Can 'The Social Network' snag three Best Supporting Actor nods?

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Last week I discussed Focus Features’ decision to campaign its two Kids Are All Right stars — Annette Bening and Julianne Moore — for Best Actress during the upcoming Oscar season. Not to be outdone, awards consultants for The Social Network tell me they’re planning no fewer than three Best Supporting Actor campaigns, for costars Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, and Armie Hammer. Garfield and Timberlake are no surprise: They’ve been talked about for weeks now, ever since the movie began screening for industry insiders and media types. But Hammer, who plays the studly Winklevoss twins (aided by some of David Fincher’s technical wizardry), is emerging as a prime scene-stealer as more and more people watch the film. It’s a strong, hooky performance that I’d guess voters will really appreciate once they understand exactly how it was accomplished.

There is, of course, a precedent here: On the Waterfront, The Godfather, and The Godfather Part II all scored a hat trick of supporting actor nominations. What’s interesting is that at this early date, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on which costar is most deserving of a nomination. There are several other strong candidates this year: Geoffrey Rush for The King’s Speech, Jeremy Renner for The Town, Matt Damon for Hereafter. But the category doesn’t feel so crowded as to make multiple Social Network nods impossible. What all three guys have going against them is their age: Most years you’d be lucky to find one 30-or-under type in the supporting-actor mix, much less two or three.

Those of you that have seen The Social Network at a film-festival or college screening, which of the three guys would you most like to see nominated?

Check back here in the coming days for my video interview with Garfield, Timberlake, Hammer, Jesse Eisenberg, and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. And follow me @davekarger.

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  • anthony

    definitely JT, he kills in this movie, a return to talent like in Alpha Dog, as opposed to the more recent screen-time in the love guru

    • Larry David

      Yes, lets give an Oscar to the guy whose starring in ‘Yogi Bear’ the live action film. Yes, and while we are at it lets give Uwe Boll an honorary Oscar. You disgust me!

      • Gravity

        Being in Wild Wild West didn’t stop Will Smith from getting a best actor nod. Don’t be an idiot.

      • sally

        @Larry David, this isn’t about doing a voice for an animated character. Timberlake has gotten across the board rave reviews from the hardest of critics out there. It sounds like he deserves an Oscar nod. I can’t wait to see the movie.

      • breckster82

        have you seen the movie? if not, then you can kindly shut the eff up, cuz he’s brilliant in it.

      • Jo

        1) If you haven’t seen The Social Network, you have nothing to base your comment on.

        2) If you haven’t see the Yogi Bear movie then you have nothing to base you comment on.

        3) You comment is simply baseless.

      • yep

        Dear larry David,
        I would like to let you know that I think you are an idiot, yes thats right an idiot and I would speak to you as the idiot you are.
        As I agree with the rest of the people, except for the spammer, I must that if a large amount of people that has seen the movie think it should have these young actors considered for an oscar, I am inclined to believe them over an idiot that hasn’t seen the movie yet and is basing his comment on a film that has yet to come out, as in Yogi Bear.
        For the record Yogi bear is inteaded for children so I figure that it is all in fun.
        So you idiot have wasted much space that could have been used by another spammer.
        I know that i will get bashed, but I dont care, I will still call you an idiot.


      • Michael Angelo

        @Larry David…didn’t we give two Oscars to the girl who starred in The Next Karate Kid(HSwank)and another to the guy who starred in Boat Trip and Snow Dogs(Gooding)? I’m not a JT fan nor have I seen the film. However, if he earned it, he earned it.

      • abby

        Didn’t just last year Sandra Bullock witn the Oscar for best actress and the Razzie for worst actress at almost the same time? If Timberlake earned the nod for the Social Network then he deserves to get it whether your a fan of his or not. Yogi Bear is a childrens movie also and he just voices an animated character.

      • Matt M.

        A) You are not the real Larry David.
        B) Yogi Bear is an animated film in which Justin Timberlake provides a supporting voice. It has literally nothing to to with The Social Network.
        C) Get out of here.

