'Dragon Tattoo': Where is David Fincher's Lisbeth? She might not be a newcomer after all

In the past few days, Robin Wright and Stellan Skarsgard have begun negotiating with Sony Pictures for crucial roles in the highly anticipated The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (Wright, in particular, is perfectly cast as Erika Berger, Mikael Blomkvist’s editor-in-chief and longtime lover in author Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series.) But where is David Fincher’s girl? A second round of screen tests were conducted last week with four fairly unknown actresses who donned complete Lisbeth Salander garb to play the troubled heroine opposite Daniel Craig as Blomkvist. Fincher and Sony, however, have yet to make a decision.

Perhaps the whole idea of going with an unknown to carry such an important franchise is too big of a gamble for the studio. No one at Sony is talking, but an insider assures me that an unfamiliar actress will land the role. But rumblings around town suggest a different scenario: Natalie Portman, who was rumored to have been offered the role by Fincher and to have declined, may be back in the mix. Word is the studio is pretty high on the diminutive actress, who could slip into the role of the troubled antisocial hacker with relative ease, at least from a looks perspective. Evan Rachel Wood has also been suggested — another interesting choice considering the actress’ penchant for dark roles (see: True Blood).

Regardless of experience, Lisbeth Salander isn’t an easy role. Making it more difficult is the filmmaker’s current plan to have all the players speak with Swedish accents, a decision that could potentially prove distracting. Should the accents not be delivered flawlessly, the film’s stars could also be a potential target for ridicule.

It’s radio silence from the studio as to when a decision will be made. Sony had such good luck announcing Andrew Garfield as their new Spider-Man to the world without advance press interference that they are hoping to do the same with Tattoo. With so much attention on the project, there could be a concerted effort to spread misinformation. But with a release date already set for Dec. 21, 2011, one thing’s for sure: Time is running out.

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  • dave-o

    alison lohman has the chops to pull this one off as well imo…

    • Cris


      • mytwocents

        hmmm…what about kristen bell? i think she could pull it off.

    • Lou

      Jena Malone. I gotta go with Jena Malone. I like Lohman a lot but her face is too sweet. Portman and Wood are too stunningly attractive. Page is too mousy to play “tough”. Even in “Hard Candy”, when she starts dragging around Patrick Wilson, I was like, “Come on?!?!?!”. But Malone can overcome all those issues believably and she’s a excellent, under-the-radar actress to boot.

      • Annoyed

        Jena Malone just isn’t a good enough actress for this role. Neither is Portman, for that matter, especially if she has to assume an accent. She is terrible at accents.

      • John

        Jena may not be the most versatile actress out there, but Lisbeth Salander is one role that is absolutely in her wheelhouse.

      • tipsy

        She likes to get naked on the screen which is a must for Lisbeth…unless they are making a totlaly sanitized version.

      • bebop

        I’m with you on this. Jena Malone fits the description almost to a t.

    • Elizabeth

      I love Alison Lohman and think she is perfect for this.
      I wish, however, that Mr. Fincher would go with an unknown like me. My name is Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber and I fit the part. I wish director’s had a better way of finding unknown talent in this town.

      • David Fincher

        Your argument convinced me. You’re hired!

    • Sam

      I don’t think that they should go with a completely unknown actress, but at the same time they shouldn’t go with an overrated actress. How about somewhere in between? I think Evan Rachel Wood is a good choice. She is well known, but not overrated. But an actress like Sarah Snook or Rooney Mara should not land the role, it should go to a believable actress. I’m very nervous. But I think that Rooney Mara has landed the role.

      • Diggity

        Isn’t ERW pretty tall though? Lisbeth is supposed to be under 5 foot. I like Natalie Portman for this but only if they don’t make her speak with an accent.

        I would LOVE it for them to use the acctress who played Lisbeth in the Swedish version. She was amazing.

    • Rooney!

      I was intrigued by the mention of Rooney Mara! I think she’s a talent worth looking into (she even worked with Finchner on ‘The Social Network’). She just looks intense. If she doesn’t land this, I hope she breaks out with ‘The Social Network’, but I am really into the idea of her taking on the role of Lisbeth! Rooney Mara. Period.I kind of think she’s landed it too Sam, don’t know why.

