'Expendables' and 'Eat Pray Love' score while 'Scott Pilgrim' loses a turn

expendablesImage Credit: Karen BallardHollywood’s battle of the sexes seems to be working out well for the studios and their male- and female-focused movies. The testosterone-fueled Expendables bowed to an impressive $13 million Friday, which could translate to $35 million weekend win. And the Julia Roberts-starrer Eat Pray Love opened to a strong $8 million, a number that should jump up to about $25 million by weekend’s end.

The weekend’s other new wide release, the PG-13 Michael Cera-starrer Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, bowed to a disappointing $4.5 million and a likely fifth place in the rankings. Despite the Edgar Wright film’s strong presence at Comic-con and its popularity on Twitter, the hipster action-romance is unlikely to earn more than $11 million for the weekend.

Spots four and five for the frame are likely to go to holdovers. The Other Guys grossed over $5 million on Friday for a weekend take that could reach $17 million and a total cume of close to $70 million. And Inception is likely to wind up in fourth spot for the weekend. The uber-successful Christopher Nolan-directed drama grossed another $3 million on Friday for a weekend total of $11 million and a total cume on the verge of $250 million. Come back tomorrow for full results. (UPDATE: Click to see three-day weekend box office estimates.)

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  • Kyle

    I blame Universal for the fail of Scott Pilgrim because their advertising sucked.

    • JC

      I agree. I’m not familiar with the comic book, and have no idea if this is supposed to be an action comedy or what. In order to pique my interest I think they needed a different actor than Cera in the lead playing basically the same character he has played in everything since Superbad. I know it has gotten mostly positive reviews, but there is nothing about it that makes it so I can’t wait for four months and watch it at home.

      • TJ

        Cera’s the reason I won’t be seeing this on the big screen. I just don’t care for him as an actor. Now, I don’t have the raging hate for him that so many seem to, but I am one who finds his acting style very off-putting.

      • Crystal

        Oh boy. Here we go again…blame Universal and or the marketing for a film that simply had no mainstream appeal to begin with or any big star to sell it. It’s Serenity all over again.

      • ugh

        would it help if I said Cera is actually amazing as Scott Pilgrim

      • Kyle

        come on have u seen the commercials for Pilgrim?? all they have is one scene

      • Brad

        Michael Cera is no movie star. At best, he’s just ordinary guy in a movie. Who wants to watch someone like you in movies?

      • JackJack

        everyone needs to chill. This movie was epically awesomely fantastic and Cera was just fine in the role. The cast is really amazing – Kieran Culkin, Aubrey Plaza, Schwartzmann, Evans, Routh, etc etc etc it was really awesome. I wish more people would see it. The trailers are cool and I wish it would make more than $11 mill this weekend. Edgar Wright deserves more fame in the USofA

      • You=Idiot

        It’s a great movie. You people are just idiots who would rather watch Twilight, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Paul Blart Mall Cop. Those are more your speed, and it’s pathetic. Ra ra America!

      • Kris

        You didn’t go back far enough… he’s been playing the same character since ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT! He and Kristen Stewart should make a movie together called LATHARGIC PEOPLE!

      • Claire

        The advertising sucked? Wow, I feel like I’ve been hit over the head with Scott Pilgrim advertising for the last three weeks. The trailers are *everywhere*.
        Personally, Scott Pilgrim doesn’t really appeal to me – it’s not my type of movie, I’m not fond of Cera, and it seems too goofy. However…. I saw clips of it on Jimmy Fallon and Leno that made me want to see it because of the techniques Wright used to make it look *so much* like a comic book. It’s actually amazing and I’d see it just to appreciate his technique.

      • NJ

        It is very hard to Cera plays the same character in this film that he plays in every film, if you do not go to see the film. I saw Scoot Pilgrim and the Expendables on the same day, and the Scoot Pilgrim audience was larger and had a more enjoyable time than the expendables.

        Both were good movies in there own right, but Expendables got the much bigger opening, three screens to one at the theater I was at.

      • A Pimp Named Slick

        its not that it was a lack of advertising, its just that what there was was pretty bad. The only reason I have a mild interest in it is because it was directed by the guy that did Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but that was really promoted in the ads.

