Amber Heard comes out, introduces girlfriend at GLAAD event

amber-heardImage Credit: Todd Williamson/WireImage.comActress Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) publicly came out on Friday, introducing her girlfriend and speaking as an “out actress” at the GLAAD at 25 event in Los Angeles. On the red carpet for the celebration, Heard, who walked with her partner, Tasya van Ree, told, “I think GLAAD is one of the many reasons that I, as a 24-year-old, can come out. I think that organizations like GLAAD make that possible, because if it weren’t for opinions being changed, people being influenced, people being engaged to do the right thing, then there would be no prerogative for anyone to come out. Like I said, I can’t be a part of the problem. I hate the idea of a label just as much as anyone else, but I’m with who I’m with, I love who I love… “

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  • aaa

    Who cares? Frankly, I don’t think anyone around my age (25) cares when celebs come out anymore. So you’re gay? Big whoop!

    • lostidol

      It means a lot to gay individuals who are struggling with their identity. And since celebrities can potentially face backlash from coming out, it means a lot. In a perfect world it shouldn’t make a difference.

      • Karate Pants

        What about obscure D-listers coming out? Is that helpful, or does it turn something as meaningful as coming out and being accepted as you are, into a cheap stunt?

      • GeeMoney

        I agree. I don’t care about D-listers coming out. I care about John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Jodie Foster coming out! Now that’s a news story.

      • kel

        Backlash in Hollywood? land of the

      • Marcus

        Oh Kel, how naive. So many think Hollywood is the land of the gays but it still is a very tight lipped place. They like gays in easy to define occupations like stylists and hairdressers, but it still is a very risky gambit to come out as an actor. Actors will embrace you, but if you’re an out man you can pretty much kiss leading man roles goodbye. Believe me, there is a backlash even if it isn’t directly mean and in your face.

      • Marcus

        As for her being a “D-Lister?” I prefer to call her an up and coming actress who has already landed some plum roles. Refreshing to see some choosing to come out at the beginning of their careers.

      • cruzilla

        Yeah, she was only in Zombieland with Woody Harrelson and her next film is with, uh, what’s his name, oh, Johnny Depp (The Rum Diaries).

      • bma

        Every person who comes out is helpful, whether they’re a D-lister or a kid in your neighborhood. And everyone is important. Not everyone warrants a magazine article, but they all should be celebrated in some way.

    • Agualla

      “obscure d-lister”
      Well a perusal of google has been very instructive in determining her “obscurity.” Google returns over 1,200,000 results when you search Amber Heard. Does that fit the definition of obscure?
      The coming out story has been covered by CBS news, MSNBC, MTV, L.A. Times, NY Daily News, Washington Post, Perez Hilton, Huffington Post, US magazine, OK magazine, Daily Telegraph-Australia, Belfast Telegraph, The Sun-UK, among many more. Does that fit the definition of “obscure d-lister”?

      • Temp

        I wonder how many things you can put into google and get more than 1.2 mill results? Probably a lot. Also most of those results are probably for her maxim/photoshoots, not her acting rep.

        She was a zombie for like 3 minutes in zombieland, and that was the highest rated movie shes ever been in!

        A list she is not.

      • Someguy

        Uh, Kathy Griffin has 5.7 million… and isn’t she pretty much the self-described definition of ‘D-List’? (I think heard isn’t, but google results is a terrible indicator.

      • DM

        The google search phrase — Amanda Heard — returns info on every person named Amanda and the use of the word heard. If you search for the name “Amanda Heard” there are only 64,000 hits.

      • Justagirl

        I’ve seen Zombieland and don’t remember her at all. I’ve also seen Pineapple Express twice and I don’t remember her at all. She may be an up and comer but to me she is completely forgettable.

      • dntbstpd1

        @DM and while you are searching for “Amanda Heard” the story is about “Amber” Heard, lol.

    • @aaa

      Guess what? Not everyone in the world or even on this website is “around your age (25).” And who cares, you ask? Well, my hip young friend, a lot of people who could NOT come out until a few years ago. Narcissistic much, aaa?

      • while i agree that aaa is being a bit myopic, i think the point is that a lot of people have the mindset that certain things that were taboo not so long ago are not that big a deal. many young people don’t even really understand the concepts of homophobia, sexism, racism, etc… and that’s a good thing. And it’s frustrating as a person who is beyond such archaic social constructs to have to deal with those who continue to make it a big deal. who want to dictate what people do with their personal lives, whether it’s sexually or telling them which drugs they may or may not take. live and let live is how many of us feel and we wish the rest of the country would catch the eff up.

    • micheal n

      Amber heard dated actor from hawaii 5-0 Robert Parks-Valletta in 2006 before she came out of the closet did she date any other guys?