    • lilian

      I just finished watching Drag Me to Hell, and I think Lohman might just be great for the part!

      • A-K87

        She’s good and certainly has the right physical requirements. I think she’s not looking as ‘fresh’ and young anymore though… a lil older around the eyes!!

    • jcm

      i like her but i’m not convinced. i think ellen page can pull it off better than lohman. i hate the idea of natalie portman & evan rachel wood as lisbeth. i don’t mind them as actresses per se, but lisbeth doesn’t feel right for them. i just saw the swedish version. i thought it captured the essence of the 1st book pretty well, although they changed a few things that i found annoying. i totally was not into the mikhail actor. in the book, he is supposed to be a sort of ladies’ man & attractive. i see daniel craig much more in the role than the original actor. i like the idea of vera farmiga as erica berger. i think wright penn is ok, but not as good as farmiga would be (ie) if the actors have to have some sort of accent! THAT would be a huge mistake…there are Swedish versions out there, don’t make an American version with stupid accents (unless british…that would work).

    • Liz Lemon

      MEH! I’m really excited about Robin Wright as Erika Berga. I didn’t think about that one! She’s excellent. Skellan Skarsgard was mentioned in the comments and I didn’t agree, but I like it now that it’s official. I definitely see him in that role, but it seems so obvious since he plays bad guys a lot.
      The latest Lisbeth buzz is Emma Watson, because she cut her hair. I like Emma in the role, but she would never do it. She just spent 10 years of her life doing a film series…she’s not going to do another one. Plus she’s in school.
      Natalie Portman is too obvious as well, so I just don’t know who they’re going to cast. I still say go with Ellen Page or Lea Seydoux.

    • Person Who Talks

      I know who’s perfect for this role: Kristen Stewart!!!! because I mean shes so totally deep and screw Daniel Craig (whoever he is) Robert Pattinson would be perfect for this role because I mean look at him he is so totally HOT!!!!!!! oh no wait why am I even wasting my time talking about this movie/book when I could be obsessing over a way better franchise: Twilight A.K.A. the great books/movies ever written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bdbd

      good thought, I could see that working. Agree with others that Noomi Rapace will be hard to match (I saw “girl who played with fire” last night)

  • Duncan

    If we’re bringing experienced actresses back into the picture, I must once again make a strong case for ELLEN PAGE!!!! If they go with an unknown, there’s no guarantee of a great performance. With Ellen Page, it’s win-win. We get a great performance, and she gets to perform out of her stereotype.

    • George

      I’ve read all 3 books, and it’s ludicrous to suggest Ellen Page in the role She’s totally wrong for Salander.

      • Nic

        I totally agree.

      • Jen

        I’ve read all the books, too, and Page is who I’d pick.

      • Lyn

        Ellen Page can play tough (“Hard Candy”), but with her cute little round face, seems totally wrong for Lisbeth.

      • Duncan

        It would take something of a visual transformation, but when thinking about acting gravitas, she’s perfect.

      • dc

        I’ve read the trilogy and Ellen page can easily pull it off. She just needs to lose some weight and put on muscle.

      • George

        Ellen Page is a smartass, not a kick ass.

        She lacks the inner rage. She has a quality of likeability. A lightness if you will.

        She also comes across as shallow and happy, which is a quality unto itself, but not the essence of Lisbeth Salander, at least for me.

        Salander makes people uncomfortable. Ellen Page is the opposite.

      • A-K87

        To all Page doubters watch:

        Hard Candy
        The Tracy Fragments
        Mouth to Mouth

        All perfect Salander territory

      • Jonathan

        I agree!
        I literally thought of Natalie Portman as Lisbeth when i read the books. I think she would be fantastic!

      • Shiny

        Ellen Page is too babyish to play Lisbeth. Natalie Portman has the chops to play opposite Craig and hold up a three flick franchise. I doubt Sony will put a huge tentpole flick into the hands of an unknown. I seriously hope they lose the lame Swedish accents. We don’t need a “Swedish” version. They’re already is a “Swedish” version. Make a US set version that is more original, instead of rehashing the Swedish film.