      • katy

        I agree, the advertising for this movie was not very good at all. Plus a lot of people do not like Michael Cera anymore, so that didn’t help much either. But it is getting good reviews from pretty much everyone whose seen it. Still, to me it looks like something I would wait and check out on DVD.

      • Mary

        Michael Cera actually really surprised me in Scott Pilgrim. He carried the movie well and was hilarious! “Sweet, coins!”

    • Spider

      “The Expendables” kicked ass! It delivered what it promised: a slam, bang action extravaganza with some of the biggest action stars of all time. The story is exactly what it needs to be and nothing more…but then again, we knew this going in. There was a good share of women at the theater where I saw this and YES, there were cheering as well during the explosive action!!!

      • Nicole

        Hell yeah it did! That movie was AWESOME!It delivered on everything it said it would! I was one of the women cheering! That movie gets your blood racing! Good Job Stalone!

      • Wickeddoll

        Hubby and I are going to see it in about an hour. I’m looking forward to it.

      • Carrie

        Just got back from The Expendables and will probably see it again tomorrow. It was fun. Sometimes, that is all a movie needs to be to be great and it was great.

      • Common_Sense

        Anyone who pays $12 (or more) to see “The Expendables” should be sterilized immediately.

      • Common_Sense

        And anyone who pays anything to see “Eat Pray Love” should be sterilized yesterday!!!

    • TheCriticizer

      I knew ‘Eat,Pray,Love’ was no match for ‘The Expendables’.
      Too bad, the best movie this weekend, ‘Scott Pilgrim’ is doing badly. I though America had learned something after ‘Inception’.

      • D

        It had horrible and uninteresting advertising

      • JJ

        ‘Eat,Pray,Love’ is boring-no action-slow moving yarn about a middle aged woman making a trip around the world to what-find herself–oh pleeeese so 60’s with so many people in debt working so hard to make a living when they want to kick back the want a kick ass movie with special effects and hard action and Not a sappy soap.

      • Wickeddoll

        I never saw *any* advertising for Scott Pilgrim.

    • DW

      After seeing Scott Pilgrim yesterday and finding it to be one of the best films of 2010 so far, I’m hoping word of mouth will save it. If not, it will find a substantial audience on DVD.

      • lee

        Yeah, Scott Pilgrim was hilarious. Hopefully it’ll earn the money it deserves.

      • mark in nyc

        the problem with the movie is that it has a limited base of people who want to see it.
        I am a late 30’s guy who collected comic books (and will still pick up a trade from time to time), played video games, and loved Arrested Development…..yet I have no interest in seeing it.
        Was that cause of the advertising? I don’t know. I think it is cause I no longer care about high school dating movies. Is that not what the movie is about? then I guess it is the advertising.
        No bas appeal to anyone outside of comic con.

      • Dan

        You do realize that it’s NOT a “high school dating movie” right?

      • Ladywolfstar

        I was fortunate enough to see Scot Pilgrim, pre release, before anyone even knew it was being made. Before they would even say what it was called. My husband and I really REALLY liked it!! I told everyone about it and I was so excited to see it when it did come out. But I felt that the trailers that they made didn’t do it any justice! If I hadn’t already seen it, I would have had no desire to see it at all. I was very dissapinted. it was a great movie, I hope word of mouth does something for it.

    • Jacob

      I think Universal made a gallant effort to try and sell this to a more mainstream audience. They shelled out $60+ mil for this thing, so they’re gonna try and get butts in the seats, no matter how bad the marketing is.
      But, at least Universal took a risk on a worthwhile venture. The film is loads of fun, has a lot of rewatch value (so many allusions, you almost need to be able to rewind), and will certainly find its groove on DVD. A real shame, though, since this one’s a blast to see on the big screen.
      And lets stop harping on poor Michael Cera. Denzel, Harrison and Bruce have all made careers playing essentially the same characters.

      • Aaron

        Agreed, there are Oscar winners who’ve played the same character over and over again. George Clooney, Cary Grant, Morgan Freeman, John Wayne, Woody Allen, Joe Pesci, etc. It’s just a style of acting to develop a persona and do slight variations on it. Not everyone can reinvent the wheel every time out like Depp, Day-Lewis, or Philip Seymour Hoffman. I love Cera personally. Long live George Michael Bluth!

