'Hatchet II' exclusive: Director Adam Green reveals his controversial slasher sequel will be available on VOD starting Dec. 1

Hatchet-2-director-Adam-GreenImage Credit: Tina Gill/PR PhotosWriter-director Adam Green has told EW that his controversial horror movie Hatchet II will be available through video on demand on Time Warner and Comcast systems, starting December 1. “I just found out last week,” said Green, who also directed the original 2006 Hatchet and this year’s Frozen. “And not only is it going to be available on demand, but it’s the actual unedited, uncensored movie that was exactly what was going to be in theaters.”

Green’s slasher sequel — in which horror icon Kane Hodder plays a deformed, swamp-dwelling serial killer named Victor Crowley — was released unrated by the AMC theater chain on October 1, after the MPAA annoyed Green by giving the film NC-17. But AMC pulled Hatchet II from screens after just a couple of days. The chain subsequently issued a statement saying, “We review all films in all of our theaters every week and then make our business decisions based on their performance.” At the time, Green told EW he believed AMC had become alarmed by the Internet controversy provoked by his criticisms of the MPAA, which included his description of them as “evil.” The director also said that the situation had left him “bewildered and confused” and that he had “lost 11 pounds in the last week from stress.”

It was a much more cheerful-sounding Green who contacted EW earlier today to reveal that his film is being granted a second release on VOD. “I’m just happy the movie is finally coming out,” he said. “The audiences that I got to go and see it with were cheering and laughing. That’s what I’ve got to focus on. I can’t worry about the fact that the movie got pulled for ridiculous reasons.”

Green revealed that he has yet to receive any direct word from AMC about why they yanked his film from screens. “All we saw was the statement that was released publicly that just said the movie wasn’t performing,” he said. “But that makes no sense. First of all, it started being pulled on its first day. And what other movie is pulled on its first weekend? Especially an independent movie that’s part of a program called AMC Independent? Isn’t the whole point that you’re going to need word of mouth and time to have the audience find it?”

Since the fiasco of the truncated Hatchet II theatrical release, Green has been busy completing his horror anthology Chillerama and writing a children’s film in the style of Goonies and Monster Squad. He is also about to start filming a web series about “two angels from heaven that are hot, scantily-clad women who battle the monsters in children’s closets and under their bed.”

“It was great to be so busy on other things and not have to sit and get angry about Hatchet II,” he said. “My biggest problem is now everyone’s like, ‘Oh, the movie that was yanked from theaters!’ And then they’re going to see it and they’re going to be like, ‘What?’ Because it should have had an R rating, and that was our point the whole time. I don’t want people to be expecting Antichrist or Irreversible or something I like that. I mean, it’s a funny slasher movie. It’s Hatchet II!”

Finally, Green said he believed the world had not heard the last of his misshapen villain, who the director originally dreamed up while attending summer camp as a child: “I’m sure there will be a Hatchet III eventually, and I’ll be involved in some way. I’m not there right now, I’m doing other things. But Victor Crowley will live on!”

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  • rebecca

    I am guessing this movie has nothing to do with the book I read in 5th grade called Hatchet, I wish it did, that was an interesting book.

  • Brett

    I don’t really need to see this movie anymore seeing as he told us the ending – Spoiler: The villain lives.

    • james

      And this is a surprise to you after like 5 Halloweens, 6 or 7 Nightmare on Elm Streets and 35 (give or take) Friday the 13ths

  • stacy

    Too bad AMC didn’t yank Morning Glories before I plunked down my $9.50. Sigh.

  • Garry Adams

    I have been waiting to see Hatchet II since I herd about it, I loved Hatchet, Plus I’m a huge Kane Hodder fan Who I finally got to meet at The Scarefest this year. Can’t wait to see it I’m sure it is AWESOME! Long live the Slasher movies, Your friend Garry

  • ikilledjennyschecter

    Adam Green needs to take accountability for the failure of his film instead of trying to use AMC and the MPAA as scapegoats. They pulled your movie because it wasn’t making any money. If he thinks it’s because it was too brutal or controversial then why did AMC have an unrated “I Spit On Your Grave” playing for a couple of weeks at a handful of it’s theatres. Adam Green is just a shameless attention whore who will stoop to any imaginable level to continue manufacturing his wannabe horror icon image.

