Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman fantasy: Angelina Jolie

wonderwoman-angelina-jolieImage Credit: DC Comics; Glenn Harris/PR PhotosThere are no shortages of actresses who want to play Wonder Woman. Even Beyoncé Knowles has expressed interest. But when Hollywood finally does get around to making a film about the 69-year-old female superhero in the star-spangled short-shorts — sometime this millennium, one hopes — there’s really only one actress Joss Whedon sees in the role. When the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator was writing his never-produced WW script for Warner Bros. five years ago, he modeled the character on the closest thing he could find to a real Amazon goddess. “For me, Wonder Woman was basically Angelina Jolie,” he says. “She spends a lot of time flying around. She works in a lot of different countries. She’s very global. And she’s appalled by the way people treat each other.”

For more on why Wonder Woman still doesn’t have a film of her own — and what Whedon and other filmmakers have tried to do with the character — check out this week’s issue, on stands Thursday.

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  • An

    Joss, I love you, buddy, but Angelina Jolie is a self-centered, attention seeking, piece of crap. I cannot stand her and if she played WW, I would never go see it. Even if Whedon directed it.

    • Brody

      You know her personally?

      • Seddie is meant to be

        I do not know the woman, but she is not Wonder Woman, the best actress for the role is easily Bridget Reagan who was recently in Legend of the Seeker as Khalan – she is beautiful, tall, looks athletic, and most importantly can act

      • @Seddie is meant to be

        I think what Whedon meant compared Jolie’s personal life to what Wonder Woman does. I don’t think he meant to compare the two physically.
        HOWEVER, it wouldn’t be a stretch. They look similar.

      • Brian

        If you consider the workouts Jolie has done in the past for Laura Croft/Salt etc you’d realise that she can ‘buff up’ with the best of them and BTW Bridget Regan (check your spelling) is the same height as Jolie!! so much for ‘tall’

      • Brian

        ‘Someone who can act’??? Jolie has 24 acting award wins including an Oscar, and 54 acting award nominations, I cannot find a single nomination for Regan, so I have to assume for the future that your opinion and commentary are worthless and not worth any further consideration.

    • Mike

      Well I’m glad you know her on a personal level.

    • Henry

      How dare she be that way! And in Hollywood of all places! Shameful! I know self-centered jerks who need a round of applause to get up in the morning, let alone care for someone other than themselves.

    • hob

      Yeah, all that humanitarian work she does with the U.N. makes me sick. It’s like this skank thinks of nothing but herself. I nearly threw up earlier this year when she donated one million dollars to Haiti relief efforts after that devastating earthquake. Who does this spoiled brat think she is anyway?

      • Jennifer E.

        Ooooh, SNAP! Great post, hob.

      • LOL

        hob FTW!

      • Olive

        Well said and funny hob

      • Caiti

        You’re right. Non selfish people TOTALLY steal other womens’ husbands.

      • hobomist

        Caiti, how about rephrasing that…Other women’s husbands steal non selfish people …because they realize they’re married to selfish women..

    • adamfan

      Yes, she does not strike me as a nice person but most importantly I don’t buy her as all these spy, athletic characters they give her. She is a stick figure, women who jump from buildings and do other heroic things should have a bit of muscle on them.

      • csh


    • Blue Silver

      I always pictured either Megan Fox or Erica Durance (Smallville) as WW. If the producers want to go for a more seasoned female, then Kate Beckinsale or Rachel Weisz should be tops on the list!!! :)

      • Joe

        Hahaha! Megan Fox? Clearly you did not see the movie Jonah Hex, Megan can’t act at all… Not to mention she doesn’t have any real life qualities of WW so if she was portraying a selfless superhero it would totally ruin the experience as it wouldn’t be believable at all.

      • Nathan

        None of those would be a good choice at all.

      • Naples

        PHYSICALLY, what about Lucy Lawless, Erica Durance or Malin Akerman? Lawless might be a little old for the role but they look the part.

      • HSolo

        For sure, not Megan Fox. I will not watch anything by Megan Fox,it’s just not worth the time. Angelina Jolie would be the better choice since Lynda Carter it’s now a beautiful older woman.

    • LZ

      Yeah. Angie would seal the deal for me. If ‘seal the deal’ means I’ll wait for cable. Love you, Joss. But no way.