      • Taylor

        And I’d like to point out that the reason all of those actors are so successful is because no one can get enough of that single character they play over and over again. As for Scott Pilgrim, I’m very excited to see it. Michael Cera isn’t generally my cup of tea, but the movie as a whole just looks so fantastic. I just hope it will survive until I have enough money for a ticket.

    • LOL

      Yawn. Boring weekend at the movies. This summer was underwhelming. Fall looks bleak. Where are the good ideas?

      • rerun

        Not in your post.

    • Kaci

      I’m not a Michael Cera fan, but I really enjoyed him as Scott Pilgrim. The movie was fantastic; I think word of mouth will help it gain more followers in the following weeks.

    • Stephen Monteith

      The movie itself had a great website. If they could have driven more webbies to visit it, then the word might have spread better.

    • chris

      Their advertising sucked hard. The only advertising for this movie that seemed remotely interesting was the full length one I saw in the theatre.

  • Corey

    The lack of success of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is disappointing. Looks like I will have to see the movie a third time this weekend to help out–it’s that good.

    • Kaci

      I saw it twice and will also probably watch it a third time next week.

  • Molly

    I’m sorry, but Scott pilgrim looked stupid to me and everyone else who doesn’t love the comic book. I don’t know anyone over the age of 13 who wants to see it.

    • JB

      Funny Molly, because I’m 40 and love the books, my husband and I are going to see it today. And we have a lot of late 20’s and 30’s friends who want to see it as well.

      Guess it depends on what you like, you couldn’t pay me enough to see a bunch of old men play rough and tumble.

      • Mathieu

        I wouldn’t call Jason Statham or Terry Crews old men. I enjoyed both movies; I’d certainly like to see more modern action films capture the sense of fun that 80s/90s flicks had, so I’m glad Expendables is doing well. Pilgrim is the better movie, but blanket advertising on movie websites and endless features by bloggers for weeks on end seems to have backfired. Being constantly told by the likes of CHUD that if you see anything other than Pilgrim this weekend you’re a homophobic meathead does tend to grate a little…

      • Liz

        The so-called old men of The Expendable could whip any of the young boys of Hollywood hands down. I am 24 and am ashamed that there are no real action stars in young Hollywood. It’s all about nerds with superpowers.

      • Natalie

        Liz…that’s about the weirdest opinion I’ve heard all week.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I’m also 40 and went to see Scott Pilgrim. Trust me, you don’t know what your missing. The video game references are from my genertation of video games, and the movie was a blast. But hey, if watching some woman do nothing but travel in order to “find” herself is your cup of tea, have fun.

    • maiv

      I agree with a previous poster in that this movie just doesn’t really have mainstream appeal (at least from what we’ve seen in trailers), which Molly’s comment seems to confirm.

    • gus

      You must know a lot of boring people over 13 with little interest in expanding their horizons.

    • rerun

      Yeah, Molly stop hanging out with 12 year olds. Me and a group of late 20, early 30 somethings saw it and loved it. Go back and watch Twilight for a 12th time.

  • tvgirl48

    Oh, and whatever happened to just saying “opened”? Since when did “bow” fit this context? It’s like a new drinking game at EW, for as many times as I’ve seen them use this word in their movie grosses articles.

    • Crumb bum

      It’s a commonly accepted synonym. Stop trying to be cute.

    • LOL

      “Bow” is boring. It’s being run into the ground.

  • Kaelyn

    Saw Scott Pilgrim last night and it was amazing. Go see it.

  • Other Scott

    How sad, the only one of the three with originality is lagging behind. Really guys, you choose a completely insipid chick flick and a completely dumb action movie (which is just as lame as the movies it’s an homage too), over a movie that does something new and presents you with something you’ve probably never seen anything like? To quote last week’s Futurama, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

  • cam

    yeah, I think it’s Cera. He’s overplayed.

    however, the movie does seem like a sure cult hit in the coming years, just cuz of its quirkyness.

    • CPK

      yeah, Michael Cera is a bit overplayed. They should use Jesse Eisenberg, instead. He plays the same nerdy, awkward parts as Michael Cera except he is easier to look at.

