Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively compete for Alfonso Cuaron's next project: 'Gravity'

Call it the battle of the blondes: Sources confirm a report in The Hollywood Reporter today that Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively are the frontrunners to star in Alfonso Cuaron’s next project Gravity opposite Robert Downey Jr. Both women have tested for the role of an astronaut lost in space, fighting her way back to Earth. Neither Johansson nor Lively have yet to receive an offer, however.

Sources say that Lively auditioned for the role over a month ago along with 11 other women. Johansson only read for the part last week.

While Johannson is a bigger star internationally, Warner Bros. has long been a fan of cultivating young talent that it had a hand in discovering, which definitely describes Lively. She co-stars in the studio’s upcoming flick The Town as well as Green Lantern, in which she plays Ryan Reynolds’  love interest. Warner Bros. TV is also responsible for Gossip Girl, which co-stars Lively, on the CW.

It’s not lost on anyone that Reynolds is Johansson’s husband. Depending on the outcome of the Cuaron project, the Green Lantern premiere could be one awkward affair. Warner Bros. declined to comment.

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  • The Dude

    I trust Cuaron. He hasn’t made a movie yet that I didn’t fall in love with. Whoever he chooses, I have faith it’s the right decision.

    • Liz Lemon

      I agree, but why is it down to these two? Aren’t there more competent actresses he can choose from?

      • ^^this^^


      • Ashley

        I don’t think it’s ‘down’ to just them… they both just want it.

      • kellybelly

        Couldn’t agree more. what? Did every one else die, and only these two are left? But like the article said, these are two among many that auditioned. Hope neither gets it.

    • kellybelly

      How about Katee Sackhoff instead?

  • Chappel

    Good luck to Blake “HeyLookAtMyBoobies” Lively going up against Scarlett Johansson.

    • wierdalexj

      Hahahahaha! My thoughts exactly! (Blake sure had those suckers out at Comic Con)!

      I really hope Cuaron doesn’t choose either of them and goes with some else who is a newcomer and deserves their first big break.

      • Michael

        are you serious like scarlett isnt the same way?? I know someone who saw her in NYC and she wouldnt even smile or say hello when my friend went up to her she wasnt annoying about it she just told her she liked her as an actress and scarlett just rolled her eyes and walked away. and she shows her boobs off too way more! thats all shes got going for her

      • Shasta

        Maybe your friend should have respected her privacy. Stalk much?

    • Kylie

      Seriously. She can’t even cover up during the Winter months. In think ever since Season2 she’s picked out her own wardrobe cause all of them show off her tits and she dressed a lot classier during Season 1.

  • May

    I say give it neither and go with a relative unknown or a different up and comer.

    Hey WB there’s another blonde, with better acting chops, on one of your other distributed shows that would be great in this role…Yvonne Strahovski!

    • Dbe

      Dude I totally love this suggestion! Come on WB you already have a star in RDJ, take a chance on Yvonne. Seriously, the girl is not only beautiful but actually has the acting skills to back it up!

    • Deilson

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  • Amber

    Isn’t Blake Lively the girl in the Hugh Laurie indie? I see this girl everywhere, and I’ve never seen her show. They should go with an unknown – Scarlett’s also everywhere. Why does it have to be a white blonde again? What about a Latina or Asian or African actress?

  • dennis

    give it to….michelle williams, rachel mcadams, or ziyi zhang!!!

    • Liz Lemon


    • JJ

      Rachelle McAdams!!! Oh, or Kate Beckinsale (Does it have to be a blonde?)

    • daisy5

      Rachel McAdams would be great, or how about Katee Sackhoff? I’d love to see Katee and Robert Downey Jr. together. Agree that it shouldn’t be Blake or Scarlett.

  • manish

    i’ll say it again
    SCARLETT!! she’s the more talented of the two

    • JJ

      She is sexier..Her talent is debatable

  • Xerxes

    Give it to Zoe Saldana, Natalie Portman or Kate Winslet. You know, actresses who’ve starred in the biggest films of the decade, instead of a TV actress.

  • Xerxes

    Why is it that Dragon Tattoo and Gravity are looking at “unknowns,” meaning “actresses who don’t command a huge salary?” You don’t see lead roles for men being handed out like mints to unkown men. They’ll cast Robert Downey Jr and Daniel Craig, then go bargain shopping for an underwear model to star opposite them? So lame, no wonder there are no good roles for women; studios won’t pay for the “girl”.

    • wooster182

      That’s not completely accurate. It’s assumed Ed Norton got bagged in the Avengers for Mark Ruffalo because MR is cheaper.

      • m

        i thought they went with ruffalo because ed norton can be difficult, and they wanted someone who was more of a team player.

      • wooster182

        That was the official story but Ed Norton claims it was due to money. As catty as the studio was about it, I’d bet it was due to money as well.

      • Brett

        Where did Ed Norton say ANYTHING about the issue being financial? He went out of his way to be as oblique as possible about the dispute.

      • @Brett

        It wasn’t Ed that issued a statement about the money. It was his “manager”

    • Bonnie

      Not sure I entirely agree with the comment, but I love it! (Transformers 3 literally did this), but wooster182 has a point.

    • Quirky

      You forget that when Craig got choosen for James Bond, he too was a much cheaper and more unknown option than alot of the other names being rumored for the role. Every star starts out as a cheap unknown somewhere.

  • wooster182

    Why would that be awkward? They aren’t the only two actresses up for the part. If they can’t put on their big girl pants and compete for roles, they shouldn’t be in the business. Considering the chemistry RDJ and SJ had in Iron Man 2, I think SJ is a dead lock for the part.

    • Kylie

      Yeah Scarlet should definitely be chosen and I agree. The acting profession is competing for roles. Some you get, others you don’t. I doubt it’s the first time either actress have been rejected.

  • Kim

    I like both actresses, so I don’t really mind who they choose.

  • tipsy

    Both Blake and Scarelett are as convincing astronauts as Denise Richards was a convincing nuclear physic or however you spell it.

    Like both girls but this role isn`t for them.

    • m

      lol – that’s what i thought.

  • Chels725

    I hope neither get it. Give the role to a better actress. Just not on of these two.

  • Bruno

    Astronauts are not in their 20’s. And Scarlett is too short and curvy to even remotely be believable as an Astronaut. She wasn’t even believable as Black Widow.

    • BLM

      My thoughts exactly! These women are too young to be astronauts. What, there are no actresses in their 30s or 40s that could play this part?

  • GeeMoney

    Blake Lively shouldn’t be considered for anything until she learns how to act. She’s terrible on Gossip Girl.

    • GinaBallerina

      AMEN! She’s one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen.

      • kellybelly


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