'Salt' is spicy in its Friday debut; 'Inception' holds onto number one

salt-angelina-jolieImage Credit: Andrew SchwartzLooks like Angelina Jolie has another hit on her hands. Salt, the spy caper from director Philip Noyce bowed to an estimated $12 million on Friday, a number that sets it up for a possible $35 million weekend. Still, the action-packed thriller is no match for Inception, Christopher Nolan’s dreamy heist film that earned an additional $13 million on Friday for a weekend that will likely hit $40 million. The movie, which crossed the $100 million mark on Thursday, could surpass $140 by weekend’s end–quite impressive for such an original, thought-provoking summer flick.

The rest of the top five on Friday was made up of family films, though none of them are likely to be the weekend’s other new release Ramona and Beezus. The G-rated adaptation of Beverly Cleary’s classic children’s books is likely to land in the sixth spot this weekend with maybe $8 million to its name. Despicable Me however could grab the third slot. The animated hit starring the voice talent of Steve Carell grossed north of $7 million on Friday for a weekend that could total $24 million. That would put the three-week gross at over $160 million. Disney’s two wide releases The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Toy Story 3 are both jockeying for the fourth slot, a position that could get more competitive if Ramona and Beezus gets an uptick today from the young girl audience. Both The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Toy Story 3 grossed north of $2 million on Friday and will each be in the $9-10 million range for the weekend.

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  • don

    I’m so glad Inception is doing well. I’ve seen it twice already! It’s refreshing that intelligent and original movies can still receive great business at the box office. For all of those complaining it’s too boring and complex to understand, go see Grown-Ups or Cats and Dogs 2. Maybe those will be more your speed.

    • don

      It’s the type of film that you need to pay attention to. Don’t be complaining that it’s too complex just because you didn’t want to think while watching a movie.

      • john

        the whole what is real/what is a dream or what is reality thing is old hat to me. i have seen lost highway, mulholland drive, inland empire, fight club, dark city, the previously mentioned eXistenZ. with inception, it looks like the masses are just now catching up.

      • Anonymous

        @john Thats why its success is standout. None of those movies you mentioned made money (other than fight club dvd). Also Inception has many original components to it and it is a very well directed and acted movie.

      • Anon

        Really John!? You don’t want to THINK while watching a movie!! Why don’t you try reality tv. Most of us do want to think!

    • poop

      Too true Don. On a side note, and I personally do not understand why someone would do this, I have heard that people have seen it with their brains turned off, and had a good time just by the action and visual set pieces. I still feel though that if you do pay attention you’ll realize that this film is incredible smart, works on numerous levels (no pun intended), and is possibly one of the greatest ever.

      • Meso Soup

        Inception original? I saw eXistenZ (1999) when it came out and this movie shows Nolan watched it too. the ending is almost exactly the same……

      • Jude Law’s Butthole

        There was good nudity in eXistenZ if I remember correctly.

      • JoeC

        No pun taken….

      • ry

        Dude, I LOVE existenz and after doing really well keeping ppl from ruining inception for me, I really hope u didn’t just completely do that!!!!

  • Angie just too hot too let go Ask Jen

    Angie rocks.

    • HeHe

      Get a Life!

    • JT

      I feel bad for your future BF (if you ever get one) You look like the type to obsess over an ex by trying to put them down..A little advice so you can get a guy.. That type of metality is a huge TURN OFF. Focus more on your self esteem don’t worry about the other woman.

      • Erin

        Wow, JT. Speaking of having issues….you seem a little obsessed yourself over a comment and managed to pscyhoanalyze a person off of 11 words. Sad.

    • Too Funny!

      3 Reasons to let go
      1) Angie doesn’t need you to defend her
      2) She too could care less what you think
      3) Stop acting like you know them just because you’re a die hard fan and a stalker

      • Joe

        Third one is more like an advice

    • Arabang

      It’s a joke americans or twihards or potters. F U

    • Liz Lemon

      Angelina is awesome! I can’t wait to see Salt. I think Inception will pull an Avatar and end up earning a ton of money.

  • Arabang

    Inception won’t do well international.$150 mil

    • Why Not?

