Christian Bale says 'The Dark Knight Rises' will be 'the last time' he plays Batman

Christian Bale isn’t sure that he’ll be heading back to Gotham after The Dark Knight Rises. “This will be, I believe, until Chris [Nolan] says different, the last time I’ll be playing Batman,” Bale told E!. “Absolutely, we want to go all out with it.”

“I don’t even know if [The Dark Knight Rises is] the right title,” Bale said. “Until Chris tells me, I don’t believe it.”

Bale was not expected to play Batman forever; his contract called for three films. But since the actual plot details for TDKR – if that is it’s real name — are so tantalizingly vague, Bale’s confirmation of something — anything — concrete attracts some added significance.

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  • Chris

    Bale needs to grow up, be a man, and learn to make decisions for himself.

    • Ace

      Do you even know what you’re talking about?

      • Rolo Tomasi

        yeah, what is he talking about?

      • Otis Jefferson

        I’ll tell you what he’s talking about. He’s talking about the real deal, not the steaming puddle of pearly spunk that Bale left all over your face. Bale hasn’t made a decision for himself since he started beating up his mom and sister, which was likely a result of the roid rage induced by his transformation from “The Machinist” to “Batman Begins.” LA Confidential is for wankers, so why don’t you just stick your hand down the front of your pants for once and relieve your desires for Crowe, Bale, and Cromwell, you petulant bowel movement of society? Chris knows what’s up, man. Lord, does he know…

      • Jude Law’s Butthole

        Otis, that made no sense. Also, I think the movie should be called either “The Caped Crusader” or “The Knight Man Cummeth”

      • Wottadoosh

        And Otis wins the Angry Virgin Tirade award for today!
        You win a pair of pants so that you can finally leave your mom’s basement.

      • Geronimo Jackson

        Chris = Otis Jefferson?

    • Quirky

      Did your parents give you permission to use the internet?

    • glen

      chris. you are stupid. the end

    • Meredith

      Chris, you’re a moron. He’s saying that he will only play the character of Batman for Chris Nolan. Chris Nolan has said that he doesn’t plan to make any more films after this. He’s also saying that he doesn’t know what the title of the movie is, since Nolan hasn’t actually announced it.
      Glen, you’re right. Chris is stupid.

      • e11even

        What Meredith said. Chris ought to give Bale some credit for not ‘deciding’ to milk the role interminably for the studio, and instead showing some loyalty to the creative vision of the character for Nolan, the trilogy’s director, which is expected to end with TDKR (…although i would be glad if that title changes).

    • Jacob

      Chris, kill yourself.

    • Mike

      What if Chris is Chris Nolan?

      • RyanK

        Mike just blew my mind.

      • James D

        Chris has to be Christopher Nolan. lol

  • paige

    he looks good with his hair like that.

  • ®ustymustdie

    I just hope we get some more audio of bale going batshit on the set (no pun intended).

  • JPX

    I just don’t look at Bale the same way any longer ever since I heard his abusive, narcissistic rant on the Terminator Salvation set. There is simply no way to defend that kind of entitled behavior.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Oh please, you’ve never lost your temper. What’s the weather like up there in your tower.

      • harry

        Good one!

      • whatevs

        Everyone snaps at people, but to actually lose your temper like that? That doesn’t happen to everyone, and it has nothing to do with feeling superior.

      • disappointed


      • Krystal

        I thought his rant was the funniest thing ever. I think if I was the lighting guy I would be proud to say “Yes, it was me who Christian Bale chewed up and spit out. The remix is pretty hot too.”

    • tracy bluth

      So many of his castmates have said everyone on set was p!ssed at that guy. It’s not like he’s Mel Gibson.

      • John

        have you seen youtube with people Laying on hands it is really Good to watch

    • Dave

      His rant on the lighting guy may have been excessive, but factually he was right. If the guy was supposedly a pro he should have known better than to do what he did.

    • Movie Sluth

      Really, entitled behavior? As a bartender I come across people who act like their s**t don’t stink. Jerks are every where and people lose their temper everyday. What planet do you live on?

    • JB

      Bale is a crazy method actor. I’ve always felt that his rant was a way for him to stay pumped and in character. Actors can be crazy and eccentric. Bale is awesome. Glad he will play Batman one more time.

      • Jamesb3

        He said as much in his defense, that he was channeling the impatience and anger of his character, and when the movie came out I saw exactly what he was talking about. His John Connor was a man under tremendous pressure who could ill afford wasted time or the mistakes of those around him. If you are constantly playing that mindset, especially for a method actor, that spills over after the camera stops rolling.

