Box Office Report: 'Paranormal Activity 2' scares up record $41.5 mil

paranormal-activity-2The screaming you hear is merely the sound of Paramount Pictures celebrating. According to early estimates, the studio’s Paranormal Activity 2 not only won the weekend with $41.5 million from 3,216 locations, but it also set the record for the largest three-day opening for a horror film, creeping past Friday the 13th‘s $40.6 million tally from last year. Although Paranormal 2 dropped 35 percent from Friday to Saturday, the haunted-house flick got enough people to storm out of their homes and into movie theaters for a whopping $20.1 million on Friday (including $6.3 million from Thursday midnight showings). The movie also easily surpassed its predecessor’s wide-release opening of $21.1 million.

According to Paramount, 61 percent of the audience was less than 25 years old, and the exit pollster CinemaScore had moviegoers giving the film an okay but not super grade of “B.” Those two elements combined, plus the arrival of Saw 3D, suggest that Paranormal 2 will probably suffer a significant drop next weekend. But considering the film’s $3 million budget, we doubt Paramount will be complaining. If anything, Paranormal Activity 3 will be here before you know it.

The weekend’s other new wide release, Clint Eastwood’s supernatural drama Hereafter, expanded from six theaters into 2,181 locations, and materialized with a decent $12 million. Warner Bros. revealed that 80 percent of the film’s audience was at least 30 years old. That kind of age split often indicates that a movie may have some stamina at the box office, since older audiences commonly avoid a film’s opening weekend. However, Hereafter‘s “C+” grade from CinemaScore moviegoers may not bode well for the film’s future.

Last weekend’s winner, Paramount’s Jackass 3D, grabbed second place and declined 57 percent for $21.6 million, bringing its cumulative total to a franchise-best $87.1 million. Third place went to Summit’s action comedy Red, which fell only 31 percent for $15 million. And in fifth place was the best-reviewed film of the year so far, Sony’s The Social Network, which dipped 29 percent for a $7.3 million weekend. The David Fincher drama has grossed $72.9 million, but it’s looking like the Oscar hopeful may ultimately fall a tad short of the $100 million finish line. Then again, you never know with Mark Zuckerberg.

Check back next weekend as Saw 3D, the supposed last entry in the seven-film horror franchise, splatters all sorts of nasty things in your general direction.

1. Paranormal Activity 2 — $41.5 mil
2. Jackass 3D — $21.6 mil
3. Red — $15 mil
4. Hereafter — $12 mil
5. The Social Network — $7.3 mil

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  • duncan

    well it’s a good thing I get pay to watch this drivel rather then stupidly give my money away for such mindless, and almost coma inducing experience. seriously, take away all the unnecessary scenes such as looking at the surveillance cameras when nothing happens and you get at least 20 minutes of plot development

    • write better

      How come you don’t put reds total amount? What a biased writer!

      • read better

        It’s right there at the bottom: “3. Red — $15 mil”

      • Jose

        Understand the question, she’s asking for its B.O. total.

      • Josh

        I agree. The box office predictions are alot better written and analyzed why don’t they copy this format for the actual box office numbers. This is always the most annoying site to read box office numbers on.

    • Ian

      It’s a good thing you don’t get paid for your writing and grammar skills. You’d be homeless within a week.

      • write better

        Who are you talking to A-hole? You’re a low life idiot with no class! I feel so bad for you and your $20.00 hooker!

      • Trace

        I do agree Ian. He would be homeless pretty quick.

      • Ian

        @ write better….I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to Duncan, but thanks for making sure we all understood that you’re a jackhole.

      • write better

        My mistake….sorry about that. I’m such a bit– at times.

    • Alllekehk

      I unfortunately sat through the first one so I would not make the mistake of wasting my life on the second or third one. Although I am really impressed how they tied the SAW series together, cant wait for the new one.

  • larry k

    My kind of horror film!Loved the first one and this one as well.Hollywoods idea od horror for the last 30 years has been slasher flics,torture-porn and crazed hillbillies!Wish more horror fans would have seen”Let Me In”,as it was excellant.I don’t see how they can top PA1 and Pa2,but,I’ll see it!

    • mike

      i will not see “PA2″, as you snarkly call it, in the theater because of the first one and how upset i was at paying money to see it on purpose. but since you mention “Let Me In”, let me suggest you watch the original Swedish film called “Let the Right One In”, released in 2008. it is much better than the american rip-off version stolen in less then 3 years!!