      Wasn’t it them that said that Americans won’t appreciate a complex movie and that only international viwers are smart enough to understand movies like Inception

      • ry

        Seriously, foreign BO is what made AVATAR the biggest movie ever. If they don’t flock to Inception then i agree it is time to discern which is the more intelligent movie-going market. WE may have the dumbest of the dumb in the US, but I’m starting to think we also have the smartest also.There simply isn’t much in between here, which is why people are quick to stereotype Americans. And yes it’s time to admit that AVATAR sucks, aside from some bloody amazing fx (even though Iron man 2 was better)

      • Dylan

        @Ry: Foreign BO also saved Robin Hood, GI Joe, Terminator: Salvation, and Prince of Persia. And it comprises the majority of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and Narnia films. We don’t have any excuse for Transformers, though, where domestic box office is like 50%. But quality action/sci-fi films such as Star Trek and District 9 did much better domestically than overseas, which should give all those “international markets are smarter” morons pause.

      • Dylan

        “Foreign BO also saved Robin Hood, GI Joe, Terminator: Salvation, and Prince of Persia.”

        Forgot Sex and the City 2 and Clash of the Titans as well. Yeah.

      • Anna

        LOL Don’t forget 2012. That piece of turd’s box office was 78% foreign…the domestic box office didn’t even recoup the $200m production budget much less the advertising costs, but it made 603m overseas. I hate Rolan Emmerich. Those godawful Da Vinci Code movies movies made over 70% of their box office overseas as well, and Angels & Demons in particular depended on foreign BO.

  • bjorn identity

    what’s “though-provoking” Nicole? you are supposed to be a professional. proofread!

    • ryan

      Iron man 2 had no action. Super heroe movies need action, but it was good. The bad guys just had no pull, Iron man took them out very easily. And again you people are idiots if you think avatar’s story wasnt good. Nobody on this planet is going to see a movie twice or more just for special effects. unless your a super nerd. so grow up people! grown ups was kinda fun as well. The A team, sorcerors apprent. all good.

      • xeno

        Yeah, Avatar had a GREAT story. It was called Pocahontas.

  • skellington

    IN.CEP.TION too amazing to describe in one word

  • Arabang

    Anyone who watches Cats and dogs: Part 2 should be…

    • ^^this^^

      The guy who keeps calling Americans stupid doesn’t have a single comment that makes any sense or are within topic

  • Necro

    Good for Angie. Jen Aniston will just be miserable the rest of her life.

    • Really!

      Another idiot..What does Jen have to with the movie? I bet she has a better life you!

      • Erin

        If you are going to call someone an idiot, at least proof-read your insults.

      • @Erin

        Get a life you i diot….wait……Get a life you idiot!

    • Kylie

      Seriously what does Jen have to do with this? Brad Pitt cheated on her 6 years ago so people went to Salt to stick it to her? What a moron. Atleast Jen has more self-esteem then you clearly do.

    • Jamal

      Jen should stick to sitcoms. All her movies suck.

      • CiCi

        agree! all she can play is Rachel. Rachel with a dog. Rachel in love with her gay friend. Rachel running from a bounty hunter.

    • Der

      I agree, I don’t pay any attention to celebrities personal lives, but I’ve had the joli/pitt/jen thing shoved down my throat, and it seems pretty simple: Joli and Pitt have everything in common; hotness, talent, philanthropy, etc. while Jen seems to be more obsessed with the ego of being a family “owner”, which is why she seems absurdly stiff and obsessive in every part she’s ever played. How can you say a 90’s sitcom actress and Pitt are even on the same level talent wise? Someone in the industry was just telling me about how no one actually even respected Pitt until he landed Joli, which actualy opened a lot of doors for him. He was pretty stereotyped in Hollywood until that happened, from what I’m told.

      • Jane

        you had me til you said Brad Pitt had talent…

      • Anna

        “How can you say a 90′s sitcom actress and Pitt are even on the same level talent wise?”

        Why is this even relevant? I don’t why you’re trying to pit them against each other.

        And you’ve obviously never seen Jennifer Aniston in “The Good Girl.”
        It’s possible to like all three actors at the same time, you know, but if you’re determined to be catty and “choose sides,” then I guess you’re entitled to be ridiculous.

    • jazzie

      really, what does Jen have to do with a movie being shown called ‘Salt’? why the need to put down aniston? jolie & pitt are overrated. they are not the best actors in hollywood. what jolie can brag about is just one best supporting actress oscar award. pitt never had any oscar award and so is aniston. pitt’s acting and his whole being sucks. aniston has her own share of acting award, though.

    • tomm

      Well, the darn tabloids are still throwing her on covers, 5 years after they divorced!! They sell to aging 40ish women who still think Aniston is ‘Rachel’.

