Jon Favreau will not direct 'Iron Man 3.' Who should replace him?

Jon-FavreauImage Credit: Merrick MortonJon Favreau will not return to direct the third installment of Marvel Studios’ Iron Man franchise, EW has confirmed. According to a source familiar with the situation, the parting was amicable. (Vulture first reported the story.) The Cowboys & Aliens helmer — who will remain involved in the Marvel family as an exec producer on The Avengers, helmed by Joss Whedon — wants to focus on other projects, including what’s believed to be his next directing gig, Magic Kingdom, a fantasy that imagines after-hours life at Disneyland, a la Night At The Museum. Marvel will now begin looking for a new director for Iron Man 3, which the company has scheduled for a 2013 release. Which begs the question: Who do you think it should be? Whedon? Perhaps TRON: Legacy‘s Joseph Kosinski? Post your nominees below.

UPDATE: Favreau posted the following to his Twitter feed: “It’s true, I’m directing Magic Kingdom, not Iron Man 3. I’ve had a great run with Marvel and wish them the best.”

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  • barney

    a director that won’t take a big pay check, marvel won’t pay much, Edgar Wright seems good

    • Freddie

      Does it really matter, the genius studio exec now have no one to stand in the way of their input, I think we can look forward to another Spiderman 3 type movie, and then they will reboot it 2 years later

      • Nathan

        We already had the Spider-man 3 type movie with Iron Man 2. That movie sucked in so many ways, I’ve lost count!

      • Eva

        I am available.

      • mickey

        I think this is a blessing in disguise. Favereau absolutely sabotaged the Iron Man sequel. It was terrible. It was disappointing and it was downright flat. Maybe not the worst movie of 2010, but most definately the most disappointing movie of the year. Hands Down!!!!

    • Mr Eko

      Agreed. Iron Man 2 was horrendous. No interest in another one.

    • Larry David

      Iron Man 2 was great! Sure, it wasn’t as good as the first one, but that was a tough act to follow. Nobody can beat Jon Favreau, but maybe Kathryn Bigelow would be a good replacement. As long as they’ve still got Robert Downey Jr., I’m good.

      • KC

        Iron Man 2 was great in the sense that it was a mindless, popcorn flick. It shat upon what was great about the first one, being a smart, tight comic-book adaptation. No wonder RDJ didn’t do press with Favreau for IM2 and dropped out of Cowboys vs Aliens.

      • Larry David

        If you’re saying it was a little too long. Yeah, I agree with that, but it advanced the storyline quite well. I just think that after the success of the first one, a lot of people had their knives out. And of course, the first one was just so great, that anything they did would seem weaker in comparison. Not like the Batman reboot, where the first one was a little weak, and the second one was amazing. Again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Katheryn Bigelow.

    • Jackson

      Hell yeah! good call on that one.

    • Ellington Lassiter

      I LOVE Edgar Wright, but I don’t think he could do Iron Man. Plus, he’s already making Ant Man.

  • LOL

    David Lynch.

    • McNulty

      WIth a backwards talking MODOK!

      • JohnMoonlord

        LOL, I whole-heartly approve the backward talking MODOK!

        But having Lynch aboard would be something indeed.

    • Ry

      Yes. Just… yes.

  • Mr. Holloway

    Quick! Somebody hide Brett Ratner’s phone!

    • Nan


      • lulu


    • ted

      LMAO! And while you’re at it, disconnect McG’s line as well

      • C Men

        And Kevin Smith.

  • Brett

    Darren Aronofsky – they can do “Demon in a Bottle.”

    • Queenie

      Agree! Demon in a Bottle was the best arc in the Iron Man comics.

      • UGH

        The DID somewhat do it with #2 and royally screwed it up….and Don Cheadle as War Machine? May as well have cast Chris Rock.

    • vic vinegar

      shut up idiot. go blow requiem for dream on your own time. aronofsky has zero talent.

      • Kevin

        Well Happy Holidays to you too, D0uche Who Stole Christmas.

      • sarah sugar

        Since he’s a very successful writer/director I’d say “zero talent” is a bit of an over statement. I would say you have zero talent in expressing yourself.

      • Brett

        Vic, it sounds like yours is a minority opinion of one.

  • R

    Magic Kingdom is probably based on the Ridley Pearson book, “Kingdom Keepers” from Disney Hyperion Press. A group of teens are chosen as templates for 3D avatar tour guides. Strange things happen and characters in the park come to life after dark.

  • Larry David

    Who cares? Superhero movies are so played out and Iron Man 2 was a tired crap fest. Get a real director, a decent script, and replace Robert Downey Whatshisface. Both the actor and the director are overrated and I want my money back from having to watch that god-awful sequel.

    • Drake

      This guy is a troll.

  • sarCC

    Edgar Wright sounds good. Or Shane Black.

    • Adam

      Shane Black would be perfect! He’d be great with the development of the Iron Man-War Machine relationship.

    • rerun

      Neil Blomkamp!!!!!!! District 9 was incredible and made for cheap so Disney should be happy.

  • Abe frohman

    It might sound weird and I doubt he would ever do it but maybe Ben Stiller, hes proven he can do comedy from his movies and decent action from Tropic Thunder, he could be a great match to the series.

  • Jim

    Alex Proyas. ‘Nuff said.
    Kosinski would fit better with Ant-Man.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Yeah, and then another aspiring young actor could get shot in the chest and die.

      What? Too soon?

  • Amanda Kiwinerd

    Stop using “begs the question” improperly! You are a professional writer!

    • ries

      pretty sure it is correct. i think you might just be reading it wrong.

      • Milhouz

        Nope, Amanda is right.

        What Jensen probably meant was “raises the question”; however “begs the question” means one is making a statement that is predicate on something not confirmed to be true.

        I.E. If one makes the statement “It will be interesting to see how Favreau handles this next multi-picture franchise,” His is begging of the question is in the assumption that Magic Kingdom will be a multi-picture deal.


      • Amanda Kiwinerd

        Nope. You’re as ignorant as Jeff Jensen. Just google it and you’ll see I’m right. It’s a common mistake by the clueless.

      • Big Walt

        Wow, you are correct. I’ll probably continue using it improperly but quickly and annoyingly correct people when they do it.

      • Hugh Honey

        You definitely got the NERD part right in your name, Amanda.

    • vic vinegar

      if your only purpose in life is to chastise people on message boards for incorrect use of grammar or spelling, then you are doomed for a fat single existence. enjoy your bon bons… slob.

      • sarah sugar

        It wasn’t a grammar or spelling error. You should try harder.

      • Brett

        Vic, as opposed to your doomed single existence of Cheese Puffs and vaseline?

      • Niix Starkyller

        I’m fairly certain she was addressing the article’s author, not chastising random posters for their borderline illiteracy. Even if she stayed only on EW’s boards, that would be a full-time job.

  • redvector

    Somebody who won’t put himself in the movie and write for himself a stupid self-indulgent fight scene?

  • Brett

    George Lucas. I’d like to see Jar Jar in an Iron Man suit fighting head-to-head with some 7 year old who nearly always quips, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

    • Niix Starkyller

      Then we would find out Pepper is Tony’s long lost sister…

  • Irony

    Mel Gibson!

    • Matt1

      F Yeah!! Mel for the win!!!

  • Chief Wannadubie

    How about TwoFace? *puff puff

  • Jason S

    They should lock in Whedon! Avengers will be so great they should carry it over to Iron Man

    • znachki

      Since RDJ reportedly has director approval for IM:3, Whedon could have an inside track – if – they collaborate sucessfully on Avengers

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