    • Ioanna

      Well said!

    • Jane

      Love Whedon. Love Wonder Woman. If Angela Jolie is in this movie, there’s no way on earth I will watch this. What about someone with less baggage, like Emma Stone? Traditionally, the best superheroes are played by relative unknowns, like Christopher Reeve and Hugh Jackman who weren’t superstars when they took on their hero roles.

    • Kelly

      And this is related to her acting how?

    • hobomist

      Jennifer Aniston would be a great WW……

      • Nathan

        That’s a joke right?

    • Jimmy

      Don’t worry, Jolie nor anyone else will be playing Wonder Woman, Whedon will never get this project off the ground, not even sure why it’s talked about anymore.

      • SJ

        at the end of this write up it references why the WW project has not been able to get made. So the point is, they know it’s an issue, but people want the movie, thus it’s being talked about.

        Kate Beckinsale is a good choice, not sure about Angelina.

        How about the Swedish actress who played Lisbeth Salander?

    • Xarias

      Wow! that is EXACTLY what I thought as soon as I read this! I would never see it if she was in it.

    • Brian

      I’m guessing the loss of your $6 matinee performance ticket from the net proceeds of such a movie would not cause any of the sponsors any great panic.

    • chase

      Joss, cuz you’ve worked with Wonder Woman…. Her name was Sarah Michelle Gellar…. DUH!!!

      • Brett

        SMG as WW? Epic fail.

    • Martin

      you’re all very stupid people. very, very stupid.

  • Brody

    Personally, I’d pictured her as Zooey Deschanel. But I’ll see anything Joss does, regardless of casting.

    • Brett

      God, why? Have you ever READ a Wonder Woman comic?

  • JJ

    Jolie needs to pack on some muscle and add some meat to her bones to play an Amazon but Joss is going in the right direction.

    Luckily is flawed vision of Wonder Woman never made it the big screen. I’m a huge Buffy and Angel fan so Whedon’s involvement with Wonder Woman sounded perfect until his ideas started to leak and it was apparent he didn’t under the basics of the character. Lets not forget those awful costume designs he had someone draft. Dreadful.

    Whedon needs to just go back to Buffy and craft a reunion movie. He’s been off his game since Angel ended and he needs his mojo back.

    • Katja

      I agree about the muscles and meat on the bones. ANY actress they pick to play Wonder Woman is almost definitely going to need to bulk up. I hope they pick someone who’s really serious about it. No offense to Lynda Carter, but I have a hard time taking seriously a Hollywood-skinny woman playing a badass Amazon. She doesn’t have to look like one of those scary female bodybuilders, but I’m going to need WW to be more than a pair of boobs with a tiara on top. (I’m definitely worried a new WW will turn out looking like that.)

      • Tim

        I can only hope that a new WW will look like that…

      • Kate

        Yeah the new WW needs to be alot cuvier and meatier than Angelina Jolie, she is so unbelievably gaunt its disgusting, and yes i have seen her personally!

        Someone with a figure like Erica Durance should be WW, its all about those curves really!

    • JIMMYT

      “Off his game”? Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog and Dollhouse were tremendous…

      • ree

        how abotu eliza dushku?


    A Whedon WW movie seemed like it was meant to be, I am bummed it never happened. However, since he had Jolie in mind, I am no longer crushed. Jennifer Garner, Zooey Deschanel, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charisma Carpenter, Rachel Mcadams…I could see all playing this.

    • anya

      Wouldn’t it be super awesome if Sarah Michelle Gellar teamed up with Joss Whedon again… anyway, I agree, I don’t like the idea of Jolie as WW.

    • Brett

      Joss Whedon: (A) Yet to prove himself in directing feature films; (B) Failed to get a WW film project off the ground; (C) Last 2 series failed miserably; and (D) In danger of destroying the Marvel film franchise by writing/directing “The Avengers.”

  • jmcg

    So, Whedon said this 5 years ago? I wonder what he thinks now and why would EW unearth this piece of old news. Although I think Jolie would be good in the part, she should pack on about 20-30 pounds of muscle and curves.

