'24' exclusive: Fox nixes movie script

24-KeiferFans of Jack Bauer who were hoping to get a big screen fix of their favorite anti-hero may be in for a long wait: EW has learned exclusively that 20th Century Fox has nixed a script from Billy Ray (State of Play) that would have continued the storyline of the rogue CTU agent from the long-running drama 24.

“As far as I know, it is in suspended animation,”  Howard Gordon, the longtime executive producer of 24 who is also expected to produce the big screen version, told EW exclusively. “There is talk about re-approaching it. I understand (director/producer) Tony Scott is meeting with Kiefer to talk about ideas. People are still talking about it.”

When 24 ended its eight-year run on Fox in May, Sutherland told EW the series finale would tee up the movie.  “We wanted to create a definitive end for Jack Bauer,” the actor explained. “Since we do have the intention to make the feature film, it would lead into that and certainly set that up. Something we’ve dealt with in the series is how the crisis always has to come to us because we don’t have time to move anywhere in a real time world. In a two-hour (movie) representation of the 24 world, planes, trains, and automobiles all of a sudden become a factor because you are not required to go scene by scene in real time. That’s something I can say I am very excited about.”

Gordon is certainly keeping busy while Fox decides Jack Bauer’s next play: Besides having two dramas in development at Showtime and NBC, he’s busy promoting his thriller novel Gideon’s War. (And how’s this for staying loyal to the CTU family: Carlos Bernard, aka Tony Almeida, is reportedly narrating the audiobook version. For Gordon book signing details, click here). But Gordon remains optimistic that Jack’s days are not over.

“I was disapppointed [Fox] passed on the script but I’m certainly hopeful that the movie will get made at some point,” he said. “Anecdotally, I’ve heard from people who are really missing the show and I do think there is more life in Jack Bauer.”

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  • Eva

    Why it is dead.

    • anra

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      • Bob

        That’s fine and dandy. Just because the guys a millionaire does not mean that he could also be a complete Psycho!!! Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a gold digger!

    • ajay c

      Basically, FOX did not like the script. Howard Gordon actually goes into detail with other sites and states “FOX did not find the script substantial and compelling”. Ms. Rice, do I have to do everything for you!!!!

  • Diane

    I am very sad to hear this news. But if Fox didnt think the script was good im glad they are not doing it. This show deserves a great script I dont want anything half assed.

    • Pip

      But Fox has geniuses that underestimate FRIGNE, continue to support the Simpsons 11 years after it should have been cancelled, greenlit that Kerri Russell comedy, etc, etc. Their judgment is horrible

      • Adam

        AMEN! KILL THE SIMPSONS ALREADY AND SAVE FRINGE!! Hopefully this will also be the last year for AM IDLE and the abyssamal autotune promoting GLEE will just be a fad!

      • Clayton

        @Adam: All of your comments are made against the FOX TV division and not the film division. While 24 was a TV show on FOX the film belongs to the film division.

      • Jay

        Why do you care if “The Simpsons” remains on the air? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple. And what the heck is “Frigne”?

      • uly

        @Jay – wow, another spell check genius, your parents must be so proud. And I think the point about the simpsons, fringe, kerri russell is that FOX’s decision making is poor, but I guess reading comprehension will be taught next year

      • Louis

        @ Clayton – Fox execs also greenlit Garfield, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Wolverine Origins, Marmaduke, Amelia, Max Payne, the list of awful goes on. Those folks have pretty bad taste. + State of Play is amazingly good. I’d have more faith is Searchlight execs made this decision. I’d love to give the screenplay a read.

      • Color Me Impressed

        Uhhh @uly: @jay was simply making fun of the way @pip spelled the show “Fringe” as “Frigne”

    • Lily

      @Diane ~ Agree. Very disappointed but 24 should have a GREAT script because it’s a GREAT show and I miss it terribly!!

      • Laticia

        Cat Shapson – Oh those little lips and chbbuy cheeks!!! so loveable!!! jack really is just so amazing! and seriously that blue blanket is the perfect match to his gorgeous eyes! This pics are just perfect!!!!

  • waya

    Leave it to Fox to frack up everything.

  • Rachel H.

    This is quite disappointing … While it seems that a 24 movie is still a possibility, this rather seems like the Kiss of Death.

  • Ben

    I might be one of 24’s most die hard fans but I agree with the people who said Jack should have died in the finale… His life is a tragedy and it would have brought poetic closure to everything…

    • Dan

      Agreed. After seeing the American adaptation of Edge of Darkness, I thought re-imagining the original series for 24 would have been a fitting end for Jack. And who wouldn’t have loved to see Kim blown in half at the end of the first hour?

