'Green Lantern' trailer hits. Let the swooning over Ryan Reynolds continue -- and the debate about the costume begin!

Warner Bros. has just released the new trailer for its 2011 super-hero epic Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds — the same exact week as People is declaring Mr. Scarlett Johansson its new Sexiest Man Alive. Coincidence? I say not, especially since the trailer seems to be a showcase for its leading man’s said sexiness; it deserves the subtitle: Why Women Love Ryan Reynolds! Look at him exude charisma as he makes suggestive quips! (“Now let’s take these pants off and fly some planes.”) Look at him moonily ponder mankind’s gloomy condition and radiate vulnerability as he comes to grips with awesome responsibility! (“The one thing that a Green Lantern is supposed to be is fearless. That isn’t me.”) And look at him… well, just look at him, rolling out of bed half-naked or flashing into his ab-flattering skin-tight body suit, which actually isn’t a real “suit” but a computer generated effect. I should totally resent Ryan Reynolds — but I don’t. Never has a man who makes me feel less of a man ever been so gosh darn likable. Check him out:

Of course, no one will be ogling the spectacle of Reynolds in his digital body paint more than hardcore comic book fans. In fact, I’m sure director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and the marketing wizards at Warner Bros. knew exactly what they were doing when they chose to end the trailer with Reynolds’ Hal Jordan flashing into his emerald threads. His friend’s reaction: “Wow!” Jordan’s reply: ” “I know! Right!? Hahaaha! Whoo!” The trailer is practically begging for our affirmation — or baiting our derision. Either way: The webstorm of buzz begins. What’s striking to me about the trailer isn’t so much the costume design but Reynolds’ outré exhibition of zero self-consciousness and physically expressive enthusiasm. His body language seems to be declaring something — something like: I feel good about this! Seriously! This is all to say that I am liking the costume — mostly because Reynolds is so winning in his insistence that I do so.

Other highlights: I so dig the sight of Hal using his power ring to conjure a giant fist to knock out the goons; and I got a Christopher Reeve-in-Superman vibe watching Hal soar through the sky — and beyond. You will be believe a man can fly … into space. But what do you think, Popwatchers? Will you be paying greenbacks to see Ryan Reynolds in back-to-front green? And what do you make of the trailer’s peeks at Abin Sur, the Green Lantern who recruits Hal Jordan to the intergalactic police force of power ring-sporting sentinels; the planet Oa, home to the Guardians of the Universe (Kilowog! Sinestro!); and Peter Sarsgaard as the big brained, freakishly foreheaded villain The Leader — er, I mean, Dr. Hector Hammond? The message boards are yours. [A correction was made at 9:20 PST: I originaly wrote Guardians of the Galaxy. Comic book fans know the difference between that Marvel Comics group and DC’s Guardians of the Universe–and perhaps can understand my confusion.]

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  • Troy

    Oh wow, what a shock! Ryan Reynolds is playing… Ryan Reynolds.

    • K

      I didn’t know Ryan Reynolds can fly, turn green, have a magic ring, and fly a plane. Thanks for letting me know that this movie represent what Ryan Reynolds is really like.

      • Troy

        You know what I meant, you hobag.. Shut the hell up, go to the kitchen and make me a sandwich

      • Blaaake!

        I think the term hobag applies only to your mother who dropped you out without realizing she had due to being wide and loose.

      • Alex

        Doesn’t Troy’s comment make you want to scream “Yay for misogyny”? /sarcasm

      • Troy

        @Blaaake: yeah cause your mother was pure… You do know you were an accident right? B!tch just never knew when to stop

      • Mal

        Troll alert!

      • McFly

        Nerd fights are funny.

      • Kim

        Why couldn’t they just get Leighton Meester. She may not be a natural brunette, but she looks a lot more convincing as a brunette than Blake Lively with the wig. ;D

      • Veanna

        Never would have thunk I would find this so indsipensalbe.