    • marie

      I’m one of the lucky one’s who saw an early screening and I agree Justin deserves the Oscar. He gave an eye opening performance in this movie.

      • Stephanie

        I got to see an early screening too and I was blown away by all of the acting. This was the best movie I’ve seen in a really long time!! JT was great and should get a nod for supporting actor… Jesse Eisenberg deserves to walk away with an Oscar for lead.

    • ugh

      Go stan somewhere else please.

    • AK

      I feel like his reputation is going to work against him. Maybe if starts getting some love from critic’s groups, then the Academy will be able to overlook the fact that he is a pop star.

      • Mac

        And the opposite is true for blogs, in which EVERYONE and their mother will be over the moon for Timberlake, whether or not he deserves it or not. The same goes for Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

      • Nicole

        I don’t think Timberlake should get a nomination for the movie. I’m actually really surprised at all of the fawning over him. Garfield and Hammer were both incredible, and Timberlake was made to look much better than he is because he was surrounded by great actors and his scenes were directed by the very excellent Fincher. Honestly – I’ve seen him in a few other performances, and he’s really not that good an actor. He might be someday, but he’s not yet. In TSN, he was made better by his surroundings. Frankly, if I were Garfield, Hammer, or especially Eisenberg, I’d be pretty bitter about the amount of attention JT is getting for the movie (the only one with his own EW cover? When he is the 4th lead in the movie? Please).

        This is not his movie. He plays a role, and does it competently, but by no means was his performance revolutionary or even particularly memorable. The rest of them though were all really really fabulous. I hope the three of them are each nominated, and if I had to choose between Hammer and Garfield to win supporting, I’d give the edge to Garfield. But Hammer was really, really impressive.

      • Elliott

        i totally agree with you, i dont think JT should be nominated because he was surrounded by great acting, but this is the best acting he has done, and he shows that he can act, but oscar nomination? I dont think so. If anyone should get a nomination, it should be Garfield and Eisenburg.

      • metalliham

        The academy might overlook the fact he is a pop star, but hopefully they don’t look over the fact that his performance was mediocre compared to everyone else in the movie. The guy who played Zuckerberg’s roommate should get the nod. Not Timberlake.

    • Menchy

      Perhaps a return to the (IMHO) criminally underrated (and by underrated I mean critically raped) performance in Southland Tales. If you haven’t seen Richard Kelly’s masterpiece, go out and buy it now.

      • Matt M.

        I completely second this. Timberlake was Oscar-worthy, and Southland Tales is one of the finest films of the ’00s.

    • bambam

      Here’s what I think should be done, just my opinion so be kind ok?

      Push Alex Garland REALLY hard for a Supporting Actor Oscar, either for Social Network or Never Let Me Go, whichever is the bigger awards bait (looking to be Social Network, Never Let Me Go seems to not be catching fire unfortunately). Here’s why: Sony/Columbia have both Social Network and the next Spiderman movie. So the smart money would seem for our next Peter Parker to already have an Oscar nom if not the statue. It would especially help Sony/Columbia if it were for Social Network, though Garfield winning for Never Let Me Go and Fox would in no way tarnish Spiderman or Social Network.

      Timberlake is great, sure. Even worthy of a nomination! I would venture that Justin will get out of this life with an acting Oscar.

      But the push should be on Garfield, who will be the main character in a giant tentpole franchise. So therefore, put all the effort behind him, Fincher to finally win director, the screenplay, the editing (this film is a lock on the editing award from what movies I have seen) and it could take sound and visual effects too. I also coudl see it taking Best Picture.

      But I think Alex Garfield should be a very high priority that will reap greater dividends down the road.

      • bambam

        sorry for spelling. Also Social Network I think will beat Inception for Picture, director, and editing. They won’t be competing for screenplay, one is original and one is adapted. Rule of thumb: whoever does not get a film editing nomination will not win Best Picture at all.

