'The Hobbit': Cate Blanchett joins the cast as Galadriel

Cate Blanchett had better start brushing up on her Elvish. The Australian actress has signed on to the cast of director Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic The Hobbit, reprising the role of the ethereal elf Galadriel that she played in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The announcement of Blanchett’s casting comes as something of a surprise, since the character of Galadriel doesn’t actually appear in Tolkien’s novel. Then again, there are virtually no female characters in the book whatsoever, so Jackson is clearly looking to balance out the two-part film somewhat in terms of gender.

Jackson also announced that several other lesser-known actors have joined the Hobbit cast. Ken Stott (Charlie Wilson’s War) will play the Dwarf Lord Balin; Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who) will play the wizard Radagast the Brown; Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt will play the shape-shifting bear-man Beorn; British actor Ryan Gage will play Drogo Baggins; and New Zealand actors Jed Brophy and William Kircher will play the dwarves Nori and Bifur, respectively.

Conspicuously absent from today’s Hobbit casting news was Sir Ian McKellan, who has stated on his official web site that he will reprise his role from the Lord of the Rings films as the wizard Gandalf but has yet to be officially announced as part of the cast.

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  • Michael


    • Nathan

      Blanchett’s perfect for the Hobbit, light skinned and everything haha

      • syryr

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      • jk


      • Grumpster

        syryr….just spend two minutes walking away permanently, ok?

  • harry

    I so Can’t wait!!!!

  • Cygnus

    “Conspicuously absent from today’s Hobbit casting news was Sir Ian McKellan, who has stated on his official web site that he will reprise his role from the Lord of the Rings films as the wizard Gandalf but has yet to be officially announced as part of the cast.”

    It’s called “Show me the money!!!!”

  • Carrie

    I can’t wait for this movie. I LOVE LOTR!

    • linda


  • Kevin

    From what I understand, there will be some background historical stuff from Silmarillion and History of Middle-Earth in The Hobbit movies. Don’t know if that’s true or not (that was rumored a LONG time ago), but that would explain Galadriel being in it.

    • California

      I have heard this as well.

    • ecuamerican

      I have also heard that there will be an epilogue that ties “The Hobbit” to the LOTR. Galadriel makes sense there, too. I’d love either one or, even better, BOTH!

      • G-girl

        Yeah, at the very least she’ll be the narrator as she was in the LOTR series.

    • mmm

      None of the material from the Sil or HoMe are available for filming. The rights have not been sold to any enterprise.

    • SuperDan

      In the novel, Gandalf travels with the dwarves and Bilbo for a while, then goes “off-screen” so to speak to meet up with the White Council and force the Necromancer (aka Sauron) out of his stronghold in Mirkwood. Since Galadriel is a member of the White Council, that’s probably where she’ll turn up.

      • JS

        Absolutely correct – the story of the White Council is material fromt the Hobbit, so it is fair game for the movie. I suspect that the whole movie will go along two paths at the same time – the primary story from the Hobbit, and a greatly expanded story of the White Council that will serve as prequel material for the Lord of the Rings

  • jason

    cool! keep in mind they are not splitting the novel the hobit into two films, but doing and extra film to bridge the gap between hobit and LotR. also jackson has said from the beginning that he wanted to fill in Gandalf’s time away from the dwarf hobit party with what hed had been up to which was visiting Galadriel part of the time

    • Bruce

      I must say Jason, that info is extremely old. For some time the idea of a second film based on source material outside the Hobbit has been in the ground. Both films are to be based upon the Hobbit with the break probably…well, I’m sure you can work it out.

    • JS

      Bruce is right – the material from the Hobbit IS being split into two parts. I suspect that it will be a chronological split, but I guess it’s also possible that the “on screen” action from the Hobbit will make up one movie, while the “off screen” White Council might be the focus of the second one. If this is the case, Jason might turn out to be semi-right, since the White Council portion of the story actually would serve as a very good bridge between the Hobbit and LOTR.

    • Ibnu

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  • Pete

    Ok, I admit I’m a bit of a purest, so it’s kind of annoying they are going to add Galadriel into this story. If they are looking to add other LoTR characters, they should explore bringing back Legolas (Orlando Bloom) as he is the son of the Elf King in The Hobbit and you could have him not only in scenes when the dwarves (and Bilbo) are captured, but at the Battle of the Five Armies (good place to add Gimli too).

    • Meredith

      I would also like to see these two back, but I think it woild be brilliant to have them in cameos without any lines. Like seeing Legolas walking around in the background during a scene in Mirkwood and maybe a quick shot of Gimli charging into battle.

    • Eolra

      I too find this annoying news. I’ve never liked LOTR (too much backstory IMO), but have always LOVED the hobbit (adventure!). I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to finish the LOTR movies and get on the The Hobbit, and now it seems that my beloved story is going to be saturated with stupid LOTR characters that I care nothing about. Comments above regarding that she will be in some added backstory in the movie makes me want to scream – that is the exact reason I find LOTR mindnumbingly boring in the first place.

      • Mike

        Have you ever considered that maybe you’re just a bit ignorant? If you find LotR mindnumbingly boring, you shouldn’t watch any films related to it at all. Respect them. They’re one of the best film trilogies out there. It’s not the first time a film adaptation veers off from the exact storyline, that’s too bad. Watch it or don’t, but no one really cares about your “beloved story” being ruined, as it’s not your story at all.

