'Spider-Man' reboot taps Martin Sheen to play Peter Parker's Uncle Ben

martin-sheenImage Credit: John M. Heller/Getty ImagesDirector Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) continues casting Sony’s Spider-Man revamp, slated for 2012. EW.com has confirmed that the helmer has tapped Martin Sheen (The West Wing, Apocalypse Now) to play the role of Uncle Ben, who famously (and tragically) taught the wall-crawler the maxim that would guide his heroic career: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Webb has already placed Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) in the role of Spidey and Emma Stone (Easy A) in the part of Peter’s love interest, Gwen Stacy.

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  • Sam Puckett

    Wow, this movie sounds worse and worse with each news item, its too soon to reboot a successful franchise

    • blaaaake!

      Just another loser democant. How any of these terrorists get jobs is beyond me.

      • frozensweetie

        @blaaaake! – How petty and small of you to spend your time frequenting entertainment sites and spewing biased, political hate. Why don’t you save your words for a Glen Beck blog or something.

        Additionally, the McCarthy blacklisting era is over. Grow up.

      • harry

        Idiot troll

      • Ry

        “Loser Demorcat?” is that what you meant to say? are you our of your mind? Most college educated people are Democrats, nearly al nobel prize laureates vote democratic, and most republicans I’ve met are really uninformed people voting against their own self interest. It reminds me of Feudal times when the surfs and peasants were brainwashed into thinking the king and nobles had a “divine” right to have power over them, just like these lower class idiots who were brainwashed into thinking “taxes” are the Government wanting the money of poor dumb people so they’ll keep voting on tax cuts for the rich. You people are nearly as embarrassing for the human race as thai-land sex slave workers, since both are equally controlled by their evil masters. I’m not a Dem btw, I’m Green Party. I’m sure Global Warming, which 100% of the scientific community says is a greater threat than terrorism, is just a myth to a genius like you. Just like air pollution, since your car emits hugs and kisses.

      • blaaaake!

        It’s unfortunate you are such an idiot Ry. Everyone knows socialists are in the Green Party. How many governments are communist? Oh that’s right North Korea. I bet you think America should be just like them. Idiot.

      • Crabbieappleton

        Aren’t you forgetting China, which, right now, is the United States’ landlord? We can’t even get them to stop manipulating their currency or embargoing rare metals we’re so scared of upsetting our communist masters.

    • zeezee

      I agree, this “reboot” is getting worse and worse with each announcement. The only saving grace so far is Emma Stone but even she won’t be able to drag me to see this…shoulda left it alone.

    • Allen Kephart

      I agree. They should have given Sam Rami more time to come up with a script. Batman and Superman need revamps, not Spiderman. Now fans of the first three films will be hanging as to whether or not Peter would have ever married Mary Jane.

  • derek

    Wow, we are on completely different pages here. I wasn’t happy when I heard about the reboot, but I have to say I’ve been might impressed with most of the casting news. I don’t know much about this Garfield kid, but Emma Stone is fantastic, and Martin Sheen is an inspiring choice for Uncle Ben. And we finally get Gwen Stacy as a major character instead of…whatever the hell she was in Spiderman 3.
    It would prefer them not reboot it this soon, but that ship has sailed, they’re doing it. So far I am intrigued.

    • Nick

      Garfield is fantastic, fyi. I too thought it was too soon for a reboot, but casting for this film has been great. All they need to do now is land the perfect MJ and I’m sold.


      Garfield once acted in an episode of that fruity Dr. Who show. That doesn’t exactly speak volumes for his acting chops. Great. Another origin movie. No thanks.

      • Ann

        He’s not a good actor because he appeared in a TV show you don’t like? I’ve never seen the show, so I can’t speak to its quality, but Leonardo DiCaprio was a regular on Growing Pains. Hillary Swank was a regular on Beverly Hills 90210. James Cromwell appeared on Three’s Company. Helen Hunt appeared on an ABC After School Special, not to mention the TV show Mad About You. These are all Oscar nominated actors, and some winners. Actors take whatever they can get when they’re starting out, so appearing on a mediocre TV show is pretty much meaningless as far as determining “acting chops.” Your statement is pretty moronic, even by entertainment message board standards.

