Malin Akerman replaces Lindsay Lohan, will burn up screen as Linda Lovelace in 'Inferno'

Though a rep for Inferno director Matthew Wilder told EW that the actress replacing Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace would not be announced until Monday, Malin Akerman’s rep has confirmed that the Watchmen star will topline the film. Deadline also reported that Akerman was a lock for the role last night, since “producers loved [her].” The swap might appear somewhat surprising — the 32-year-old comedic actress seems a far cry from the 24-year-old former Disney star  — but the move makes sense for Akerman, who has been flexing her muscles on the indie circuit as of late in films like The Bang Bang Club and Happythankyoumoreplease. And the actress is no stranger to on-screen raunch — just check out her Watchmen sex scene.

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  • Tarc

    That’s a step down in quality; Ackerman’s not my favorite in any sense. Of course, she won’t be drunk or coked up on the set, but it does nothing to get butts in the seats. I’ll pass on this one.

    • Steve

      Im not a big fan of Ackerman or anything but your argument makes little sense. Lindsay hasnt put butts in the seats for years. So there really is no difference what so ever from that point.

      • tipsy

        true but Lindsey playing a porn icon is bigger news and buzz generator than “that chick who was so terrible in The Watchmen is playing famous porn star” cue comments what a bore The Watchmen was and Lower Manhattan jokes.

      • Tarc

        Actually, it makes perfect sense. Lohan is a name, and regardless of her problems (or because of them in some cases), she’s a much bigger draw – no matter if it’s a movie or a photo in Hello. I don’t like that my comment is accurate, but it doesn’t change that it is.

      • stan

        Your comment is only as accurate as “I Know Who Killed Me” was a box office smash.

    • Tarc

      I’m an idiot.

      • Tarc

        Oh, fun. Someome pretending to be me…

      • bobo


      • Tarc

        I’m a loser and I have no testicles.

      • Palin2112

        Tarc, remember, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    • mark

      she’s awesome in ‘the comeback’!

    • Jason

      I’ll pass as well. She’s the same character in every single movie, with a new job each time. Akerman = Fail. With Lohan in the role, people were anxious to see how much of the character would be an act, and how much would be a direct reflection of her own life. We know Lohan is messed up, but this would have been a chance to see just how messed up she really is. Now, it’s just another so-so movie, with a blah-actress.

      • Palin2112

        Jason, unless this gal blows the socks off this role, you would be 100% correct.

  • abadstroller

    Drew Barrymore. Robert Downey Jr. It’s not impossible, Lindsay. Hang in there, kid.

    • Sue1

      I agree. Some people can make it, whether as a successful actor or just a person.

      • Sheila

        Problem is, Lindsay isn’t believable as either an actor or a person.

  • Ty

    Well Lindsay should be laughing today because Ackerman is one of the worst actresses, maybe she’s taken some lessons since watchmen but she’s the worst. I haven’t liked her in a movie yet.

    • tipsy

      I doubt she got the part for her acting ability. More likely, willingness to be naked on the screen for long.

      That said, Lovelace biopic isn`t a sure-fire career energizer. Didn`t Gretchen Moll try to make a comaback with Betty Page biopic but nobody saw the movie?

    • jthunders

      Why would she be laughing? She can’t act worth a flip either. L.A.M.F

    • DTO

      Yeah, I’m just not into Akerman. She’s good looking in a generic way, and the only experiences I’ve had with her work were that crappy Ben Stiller comedy of a couple years back and THE WATCHMEN. Who watches THE WATCHMEN? Those who regret it later.

      • Tarc

        You’re an idiot.

      • Tarc

        Again, not the Tarc from above… just a pretender.

      • Tarc

        Actually, the Tarc saying he isn’t Tarc is the fake Tarc.

      • DTO

        Actually the real DTO thinks that whoever Tarc is can eat a fat d**k, just like Akerman will be doing in this role.

  • jfc1

    after a quick Google search on her pics?


    Lohan might have her issues, but she’s still got it…this woman looks like she lost it years ago if she ever had it.

  • John Holmes

    Lindsay flunked the screen test – she just couldn’t take it all in. Lovelace she’ll never be.

  • What4?

    Aw shucks. What a bummer.

  • Scott in NYC

    I feel bad for Lindsay. Her parents failed (and continue to fail) her terribly. She had success at a young age and her parents did nothing to protect her from the many pitfalls of showbiz success. They are only concerned about their own egos and Lindsay’s well-being seems unimportant to them. She is a good actress and seems to be a sweet girl. I hope she can find some peace in life, no matter if she goes back to acting or not.

    • Diane

      It’s time for her to grow up and take responsiblity for her addiction and the rest of her life, which God willing she has.

  • amelia7

    Never heard of this actress, but it doesn’t look like I’ve missed much. – Glad Lindsay’s out, she needs to get her act together and accept that she isn’t better than everyone else. – re: JH – who would want to be like Linda Lovelace anyway? Loser porn chic drug addict. Thanks but I’ll pass.

  • JJ

    Since neither one can act, why not just cast a porn star who can “do her own stunts” if ya know what I mean!

    • DTO

      Malin Akerman will now be doing literally on the screen what she’s been doing figuratively onscreen for years: sucking hard.

  • The Bigger John Holmes

    Uh..I volunteer to help Malin train for the role.

  • tom



    • Robert


    • Anneka

      Just wanted to say that I think this is probably a blessing in disguise.

  • Diane

    She wasn’t horrible in 27 dresses.

    • She is a total riot on Adult Swim’s ‘Children’s Hospital’. Google it. With that said, I’ll give her some credit, but she was downright horrible in ’27 Dresses’. I don’t want to see her do romantic comedies or dramas about inferno porno – I want to see her do more Children’s Hospital!

      • Kris

        She was not horrible in 27 dresses at all. Just because her character wasn’t likable doesn’t mean she wasn’t good. Her character was the antagonist, she wasn’t suppose to be likable. She was quite good in it actually.

      • NO. Let me repeat: SHE BLEW. BIG. TIME. BLEW. I am very familiar with Akerman (Watchmen, The Heartbreak Kid, The Comeback, Children’s Hospital) and not even she could save that p.o.s. movie. I don’t care if she was channelling God or Satan… she didn’t bring her A game. With Katherine Heigl as the protagonist, how could I be expected to take the side of the pro anyways? I was team Akerman to begin with, but she let me down. SHE SUCKED. The end. I want to see her do some hard comedy!

  • Jeremy

    wow, replacing a so-so actress with a not-good-at-all actress… yikes… i think the studio behind this biopic should take a step back and re-evaluate everything!

  • Amelia

    Her name is Malin Åkerman. Not Akerman. It’s spelled with an Å not an A.

    • DTO

      Fancy you with your Nordic keyboarding skills.

  • Bobbo

    While it would have been great to see some Lohan nudity, I’ll take Akerman naked any day…

    • bobo

      Yeah but everyone’s seen Lindsay’s boobs already and they’re ok at best. Rest of her body is square and boring. Malin is probably much better nekked. Malin is 32 apparently and looks younger and fresher than 20-something Lohan.

      • Bobbo

        How dare you sir!? Lohan’s rack was incredible at one time; much better than ok. Akerman is very hot, and she gets naked in almost every movie shes in. Check out Watchmen, or that one with Ben Stiller.

    • A.D. Clay

      Akerman is indeed more the package deal – great flesh mounds with terrific tautness and awesome smooth skin. Lindsay indeed got her money’s worth on her fun balloons, but she’s a complete butterface now at 40 yrs old

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