        And you want to scream because of a comment posted on a website? You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      • Anna

        I loved the hobbit as a child, but once my reading interests matured I appreciated LOTR. Perhaps that will happen for you…or you could just scream at a website comment.

      • Eolra

        Why such venom? I was just posting my opinion on this particular news just like everyone else who commented on this post. I honestly don’t see why my comments prompted you to attack me by calling me names like ignorant, and using hostile terms like “check yourself” and “no one cares about (your comment)”. Just because my personal experience with the movies and books was not the same as yours doesn’t make it invalid, and just because you feel that the films are some of the “best” does not automatically make it so. Yes, they have won awards, and many people like them, but that is the wonderful thing about art, isn’t it? It is subjective and therefore it’s value cannot be judged universally from one person to another. You tell me to “respect” the movies, but it is clear from the disrespectful way that you have attacked me here, that you don’t care for respecting other people. Apparently the kind of day you had today made you feel you needed to lash out at someone else to make yourself feel better. I hope you have a better day tomorrow, and I hope it will allow you to remember that it feels better to lift each other up, rather than tear each other down, even if they are strangers, or different than you. Peace out.

    • tipsy

      Orlando Bloom is the worst actor alive. Why would anyone want him to return in The Hobbit even though his character isn`t in the book is beyond me. I`m so happy that he isn`t returning to Pirates of the Caribbean and many many fans are thrilled as well. he was a disaster.

      Galdariel makes sense in the context of the White Council but she should be the only LOTR character who isn`t in The Hobbit that appears briefly in it. They shouldn`t make these movies LOTR reunion. First because it`s stupid and second because all actors aged visibly (especially Viggo Mortensen – freakin old hobo) and having them play younger versions of their characters wouldn`t work especially with that creepy de-aging CGI. Just let them be. The Hobbit is adorable story that doesn`t need visitors form another book/movie.

      • MCS

        I would be so happy if Pirates didnt return at all. I wish the whole series had have been washed away in the giant whirlpool with the flying dutchman.

    • SirLizard

      The word is “purist”, not “purest”. Purest, with the e-s-t ending, means “the most pure”.

  • Nicole

    I’m really excited for this movie and I think Jackson will do a great job (he did with the others) but this kind of scares me. I get the balancing thing, but I can’t imagine where she’ll be… Unless it’s when they’re all with the elves of the forest where Legolas is from…. Yeah, I know, I’m a nerd.

    • Valeria

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  • Kal

    I expect Galadriel will feature at the White Council Gandalf attends during his absence from the main action in ‘The Hobbit’, where the Council decides to drive Sauron out of Dol Guldur. It makes sense for Jackson to include the Council, as it would help tie the events of ‘The Hobbit’ more closely to ‘The Lord of the Rings’, and would also explain Radagast’s being cast. As long as it is done well, I don’t mind at all; it would have been strange to have Gandalf vanish and then return unexplained in the films.

  • Sean

    Galadriel is a member of the White Council, along with Gandalf, Elrond, and Saruman. Since they’re covering what Gandalf did while he was away from Bilbo and company, it makes sense that they would show the White Council meeting where they decide to check everything out. I also read somewhere that Hugo Weaving was definitely coming back as Elrond, so they just need Christopher Lee now. I hope he and Peter Jackson made up!

    • ecuamerican

      Was there a fight or disagreement between the two??

      • Bubba in TX

        Well…Lee DID want to play the role of Gandalf, IIRC….

    • MCS

      Christopher Lee has said he wont travel to New Zealand to film as he feels it is too taxing on his health (he is 88!)

      • HM

        Maybe Saruman can conference call into the council via Palantir.

        Heh. (Joking! Don’t go all Trekkie-like on me with LOTR trivia!)

  • efrain

    I love me some Cate Blanchett she is sexy!

  • Alan

    I wonder if Tom Bombadil will be portrayed or omitted? I always thought he was a very fascinating character.

    • Eolra

      Tom Bombadil is not in the Hobbit. He in in the first few chapters of The Fellowship of the Ring, and was NOT included in the movie.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Thank god, I hated him! All he did was SING!!! Useless character

      • Sam I am

        Tom Bombadil!! He was awesome…should have been included in the already 4 hour movies that i love

      • Anna

        He was in the commentary- at least the hobbits didn’t forget him!

  • tomatoe

    Chip the glasses and crack the plates! Blunt the knives and bend the forks!

  • J.R.

    I can’t wait and after what Jackson did with LoTR I totally trust his judgment regarding telling Tolkien’s stories. LoTR’s was not perfectly true to the books, however, in almost every case his adaptations were as good or better than the original story, and I LOVE THE ORIGINAL!

    If Jackson thinks The Hobbit needs Galadriel to balance the cast, he can put her in the movie and I expect I’ll enjoy her role completely.

    My only complaint is that it takes way too many years between my Middle Earth fixes. Junkies like me need booster shots or something.

    • Bobbie

      Agreed. My biggest worry is that the returning actors will be noticeably older by the time they’re finished, when the story is supposed to take place like sixty years before Fellowship.

    • Micah

      @J.R. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! Better than the original story? Man If was in front of you right now I would kick you upside the head. The implication that Peter Jackson made Lord of the Rings BETTER than the actual books it making me sick. Honestly I want to strangle you right now.

  • Michelle


    • A.F. for EW

      I second your YIPPEE!!!! and add HOORAY!!!!

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