Box office report: 'Tangled' wins slow weekend with $21.5 mil

Tangled-princessImage Credit: DisneyThe week after Thanksgiving is historically known for its precipitous drops, and in that regard, this weekend didn’t disappoint. The overall box office was down 54 percent from last week, as Disney’s Tangled, armed with a frying pan, bludgeoned its way past Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 to claim first place with $21.5 million, according to studio estimates. Tangled declined 56 percent from last weekend — a modest drop for a weekend that’s particularly harsh to family films. The animated spin on the Rapunzel fairy tale has so far grossed $96.5 million. Deathly Hallows, which led the box office two weeks in a row, fell to second place with $16.7 million — a 66 percent drop. The PG-13 fantasy film has tallied $244.2 million domestically, and $713.3 million worldwide.

The Cher-Christina Aguilera musical Burlesque and Denzel Washington action thriller Unstoppable tied for third place with $6.1 million. The victor of this collision between two divas and a speeding train won’t be decided until Monday’s final figures are released. In fifth place, the R-rated romantic comedy Love and Other Drugs held up surprisingly well, dipping only 42 percent for $5.7 million. The weekend’s only new wide release, the R-rated Western-meets-martial-arts cocktail The Warrior’s Way, made an impact that only a seismometer could detect. Playing at 1,622 theaters, the $42 million action film debuted in ninth place with just $3.1 million.

By comparison, Black Swan made nearly half as much as The Warrior’s Way while playing at 1/90th the number of theaters. The Darren Aronofsky psychological horror film, starring Natalie Portman as one disturbed ballerina, earned a staggering $1.4 million from 18 theaters. The R-rated Oscar hopeful scored a per-location average of $77,459 — the second highest of the year behind The King’s Speech, which opened last weekend to an $88,863 average from four theaters. Speaking of The King’s Speech, the historical drama (and presumed Oscar frontrunner) dropped a mere 8 percent for $326,000. Also in limited release, the Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor romantic comedy, I Love You, Phillip Morris, debuted to $113,000 from six theaters, for a respectable $18,883 per-theater average.

Check back next weekend as the Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie romantic thriller The Tourist takes on a movie whose title contains 36 more letters: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

1. Tangled — $21.5 mil
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 — $16.7 mil
3. (tie) Burlesque — $6.1 mil
3. (tie) Unstoppable — $6.1 mil
5. Love and Other Drugs — $5.7 mil

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  • Sammie

    Yikes!! color me surprised. :p

    • David

      Let’s Go Disney/Pixar!!!
      Booo dreanworks drecks and fox failures!!

    • Larry David

      If The Walking Dead were a movie, it would probably be #1. I absolutely love that show. Remember, I am a zombie afterall.

  • Andy

    What a crappy set of holiday movies so far this year. Hollywood has kinda sucked the last couple of years.

    • Sammie

      What do you expect? Every year to make it a high? Nope there are always gonna be bad years. We’ve had a couple of good hits lately.

    • Simon

      I disagree. I think there are good movies out there, but they get limited release this time of year. I cannot wait to see Black Swan and The King’s Speech.

      • Zach

        OK, but that’s two. Count ‘em. Those and 127 Hours and what’s left even among the so-called awards movies that actually looks worth seeing?

      • m1

        @Zach: True Grit, Tron, The Tourist, Narnia, The Company Men, Rabbit Hole, The Fighter, etc.

      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        BLACK SWAN!!!!!

  • Carlisle

    Wow, saw the trailer for The Tourist, totally uninteresting. Is it just me, or were they trying to make it seem action-packed, when in reality I get the feeling its gonna be slow and dramatic. Between that and Narnia 3, nothing grabs me. When’s the next big “thing” coming out?

    • Sammie

      That’ll start next year I’m guessing.

    • Dave

      Aside from Narnia and The Tourist, the next big “thing” is Tron, which I believe comes out on the 17th.
      Personally, while I do want to see Tron and Narnia, I’m more looking forward to seeing some of the smaller films like Black Swan, True Grit, and The King’s Speech.

    • anya

      I agree, The Tourist looks so boring, the trailers practically put me to sleep. Tron is probably the next big movie up, and it looks like it’s probably good. But I can’t wait for Black Swan to open nation wide!

  • m1

    I hope Black Swan goes wide soon.

    • StewyFan

      Yeah, no kidding. I want to see that so badly. None of the movies in wide release are of interest to me right now.

    • carrie

      Waiting for Black Swan to come to Seattle! Hopefully the strong initial box office will convince Fox Searchlight to speed up the wide release.

      • WTF?

        Wow, it’s not even in Seattle yet? I guess this means it’ll never come to my podunk town, unless it gets an Oscar nod. Precious came to my town for exactly one week based on the Ocsar nods. Fingers crossed!

  • Gina Vera

    Go Tangled!!

  • PBR street gang

    Tron is coming get ready !

  • JPX

    The Warrior’s Way looked terrible in the trailers, it’s not surprising that it’s a bomb. Bring on TRON!

  • Zach

    Tron? Gag me.

  • Jennifer E.

    Just saw a sneak preview of the new Narnia film, and it is phenomenal. Much more enjoyable than the Prince Caspian one. Hope it’s a “success” (whatever that word means in Hollywood) so that Walden will be able to produce the rest of the series.

  • twilight sucks

    DH has made 713million world wide

    eclipse mad 690m

    • James

      And Harry potter’s run isn’t over yet

    • just me

      Domestically in 17 days, Harry Potter made 244.2 mil while Eclipse made 255.8 mil.