      • marc humphrey

        Watch your mouth on Dr WHO.nothing fruity about that show if you don’t like that actor tha cool with me don’t talk about a sucessfully revised classic I am from America to by the way. I be you like fruity vampire shows of today and think it’s all that you don’t know quality at all.

      • Allen Kephart

        Ann: I can top your comment about Helen Hunt. She played a teenage alien from outer space in an episode of “The Bionic Woman”!

  • Ms. M

    I like the cast and Sheen is a good choice. But, though I don’t mind the idea of a reboot, must they tell the origin story again? We all know what’s going to happen with Uncle Ben. Couldn’t they tread on some newer ground?

  • Amanda Kiwinerd

    Who needs to see that Peter’s uncle killed all over again. Everyone already knows his origin story. Just get to it!

  • Brian

    Sheen’s an interesting choice, but I wish they’d have gone younger with both him and Aunt May. Yes, I know they’re old in the comics, but that never really made sense either…how old are Peter’s parents supposed to be? Their 60s?
    I really hope Ben just appears in flashbacks and they don’t show the whole origin again.

    • Matt

      Since this is going back to Peter Parker’s high school days, I’m guess Uncle Ben will be around, not in flashbacks. I wish they would announce some story details– the only way this moronic “reboot” can work (for me) is if it takes the entire story in a different direction–different from the movies and the comics. If it uses the VERY BASIC mythology and builds an original story around it, then maybe it’ll work. Otherwise, I don’t understand the point. Raimi’s Spider Man 1 and 2 were great movies and told great stories. Reboot has to be completely different.

      • Brian

        Peter could be halfway through high school as Spider-man, with flashbacks to Uncle Ben from earlier years of high school or the summer before.

    • dgrrey

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      Wanna know where people go to snag an i-nter-racial rel-ations-hip, say, Just for future reference? “i-nterr-acial Central”? “San Carlos” ? or “San Francisco”?*** BlackWhite Cupid C 0/om *** is the real place that is packed with them. ;)

  • chocolateislove

    The casting sounds awesome, but I’m still suspending my anticipation for this movie. I’ll wait and see if this reboot gets pulled off.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    The casting of Stone and Sheen has gotten me interested in this reboot, but I’ll wait till I see some trailers before I commit.

  • joesmom

    Why don’t they just make a new story with spidey being a new actor? Why start completely over? Epic fail.

  • Michael

    This casting decision is inspired to say the least.

    • Jack

      Or one of the least inspired casting choices. Cliff Robertson was perfect. Sheen is an overrated small fry.

  • jack

    Haha, this is so pathetic it is laughable! A “reboot” /remake just 8 years after the original one was released? Most of the child fans with Spiderman lunch boxes are still children with the same lunch boxes! You have got to at least wait for a new generation to come up before you try to remarket your crap! The way things are going, pretty soon they are gonna start production on these crappy reboots while the original is still in production! Can’t wait for this turd to bomb, and I hope it takes the studio down with it. I’m so tired of an artistically bankrupt Hollywood force feeding us this same old tired crap. Bomb Baby Bomb!

    • dusen

      Newsflash to Jack: Hollywood exists to MAKE A PROFIT.

      Shocking, I know.

      • jack

        Sure, but what happened to making quality products? Just because you are a for-profit company doesn’t give you a pass to churn out low-grade crap. We are holding Walmart’s balls to the flame for this very reason, so why not Hollywood?

  • dee123

    The buzz is Nora Walker will be Aunt May.

  • salma

    this movie just sounds better and better and if sally fiels actualy plays aunt May i’ll be over the moon

  • Scott

    Anyone that goes to see this deserves all the other crap Hollywood serves up. “Rebooting” a movie that came out 8 years ago is shameless, even for Hollywood. What’s next? Rebooting Iron Man? That movie is anciet, it came out in 2008.

  • Marc

    I hate that whole uncle ben dying sh*t. We’ve seen that in every movie, we all know it’s the basis of Spiderman’s sense of goodness bla bla bla.. move on!

  • harry

    great casting!! I love Martin Sheen!!!

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