      • Liz Lemon

        I’ve read them all too and Ellen Page would work. The only problem would be her accent. I’m just anxious to know who they’re going to cast. It’s taking them too long. You can tell they’re all lost, because filming is supposed to start in 2 months and they still have no one. This means everyone who’s auditioned must suck.

    • Yes! ELLEN PAGE!

      She’s had my vote from the beginning. And Fincher’s having the actors speak with Swedish accents, wtf?! NOOOOOO!! THAT WILL RUIN THE PICTURE. Have the actors speak with Brit accents to highlight the European-ness and Non-American-ness of the setting and the story and what have you, but nix the Swedish accent idea pronto. There already IS a Swedish film adaptation of the story. If audiences want to hear actors speak Swedish, then they’ll see that. My gawd, who knew Fincher was so stupid.

      • Karin

        You do realise that Stellan Skarsgard is Swedish right?

        All the other actors have him as a baseline to build their accents on.

      • Rip

        I agree – nix the accent, do not use an accent of a different language than the cast will be speaking(English), that is just silly, either have the dialogue in Swedish or in English (with the accent being from an English based area).

      • @Karin

        Yes, I realize that Stellan is Swedish, and yet, if you’ve seen his English language roles you’d realize that his English is COMPLETELY UNACCENTED. Watch The Glass House if you don’t believe me.

    • DebS30

      Sorry but Ellen Page would not be a win-win for Lisbeth. She needs to be hard, tough. Ellen doesn’t have the right edge to her. Keira Knightly would do a much better job! Don’t get me wrong I love Ellen as an actress but not for this role.

      • Liz Lemon

        Keira Knightley is COMPLETELY wrong!

    • dec

      If your perception of Ellen Page comes from Juno, no wonder you think she has no edge. Watch Hard Candy, Mouth to Mouth, The Tracey Fragments, and you’ll have a whole different picture of her.

      She just needs to drop some weight to lose her cherubic cheeks (!) and put on some muscle and she’ll be Lisbeth.

      • CJ

        I thought the same thing about Ellen Page, that she wasn’t “hard” enough. Then a friend loaned me Hard Candy. Oh yeah, she totally could be Lisbeth.

  • Dawn

    I’m looking forward as to who gets picked….but whoever she is….she has some huge shoes to fill. Noomi Rapace did an amazing job….let’s hope they pick someone who can do the same again.

    • Michael

      I agree!! Noomi Rapace owned the persona of Lisbeth Salander. I pity the actress chosen to Americanize her. Why not import Rapace?

      • Casey

        Because Rapace doesn’t want to reprise her role. It was too emotionally draining.

      • Anon

        She’s already said she doesn’t want to reprise her role. Christina Ricci gets my vote.

      • thin

        Ten years ago you might have been able to make a case for her. She’s much too old for the part now.

      • Melissa

        I saw the Swedish version of Dragon Tatoo and I thought Noomi Rapace was wrong for the part. Lizbeth is always described as looking like a child. She was too old. I think Jenna Malone would be a good choice though. However I wish that David Fincher would change his mind about Mikael Blomkivst and cast Stellan Skarsgård for the role instead. He would be a better choice than Daniel Craig. Craig is just too handsome for the part.

      • Jessica

        Melissa- I agree about Noomi Repace, I also thought that she looked too old, considering in the book that everyone was always saying Lisbeth looked like she was 14, theres no way anyone would mistake Noomi as a 14 year old.

    • Heather

      I like Ricci too!!!she isnt to old, she barely a year older than portman, she is tiny(except Ricci might have to many curves to be Lisbeth!)

      • Anon

        Ricci has curves? When did she get curves? Every time I see her she looks like a broom with clothes on.

  • Dawn

    I can’t picture Ellen Page doing the role either….sure she was great(also creepy as hell) in Hard Candy…but as Lisbeth…I just can’t picture her doing it.