  • ryanmc

    Ikilledjenny- you are an imbecile. I WORK FOR AMC. My manager said we had to pull it over controversy. For the record, I SPIT was only in 3 AMC’s and had no media attention (and no viewership). Hatchet II sold out both the 10pm Friday and Saturday shows here in NY. Adam Green is also one of the nicest and most honest straight shooters out there. The movie was pulled because of MPAA pressure and I know that for a fact. Oh, and Frozen rules!

    • ikilledjennyschecter

      I’m an imbecile for using this message board to voice my opinion? You don’t agree? Great, but why take it personal and start namecalling?

      I personally didn’t like the Hatchet films, nor did I care for Frozen (killer wolves? really?). If you took out the gore in the Hatchet movies, it wouldn’t be able to stand on it’s own because it lacks suspense, tension, entertaining dialogue, and a story that isn’t terribly derivative. He does’t make movies: he crosses cliches off of a checklist: recognizable genre actors/vets? Check! Gore? Check! Juvenile humor? Check! Audience? *crickets chirping*

    • ikilledjennyschecter

      No veiwership for I SPIT? Then why did it stay in AMC theatres for three weeks?

      • ryanmc

        For the same reasons we kept Chain Letter (which grossed 1/3rd of what Hatchet 2 did per screen) and other films that actually didn’t perform. Because that’s what we do. I SPIT did horribly and in the theater I worked in it was empty. No one wanted to see a rape remake. People like you piss me off because you are so adamant about your own conspiracy theories and opinions that you deny the facts. I work for AMC in Manhattan and I have for 4 years now. We had to pull it because of the MPAA. The film started being pulled after it’s first showing on Friday in many theaters and by Sunday we were told to pull it completely. Those are the facts. You just shamelessly promoting your own blog (I’ve seen your postings all over the net) and denying the facts reported by CNN and EW makes me sick. You must work for the MPAA or be a jealous ex-girlfriend of someone who worked on the film to go to the lengths you’re going through to deny what happened. One last time, the MPAA pulled the film because the distributor (not Adam Green) denied working with them to chop up the film for an R rating. I saw it twice and it should have been R so the distributor was right! The numbers reported were ludicrous as they are basing a PSA off of 68 screens when the screen count was dwindling the entire weekend and the numbers aren’t accurate. More so, Hatchet 2 is an indie film with no marketing. It was going to need weeks until people knew where to find it. Lastly, check out the reviews (the REAL reviews from Variety, Reporter, LA Times, NY Times, etc) on IMDB. They all liked the movie. Can you say that about anything else last Halloween season? No. Your blog is horribly written by the way, Big Daddy or whatever you are called. I love the comments you got under it!!

      • ikilledjennyschecter

        For the record, the MPAA does not (nor has it ever) pull movies out of theatres. Also, AMC didn’t pull “I Spit…” or “Chain Letter” because “That’s what we do”? Wow, what a pointless rebuttal. Why do you assume I must be a jealous ex or disgruntled crew member for not enjoying Adam Green’s juvenilia? Maybe I just don’t like to see such showboating (which Adam does well) for a product that doesn’t warrant any. Instead of making false assumptions, try proving wrong any criticisms I made of Mr. Green’s movies by articulating what made them great with out using the words “gore” and “unrated.” And, no, I don’t write for the blog I posted a link to. I just happen to agree 100% with the author’s posting.

  • DW

    I can’t wait to see this movie. I planned to see it in theaters until it was pulled, but at home with friends is better anyway.

  • Andy

    Most of the movies I’ve seen at AMC under the “AMC Independent” banner usually only play for 1 week. Its strange for Hatchet 2 to only play for 1 weekend, but with controversy (and poor ticket sales) its not surprising they pulled it.

  • Greg

    Can’t find it on my Comcast On Demand menu. Argh…

  • Rob

    Still no Hatchet II…. hurry up Comcast!!!!

  • Jake

    Hatchet 2 is available NOW on Comcast’s on demand. I found it under Movies>2 Day Rentals. It’s not available in HD yet unfortunately, but it’s only $4.99 which is not bad at all, especially for a 2 day rental!!!

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