    • the girl

      Yeah, by the time this movie gets around to being made Angie will no longer be a contender. Although she would have been perfect five years ago. I’d like to see them go with someone relatively unknown as I can’t imagine anyone playing Wonder Woman.

  • tracy bluth

    No. First of all, people need to stop going to her with every good female action role. Second of all, have you seen her lately? She’s way too emaciated to play Wonder Woman. I’d personally pick Marion Cotillard (if she could do an American accent), Rachel McAdams, Mila Kunis, or even Rachel Weiz.

    • Anneka

      I like Mila for the role, or possibly Scarlett Johanssen. Also, Angelina is getting kind of old to pass for a fresh-faced anything. (Not to be mean, I love watching actress mature into roles. But, you can’t look 25 everytime you’re on tv and it’s really weird to see you try.)

      • jmcg

        I love Mila, but she is tiny. Don’t forget WW was an Amazon. I think Laura Prepon with dark hair would be a good choice. I always thought of WW as a more mature woman in her 30’s–she worked in military intelligence, not a typical 25 year old’s job.

      • anya

        I agree that Mila Kunis or Scarlett Johanssen would be good for this role. Actually Scarlett would be really good.

      • tracy bluth

        IMO Scarlett isn’t the best actress…she may have had the right look for the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 but she was beyond dull.

      • tracy bluth

        And @Ameeka, she is so emaciated lately that it’s making her look older…I keep forgetting she’s not 40.

      • Ioanna

        Mila is too short!

  • Shane

    LMAO at AN who we all know is a humanitarian and gives millions of dollars and puts her/his ass on the line traveling to war-torn places.
    Huge LOL at the stupidity of such people.

    • REASON

      AN obviously hates her and you obviously love her…making both points moot

      • tracy bluth

        Or “moo” (sorry, had to add the Friends reference).

  • JRWolfe

    Jolie has WAY too many tattoos to be Wonder Woman

    • Henry

      That’s what make-up is for. It’s what they use to cover her tattoos in the other movies she stars in.

  • Henry

    Jolie or Megan Fox.

    • Summer

      Oh no. Megan Fox is too oily and skanky to play Wonder Woman.

    • brittany

      Megan Fox can’t act her way out of a plastic bag so she’d suffocate if they put her in this lead role. Do you really want her to die?

    • PJM

      That, and the fact Fox already ridiculed the role publicly, I’d say she’s not in the running

  • Summer

    I think he meant in terms of the work that Angelina has done as an ambassador and all that, primarily.

  • lisa

    michelle monaghan!

  • Mich

    Bridget Regan. That is all.

    • Lindsey

      I second this!!!

      • will

        Damn Right! Brigid would be great and is the approriate size.

    • jodipo

      This I could get behing. Reagan is a beautiful woman and a better fit for WW than Jolie. Jolie always gets these action movies, but her pursed lip gun shooting crud would be horrid in a movie like this.

  • JREED214

    in my mind i prefer evangeline lilly as Wonder Woman

    • lisa

      I could see that too…

  • googie

    need an unknown! wonder woman needs to be wonder woman, not the star!

    • rich

      absolutely spot on! putting an existing star actress in the role would shift the focus onto the actress when it needs to be on the character and the story

  • rick

    I think Angie is a great choice, she displays the correct moral character of a powerful woman who fights for causes that she is passionate about.She is tall, beutiful, has long dark hair, has real acting chops, and exudes a regal confidence.Plus she is a grown woman, not some 22 yr old girl(cough-cough-megan Fox). One problem that i have is her almost anorexic at times body type. Wonder woman should be more filled out, with muscular arms & legs, not ripped or defined or anything, but with a toned yet soft & femininely rounded musculature. Beyonce is NOT wonder woman, WW is a white woman period. However, beyonce has a much closer approximation to the wonder woman body type, than angie does, with powerful looking arms and thighs, that arent overly defined yet are obviously muscular. I think Lucy lawless played a great amazon in xena, although she came off a bit butch, she was powerful looking, but not overly ripped.

    • marie

      Actually as she comes from a tribe of amazons Wonder Woman should be of greek or Mediterranean heritage.

      • Summer

        To be fair, the Amazons of the DCU aren’t only Greek/Mediterranean. They’re a mixed race, the souls of wronged women given a second chance at life by the Greek goddesses and Hermes.

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