      • Brianna

        I think Michael is a good actor, but forget Michael….I’m excited about seeing the movie because Anna Kendrick is in it!!! She did fantastic in the movie Up in the Air. Oh and, ya that would of been great if they had Jesse Eisenberg instead of Michael. He rocked in Zombieland!!!

      • rerun

        Eisenberg would have sucked in the part. Cera did a good job as Scott. It was either him or an unknown.

  • Monique

    I disagree..I am NOT 13 yrs old NOR do I read the comics. LOVED the movie..no offense to the other 2 flicks this wknd. So much so I saw it twice.. and Expendables before it came out in theaters!

  • Dave

    I’m 27, and had and consider Scott Pilgrim to be a milestone for Hollywood. It’s the first time they’ve gotten videogames right, and unless you’re from the Nintendo/Club Rock generation, the movie is simply not for you.

    You just won’t get it. The movie uses allusions better than any film probably ever made. There were grown men and women in the theater cheering when music from the Legend of Zelda played, or a mention of an old Final Fantasy game or an epic Shoryuken. Basically, if you didn’t growup during the late 80s/early 90s, just don’t bother.

    • dee

      “The movie uses allusions better than any film probably ever made. There were grown men and women in the theater cheering when music from the Legend of Zelda played…”

      Wait, that’s in the movie?? I may have to see this now. lol I love it.

    • Ampersand

      Wow…you don’t sound like a nerd at all. -_- I think that’s the main problem with the movie. It only appeals to video game and comic book nerds that would pick up on stuff like the theme to Legend of Zelda.

      • Neptuny

        Wow, way to not sound at all douchey.

      • Tim

        Ampersand, you sound like the kind of person who hates everything. Probably the reason the opposite sex wants nothing to do with you.

    • jacque

      while they definitely catered to that generation a lot, it’s not just for those. people in their teens and twenties will enjoy it as well, don’t tell them not to bother, that’s really stupid

    • MrSmith

      I’m in my 40’s and am familiar with some of the references and the music, and my date is in her 30’s and had little to no familiarity at all. We both loved the film and talked about it for a couple of hours afterward. In addition, while her normal preference is Christian Contemporary music, she’s looking forward to getting the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (go figure!).

  • jfms777

    Julia’s movie opened with $8M? The queen has been replaced. Long live Meryl. (Julie & Julia did much better
    one year ago, with much less hype.)

    • jk

      Also, “Eat Pray Love” made $8 million in one day – the weekend total was speculated above to be over $25 million. That’s a successful opening. The title of this article announced that the film “score[d];” not sure how this convinced you that an $8 million opening NIGHT is a failure. And since when did “Julie & Julie” have “much less hype?”

    • Jerome

      Reread the article. 8m was for Friday alone. Julia has still got it. And I love Meryl too. There is enough room for two or three or four.

  • Ryan

    Scott Pilgrim was a huge surprise. Very fun.

    The Expendables was a huge disappointment. The last 20 minutes or so are great, a total blast, but it shouldn’t have been such a dopey slog up until that point.

  • jason.

    Well, I was busy last night, but my wife and I are so anxious to see it that we might hit a matinee today.

    I’m 35, and while I’m a lifelong lover of comics, my wife and the myriad friends of ours who are all excited about this film are (for the vast majority) not.

    I tend to wait until after the first weekend to see something in the theatre so I can avoid hour-long waits, ignorant talkers and the horrible text-fest that modern theatres have become.

    That being said, at least if Pilgrim “fails” at the box office, they covered the whole story in one go. No sequel pressure, no foul. Unlike the Losers, which ended halfway through the story…

  • bob from binghamton

    I am 53 and went to see Scott Pilgrim with my 20-year old daughter. We both enjoyed it hugely. I haven’t had so many honest laughs at a movie in a long, long time. I’ll be doing my best to contribute to word-of-mouth promotion! And BTW, the audience was great, no “ignorant talkers” or excessive texting. Maybe the secret is to have an interesting and absorbing movie to watch.

    • jacque

      no you were just lucky enough to have a quiet theater. the people in mine pissed me off majorly

  • K.L.

    The Expendables was a great action movie. Bunch of us women went and loved it!

  • M.

    I think Eat Pray Love benefitted from the Oprah Effect, and The Expendables is more like going to Grandpa one last time before he passes.

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