  • XSE Drake

    JT: “Bring it on down to Oscarville!”

    • Alicia


    • Jenn

      ha! I hope he gets nominated and wins just so he can go on SNL and this can happen.

      • Vandelay

        JT could be the first of his generation to win an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony).

      • tori

        Love that idea Vandelay. Has he already won a Tony?

      • M

        tori, JT has not. He hasn’t even appeared on Broadway yet, but he seems to be in the running for every movie adaptation of a musical these days– I’d like to see him in a movie musical first and then try Broadway.

    • Carrie #2

      YESSSS, XSE Drake!!

    • T


    • Heather

      Haha – AWESOME

    • Strups

      Awesome comment. Man I love that SNL episode!

  • keith

    David, what is your impression of the movie? It felt like this movie kind came out of nowhere. I don’t remember peope discussing this movie as an awards contender. But the buzz now is so fever pitch it’s hard to imagine it not getting a slew of nominations.

    • Mac

      Not true… this movie has been talked about as an Oscar contender for most of the year. I’m guessing the screenplay was THAT good.

  • Benny

    Am I the only one who still wants to know what the big fuss for this movie is all about? I’ve seen the trailer and tv spots and still don’t see any sparks. And all the oscar talk for this fluff is driving me crazy, and I’m a big oscar nut. Why?

    • keith

      I had no interest in the movie at all. And then the reviews hit and I’m not obsessed with seeing it. The reviews that I’ve read reveal a tone and take on the story I was not at all expecting for some reason.

    • keith

      Whoops. I meant I am NOW obsessed with seeing it. It sounds like a fascinating movie. I’m just curious as to how this flew under the awards talk radar until now.

    • Linda

      It’s a movie that is just undeniable. Writing, directing, acting, editing, cinematography, music, etc at its finest. There is no weak link. Ask me to choose the “best” performance between Andrew, Justin and Armie and I wouldn’t be able to, so I absolutely support nominating all 3 of them! Jesse Eisenberg for Actor is a no-brainer. I would also like to see Rooney Mara for Supporting Actress. She only has 2 scenes but they are superb.

    • MM

      Linda – I thought much the same when I first heard of it. Saw it a few days ago at a sneak peek. It’s terrific, solidly acted with a superb, captivating script. This is a def Oscar nom movie.

    • Ry

      I’m a college film student and the script to the Social Network was circulating within our group a while ago (as it was throughout the internet) and from a guy that couldn’t even get through the srcipt for Pulp Fiction, the Soc. script literally changed my life. It captures our generation entirely, cracking one ingeniously dark joke after another about the endless irony of our day and age. Add that to Fincher’s directing, or should I say “aesthetic expressions of brilliant, dark poetry”, and you have what everyone said Citizen Kane was, but it wasn’t.

      • Wow

        Let me guess…you’re majoring in hyperbole?

    • cat

      If you don’t get it, go see it and you’ll understand what the fuss is about. The critics are not exaggerating. And Hammer is hilarious.

  • gah

    please don’t encourage justin timberlake’s acting.

    • uhh!

      Amen! the guy is terrible! he is funny in 2 minute skits that don’t require him to get lost in a charater, but that’s as far as his range goes. if he gets a nomination it is further proof that the oscars are more about politicas than about talent.

      • Linda

        Let me guess, you haven’t actually seen The Social Network, right?

    • _


    • Erin

      Agree. I’m sick of singers and models turning to acting and vice versa, just because they can.

      Nop haven’t seen it yet, I’m sure he did a great job. But Oscar worthy, and to continue acting? No thanks.

      • Brody

        Erin, JT may or may not be one of them, but some people really are legitimately multitalented (see: Broadway).

      • Jeremy DC

        I’m also sick of these singers and rappers who can’t act. But anyone who’s seen Alpha Dog can tell you that Timberlake is capable of being great on the big screen.