  • K

    It’s interesting that he wants Swedish accents. I guess if we have to hear fake American accents, why not let the Swedes hear a fake one? As long as they don’t sound like the Swedish chef…
    I’m glad they are at least casting 1 actual Swede, but I think this would be a good opportunity for some other Swedish actors to become known. Of course Sweden has given us a lot of actors through the years.

    • Jamie

      “It’s interesting that he wants Swedish accents. I guess if we have to hear fake American accents, why not let the Swedes hear a fake one?”

      LOL, I suppose.

      • Diggity

        We hear fake American accents speaking English. Swedish people don’t care to hear a fake Swedish accent speaking English. That’s not their native language.

    • Ann

      I’ve actually met a number of Swedes in my life and they all tend to speak English with pretty much American accents. Not even British. American, because we export more tv that they watch growing up while they’re learning English. So pretty much anything is going to sound hokey and veering into Swedish Chef territory.

      • Celimene

        I live in Scandinavia right now, and Swedish accented English wouldn’t be terribly hard for them to pull off. It’s mostly about changing a few vowel sounds and changing which words you stress in sentences. It would sound slightly foreign but wouldn’t be a major departure from what American actors are used to.

  • Linda

    What a letdown Natalie Portman or Evan Rachel Wood would be. This process has been exciting mostly because whoever was picked was going to go from completely unknown to overnight household names, like Andrew Garfield. It would be just another notch on the belt for those two.

    • George

      I can see Natalie Portman. She can portray the hurt that Lisbeth carries, and also the rage. And she is credible as intelligent.

      • Linda

        So can Rooney Mara. I’ve seen enough of Natalie Portman.

      • Gabby

        I love Natalie Portman, but I agree that an unknown actress would be the best bet for this role – someone who doesn’t have to work around some sort of Hollywood persona to fully inhabit her character. Certainly if they use an established actress, the fans of the original Swedish film adaptation will never be satisfied. And I think forcing the actors to use Swedish accents is a terrible idea, Fincher.

      • Craig

        Natalie Portman, yes yes yes!! She would be great! I do like Jena Malone also, Ellen Page not so much for this role.

    • thin

      I care far less whether or not it launches an unknown’s career than I do about seeing the part played well. If that means “another notch on the belt” for an established actress, so be it.

      • Linda

        And I also happen to think an unknown (Rooney Mara) fits the part way more than any established actress.

    • tipsy

      There are so many conflicting reports. First EW and The Daily Beast say it was down to Rooney Mara, Lea Seydoux, Sarah Snook and Sophie Lowe. Then Production Weekly tweeted that it was going to be Rooney Mara or Emily Browning. Notice that Rooney Mara appears on both lists. Now EW has heard they want a known actress.

      It`s going to suck because of Swedish accents. Stupid idea. Either have them speak English or Swedish.

  • m1

    Who I think should play whom:

    Mikael Blomkvist-Daniel Craig
    Martin Vanger-Colin Firth
    Nils Bjurman-Peter O’Toole
    Dragan Armansky-Sean Penn or Mickey Rourke
    Lisbeth Salander-Emily Browning
    Erika Berger-Vera Farmiga
    Henrik Vanger-Christopher Plummer
    Cecilia Vanger-Tilda Swinton
    Birger Vanger-Daniel Day-Lewis
    Anita Vanger-Marion Cotillard
    Dirch Frode-George Clooney or Richard Jenkins
    Young Harriet Vanger (if used in flashbacks)-Amanda Seyfried

    • Anne

      I’m rather glad you’re not casting this movie.

      • Stormy

        You don’t list a choice for Isabelle Vanger, the eldest of the Vanger women. My choice would be Ann-Margaret particularly if Fincher wants Swedish accents. Ann-Margaret was born in Sweden, speaks it fluently and is the right age group.

    • Doug

      1. Martin Vanger is blond.
      2. Peter O’Toole is way too old to be Bjurman
      3. Armansky supposedly looks middle eastern
      4. Cecilia is blond
      5. Anita is blond

      • m1

        They can dye their hair blond. My choices can’t be that bad.

      • m1

        Then for Bjurman, we can have Stanley Tucci. Oh wait, he’s BALD. Not all of the choices have to be pitch-perfect. The only exception is Salander.