      • Newfoundglory

        Ha he turned her gay? Not saying much buddy, definitely wouldn’t be boasting abut it unless, he’s gay and proudly supporting her, that I think would be a sweet thing to do..

  • Wow there are lesbians in Hollywood . . .

    Stop the presses!

    • Jessica


  • Jay

    Agreed…. so you’re gay? Big F-in deal. now get over yourself and get back to work

    • TQB

      You know, it’s actually awesome that so many people feel this way. Trust me, gay people want nothing more than their sexual preference to be “no big deal.” The big deal is that, 10 years ago, this would have been a big deal. Now it isn’t. And that, my friends is progress and acceptance in action.

      • Dan

        Exactly! I am straight and my roomie in college was gay and he always said, I dont want any attention I just want people to treat me like everyone else and so these types of story are kinda ridiculous. I read it and thought ok who cares, her lifestyle, her choice, but why are we celebrating it? She is like me and everyone else! I dont cheer for people because there straight and I dont need every news agency telling me shes gay as if it is some sort of accomplishment.

    • Kris

      It’s not like she set up a People Magazine cover story. She showed up to an event with her girlfriend. It’s EW who has chosen to make a big deal out of this not her. She didn’t make a fuss out of it. She just showed up to an event and said “oh by the way, this is my girlfriend.”

      • Zombie Jesus

        Here’s the thing, it’s actually EW’s job to reel in potential customers to their web site.

        You are the potential customer, and you clicked on the link to the story. You even went the extra mile and commented. I’d say that’s a big mission accomplised on EW’s part.

    • Agualla

      Why is it when a lesbian talks about her relationship she is told to “get over yourself”, while when a straight actress reveals her relationship she is congratulated and wished well and everyone talks about what a lovely couple they are and when’s the wedding. Why the difference? Hmmm, I wonder…

    • Zombie Jesus

      Practice what you preach. Last time I checked it’s EW’s job to present of with……wait for it…..Entertainment News(gasp).

    • Max

      Except it is a big deal. People are fired every day for being homosexual; they’re stoned to death in foreign countries; they go their teen years–years taken for granted by heterosexuals as sexually explorative–with no close intimate relationships; they are fired in the thousands from the military; and you can count on one finger the number of beautiful young actresses in Hollywood who are out the closet.

      My pet peeve in life? Disingenuousness. And only someone completely full of shit would argue it’s not a big deal when somebody famous comes out.

  • ann

    How funny. Breaking news about someone I’ve never heard of.

    • gizmodiansky

      I’ve never heard of you either, so you too must be irrelevant.

    • Peter

      @ann: Re: “Breaking news about someone I’ve never [ahem] heard of.”

      Pun intended?

  • ML

    You people are missing the point. She was at a GLAAD event pointing out the importance of such an organization. If you really don’t have a particular interest for her news, can’t you just wish her well instead of underminding the announcement?

    • Dubious

      Nope, they need to show how much they don’t care about it by posting about how much they don’t care about it.

      • @Dubious

        I agree. I think its a powerful step in equality when people no longer care about a celebrity’s sexuality, but why do some feel the need to comment on how little they care? I think it would be more beneficial if those who “don’t care anymore” about a celebrity’s sexuality commented on that–that differing sexual orientations has become the norm, so its no longer necessary to make a statement about them. Though it could be argued that in many places in the US, teens and young adults who are questioning their sexuality DO need to see celebrities coming out.

      • Jay

        We feel the need to comment about it… because they feel the need to “come out”, as if we care.
        Its as pointless as if I were to put out an article stating that I like the ladies.
        Nobody cares about that either.

      • Agualla

        LOL! Yeah, I love the hypocrisy of those who don’t care but are reading it and commenting on it. If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t have read it and wouldn’t have commented.

      • Marcus

        Jay do you not understand the major step it takes to come out in a society that assumes heterosexuality? An announcement has to be made or else people never stop asking. Maybe in a future where straightness isn’t automatically assumed of every person stuff like this won’t have to be announced. As for now, it does. I take it you’ve never had to come out yourself?

    • PeterBilt

      No, people can not. because they are just clamoring for another article about Glee, or who is going to get hired as the 463rd extra in some lame vampire movie.

    • @Jay

      I agree it’s nice that some people rally just don’t care about sexual preference. However by saying stuff like “Its as pointless as if I were to put out an article saying that I like the ladies” you’re just ignoring the issue.
      People don’t kill people for being straight. People don’t commit hate crimes to straight people. Straight people don’t have churches dedicated to wiping them off the face of the Earth. Progress is one thing but belittling the daily struggle of a group of people just because you can’t understand their pain is just as ignorant. Unfortunately it still is a big deal to many people. And I’ll point out one thing no one seems to notice. the lady in the article didn’t say “Hey EW, do a story about me.” She showed up to a party hosted by GLAAD with her girlfriend like it was “no big deal”

      • Jay

        “People don’t commit hate crimes to straight people”
        sure they do… just ask the jews.
        …or the muslims
        …or overweight people
        …or even homeless people

        yet none of those people feel the need to spout off about it, or publicize it as if to say “Hey everybody… LOOK AT ME!”

