'Thor' trailer hits the Web. Watch and opine!

Next year promises to be a pivotal year in superhero pop, with Warner Bros. launching Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios (with Paramount Pictures) introducing two new cinematic Avengers: Captain America starring Chris Evans and Thor starring Chris Hemsworth. (This is to say nothing of The Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen and Fox’s X-Men reboot starring James McAvoy.) By now, all of you have seen first looks at Green Lantern, Captain America and Green Hornet; now check out the trailer and feast your eyes on Thor

The trailer is similar to the meaty sizzle reel that Marvel showed at Comic-Con last summer, but shorter, tighter and with a few more high impact special effect shots—and all the better for it. I’ve been wondering if mainstream audiences will embrace Marvel’s version of the impetuous and tempestuous thunder god of Norse mythology, with his florid tongue and golden locks, and who wields perhaps the most un-sexy of weapons/accessories… a magic hammer (name: Mjolnir) that looks like a cinder block on a stick. Thor wouldn’t seem to possess the geek/tech-culture relevance and rock star edge of, say, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Then again, Clash of the Titans–another comic book war-of-the-gods fantasy–connected with audiences. And I think this trailer has enough visual wow and dramatic punch—as well a leavening touch of good humor—to make the character and his world appealing and interesting to newbies. The presence of Natalie Portman will no doubt goose Thor’s pop profile; no actress outside of Anne Hathaway is more of the moment at the moment. Indeed, I have to think the reason why Marvel is even releasing the trailer now is to make sure Thor gets included the Oscar-buzzy cultural conversation surrounding the Black Swan star. (The 3-D movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh, opens May 6.) Take a look and sound off below. What do you make of Hemsworth as Thor and Anthony Hopkins as Odin? Are you digging The Destroyer as much as I am? How cool is that penultimate image, with Thor driving Mjolnir into the ground and causing that earth-rippling shockwave of destruction? And the hammer–does it work for you? By Odin’s strapless metal eye-patch, I command you to sound off below!

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  • Allex

    That was relentlessly mediocre. The only decent thing about it was the way-too-short shot of a shirtless Hemsworth. (Damn, the man is built like a god indeed…I wouldn’t mind getting hammered with him and getting a glimpse of his magic hammer, if you know what I mean…)

    • agreed

      are we talking about getting him drunk and staring at his penis?

    • James D

      Yeah, clarify your statement please. I would like to know if you are talking literally or figuratively. And also why?

      • Allex

        Why??? Why??????? Just take a look at him! Huge muscles, nice derriere,hairy body, scruffy beard, virile voice. What’s not to like?

      • Big Walt

        Really Natalie Portman? Really?

    • Mr Eko

      This looks like a steaming pile of crap

      • shelle

        I agree. Looks terrible. As for all the other ladies getting excited – well pretty boys chosen for roles don’t impress me. They have to be able to act. Personally I would take Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr and Christian Bale over this – I am trying too hard to act guy. I want to pay to see a sexy man that can act. Um, by the way. Is Asgard an Australian Province??? Hemsworth is playing a NORSE GOD with an extremely noticeable Australian accent. Why didn’t Marval hire a voice coach for this man? He sounds ridiculous. I guess no one else noticed that over his body shots??? No one say that they can’t be trained to lose their accent for parts. Hugh Jackman was trained by voice coaches and can lose his to play roles. Hugh is Australian also. However, he is also A TRAINED ACTOR. I don’t pay money to see pretty boys that can’t act. I go to see real actors. The only thing I liked about the trailer was seeing Sir Anthony Hopkins. He is fantastic. I am not excited because now we have to look forward to a guy playing an AUSTRALIAN NORSE GOD who was hired just because people think he is ‘cute’. Marvel just hired him and Chris Evans to pretty up their movies. This is how low movies have come. I don’t have hopes for Captain America either. Chris Evans is not a class actor he was probably hired for his looks as well. Wow, at least Ryan Reynolds can act and is good looking. His movie does have a good chance – for the right reasons.