    • Rashad

      I’m VERY EXCITED about this film. I’m a big Ryan Reynolds fan and Blake Lively is SEXY AS HELL. It’s gonna be AWESOME :)

      • Nathan

        Not based on this trailer, it isn’t. The 1998 CGI didn’t help matters haha Looks like Men in Black with less budget.

      • Matt1

        So today I saw, for the first time, the trailers for both Green Lantern and Your Highness and I’m wondering,…
        Why do the F/X and CGI look better in the one that cost $100 million less to make???

      • rerun

        Looks awesome! I cannot wait- Hector Hammond, Sinestro, and Kilowog!!! Must…calm…down.

    • Jeff

      Not to defend Ryan Reynolds, because I really don’t care about him exactly, but what actor isn’t playing themselves? Go back to people like Cary Grant and he’s either fast/funny Grant in a comedy and smoother/slower Grant in a drama. An actor picks a tone not a totally different personality.

      • Elizabeth

        Well said Jeff.

        Hard core fans will be pissed because its never what they had imagined in their heads all this time and the average person will either go see it because it looks like a fun movie or they actually enjoy Ryan.

        This is what happens when you make movies based on things… people already have a version of the story in mind.

      • jason

        People always say that about Grant, but look at him in Bringing Up Baby. Then watch North By Northwest. Then watch Notorious. I don’t think that’s the case at all, and to label him as either one or the other does a disservice. And please don’t compare him to Reynolds. I don’t think in 50 years people will be fondly remembering Waitng. Or Van Wilder. Or Just Friends.

      • viddingwithkyle

        Yes there are actors like that but there are also actors that totally transform themselves for a role. Like Charlize Theron in Monster. You can’t really say she was playing herself. It’s not fair to generalize actors based on lazy romantic comedy-type actors who pick projects that are easy and don’t challenge them.

      • Tonic

        Please tell me your kidding. A litmus test for a good actor is whether or not you see the character and NOT the actor. For instance, Tom Cruise is always just Tom Cruise in another film. Whereas, Kate Winslet has shown me a variety of different characters that are NOT her, but use her body. Not that Reynolds has to be THAT good. He has the abs just not the acting chops. The movie seems total sit-com to me.

      • Mike

        Which is fine for certain roles but Ryan Reynolds is NOT Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan is more on the Bruce Wayne side not Tony Stark.

    • Nathan

      Well, hopefully the sequel will be better, this looks pretty weak.

    • Kim

      Disappointed. SO many effects look fake. Also, what’s with all the heavy metal guitar usage in this trailer clip? I fear I’ll have a headache if they play that throughout the film. Can’t they ever tell a superhero story without trying to play it up with awful guitar playing? I wanted to feel emotion in this trailer. Instead I felt nothing. Hopefully, Thor or Captain American won’t forget to make the characters more believable. Guess this film was made for 14 year old teenage boys, NOT for everybody.

    • LOL

      What a disappointment. Looks cheesy times 10.

    • mark

      have you seen buried? ryan reynolds can do alot of very, very different things.

    • Troysatroll

      Go crawl back under your rock, Troy. Did you not take your meds today? Little man (in every way) using the anonimity of the internet to feel important to himself for even the fleeting moment it takes to hit “post comment”. Poor sad, Troy.

  • Troy

    So Deadpool and Green Lantern are pretty much the same character huh? What a joke

    • Big Walt

      Well, they’re different universes aren’t they? What are you holding out for some giant DC vs. Marvel movie?

      • Mike

        No, he’s saying that Ryan Reynolds is playing deadpool and green lantern like they are the same person.

  • BrandonK

    I’m not sure how I feel about it yet…I wish the ring looked like the ones in the comics, but they seem to be going with a more realistic, organic, alien thing. I’ll definitely be seeing the movie, though.

    • Dwight Schrute

      Terrible CGI. This looks like crap.

      • Nathan

        It really does.

      • Matt1


      • Tonic

        +100. Sadly.