      • m1

        Or, for Cecilia, we can have Kim Basinger.

      • pop


    • ariettty

      A young Tilda Swinton would have been perfect for Lisbeth.

    • MrClassicAds

      I agree that Emily Browning should play Lisbeth.

      • tipsy

        Production Weekly tweeted that it was going to be Rooney Mara or Emily Browning. That was before this new development with Natalie.

      • Liz Lemon

        I feel NOTHING when I hear Emily Browning or Rooney. They both do nothing for me. Whoever they cast as Lisbeth must FEEL right. Both of them just seem like “we don’t care anymore” choices.

    • Nick

      With those actors the budget of the movie would be close to 100 million to just pay them, haha.

      • m1

        Good point.

    • dctoronto

      Good choices except for O’Toole. And who is to say that they have to look exactly like they were described in the book and in the movie.

    • kate

      i thought of Vera Farmiga too, but for Cecilia. for Lisbeth… idk, while reading the book i just kept thinking of Keira Knightly in Domino, plus piercings. and having her screw Daniel Craig would get the age difference point across without being completely creepy

    • Henry

      Sure. And Jesus can produce it, right? Why not. Just because they’re dream actors doesn’t mean they fit the parts. And, save for Craig, they don’t.

    • Mordus

      Peter O’ Tool is way to old for Nils Bjurman, I would even think Michael Caine, but even he’s a bit to old

  • Mateo

    Swedish accent? That does not sound like a good idea, especially if certain actors do not nail it. Remember K-19? I would rather they actually speak in Swedish. That would make more sense then speaking English with a Swedish accent in Sweden. They should have just adapted to the story to take place in accent neutral environment to avoid any disastrous attempts at the Swedish accent.

    • Slimer

      Agreed. Totally. Harrison Ford’s Russian was terrible. Right up there with Dennis Hopper’s (RIP) Eastern European accent in season 1 of 24.

      • Anna

        LOL. I was just watching the first season of 24 with my Dad recently and we were both like, “Who knew Hopper could be this bad?” (RIP)

      • cr

        Yeah, Dennis’s Serbian accent sucked.

      • A-K87

        Bjurman will be Philip Seymour Hoffmann- THAT’S GOOD CASTING.

    • Re: Liz Lemon

      They already made a movie where the actors spoke Swedish. But I do agree that Swedish accent idea is horrible. All the Swedish people I can think of speak better English than I do. I’m just imagining a cast full of people who sound Minnesotan.

      • Tove Brunberg

        Hello Liz Lemon
        I’m from Sweden myself and a huge fan of Lisbeth Salander. (Dressed up like her at Halloween)
        I loved your comment about all of the cast sound Minnesotan.
        I would have loved to Edward Norton play Mikael Blomqvist and a young Tilda Swinton for Lisbeth Salander.

      • St. Olaf

        The “Minnesotan” accents in Fargo were/are derivative of Norwegian, not Swedish.

    • Liz Lemon

      The Swedish accent thing makes me nervous too. A bad accent ruins the movie for me. Just THINK if they had cast Americans to play the Harry Potter characters and had them fake British accents!? I shudder at the thought!
      Clearly, they’re not going to go with authentic Swedish actors, but having them do Swedish accents is a recipe for disaster.

      • Stormy

        Yeah, or what if they hired an English guy to play Dr. House? Yikes!

      • Liz Lemon

        People may disagree, but I think British, Irish, Swedish,etc actors are much better at faking an American accent than vice versa.

  • m1

    There actually was a suggestion for Gemma Arterton. After hearing good things about her performance in The Disappearance of Alice Creed, should might be perfect.

    • A-K87

      I like Arterton but height is an issue. She’s 5’7. About 7 inches too tall.

      • Liana

        Noomi Rapace is around 5’7″ or 5’8″ but no one seems to have a problem there.

        Camera angles can cover a lot of things.

      • Maggie

        Noomi Rapace is 5’2″, not 5’7″. The camera can make a 5’2″ person look closer to 4’11″ (as Lisbeth is described in the book), but it won’t be able to make a 5’7″ person look 4’11″.

