Box office report: 'Little Fockers' is No. 1 with $34 mil, but 'True Grit' draws fast with $25.6 mil

Little-Fockers-DeNiro_320.jpg Image Credit: Glen WilsonViewers wanting to spend the holidays with a dysfunctional family other than their own helped secure Little Fockers the top spot. But even a significant boost on Christmas Day couldn’t keep the comedy from under-performing, pulling in $34 million over the weekend and taking its five-day cume up to $48 million. Not terrible numbers by any means, but definitely not as high as Universal was hoping. And with a B- CinemaScore rating, it is unlikely the threequel will end up coming close to the $279.3 million total gross of its predecessor, Meet the Fockers.

The real success story of the weekend was True Grit, which took a six-shooter to expectations and landed itself a nice No. 2 spot with $25.6 million. That’s nearly double the studio’s original estimate and marks the biggest opening ever for a Coen Bros. film, trampling Burn After Reading’s $19.1 million. It is also the biggest first weekend for a Western since 1999’s Wild Wild West. (It’s undoubtedly a more respectable entry in the genre than that wild wild mess, nabbing a B+ CinemaScore grade from audiences and, surprising considering the type of film it is, an A- from those under 25.) If nothing else, this blustery Christmas weekend showed that revenge, or at least a revenge-fueled Western, is a dish best served cold.

True Grit is followed by TRON: Legacy, which has by now downloaded about $88.3 million into Disney’s coffers. The digitized sequel will have to keep going strong if it hopes to stay in the black considering its sizable budget. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Yogi Bear round out the Top 5, showing that families looking for wholesome entertainment had no problem choosing something a few weeks old over the stale-on-delivery Gulliver’s Travels, which debuted at No. 7 with a Lilliputian $7.2 million. And in limited release, awards-buzz films did well. The King’s Speech, which experienced its first major expansion, received a quite eloquent $4.6 million in 700 theaters, giving it a $6,511 per-screen average.

1. Little Fockers: $34 mil

2. True Grit: $25.6  mil

3. TRON: Legacy: $20.1 mil

4. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: $10.8  mil

5. Yogi Bear: $8.8  mil

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  • filmboymichael

    this truly has been the year of Jeff Bridges….good on him!

    • Jason Jones

      YOU ASS!!

    • mike

      The dude abides! Rock on Bridges.

      • Brent

        Last year, his dudeness not only walk on the red carpet, but took the carpet with him.

    • Camille

      It really has when you think about it! Not just with Tron and True Grit in the same holiday season but he finally won his Oscar early this year!

    • Diane

      Nepotism has ruined the entertainment quality of movies so badly over the last two decades in Hollywood. I would rather hit my head with a rock and watch the pretty colors instead, that’s how stupid the plots and jokes (if you can even call them jokes?!) have become. I know exactly who to blame for this too. Not getting my money for a 12 dollar ticket to see this crap. No thanks.

      • Erin

        Thank you for your random and unrelated post, Diane.

      • @erin

        Diane is essentially saying that Jeff Bridges is only around due to his family….I don’t completely disagree, but I am still a fan of Bridges.

      • David

        Is she really? What about Stiller’s dad?

      • jury’s out

        Nepotism is fine when the offspring has the talent to justify it. I think Jeff Bridges has more than proven himself. Beau too.

  • Dan

    I love that Narnia held well. It should definitely see $100 million in the U.S. It’s also doing well worldwide.

    • Paul

      No, it won’t.

      • Stacey Hearts

        I love Owen and Ben, secret lovers, and ScandinavianFriendFinder was amazing

    • Don Givashed

      Dan, come back to reality, we will take care of you, I promise. Truth is, 20th Century Fox looks like the biggest losers again, both Narnia and Gulliver’s are bombing big time… do not expect a sequel from any of these crappy films any time soon.. Disney was right to drop Narnia, that franchise was doomed to fail

      • Dan

        Narnia is not bombing big time. It’s already close to $200 million worldwide. Fox spent a lot less to make this movie than Disney did with Prince Caspian. With still another week off for Christmas, I have no doubt that Voyage of Dawn Treader will break over $100 before its domestic run is through.
        The Silver Chair will get made since the third movie is not a box office failure, and I’m guessing it will still be Fox and Walden Media!

      • Don Givashed

        Hahaha, speaking like a true Christian, full of denial and refuses to see the facts

      • heliocracy

        Disney did not create (or pay for) Prince Caspian or the first one. Walden Media makes the films, Disney and Fox just distributed them.

      • D

        Interesting that you point to Christians Don and not Jews or Muslims or any other religion.

      • Joe

        D, the reason Don pointed out Christianity is because C.S. Lewis wrote the seven Narnia books filled with Christian imagery, ideas and images (Aslan is pretty much Jesus Christ, except a lion). He’s assuming someone who loves the Narnia series loves the Christian aspects.

      • Joe

        Yes, I said both images and imagery. I didn’t really mean to.

  • Duncan

    Na,Na,Narnia, Na,Na,Narnia, wave, goodbye..

