'Winter's Bone' wins big at Gotham Awards

winters_boneImage Credit: Sebastian MlynarskiThe acclaimed indie drama Winter’s Bone was the big winner at the IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards tonight, taking home the Best Film and Best Ensemble prizes. Director Debra Granik’s Sundance prize-winner was the front-runner going into the ceremony, having been nominated for four awards in total, and has an outside chance of snagging of one next year’s 10 Best Picture Oscar nomination slots. Winter’s Bone wasn’t able to sweep the awards, however. In somewhat of a surprise, Daddy Longlegs leading man Ronald Bronstein (a past Gothams winner for his directorial debut, Frownland) beat Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence for Best Breakthrough Performance, while Waiting for “Superman” topped it for the Festival Genius Audience prize, which was voted on by filmgoers. The night’s biggest shut-outs, meanwhile, were The Kids Are All Right and Tiny Furniture, both of which went 0-for-2. The entire list of winners is below.

Best Film: Winter’s Bone
Best Documentary: The Oath
Best Ensemble: Winter’s Bone
Best Breakthrough Performance: Ronald Bronstein, Daddy Longlegs
Best Breakthrough Director: Kevin Asch, Holy Rollers
Best Film Not Playing At A Theater Near You: Littlerock
Festival Genius Audience Award: Waiting for “Superman”

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  • Tarc

    Who the frack cares about films nobody’s heard 0f?

    • HC

      haha, apparently YOU do, so much that you decided to comment on an article related to “films nobody’s heard of”…. and Winter’s Bone is AWESOME, better than anything you have ever watched I’m sure.

      • Tarc

        Winter’s Bone is better than Citizen Kane, The African Queen, Toy Story 3, The Godfather, Bringing Up Baby, Psycho, All About EVe, Sunset Boulevard, and Inception? I honestly doubt it, and I have watched all those…

      • ..

        The fact that you put Inception in the same company as the other movies in your list proves all we need to know about you. Pretentiousness isn’t flattering.

      • Tarc

        You must be one of the “look, I’m so against the grain” hipsters that thought Inception was crap, just to be edgy and oh-so-different, in spite of the fact that it was one of the most original, intelligent and well-reviewed films Hollywood’s ever created. But it’s so cool to be a contrarian…LOL

      • JB

        It is interesting to me that someone would go to the trouble to list all those movies and yet hasn’t even heard of Winter’s Bone. As someone who loves many of those movies also I would recommend seeing Winter’s Bone – the acting is just incredibly fantastic. So many movies focus now on urban poverty and crime, it was very interesting seeing it from a rural perspective.

    • Barry

      Keep watching trash like the Twilight films & leave good films like Winter’s Bone & The King’s Speech to people who appreciate quality films.

    • Wanda Henson

      Winter’s Bone is a true, true to the core, story! Meth affects so many folks here in the Deep South, too! Thanks to Ms. Granick for telling this story in an authentic manner. The details was astonishing. I especially loved the music by Marideth Sisco and troupe. Every detail was authentic!!!

      • Laura

        Yessir, them details was astonoshing!

        I am shocked you live in the deep South.

      • Resteam

        That was just a little unnecessary. You obviously don’t know anything about the South and you’re obviously a Yankee because you’re a jerk. How do you like that stereotype?

      • Wanda Henson

        Honey, folks like you, who seek to make fun of others,are prayed for here. So here’s to you!

      • Penny Simmons

        Meth affects many people no matter where they are from. This film just puts into an aspect most people don’t consider. Meth users don’t think about how they hurt their family or what it may cost them.
        This little “never heard of film” tells a tale that rings true for many families. It tells of how an Ozark family handles their own problems. I would imagine this type of problem is handled similar in other back deep in the hills or swampy areas.
        You are right Wanda. This film is very authentic. Marideth Sisco is my college professor and wonderful. Her story telling is amazing along with her singing. A friend of mine recently listened to the soundtrack and said it reminded him of some old river music. Her and the band is awesome. But I could be prejudice since she is my teacher. Still love her though.

    • dm

      how ignorant. Maybe YOU haven’t heard of it, but it’s a great little film, and this is probably the first of many awards, which will hopefully prompt you, and others like you, to seek it out.

      • Sarcastic Pr*ck

        Oh, but dm, don’t you know? If Tarc hasn’t heard of a movie, then it has failed completely. A movie is only considered a success if Tarc has bothered to seek it out and enjoy it.
        This is the only standard that filmmakers use to judge the success of their work.

    • K

      You spelled Frak wrong. Just a pet peeve of mine. That is all.

    • Jason

      I saw this movie, because every time I heard anything about it, I heard great things. The movie is just Ok. 90% of the film is her walking around the woods. The other 10% is so lack-luster that it barely keeps your attention. I still have no idea what happened to the Dad- well, more HOW it happened is where I’m lost. I will say that the girl did make me wonder if her little family would be OK, but even the “intense” scenes were really slow, and toned down. I think it’s a good “time passer”, but I wouldn’t start handing out the Blue Ribbon just yet.

    • jj

      i care!

  • keith

    Awesome. Not surprised. Winter’s Bone is excellent. Chilling film.

    • FromChicago

      Disagree Keith. WB was a bore, I walked out after 1/2 way through. Did she ever find her dad? I couldn’t wait to find out.

      • liz

        um…yeah, i guess you could say she did. in one way or another

    • Jason

      I agree, Chilling…..if you find walks in the woods on a cloudy day chilling…

  • Tracy

    Winters Bone has been heard,Tarc. Go see it. Fabulous film

  • Zach

    Seems like a weak year.

  • Kyle

    i love winter’s bone! but how did jennifer lawrence not win her category?!

  • jfms777

    Rent “Winter’s Bone.” Just great. And let Jennifer get an Oscar nom.

  • kelly

    Jennifer Lawrence was great. My first thought after seeing the movie was that she would make an excellent Katniss Everdeen.

  • JasonHomey

    I watched this movie recently on dvd and I was expecting it to be a lot better. Jennifer was great in it, but the pacing was just way too slow for me and I am not one that needs a movie to be rushed. It never had me that interested in the characters or frankly what the heck was even going on. So far this year, the best and most interesting movie to me was Inception.

    • Bazinga!

      @JasonHomey – agreed on all counts – Jennifer was great. She made me really feel for her family and what would happen to them; however too much time was spent walking around in the woods.

    • Juneau

      That’s funny. I could say the exact same things about Inception that you said about Winter’s Bone. I thought Winter’s Bone was amazing. Very well acted and frightening.

    • Penny Simmons

      The idea of walking around in the woods comes from living in the Ozarks. The Ozarks is nothing but forest with neighbors not being very close. They are a poor family, so walking is the only way around.

  • organic canfield

    I think Winter’s Bone is one of the top 10 movies of 2010. It had a soul to it that so many movies just…miss. Glad I saw it in the theater….

  • Meg

    so glad ronnie won it for daddy longlegs, he was outstanding

  • Troll Killer

    Please don’t feed the trolls.

  • Todd

    Just rented Winters Bone at RedBox and it was really, really outstanding. Super real. An amazing surprise.

  • dee123

    Did Batman vote for Winter’s Bone?

  • Bibi

    I’m about to put the DVD in to watch. I ordered it for it’s incredibly high ratings. I also had never heard of it. That is a sad commentary on our film industry.

  • SMuse

    Winter’s Bone is a fantastic movie about a terrible truth. Congrats to all those involved.

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