      • A-K87

        Arterton is much too womanly and curvy.

  • George

    Salander is supposed to look much younger. Why not use a younger actress playing older? I’m sure there are plenty of qualified 16 – 20 year old actresses who are short, petite, pale, and drawn…and who can play an aloof and yet at times intense, calculating, and complex character like Lisbeth Salander.

    • Anna

      Because they have to convincingly be romantic with 42-year-old Daniel Craig.

      • dc

        I don’t think “romantic” is in Salander’s emotional vocabulary :)

    • mary q contrary

      That’s what I’ve been saying. She’s supposed to look several years younger than her actual age, and Natalie Portman cannot realistically play 18-22. She’s talented, and she can do dark, but she isn’t right for the role.

      • Jamie

        Uh, yes she can. If I were to look at her for the first time, with no knowledge of her age, I’d think she was in her early twenties. She has a very young, fresh face. But I agree with the people who’ve said she’s too pretty for this role.

      • Joel Upchurch

        Natalie Portman is a year younger than Noomi Rapace. It is kind of absurd to say Portman is too old. Ditto about comments about too tall/short or their hair is the wrong color.

      • Liz Lemon

        Natalie Portman has a very youthful appearance. She can definitely play a 22 year old. What worries me is that Natalie is known for her strict no-nudity clause, so that would be an issue if they chose her.

      • A-K87

        Portman is too beautiful I think but then let’s not forget Monster with Charlize Theron. (Anyhing is possible!!)

        Speaking of Monster: Christina Ricci is a 30 year old actress who I believe could SERIOUSLY pull this off. My hearts still out for a Hard Candy Ellen Page.

        Mila Kunis is another outside possibility.

    • talkin’

      Because inflicting the emotional pain and knowledge Salander has on an actress that young would just be wrong.

  • ashley

    Portman is a gifted actress, but much too old for the role. Also, too well known! and after reading the books, methinks paige would be ill suited.
    why bother with a remake at all? the swedish films are perfect…just like the actress who plays Salander.

    • Linda

      The Swedish films were far from perfect. Strayed from the source material way too much and seemingly for no reason. Noomi was great but the rest of the cast was mediocre. Fincher’s cast is already shaping up to be way more fitting.

      • ashley

        that’s true…i thought the cast was pretty good, though. I just have a sinking feeling they’ll mess up the Lisbeth casting. I mean, ellen paige!? Evan Rachel Wood!? no. please no.

      • @ashley


      • Dylan

        @Linda: Agreed. I’m sick of fans of the Swedish films acting like they’re masterpieces. The first one was fun, and Noomi WAS a good fit, but they don’t touch the book.

      • thin

        Yep, I agree with Linda. There is plenty of room for improvement on the Swedish films.

  • Will

    If you’re going recognizable, I really think Keira Knightley is the way to go.

    • Charisse

      Well, Keira does have the whole anorexic looking thing down…just like Salander

      • A-K87

        Again, Knightley will have to shed 7 inches to convince me that she can be Salander. She would also need to show me that she can play dark (and don’t try and use Domino as evidence- that’s her worst performance.)

  • Lynn

    I’d rather see an unknown actress than Natalie Portman. Seriously. She’s too old, for one, and while she’s a decent actress, I don’t think she has the chops for it. Besides, it’s critical that for this role, you see the CHARACTER and not the ACTRESS. If Portman plays her, I’m going to think “Portman” and not “Salander.” I think Craig and the books’ name recognition is enough to carry the marketing without angling for a “name” actress.
    Wright is a good choice for Berger, and Skarsgard’s involvement is welcome (any word on who he’d play? It could be any one of several roles).
    And can we please come back to earth on the original films? Rapace was perfect, yes. But the films themselves left a lot to be desired in terms of backstory and character development (Blomkvist and Berger in particular). While the praise of Rapace is certainly warranted, I find the nose-in-the-air posturing over the films themselves to be getting old. They’re good, but not as good as the “Don’t remake them at all!” brigade seems to think. This same group is, of course, free to ignore an English-language remake and stick to the originals. I’d also advise them to learn Swedish so they can read the books in their original form without having to stoop to the vulgarity of reading them in English.