      • chris

        just shows how much Americans like Twilight…

      • Paula

        That means that the Americans have really bad taste.

      • Cat

        @Paula. No kidding!

      • m1

        Goodness, Harry Potter is still doing well. It is the $400 million for Transformers 2 and the $130 million for The Last Airbender that are embarrassing.

  • doro

    They should just re-release inception on imax again.. best movie of the year, most likely, decade too

    • tvgirl48

      Ooh I would love to see that again over the Holidays. I wish theaters could just re-release older, great classic movies for the fun of it. There are so many movies I’d love to see in theaters that I couldn’t before. Also, watching Die Hard on the big screen would make the best Christmas ever.

      • California

        Absolutely agree. I would love to see Gone with the Wind on the big screen. Or Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (incredible animation would love to see it on the big screen). Also, I really feel bad for kids who will not be able to see Lord of the Rings on the big screen. I was so excited when they rereleased Star Wars on the big screen for this very reason. Amazing movies but something to be said for seeing them on the big screen. I loved New Hope and I will never forget what it was like when I finally saw it on the big screen.

      • California

        Wow, really over used the phrase big screen in that post!!

      • caryn

        Theaters in my area regularly show old movies. They might play at weird times like Saturday at 10am but you should check your area to see if any theaters do it too.

      • Sharon O

        @California: There are some movies that just need to be seen in a theater to appreciate them more. GWTW and the Wizard of Oz are just a couple. I wish Disney would re-release the animated classics (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia) like they did in the 70’s and 80’s. I know they are on DVD/Blu-Ray but ‘The Night on Bald Mountain’ just doesn’t look as great on a TV(despite the advances in technology) as it does on a movie screen.

    • Jose

      Why? Deathly Hallows is making great business for IMAX, and with Inception coming to DVD this week, is anyone willing to pay for it in theaters if its already on DVD?

    • natalie portmenteau

      Inception was terrible, nonsensical and illogical. And really badly acted.

      • doro

        I would say the same thing about Deathly Hollows and most of the Harry Potter movies… too long, repetitive, and the main lead actors can’t help but over act.. and don’t get me started with CRAPLIGHT..they are the worst

      • Jose

        Doro, ignore Natalie the troll.

      • Liz Lemon

        Im not a troll and i thought Inception was mediocre. The special effects weren’t even that good. It was sub par compared to Nolan’s other films. But that’s just my opinion. There are clearly others who feel differently. This whole year has just been so blah for movies. There are maybe five movies this year that I don’t regret spending my money on: Toy Story 3, Deathly Hallows, Black Swan, The Social Network, and The Karate Kid. Other than that…everything has sucked, been a letdown, or I haven’t even bothered to waste my time seeing it.

      • Jose

        Liz, the problem though is that I’ve seen Natalie on other pages of the site making similar comments.

        Plus I agree with you. The first time I saw it I was so blown away that I had to see it again, and when I did I was bored. There was nothing new to look for in repeat viewings and the score by Zimmer did nothing for me.

  • Aaron

    Saw Black Swan this weekend. It is fantastic! Deserves some serious Oscar attention, especially for Natalie Portman and director Darren Aronofsky.

  • ab

    Does anyone else remember when EW had Kate Bosworth on their cover on the next big rising star? OMG, EPIC FAIL on EW!!!

    You guys are horrible when it comes to picking the next up-and-coming rising stars.

    Kate Bosworth is a horrible actress btw. Just because she was in Blue Crush doesn’t mean she was going to be the next Katherine Hepburn.

    • carrie

      All the magazines are crap at predicting the next “It Girl.” Vanity Fair put Gretchen Mol on the cover proclaiming her the next big thing once upon a time.
      Seems like these days the magazines are all hedging their bets by grouping young actresses on the cover and calling them all the Next Big Thing(s). Then if even one of them breaks big, they can be right!

      Agree about Bosworth: never going to happen.

      • WTF?

        She’s one of those “actresses” who I always see in the magazines, being photographed on the streets and at suarees, but I can’t figure out WHY. Has she really, honestly ever been in anything that good? Other starlets like this are Leona Lewis, Katherine McPhee, Lindsey Price, Gabrielle Union. Can someone please tell me what ANY of those people have done in recent years to warrant red carpet invites and face space in publications? Gah!

    • Jose

      That’s nice to know, but what does this have to do with the box office?

      • cr

        only tangentially-she’s in The Warrior’s Way. And apparently she’s not very good in it (though in her defense apparently no one else is either).

  • dizzy

    Good for HP and Tangled. That’s an impressive amount of money HP has made in 3 weeks. Though, not surprising. It still has much more to make.

  • mercedes

    Although Harry Potter is dropping pretty fast I think it’ll have enough legs to end its run in the 280 million – 300 million mark and also Warner Bros. will probably release it again next year in order to tie in with the last movie, and they’ll probably release it in 3D also so, I think it’ll end up making a lot more when the whole series is said and done… as it should. I’ll miss you HARRY!!!

    • Alex

      If the last Potter is only shown in 3-D in my part of the world (where they tend to skew to the 3-D version and not show 2-D versions) I won’t be going to see it in the theatre.

      • Kenndell

        The way you just took a stand based on your principles gave me lady wood! I hear you, Alex! If the studio doesn’t show the movie how and where you want them to… just take your toys and run. Someone give Alex a diaper change.

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