  • duane

    The movie only proves how low the mentality has become in this country

    • Mike Lesch

      Your right, usually Christmas-time movies get into Cannes. Only now are they popcorn family movies.

    • Casey

      I agree. Stupidity.

    • Diane

      Movies these days are worthless.. I don’t find them entertaining. They got worse and worse each year. I blame it on nepotism.

      • charles

        nothing has worth or is worthless, all things are just as they are. Worth is put upon an object by the observer. If something is deemed worthless, it is a challenge for those that cannot make worth.

  • L

    I knew LITTLE FOCKERS would be a disaster as soon as Jessica Alba was cast.

    not to mention the entire film itself isn’t necessary.

  • Kathy

    Yogi Bear flopped. Good because Justin Timberlake is annoying and a bad actor.

    • Frank

      He is terrific on SNL.

      • Erick

        But insanely overrated in TSN – if he gets an Oscar nod – someone gets booked for a crime.

      • Alex

        SNL has sucked for the last 10 years. A bunch of overacting and unfunniness. So Justin fits right in.

    • Casper

      I hardly know who Justin Timberlake is, but he did okay in The Social Network.

      • Seth & Amy

        He was good in Alpha Dog. Small, but effective role…

  • Orson

    The Fockers’ franchise has jumped the shark, especially with the casting of Jessica Alba. Has she ever been a box office draw?

    • Stephen

      No! Check out the horrific Good Luck Chuck for proof. Who keeps hiring her?

    • Jaded1

      The phrase “jumped the shark” has definitely jumped the shark.

      • D

        Especially when people have no idea how to use it.

      • tomm

        Yes, JTS is so 1999. And that only applies to TV series.

  • Stephanie

    I’m happy for Jeff Bridges. He’s one of the truly great American actors that has been underrated for so many years good to see him have 2 hits at the box office. I love Robert De Niro. He was the only reason I’m contemplating seeing Little Fockers.

    • m1

      With Crazy Heart, Tron: Legacy, and True Grit, he’s on a huge roll. Could he be a newly found box office draw?

      • Allex

        Bridges is an american treasure. Interesting how his career has suddenly done a Meryl Streep: a highly regarded actor for several decades, which in his “golden years” suddenly finds himself a box office draw, while still retaining his cachet as an actor, which is proven by last year’s Oscar win. Which btw, makes me think I would love to see Bridges and Streep together.

      • Camille

        good comparison for Streep. It’s so interesting how she only became considered a draw later in her stellar artistic career. And now the same with Bridges. But I’m also happy for the Coen brothers.

      • DFSF

        Guess someone needs a history lesson: both Streep and Bridges were HUGE A-list, above-the-title, Oscar-nominated stars while still in their twenties. Likely before you were born…

      • kerri

        but not so much at the box office, when they were the top dogs…so it is apt

  • Stephanie

    Well, I should say I will break down and go see it for De Niro. I love the first movie so much. Second one was kind of bad, even with the addition of Hoffman and Streisand. This one looked pretty bad. But I will still check it out for the man. I can’t wait for De Niro to have another great movie soon. I hope he’s going to do the Lombardi picture for real.

    • Mark

      “The Irishman”, that DeNiro is doing with Pesci and Pacino and is being directed by Scorsese, should be tremendous

  • steven joseph

    terrible movie. Not funny.
    can’t hold candle tp the original
    fokker movie. Constant, tasteless,and unfunny
    sexual comments, themes, and innuendo.

  • mike

    watch MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE mondays at 10 on TNT

  • Buffy Freak

    They should have called the movie Wallet Fockers.

    • DDN1200

      LOL :D Nice!

  • Bobby

    Gulliver’s Travels = Flop
    Could this movie look any dumber?

    • Buffy Freak

      Yeah I’m really glad to see Gulliver flop.

      • Candacetx

        is it me or does that sound like a sexual position. Gulliver Flop = page 43 of the Kama Sutra.

    • Chris Farley

      Isn’t it time to admit that Jack Black is box office poison? How he continues to make movies when he’s got the talent of my now dead, decayed, little finger is beyond me. I was fat and funny. he’s just fat.

  • Mike Lesch

    Wild Wild West was awesome. Don’t hate on my youth ;p.

    • Khan

      Not your youth, your taste in movies.

    • Katharine

      Your youth? Geez I feel old.

    • Moop

      Sorry, but your youth was wasted. Watch the original Wild, Wild West tv series and see what “good” means. That’s what I remember from my childhood; the movie was abysmal compared to the tv series. Both of the lead actors were seriously miscast. Robert Conrad and Ross Martin Forever!!

  • Erick

    Whomever gave the green light to ‘Gulliver’ was just fired – should have been for making it in the first place.

    • Bobby

      …and Emily Blunt had to pass on Iron Man 2 because she was committed to Gulliver’s Travels.Sucks for her.

      • hence

        Not like her Wolfman choices are any better

    • Curses

      The saddest part is that I think a proper adaptation of the Swift novel could have been quite successful.

      Doesn’t anyone in Hollywood realize that a good movie can make money for decades if people want to revisit it.

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