      Jen will never get pregnent, never ‘open’ a move without an actor to cling on, and never get back with Brad Pitt. Get the F over it, the Pitt-Jolie family is here to stay.

      And, Angie can open a movie on her own and has alot more depth then “Miss Hairstyle of 1996″.

      • Anna

        Oh shut up, you smug, sleazy douchebag. You’re just as catty as the “aging 40ish women” who gobble up that tabloid trash. And Jen doesn’t want a kid – the horror! LOL get a life.

  • freane

    ANGELINA JOLIE “SALT” will be #1 movie of the week. “Inception” is cool but “SALT” is way better watch it!! AWESOME action movie

    • poop

      You obviously didn’t understand Inception.

    • Liz Lemon

      I’m sure both movies are excellent and both will obviously be successful.

    • jozay

      i saw inception, thought it was really good…then i saw SALT which was unexpectedly better than inception…no dull moment on that one

  • Joe

    Salt was a great movie!

  • Mindy

    And Toy Story 3 will overtake Twilight once again. I thought it would happen Thursday, but it might be this week. It could go from 5th on Thursday to 4th for the weekend, even with 2 movies opening. Ah, the power of Pixar.

  • yonathan

    leonardo dicaprio has more international box office than jolie. Just look at mojo track. Even though most of his movies are R-rated, he drawn more money than anyone let alone with PG movie inception. DEPP and Will Smith are the only one above him but they only make PG and action so surprise there.

    • Erin

      Replace PG with PG-13 and you are almost there, yonathan

      • kk

        Just because a movie is R or PG or PG13 in the US doesn’t mean it is internationally either…

  • Jordy

    Go Angie! :D

  • yonathan

    IF it wasn’t for US weekly, Intouch, star and people magazine Angie and Aniston will be fighting for second lead on Katie Holmes Chick flick movies.

    • Der

      Wow, seriously? One started on friends, a show famous for being so bad it’s kind of good, and the other won an academy award right out the door in her first ‘major’ performance. I cant even say what I care less about than these ppl’s personal lives, but as a University film production and history major, I can honestly say that in the larger scheme of things Jen is a hack and Joli is completely immortal. Why am I the only saying this?? Aren’t there some other film history students in this crowd who can back up Joli’s legacy?

      • Jane

        Yup, Tomb Raiders, Original Sin, Life or Something Like It, Taking Lives, all classic films…

      • Jane

        Oops, I forgot Alexander

      • jazzie

        did you really mean immortal? IMMORAL IS THE BEST WORD TO ASSOCIATE WITH JOLIE.

    • tomm

      Ange could break Jen in half with her pinky and can out act that superficial hair and botox queen.

  • Kim

    Please don’t compare AJ and JA, AJ made 10 million for MMS before she was a tabloid staple, She made 15 million+ for Wanted, 20 million for Salt and The Tourist. While JA made 8 million for Marley and Me and 3 years later made 8 million for The Bounty Hunter. According to Forbes JA is the most popular actress in terms of magazine covers but it doesn’t translate into in terms of her Salary. AJ is an international star 60% Wanted bo results were from foreign bo

    • Cam

      Aniston’s royalty checks from Friends reruns earn more for her than Jolie makes for a movie. Plus, Jolie’s movies are waaay more expensive than the rom com pap that Aniston stars in, meaning her movies have to gross well over $100 million in America alone just to turn a profit. Salt might struggle to crack $120 million, much less than the production buget + marketing it took to make the movie.

      • jazzie

        cam’s is a more intelligent comment compared to that nonsense from kim

      • tomm

        IN a few years, the ‘I will meet Mr. Right someday and have kids’ act will not work. Biological clocks still run out, and all the Smart Water she drinks will not make Jen younger.

        She has to change her act from whiney single chick dying for ‘perfect man’. She’s 41, not 28 anymore!!

      • jozay

        To all of you who hasn’t seen SALT go see it so you can judge better…this film is so worth putting your dollar in…

  • Finch

    Unless you financed the movie, you really shouldn’t care how much it makes at the box-office. What matters is if the movie is actually any good. A lot of classic movies tanked upon their initial release, and a lot of lousy movies made millions…

    • Erin

      Why are you commenting on a website about the box office then?

      • F

        Coming from a girl who hasn’t made a single on topic comment. You’re the one trolling around this thread

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