      • NotAmerican

        “Bale is a crazy method actor.” – To me that explains it. I’m not saying that I’m Anthony Hopkins [who reads each of his lines TWO HUNDRED TIMES before he begins rehearsing them!], but I know from Method Acting. I mean, take Walton Goggins from the Shield. In the “behind the scenes footage/interviews”, Michael Chiklis and [in Seasons 4-6] Anthony Anderson are shown doing these incredibly dramatic and in-frickin-tense scenes… followed by them *instantly* dropping character and making jokes. But Goggins, I’ll bet he wasn’t a peach to work with for the crew. Why? Method acting DEMANDS that you step into the theatre or enter the set AS YOUR CHARACTER! And considering how “personable” Detective Shane Vendrell was in most of his episodes, I’d damn well bet he would have put his boot up the ass of anyone that screwed up and forced him to break character. And if Christian Bale isn’t THE (or ‘one of the…’) preminent Method Actors working today, I’d like to ask what movies you watch! For ‘American Psycho’ he sculpted a perfectly toned body with flawless skin by, basically, spending his days working out, getting every “non-plastic surgery based” skin care done, and once a day eating a skinless chicken breast. And it’s not like he was doing it for the money – he got paid scale, for krist’s sake! And, IMHO, the best movie he has ever been in was “Harsh Times”. You know what he got paid for that? An “Executive Producer” credit. Like Goggins, like Hopkins, like DeNiro (pre-21st Century), like many others you could come up with, Bale is a Method Actor through and through. And since Bale and Worthington’s performances were the only things worth watching in Terminator 4 (don’t get me started – as far as I’m concerned, the Terminator ‘canon’ starts with “The Terminator”, and would have ended with T2, except the TV show was *SO* frickin’ amazing that you have to include it), you’re gawd dam right some light-bulb changer made a SNAFU by screwing up Bale’s take. I mean, think about how much Bale, the Method Actor, would have to of been interrupted to pull him *100%* out of character, to the point where he dropped all pretense of the area being anything but a movie set; he dropped his accent; and this is all ignoring the fact that Bale NEVER had a “reputation as a hot head” or as an actor that directors/crew members/other actors/etc. hated working with. It’s just that Bale happened to get caught on audio tape when he “went off” on the crew member.

        Hope this rant made some sense.

        BTW, I think the Batman movies were the worst films that Bale has ever been in (barring Terminator 4), and the worst that Nolan has ever directed.

      • Louis

        Method acting is what bale does and at least the only consequence was a rant now and then, Heath Ledgers method was the one that went to far…:)

    • Angela

      That really didn’t change my opinion of him. He always came off as uber-serious, especially when it came to work. I honestly don’t care that he lost his temper one day. He’s a darn good actor, and for me, that’s all that really matters. BTW, even he liked the remix of the rant.

  • Creep E

    I just can’t stand that gravel voice and will not be partaking in another Batman until there’s a different actor. That voice detracts from every aspect of the film(s). WFT?! :-(

  • tracy bluth

    Only Christian Bale could make that hairstyle work….
    I’ve said it a million times, but I trust whatever Christopher Nolan decides to do. If he decides to end the franchise after the third one, I’ll respect that. Also, I can’t wait to see Bale and Tom Hardy together. It shall be epic!

    • A-K87

      … it is true, Tracy, the planet’s best actors and actresses come from Great Britain and Ireland at the moment.

  • Kikby986

    I truly hope that Christian is nominated for an Oscar. His talent deserves to be widely recognized. Best of luck, Mr. Bale!

    • tracy bluth

      He is definitely the next Gary Oldman. I wonder if they ever talk about how ridiculous it is that neither one of them has ever even been nominated for an Oscar.

      • A-K87

        Oldman is a chameloen. One of my faves.

      • Brett

        Probably not. That sort of whiny blather is best left to film fans who overload the Internet with their self-important opinions.

    • TKay

      Yeah so do I he is just so compelling!
      Lol is it jus me or is accent confused these days? can’t tell if its british or american or even australian at times..

  • jake

    He’s still the best batman

  • steph

    I adore him. Such a good actor.

  • harry

    Chritian Bale Rocks!!!

    • harry

      Sorry Christian

  • Stev

    What is his accent? I thought I heard a Boston accent, Cockney accent, typical British accent and a typical American accent in different parts of this interview.

  • Joyce

    Looking forward to the next Batman movie. It is too bad that DC/Warner Bros. couldn’t get their other hero movies out in a timely fashion (like Marvel). By the time we could even start to think of a Justice League movie, we’ll have to pick another Batman. Ugh!

    • joseph

      Maybe not. Bale said that until Nolan says different, it’ll be the last time he’ll be playing Batman,but since Nolan is in charge of DC movies now and would be heading a justice league movie, he might ask Bale to come back. I think they’re waiting to see if the Avengers does well or not. but seeing how long it takes for DC to make movies, Bale might be in his 50’s when they get around to it.

  • Cat

    Christian looks goergous! I really hope he gets an Oscar nod for *The Fighter”. It’s a shame that he’s the only star of the film without one.

  • Bonk

    I don’t know if it’s mentioned in the video, because I can’t get it to play, but does Bale mention the role he grew the long hair for?
    I guess I’m curious because I know he’s been cast in a Terrance Malick movie, and getting (any) info about an upcoming Malick movie tends to be a challenge… :)

    • Angela

      It’s not for a role. I read somewhere that apparently he grows it out between roles so that it’s easier to change his hairstyle if he needs to. I think he left the Terrence Malick movie (possibly to film Batman), but don’t quote me on that.

  • RCB

    He has been one of my favorites ever since Empire of the Sun.

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