Exclusive: 'Piranha 3-D: The Sequel' in the works

Strong reviews and a $10 million opening was enough for Dimension Films to get working on a sequel of Piranha 3-D. The studio confirmed today that plans for another bloody gore fest are in the works with director Alexandre Aja and producer Mark Canton re-teaming with Dimension. “We are thrilled that audiences are not just loving Piranha 3-D, but cheering for it,” says Canton. “And it’s fantastic that so many critics are really getting the movie and recommending it. We can’t wait to get to work on the sequel.”

What would said sequel look like? No plotline has yet been decided, but Aja, when interviewed a couple weeks back, said the team has been throwing around a lot of different story lines. “We had many ideas, like the full moon party in Thailand — a huge event with like 200,00 young people from all around the world taking mushrooms and partying on the beach.” Ahh, a perfect environment for man-eating fish.

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  • Wottadoosh

    I hope they cast Kelly Brook’s twin sister.

  • Jack

    We want Elizabeth Shue back for the sequel though! She needs more screen time.

    • Brian E.

      This. She was great in it. Sequel could easily take up after the end of the 1st one. They still got a BIG problem on their hands there.

    • MCS

      But Adam Scott wont be in it. Any chance of revival?

  • Timbo

    It must of had a really small budget to consider a $10 million opening a success.

    • B-

      It only cost 25 million to make.

    • @Timbo

      Must have, not must of

      • jo

        You have nothing better to do than look up posts and correkt grammer? leave a relaveant comant as to the type uf sobgect that is talked aboat. I Loved tha movey. Just fun and not taking it selff sereeouse. Cant wait four a sekwill!

    • Paul

      Yup. Face it movies clearly aren’t about money anymore. They’re about allowing lazy studio executives and producers to keep repeating the same lame formula over and over again. A movie can flop, but if it was easy to make and fits the mold of the latest crap trend, the public’s going to be getting more of the same.

    • Tony

      Meanwhile Scott Pilgrim seats is Collecting Dust, What a weird World.

    • David Bercutt

      Alexandre Aja makes his desert themed movies, like The remake of The Hills Have Eyes, in Morocco, which surprisingly enough has a fully equipped film studio lot, and many people are using it to save a bundle on production costs. The party lake was constructed in the Moroccan desert, I am sure. Just bring in the moderately paid actors, the special effects, and a bunch of beach bunnies, and you are probably on tap for no more than $25 mil. So when you count world wide box office, dvd, and everything the film can earn, 10 mil opening is fine. It will do more the second week.

  • Jose

    Will flying fish be involved?

  • Keren

    How’s this for a sequel…the piranha make their way up to the Pacific Northwest where they happily feast on sparkly vampires, shirtless werewolves and a neurotic teenager who can’t make a decision to save her life. Think it’ll play?

    • Jose

      Sounds a lot better than Vampire Sucks.

      • t.t

        i’d watch that in 3D, IMAX, front row seat!

    • m1

      Stop the Twilight bashing! They are not the worst films ever!

  • MDS

    Piranha 3D had to be the most fun movie to be an extra on of all-time.

  • loops

    strong reviews??? cinema score was a “C” meaning critics are out of touch…audiences did not like this flop

    • Nathan

      Audiences are generally morons, which quickly explains that statistic.

    • tony

      The problem is that audiences didn’t get the movie. It is supposed to be very campy and funny, but everyone took the movie too seriously. I remember after seeing it i told my friends how hilarious it was and i got a lot of “was it supposed to be?” responses. It just goes to show you that audiences don’t understand what tongue in cheek is. A lot of the people who got it loved it, and the people who got and didn’t love it? oh well, maybe its not your type of thing, but i really believe that its misunderstood and audiences aren’t getting what the whole movie is about.

      • Shaun

        People stood up at my screening too–about half way through to get the hell out. This whole “audiences don’t get it” is a farce. This is Porky’s IV with blood and even worse acting. It
        s a steaming pile of crap. Period. Its Girls Gone Wild with some scenes of gore. There’s nothing funny or sexy or scary about it. It’s just 87 minutes of brainless, witless garbage.

    • Kyle

      I really don’t know where this “Cinema Score” comes from, because the showing I saw was about 3/4 full and people where standing up and cheering throughout the movie. it was a blast.

      • Will

        yeah go look at Rotten Tomatoes score…its currently at 82%

    • Mark

      81% on Rotten Tomatoes….this actually got really great reviews overall – granted it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I personally loved every second of it!

      • Shaun

        This is down to 75% which is still pretty good but top critics scored it a 58%. I think its getting good marks with smoke and mirrors but then I hated this movies. And I love horror and comedy but this was neither.

  • bruno

    say whaaa??? THIS. but no sequal to snakes on a plane? SACRILIG!

    • hecati

      There was an unofficial sequel: Snakes on a Train

  • Iowajay

    As long as they actually shoot it in 3D this time, I’m all for it… How can you put 3D in the title, but convert it over? It was a fun, gory, nudity filled wild ride though!!

  • KCWolf

    What will they do for an encore? Another wince-inducing naughty bit to become Piranha Chow? Plus I think they are out of still living stars of Jaws for cameos (though I understand that the entire cast of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus is available).

    • Blue Silver

      The producers should cast Debbie Gibson for the sequel! This way, they can keep up the tradition started by Stallone, of casting retro, or faded stars, B-listers and thrusting them into the limelight once again. :)

      • Barry

        I don’t think that Jet Li, Jason Statham or Mickie Rourke are faded B actors.

      • Wakener

        I think that tradition’s been around for a while. Just ask John Travolta about his 1993 phone call from Quentin Tarantino.

  • DavyB

    I had a great time watching this film and I would go to the sequel. They should keep some of this cast, since some things were left open. Overall it was everything I expected from a film advertised like this…It was a rollercoaster ride!

  • larry k

    Yes!Loved this movie,and I was hoping for a sequel!Wish it would have done better at the boxoffice!

  • dee123

    It was a lot of fun & didn’t outstay it’s welcome which these days is a bonus.

  • lkmm1452

    It was a lot of fun & didn’t outstay it’s welcome which these days is a bonus.

  • Rockatansky

    Artistically, it probably doesn’t deserve a follow-up, but by all means it does commercially … when has Hollywood not jumped on the sequel bandwagon? I just wish they wouldn’t have given the ending away in the trailer they showed incessantly!

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