      • ag

        c’mon. Let the right one in is a good film but Let Me In is the better film. I hate to say it b/c it’s basically a ripoff of the original since it’s been made so close in time to the original.

      • magevelia

        Hate to sound like a beach, but seriously — hearing people push Let the Right One In on the average Let Me In lover is getting ridiculously tiresome, especially on an entertainment website, a film forum no less. Saw them both, thanks, I’m sure most of us are at least aware of the original.

    • Hannah

      Ummmm Paranormal Activity 1 was independently done with only 15, 000 dollars. Right when it started to get big, Paramount bought the rights to part 2 right away. There’s the difference.

    • Alllekehk

      If you really enjoyed PA1 and PA2 then you have extremely juvenile taste in movies.

  • Bill

    So, I guess we’ll be getting “Paranormal Activity 3D” next October…

    • john

      sounds like the right thing to do for the box office. :D

  • Zo

    Saw “PA2″ Thurs. night. Will be back for second helpings this week, I think. My audience was wayyyy too loud that night.

    • Tony

      Same with my audience They were Trying to act all tough, Till Towards the end they shutted up, haha

  • Aaron Pickett

    Um, The Social Network is not the best reviewed movie of the year…Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon both are ahead of it in reviews. It does, however, rank as the 3rd highest rated movie….or is the top live action movie.

    • Woot

      Rotten Tomatoes…
      How to Train Your Dragon: 98% average rating 7.8
      Toy Story 3: 99% average rating 8.8
      Social Network: 97% average rating 9

      While both Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon may have a slightly better percentage of positive reviews, The Social Network got stronger reviews, so it’s legitimate to say that The Social Network is the best reviewed film of the year (so far.)

      • Jacob

        No. It’s not.

      • Jacob

        I mean, did you go through each and every review and see how strong each one was? And how does one decide the “Strongness” of each review.

        So. . . no.

      • Jose

        Jacob, looks at its average rating, that determines that it is the best reviewd film of the yera. Even though in my opinion Toy Story 3 is better.

      • Woot

        Did I personally go through every review? No. Rottentomatoes did. The average rating is the average score the reviews gave out of 10. The Social Network’s 9/10 is much better than How to Train Your Dragon’s 7.8/10, despite the fact that it’s % of positive reviews are better. This indicates that the average review gave The Social Network a better review than How to Train Your Dragon.

  • Andrew

    I loved Hereafter. I know it’s been getting a lot of flack for being slow, but I found it fascinating and appropriate. I may be in the minority, but I just had to speak up for what will probably end up being an under-appreciated gem.

  • Phil

    MEGAMIND in 3D will wind up owning the box office for most of November or at least until Harry Potter opens. I already saw it, and it was alot of fun, and I had serious doubts since I loathe most of Will Ferrell’s films.
    Paranormal Activity 2 was smart in being both a prequel AND sequel, but the inevitable PA3 will now either have to focus on the children, or the adults when they were children. And I too dont know why they shows the pool cleaner being removed at night, unless its to establish the prescence thats ignored outside before it actually enters the Souther California home? (just my theory)

  • Badlands

    Liked Hereafter as well.

    • Badlands

      but I’m of the frame of mind that Eastwood can do no wrong.

  • m1

    Let Me In might be gaining theaters next weekend.

    • Jose

      Really? That’s great news, I missed it when it was first on and I wanted to see it.

  • brett

    hereafter still has me thinking of life and how things pull people together.a bit slow but very well written and acted.the kid was amazing in that last scene

  • Sara

    LOVED Paranormal 2!! I found it even more frightening than the first.

  • dee123

    After being raised on Spanish & Italian horror movies the Paranormal series to me, is like watching paint dry.

  • m1

    A ‘B’ is more than just an ‘okay’ grade.

    • Katharine

      You must never have gotten A’s in school if you think that.

    • JayNYC

      It’s a “B” from audience polls, not from critics. There is a big difference.

  • lisa

    I loved Hereafter, highly recommend it. I will see it again, liked it that much.

  • kept it clean..

    What does it tell you when two
    movies that are violent and
    Jackass 3D does 87 million already.
    How scary is that…The paranormal
    isn’t going to due as well as a
    dumb movie called Jackass..Matt’s
    movie only made 12 million this

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