      • darclyte

        It’s unfinished CGI. They wanted to get the trailer out for people to see it, but it’s not 100% complete. It still needs to be “polished.” I wish they wouldn’t do that because it gets people grumbling, but maybe it’s a ploy so that when it comes out and the CGI has been finished people say, “WOW!”

      • Jimmy

        Doubt that darclyte.

      • bill

        they should’ve taken the nolan approach… or even the martin campbell doing casino royale approach. instead, they took the fantastic four route. fail.

  • Mark

    You might want to retitle your subtitle from “Why Women Love Ryan Reynolds” to “Why Gay Men Love Ryan Reynolds” – I daresay his fan base is more of the latter. I am speaking for myself and every man I know who loves Ryan Reynolds.

    • Nick

      Back off! He’s mine *grins*

    • Chris P.

      Sorry, he’s mine. *grin maliciously* I’ll fight you for him.

  • Dirk

    Wow. Blake Lively is SUCH a terrific actress.

    She blew me away. Like everyone else she did to get that job.


    • Peter Vee

      I knew we were in trouble when she said “This is important!” I haven’t heard a line reading that bad since… well, The Last Airbender trailer, so not that long ago. But we all know how that one turned out.

      • Allen

        I totally agree. I winced it was so painful. Seriously…that’s the take you kept…

    • Nick T

      I’ll blame the director this time. She’s great on GG

    • jthunders

      I’ve never watched anything with Blake Lively in it, but from just the one time she speaks in the trailer, she is TERRIBLE! L.A.M.F

    • Bob

      Blake has a nice chest, all thats really needed in a comic book movie Mr. Ebert.

  • j

    OH my god, it’s awful. Just awful.

    • LM

      Seriously! Painfully bad CGI, painfully bad dialogue, painfully bad “acting”… just an embarrassment all around. Why, WB, why?

  • Brett

    There’s some painful dialogue there. Is this Green Lantern or a Flash Gordon remake?

  • Red

    Disappointed. SO many effects look fake. Also, what’s with all the heavy metal guitar usage in this trailer clip? I fear I’ll have a headache if they play that throughout the film. Can’t they ever tell a superhero story without trying to play it up with awful guitar playing? I wanted to feel emotion in this trailer. Instead I felt nothing. Hopefully, Thor or Captain American won’t forget to make the characters more believable. Guess this film was made for 14 year old teenage boys, NOT for everybody.

    • bort

      Lawn, get off my, you kids.

  • JRWolfe

    Excellent special effects, looks like it will be a good flick. Ignore the Ryan Reynolds haters,they’re just jealous of him.

  • Brett

    Yeah, that’s what I meant when I said is this a Flash Gordon remake. The music reminded me of Flash Gordon… with out the ‘cool’ of Queen.

  • nodnarb

    Effects look cheap to me. And the dialogue is hokey. On a scale of Fantastic Four to Dark Knight, this appears to be closer to the bottom.

  • lettergirl

    honestly, my first reaction: when they showed the alien i said, ‘it’s frasier!’

    i never read GREEN LANTERN when i was into comic books, so i have no idea of the mythology. that being said, i’m always up for a good comic book movie. i’ll wait for more trailers to make my final decision.

    of course, all that being said, it would be 2 hours of looking at RR and his AMAAAAZING body, so it would be $$ well spent!!!

    • Lorie

      Ditto! I’ve no idea who this Green Lantern is, but I’ll see RR in any movie, esp one that displays his beautiful body. IMO, he is, indeed, the sexiest man alive.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Am I the only person that sees a similarity to that fan made trailer with Nathan Fillion??? It seems like they took a lot of the same feel as that one…

    • Lina

      I was disappointed in this trailer. The fan-made one was more exciting. But I’m still looking forward to this.

  • Nikki

    I actually loved this trailer! What’s with all the Ryan haters? He’s hilarious & he CAN act. Have you seen Buried or School of Life? They were great!

  • john t.

    i’m not even a hardcore comic book fan, and i think this looks terrible…

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