care about the artistic integrity or the fans of genre. Hollywood’s top executives always seem to try to find a way to maximize merchandising, and cost vs quality. This has lead to the downfall of almost all comic book franchises and sadly think that The Avengers will be no exception.

      • Jon Dekerley

        LOL People talk as if playing Bruce Banner were this amazingly complex thng that would take a Laurence Olivier -level talent. People, it’s a friggin comic book. Stock geeky-scientist who turns into a raging monster. Not complex, not psychologically profound. Norton was a tool that took himself and the role too seriously. I’m glad he priced (and diva’d) himself out of the role.

  • RoboChop

    I think this is great news if it happens. Mark is the first actor to be cast as Bruce Banner that makes sense to me. I love Eric Bana but he wasn’t right and Ed Norton is a fine actor but also a huge tool. His performance was good but he didn’t fit. The real problem is the Hulk is a pretty lame superhero for movies. He should fair better in an ensemble, where he won’t have to carry the whole movie.

  • jason

    Why don’t they try to get Edward Norton instead? Oh, yeah…that’s right…

  • Christian

    “I don’t understand why we just can’t get Bill Bixby to play the Hulk” “I keep telling you: he’s 76 years old, and he’s dead”

    • Brett

      CGI! (Though I don’t think Lou Ferrigno in a green Beatle wig is going to cut it anymore for the Hulk….)

      • orville

        Green Beatles wig! That’s it exactly. Kind of wish it would make an appearance somewhere just for nostalgia’s sake.

    • MJ

      Bill is dead? Dammit!

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