      • Flip

        Me. I loved Kim Bauer and she was a nice, human alternative to Jack. I don’t get why she was so hated. Elisha Cuthbert played her marvelously.

      • forrest

        I believe the anti-Kim Bauer wave all started with bad writing from season 1. She was a tolken character (carrot) to move the plot along. A really bad part of 24’s history.

      • thin

        Kim was fine in season 1. It was season 2 when she turned into the Danger Magnet, attracting completely ridiculous plot contrivances to keep her at risk, that the hate started. She was actually okay in the last couple of seasons she appeared in, mainly because we saw her in limited amounts and she wasn’t being used in the same Calamity Jane way they were doing before.

      • Flip

        No, Forrest, a really good part of 24’s history. Kim humanized Jack. Everything he did, he did it for her. Her best story arcs were Seasons 3 and 7 when she got to kick serious ass. Loved it!

    • Jennifer

      Kill him off? No. That last shot of him after he spoke with Chloe was more closure then I expected and it felt right. Killing Jack off would only have left an open wound that could never be fully healed. Jack and the fans deserved closure not his death. Jack was always a tragic soul, letting him live is poetic justice.

      • Alex

        Oh no, that would be awful wouldn’t it? Everyone else had to see their favourite characters murdered or turned into bad guys for no real reason. We still miss people like Nina, Michelle and the real Tony. Jack is a murderous psychopath who should have been killed off in season 1.

      • Dave C

        We need more government agents like Jack Bauer and more cops like Harry Calahan.

      • Jennifer

        My point was considering the first couple of season and the things that happened to Jack, killing him off wouldn’t really have solved anything. I mean they killed his wife in cold blood the first season! Who wouldn’t go off the deep end? Nina had no soul. I never really liked her and Michelle was a bit annoying but that doesn’t mean I wanted those characers dead. I agree that turning Tony into a bad guy wasn’t a strength but thinking about what was done to Terri and what that did to Jack it kind of made sense but wasn’t a good decision, only an excuse to bring Tony back when Tony never should have left. The only one who I was really glad to see leave was Audrey and looked what they did to her.

  • joey d

    Fox seems to be missing out on a major opportunity. The irony that 24’s drama unfolds in real time seems to be a bazar challenge. I really hope that if nothing else they could run a tv movie…soon!

  • redvector

    The ratings for the finale were only so-so. Certainly below expectations. I knew then that this movie wasn’t going to happen.

  • Joe

    In the meantime for you 24 fans, watch the 24 spoof that has won many awards called 23 1/2 on youtube, just type in hulkie212 and enjoy!

  • Sue

    There are no new shows that even compare to 24. I knew once it ended it would be a miracle to see it continue in a movie format. Maybe Kiefer should have fought harder to keep the show going.

    • joblo

      You can say that again. Post-24 TV makes me sad. Where for art thou, Jack Bauer?!?

  • jack burton

    Way to post OOOOOOOOOOLD “exclusive” news, EW. Gordon said this nearly nearly 3 weeks ago and it was all over the Internet.

    • Flip

      But I didn’t know about it til now. So thank you, EW, for this New Year’s gift (even though it’s sucky news).

      • Pookie

        ’til or till

    • Jennifer

      This is the first I’ve heard of it too. If this is so “old” then there’s no reason for Burton to worry. Also, don’t know about Burton’s sources but 3 weeks ago?, they must be pretty good.

    • Angelo Barovier

      You just tell them what ole Jack Burton would tell them, “Sir, the check is in the mail!” (Porkchop Express forever!)

  • Don J

    As someone just said, if Billy Ray’s script sucked, then I’m glad FOX passed. Why invest $50-100M on a crappy script for one of the most iconic TV characters in TV history. Kiefer and the show’s legacy deserve better. Hopefully someone comes up with a better idea.

  • Buzzur

    I agree with Burton, old news, 24 spoilers reported this story almost 3 weeks ago. And when it was reported, this was stated it was something that happens all the time in early development with films. So ya it’s not great but, it’s not horrible news or by any means the end of 24.

  • Kevin

    Fox has a pretty shaddy track record for approving bad ideas so I have to think that for them to turn down the script it must have been pretty bad….

  • LOL

    Republicans are crying now. They still think Jack Bauer is president.

    • ?


  • Biden

    Why did they hire Hanna Montana’s daddy to write the script?

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