    • ashley

      you have a point about the original films…and i totally agree with you about seeing the actress and not the character- and it looks like they are going to cast a big name for big name’s sake.

    • Dylan

      “She’s too old, for one”
      Um, Noomi Rapace is 30, so obviously 29-year-old Portman isn’t too decrepit to ever conceivably portray Lisbeth. :-/

      • A-K87

        That is the only criticism of casting of Rapace. She doesn’t look young enough and she was too tall. If you don’t think that the physical appearance isn’t important enough, you ought to read the novels.

    • Jesse

      “I’d also advise them to learn Swedish so they can read the books in their original form without having to stoop to the vulgarity of reading them in English.”

      LOL, you are so full of it. Excuse my vulgar ignorance for not learning an entire language just so I can enjoy a cool thriller. Of course you miss out on some of the subtleties of the Swedish language when you read it in English, but should we demand everyone learn English before they can properly enjoy the Harry Potter series? Arrogance.

      • thin

        Yeah, way to completely miss the point.

      • Dave

        Jesse, please take Reading Comprehension 101.

      • Jenny

        Um. You completely, utterly missed the point. Like, it’s almost FUNNY how much you missed the point.

    • Olive

      Stellan Skarsgard will play Martin Vanger. Portman is more than an a decent actor and she has the awards and nominations to prove it. I can see her as Lisbeth.

    • KGP

      Thank you. Sometimes I feel like the only person who thought the Swedish version of the movie left lots to be desired. The acting was excellent — the plot, not so much. Too many critical points were omitted, and silly details changed.

  • Matt

    How cool someone siad Alison Lohman! That didn’t even cross my mind, but i think that would be a perfect choice.

    • mary q contrary

      Her features are too soft.

    • Craig

      I thought the comments about learning to read Swedish were funny and meant to be sarcastic, anyways hilarious comment!

  • Walrus

    Evan Rachel Wood is just a horrible actress. It would be bad enough without watching her try to maintain an accent.

    • Manatee

      You are wrong. ERW is a very good actress. Of all the big names mentioned, she would be the best. Natalie Portman is too old.

      • Matthew

        I was waiting for someone like Walrus to point out the obvious. Evan Rachel Wood is a weak actress: she is painful to watch on such camp as True Blood. She’d butcher a serious role.

      • Dugong

        You are totally right. She was great in PRETTY PERSUASION.

      • Jesse

        Thirteen? The Wrestler? Jesus, poor ERW. Her critics have apparently only seen her in True Blood. She tried a certain 40s-era angle with her character and didn’t work for everybody and now she apparently a “horrible actress.”

      • thin

        Yeah, she’s not great in True Blood, but she has been very good in other roles.

      • MCS

        evan rachel woods horrible overacting in true blood has assured she wont get this role. True, she was great in thirteen and alright in the wrestler, but i wouldnt cast her in anything after true blood.

      • Troia

        please watch a few episodes of True Blood and you’ll see why ERW should eb kept as far from this project as possible….she was excellent in 13 but hasn’t shown much since

      • jade


    • Kelly

      She’s done better work than True Blood. She’s only playing her role as it is written and directed.

      If they go with a more well known actress, Anna Paquin or Keira Knightley would be my picks. Unlike Portman, they’ve done nudity in other roles.

      If they cast teenage Harriet, Sairse Ronan from Atonement and Lovely Bones would be perfect for the role.

      • trolli

        right. she will be perfect for the role of the young Harriet

      • tipsy

        No,no,no, NO Ronan in another dead(pre) teen typecasting! That girl seriously needs to get some brighter roles. Such a pretty, bubbly girl always going for those depressing characters. BTW, Lovely Bones was complete garbage. Not her fault cause she had nothing to do in it but stare in fake-looking digital scenery.

      • m1

        @tipsy: Completely agreed about The Lovely Bones. Peter Jackson ruined a phenomenal book. What were Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz thinking? The only cast member who truly benefited from that production was Stanley Tucci.

    • Charisse

      I totally agree…and I hate her stupid mumbly voice

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