  • Clayton

    I’d give my vote to Andrew Garfield; I loved his performance. Hammer definitely does his share of scene-stealing. He has the most memorable (and funniest) line of the movie

    • Seriously

      Ditto. Andrew Garfield and Armie Hammer were excellent in this movie. Just the simple fact that Armie played the role of TWO men who were alternately earnest and ridiculous speaks volumes. Justin Timberlake was good, but I wouldn’t say he was Oscar good.

  • Marianne

    I could maybe see Andrew Garfield getting a nod, but Justin? Are you serious.

  • cmg42

    Not surprised. Saw an advanced screening last weekend. All three of them are excellent. But I bet Andrew and Justin get the nods. I also bet this movie wins the new cast award at the sag awards. The script and the cast are what really make this movie excellent.

  • gah

    wait – matt damon isn’t the star of Hereafter? he’s supporting? Who is the main star?

    • Levi

      It’s an ensemble making him a supporting actor, not the lead.

      • gah

        ooooh. the trailer made it seem like he was totally the main character.

    • A-K87

      It seriously looks like Damon is the lead. Demoting him to Supporting is like delibertely losing football matches so you can come first in a lower league. It’s not cricket.

  • Yabby

    A not so crowded category? You didn’t mention Mark Ruffalo (THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT), Sam Rockwell (CONVICTION), Bill Murray (GET LOW), Bob Hoskins (MADE IN DUGENHAM). Jim Broadbent (ANOTHER YEAR)and hello, Christian Bale (THE FIGHTER).

    • Linda

      At least 3 of those are just wishful thinking, Yabby.

    • Levi

      Maybe Bale or Broadent. But Ruffalo wasn’t that great. Have you seen Conviction? Because it’s overrated. I love Murray, but Get Low wasn’t so good. And for Hoskins Idk if any one has seen it.

    • Aaron

      I totally agree. Christian Bale is definitely getting a nomination for The Figher, along with Sam Rockwell, who is supposedly excellent in Conviction (he’s by far the standout in all early reviews), and I wouldn’t count out Mark Ruffalo, who stands a great shot too. All three of those actors are all underrated, great character actors who are very overdue for a nomination (esp Rockwell, IMO, who was ROBBED ROBBED ROBBED last year for Moon)…and the obvious no-brainer for a nod this year is Geoffrey Rush for The King’s Speech…so, honestly I only see one of the Social Network guys getting nominated…I’m betting on Garfield since he’s having a big year and supposedly gives the more heartfelt performance (I haven’t seen the movie yet, however) and also because I CANNOT STAND Justin Timberlake!!!

      • A-K87

        I don’t get this ‘overdue’ bollocks. Shouldn’t The Academy award the most deserving in each performance rather than have people like Bening and Moore ‘waiting in line’ receiving nominations until they are ‘due’ a win. It’s totally ridiculous. Noomi Rapace pulled off one of the most memorable performances of the last decade and I doubt she’ll even get a look in with all of these veterans queuing up!!

    • f

      Or Ben Mendelsohn in Animal Kingdom, a fantastic performance in a beyond-fantastic movie.

      • sig

        Agree! Mendelsohn gave a phenomenal performance. It will be criminal if he is not recognized.

  • Levi

    All of them, plus Renner and Rush. But Hammer and Garfield over Justin Timberlake but Timberlake over Renner. But most likely Rush will win it.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I don’t know. I’m looking over at The King’s Speech for some Oscar love

  • nodnarb

    The fact that there are “awards consultants” represents everything that’s wrong with the Academy Awards.

    • Nemo


    • A-K87

      agreed big time!!!

      • Alex


  • MM

    I’m thinking JT. It’s the flashiest performance & he never chews scenery. Garfield is fine but flashier is usually better at securing a supporting nom. Hammer is fine as the Winkelvi but not as captivating or magnetic as JT’s turn.
    Dave – do you see Eisenberg with a shot at a Best Actor nod?

  • doopey

    JT for the EGOT!

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