      • psyche

        um, jay, in each case those are minorities and hate crimes are committed because of ______ (appearance, religion, etc). If you can come up with an instance where someone was lynched, denied legal rights or otherwise discriminated against for no other reason other than that they were straight, I would be extremely surprised!

      • To Jay

        Dear Moron,

        gays have to announce our presence because, contrary to whatever stereotypes your halfwit brain believes, most of the time if lgbt people don’t announce our presence, people just assume we’re straight. I would love it if a little blue dot indicating I was a man who sleeps with men just appeared on my forehead the first ten seconds anyone met me and I never had to say anything about it–the way race and gender and ability are often (not always) immediately evident to most strangers you meet. But because that isn’t the case and because I ‘gender conform,’ I have to mention it, at least once, to coworkers and friends and family so that they understand that GLBT people can be kind, complicated, hardworking people who exist in the world around them and not the one-dimensional jokes that pass for ‘gay characters’ in most of our culture. Maybe if people like you weren’t such raging boneheads it WOULDN’T be a big deal, just like it isn’t a big deal to find out someone’s left handed. I don’t want it to have to be a headline, either, you asshat, but as long as we live in a culture where people like you think it’s edgy and funny to be ignorant dolts, it’s going to be.

        (and I’m sure you NEVER SAY ANYTHING during a typical day for you that indicates your sexual preference. Seriously– count how many times you indicate your heterosexuality tomorrow. Pretend we live in a world where it’s assumed everyone is gay and see how fast YOU ‘come out of the closet’ as a straight person, and how YOU’RE suddenly the one who “won’t shut up about it” when you’re just trying to have a conversation)

      • kath

        Hey @jay and To Jay —

        You’re awesome. I hope you both have a great day.

        Hey Jay and other posters who share Jay’s opinions — you should really think before you speak or write on the internet, you really come off like ignorant morons.

        To Amber Heard — I like you, good luck in your career and congrats on your bravery to be who you are publicly regardless of how narrow-minded bigotry may work against you professionally. I’ll go to your movies!

      • Ethan

        You read it here first: Jay is in favor of marking gay people (with blue dots)!

  • Maureen


    • Kris

      Her claim to fame is right in the story (Pineapple Express) so if you have to ask you’re just being stupid. She’s been in many things few have seen. The short-lived CW series, Hidden Palms and the 2009 film The Stepfather.

      • Jennifer

        And still I agree: who? Haven’t seen any of those things, and don’t know who she is. Not criticizing her coming out, which was obviously a personal decision and presumably not one undertaken lightly, and don’t wish her ill in any way. I’m commenting more on EW’s treating her like a celebrity of whom most people would be aware without more info that “Pineapple Express actress”.

      • Zombie Jesus

        Jennifer, she made a movie, so she is a celebrity.

        Maybe you have a minimum amount of movies to qualify you for celebrity status but just because the movie she is in is one you didn’t watch it doesn’t disqualify her status.

        But I see what you are saying: You can click on just fine but god forbid you google the actress’ name.

      • B-

        She was a finalist for the new X-Men film. Completed a movie with Nic Cage. Was in The Stepfather. Pineapple Express. And Zombieland. She was also voted #13 on Maxim’s Hot 100 for 2010. She may not be well known to older folks, but young people know who she is. Especially since she is at the start of her career and is landing lots of jobs.

    • Maureen

      @Kris & Zombie Jesus: Please calm the hell down.

  • Mel

    Good for her. I hope she gets all the publicity she was hoping for.

    • murley

      she came out at an event for a gay/lesbian organization. she hardly went on some talk show and came out as a publicity stunt. haters gotta hate.

      • Kris

        I must agree Murley. These people are seriously ignorant to how entertainment news works. The girl showed up at a GLAAD event with her girlfriend. EW asked her “who’s this” and she said “my girlfriend.” Then EW decided to do a story about it. She didn’t call up Oprah to do a sit-down interview just before the release date of her new movie. She’s just living her life and one organization just happened to decide to do a story on it. But as you said, some people just have to hate everything to feel better about themselves.

  • Eric

    Why do some people(including some of the idiots here) actually seem to get upset when a celebrity comes out? It’s like when Ellen announced it on TIME magazine, all these people went, “Who cares!! I don’t wanna hear it!!!” :closes ears: “La la la la la la”

    Such morons some of you are. Like the poster above says, you certainly seem to care enough to post about it.