      • Ann

        Why can he not have an Australian accent to play a Norse god (which you are so adamant about that it has to be all in caps)? Since your two options on Norse gods are either that they aren’t real or that they spoke some Norse language, why are you not upset that the movie is in English at all? If you really want authentic, shouldn’t it be in Norwegian with subtitles? You can be upset about him being a bad actor – that’s a legitimate complaint. But our obsession with “fantasy means British accents” is stupid. Just let him use his own accent and move on.

      • Nathan

        But still a thousand times better than Green Lantern, at least Thor spent more than 200 bucks on special effects!

      • Wha??

        Are you guys watching the same trailer I just did??? What do you guys(gals) like?? Steel Magnolias?? Apparently, since I just saw a pretty good trailer for what is the hardest stories/comic to adapt in the entire genre. Kudos to Marvel and Branagh for what looks to be excellent if not awesome project, with so much skepticism going in. Get some taste people, it’s not all supposed to be Driving Miss Daisy.

      • Caiti

        shelle- he did a great accent for star trek

        blame the director

    • jay

      yeah allex.. i wish i could too

  • Isaac Santini

    He is uber-hot, no question. I’d be willing to suck on his hammer anytime.

    • John R.

      I will Suckle on his mjolnir and let him (jack)hammer my Midgard.

      • Leo

        seriously I thought this was the cook from True Blood. I don’t get this whole animal attraction you guys are all talking about!

      • Annie

        Leo, it’s called “different strokes for different folks”; you don’t see it, I do. In fact, I can easily see this being Marvel films’ superhero movie with the highest percent of female patrons. The trailer itself does what hardly any action film does with their male protagonists: use their sex-appeal blatantly to attract customers. I love it. I only wish the shot of him shirtless was longer…

      • Brent

        Annie, from the looks of the comments you’re responding to, all of the audience will be gay men, not women.

      • Annie

        And if that were the case, what makes it better or worse than if it were straight men? Hetero women? As long as they pay their tickets, Hollywood won’t mind what audience comes from…

      • Cord

        Don’t find this guy (pretending) to be Thor at all attractive. Chris Evans, Ian Somerhalder, Hugh Jackman, Eric Hanson, and Jake Gyllenhaal are hot. This burly bozo Thor wannabe definitely is not. Big fail for this movie.

      • Beth

        He DOES look like the cook from “True Blood”, haha!!

    • Jason

      SO would I. And not having seen much on this before I am looking forward to this, as well as Captain America – which is one of my favorite characters of all time. I don’t get the naysayers in regard to either Hemsworth or Evans in regard to acting. I think both are pretty damn good with the kind of presence you need to pull off roles like these. I think we forget that some of the greatest of all time weren’t ‘actors’ think of Jimmy Stewart. Its a Wonderful Life was panned, but look at how we view it now. I think in hind sight, actors like Evans will fall into that same category. Not all of his movies have been great, but he’s always watchable. I can say the same for Hemsworth. And yes, both are hot, studly guys. It sort of comes with the territory for super heroes, if you want proof that going in the cerebral “I’m an ACTOR!” bent does not work, there are any number of examples that could be used. My only complaint is the scruff, but they’re going Donald Blake, so he does have that 80’s look. Set pieces look great, also like the hammer, though it could always be a little longer.

  • Justin

    It looks better than I thought it would.

    • ew-bot

      Yeah, i was expecting dreck. I actually thought this looks really good, and was thinking that Kenneth B. was a really good directorial choice, by the looks of the trailer.

  • CTesdahl

    This looks awesome but it hardly “just” hit the web. This was leaked from comi-con months ago.

    • Jason

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I thought this was gonna be a new, slightly more interesting, trailer. This is the era of the internet and camera phones and leaks…hardly anything is new. I wish people would speak from that perspective. “In case you pay no attention to the rest of the internet and You Tube is blocked on your computer, here’s something cool…a trailer for this anticipated film.”

  • Laura

    Another 3D “event.” Yawn. I have no interest in seeing any movie in 3D. And I fear that soon every movie will be released that way so every ticket price can be $15 or more…

    • MCS

      I pay enough for a 2D movie at my theater. I will stick with that thanks.