    • Jennifer

      None of the comments here seem to be wishing Ms. Heard ill – but treating the coming-out of an unknown actress as breaking news certainly merits comment. And that’s what most of us are commenting on: EW’s need to treat this like some big star came out.

      • K

        How is EW treating this as breaking news. She is a Film actress and this news is posted under the Inside Movies blog. So again, how is EW treating this as you say “Breaking News?” It’s just a movie news pertaining to a particular actress.

      • Agualla

        So an actress who’s been in 16 films and co-stars with Johnny Depp and Nichlos Cage in her two latest – Rum Diary and Drive Angry-is not supposed to be given coverage on a section devoted to movies and actors?

      • @K

        When I saw the headline originally, it said “Breaking News” – I’d say that was treating it like breaking news.

      • Marcus

        It’s one article on the website. Do you see a cover story? Do you see a gallery of her works? No, it’s a blurb and some of us in the gay community like knowing who are allies are. Get real Jennifer.

      • vin

        Jennifer, be honest–would you have said anything if EW had posted a story that said “Amber Heard attends event with her fiance, [Mr. What’shisface]”? They DO post stories like that, too. But that’s “normal,” so I guess they’re allowed to.

    • whatevs

      The always original “you care enough to post about it” response.

      I’m not someone who does that myself, but I will clear up this misunderstanding. They are not commenting “who cares” while still caring.

      They don’t care that this person came out, but they do care that EW posted an article about something they don’t care about.

      • murley

        it is so unfair when a huge internet publication doesn’t cater its every article to your personal tastes and interests. how dare they post an article that you don’t want to read!

      • Agualla

        Pure b.s. So every article in EW is one you care about? Yeah right? Nothing shows how much you care, than taking the time to post about how much you don’t care.

    • @Eric

      Because no one knows who she is. She’s doing it for publicity for her non-famous self, not for the greater good.

      • Big Walt

        What, did you get a hold of her diary and discover her master plan?

      • David Good

        @Big Walt – I actually did get her diary, and coming out was in the entry just above “call the key grip from ‘Pineapple Express’ to see if he’s heard about anyone hiring.”

  • Jennifer

    And readers everywhere go: who?

  • Breckster82

    score 1 for lesbians worldwide

    • Olive

      Hells yeah!

  • Daw Johnson

    I don’t understand how this is news–it had been known within the industry for years, and she’d even been releasing erotic short films that were, to my knowledge, filmed “by her girlfriend.”

    • Agualla

      She has never ever made an “erotic short film.” She has been in several video art films which feature her totally alone and fully clothed, filmed by her girlfriend.

  • Mike

    I’ve been a fan of hers since seeing All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. You may not know her by name, but chances are you’ve seen one of her movies (perhaps Pineapple Express?). She’s been in several, and is in the upcoming Nic Cage movie Drive Angry 3D.

    About the news, that’s so awesome. Never would have expected it. Congrats to her for having the courage to do so. When a friend sent me a text this morning telling me she came out I thought they were kidding. It’s definitely important. Young GLBT people need celebrities they can look up to and make them feel less alone in the world.

  • Scott

    I don’t get where people are complaining about this being treated as breaking news. The event happened on Friday and reported on Monday–are we redefining “breaking news”?

    I have to laugh at the explanation that people care that EW is reporting this about an “unknown” actress (apparently some people don’t go to movies). Why do you care?

    I think it’s more “look, I’m commenting on a blog, aren’t I a stinker with my “who cares” comments?

    • Noelle

      As opposed to your smug “I’m commenting on people’s comments” remarks, which make you vastly superior. Obviously.

      P.S. I go to movies. Lots. Never heard of this girl.

      • Scott

        No, Noelle, what makes me superior is that don’t get my undergarments in a twist about it. I commented on these comments because I cared about it (not so much that not commenting would ruin my day, but enough to prompt a few sentences), but I have never commented on something to illuminate the world on how much I don’t care about it.


  • Dduellman

    Why even read the story if you “don’t care?” You knew what the story was about. It has a headline to clue you in.

    • Jay

      I mainly clicked because I never heard of this girl, but I had seen Pineabpple Express so I was curious.
      Then I commented simply because I agreed with most others that celebrities “coming out” is hardly newsworthy

      • Agualla

        Do you get equally upset when you read about straight celebs discussing their relationships?

      • Jay

        First… I was never “upset”

        Second… I dont care about that either.

      • MCS

        Jay for someone who “doesnt care” you have left too many comments on this board. I think someone does care..

      • Jay

        I care that EW deems this newsworthy… not about the news itself.
        Plus, Im at work… bored… and this is the most active comment board right now

    • Jennifer

      Don’t know about others, but I read it because I was bored, and had already read all the other articles that my work server would allow.

  • UncleWalty

    so what? she’s still hot.

    • Jason


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