  • Edward

    Yummy. He is absolutely hot. I wanna stick my tongue deep into his godly anus cavity while I manhandle those delicious Asgardian pectorals.

    • Rose


      • Jennifer

        Edward, I am so with you. The man is a hottie. I want to ravage (and be ravaged by) him.

      • John R.



      • Drake

        She is not prude it is called tack, and Edward doesn’t have any.

      • Joy

        Tact… not tack

    • rick

      OK, i suppose any movie with a norse god of thunder and a gigantic magical hammer named mjolnir begs to, “insert homo-erotic comment here.” But some of these comments are just disgusting EW. Maybe you should put a flag option on your comments page, anyways,considering this movie is still 3/4 of a year away, I was impressed by the footage on display, (even though i had already seen most of it from the aforementioned leaked comic-con footage).The new Destroyer images are great as well as the thunder ground slam at the end, cant wait to see an all new trailer though. Cant believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to this as much as the green lantern movie, which is saying alot, considering how much more original the green lantern mythology is and how much popular and well-written the books are.

    • JAM

      EW.com is apparently beocming a Gay Lounge? I’m pretty sure there are sites dedicated to those kinds of opinions but EW isn’t one of them. stay classy

  • Hubi

    Wow, it’s Hammer time!!! Sorry, but this looks terribly cheesy – and not in a good way. Okay it’s propably not fair to judge him from a 2 1/2 min. trailer, but Chris Hemsworth – safe being eye candy – seems to be overacting big time AND in 3D no less. Not my cup of tea. One more film off my must see list in 2011.

    • Edward

      HUBI!!!! That could so be the film’s tagline… “It’s hammer time” LMAO!!!

      • HatAttack

        Could someone who has more tech talent than me PLEASE do a mash up of this trailer and the “Hammer Time” video? I’m laughing just thinking about it.

    • shelle

      Hubi, I just now saw your comment. Fantastic ! I said the almost exact same thing above in mine. It is great to know someone else believes this guy is just eye-candy and trying way too hard to act. Did you notice his Australian Norse God accent as well ???? They should have hired a voice coach for him. This is definitely not my cup of tea either. I like to watch good-looking actors that can actually act. This man was chosen for his looks. So, I am not interested. It was just nice to see that another person felt almost the same way. Thanks.

      • Allex

        How in the hell do you know he can’t act based on an action-heavy trailer that’s all of 2.5 minutes? And if you are so into good acting, why in the hell are you defending Hugh Jackman? And if you want authenticity, shouldn’t the film be in OLD NORSE? Heck, we don’t even know how the Norse gods spoke, aren’t they fictional figures of magic?

      • Shelle

        Wow, Allex. Really??? I am of Norwegian decent. Um we all have a “Norwegian accent”. Scandanavians also have a ditinct accent ! We do not have an Australian one! Secondly, as for what language the Norse Gods might have spoken – do some reading. The Norse Gods were derived or myths based on what the Vikings believed. The Vikings were from Norway and Scandanavia. It doesn’t need to be in old Norse. We do speak English as well as our own languages. “WE DO HOWEVER HAVE AN ACCENT AND IT ISN”T AUSTRALIAN !!! The fact that Hemsworth and Marvel did not research a part ‘before’ he played it – like any good actor would. In my opinion, adds to the fact that he is not a trained or professional actor. Also, I am entitled to my opinion and the next time you feel the need to decide you ‘know’ how or what we speak in Norway read up first Buddy. Kevin Sorbo has Norwegian heritage and I know he could have done a better job than this piece of eye-candy. Maybe you should read up on Norse Gods and individuals.

      • roger

        Shelle, you really think whether he speaks with a Norse or an Aussie accent is going to make or break this film??? get a grip

      • Big Walt

        Shelle, you know that Scandanavia isn’t a country right?

      • C Men

        Shelle, you come across as a total idiot. If you were standing in front of me right now I’d slap you right in the face with my d.ick.

    • Diane

      I’m actually more interested after seeing the trailer. Thor cast out of Asgard and in the hands of the paranoid US military is kind of interesting.

  • Handsome Smitty

    3D sucks, shrinks the scope of the screen, and hopefully this kiddie-fad and high prices will end the trend soon. Although I fear it will be a while before that happens, thanks to 3D tvs

  • Handsome Smitty

    3D sucks, shrinks the scope of the screen, and hopefully this kiddie-fad and high prices will end the trend soon. Although I fear it will be a while before that happens, thanks to 3D tvs.

    And by the way – what happened to Dr. Blake?

  • lulu

    I’m actually excited for this one. So shoot me. We’ve had the alien who fell to earth superhero movie, the geek boy who transformed due to a freak accident superhero story, the millionaire playboy with lots of expensive gadgets superhero story, but never really the ancient god fall to earth superhero story. So, I’m there. It’s kind of funny that Branagh cast a beefcake version of himself in the lead role. I’ve always been amused by his ego because he has the talent to back it up.

    • Diane

      Branagh can definitely direct. Count me in as intrigued.

  • Kevin

    I am just glad he doesnt talk like he does in the comics.

    “Mjolnir! Strike at thee!”

    I dont plan on seeing it because it looks dumb.

  • AJ

    Looks pretty cool! I like a little larger than life adventure now and then…

  • Chance

    With the exception of the “money shot” of Thor smashing the ground and causing a shockwave, the action was pretty basic. Now, I’m a comic nerd, so I’ll see the movie, but I don’t think this trailer will get people running to the theater. Hopefully, this trailer is just to get a small buzz going and the better trailers are later.

    • David

      Spot On, Chance

  • Buddymoore

    Judging by the comments that have been posted here you’d think this is is a message board for a porno we just watched.

  • Anna

    I am still not impressed. Hewsworth may be alright to look at – if most women (and men) like the pretty boy type. I prefer to look at real men like Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr and Christian Bale. Truly all I can see is the same things that I disliked about The Clash of The Titans movie. I think what ‘upsets’ me most is that Marvel didn’t get this boy voice lessons !!!! I DON’T REMEMBER THOR BEING AUSTRALIAN and having an Aussie accent. Sam Worthington used at least 3 different accents. In Clash of The Titans. I do ‘BELIEVE’ Thor was a NORSE GOD !!! Not an Australian one.When Hewsworth started talking well, that did it for me. Can’t any of these studios at least get something right ? I just can’t watch another God with another Australian accent. Sorry, as much as I love Marvel. They should’ve gotten him voice training. If Hugh Jackman can lose his accent for the X-Men movies – this guy could have too.

    • MCS

      So what accent are you saying he is supposed to have?

      • Anna

        NORWEIGIAN not Australian. The Vikings were from Norway and were basically of Norwegian heritage. They believed in the Norse Gods and Goddesses. If they are going to do a movie about a Norse God that the Norse or Vikings of Norway believed in and developed. “Hemsworth should have been trained to speak with a Norwegian Accent” .

      • v

        To be fair the Nordic dieties were not exclusively Norwegian. Under slightly different names they comprised the pantheons of nearly all Germanic peoples. Thor could just as easily be Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, or even Anglo-Saxon. Even so, Thor never really spoke in an accent in the comics that this film is based on, rather he spoke in a Bible meets Shakespeare English mash-up that makes no sense for his origin whatsoever. It’s never implied that he even spoke in any accent other than an American one with silly, archaic words such as “thou” (after all, his original alter-ego was American). Now, I understand that there is something to be said of purity, but when we’re looking at a film based on a comic book, it really doesn’t seem all that important. Anyway, aren’t they going with the “Norse Gods are really humanlike aliens” concept for this film?

      • sjj668

        For those very few who read the comics in the last “Golden Age”, Marvel’s Nordic gods were referred to as Asgardians, not Aesir like the Vikings did. In fact Stan Lee himself said they were not the Norse gods but a parallel to them. So how they sound, look, etc. is up to the writers, artists and inkers (now directors too).

    • Jennifer

      Chris Hemsworth looks like anything BUT a pretty boy type. In fact, with the exception of Jackman, the men you mentioned are actually pretty boy types, with no body hair and clean-cut and shaven. Hemsworth may be blonde and blue-eyed, but look at his hairy body and scruffy face, 100 % man, sweetie.

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