Box office report: 'Little Fockers' wins New Year's weekend with $26.3 mil, 'True Grit' close behind

Little-Fockers-DeNiroImage Credit: Glen WilsonHe may be able to shoot flying cornbread while under the influence, but the Dude couldn’t quite take down Ben Stiller and his Little Fockers this New Year’s weekend. Fockers dropped 15 percent but still won the frame with $26.3 million, according to studio estimates. The PG-13 comedy, the third in the Meet the Parents franchise, has so far grossed $103.2 million in two weeks. By comparison, Meet the Fockers, which opened six years ago on the same day as Little Fockers, had tallied $162.5 million by this point. However, even though the series has clearly lost some of its luster, Little Fockers is a notable win for Universal — the studio hasn’t seen a movie pass $100 million since Despicable Me did in the middle of July.

True Grit fell a minuscule 1 percent and lassoed $24.5 million. The $38 million Western, starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon, has cumulatively made $86.8 million, and has now passed No Country for Old Men to become the biggest hit ever for directors Joel and Ethan Coen. In third place, Disney’s TRON: Legacy slipped 4 percent for $18.3 million, bringing its domestic total to $130.9 million. (For those who are curious, the original TRON grossed $33 million in 1982, or $89.2 million when adjusted for inflation). New Year’s weekend was particularly accommodating to Yogi Bear, which climbed 66 percent to consume $13 million. Family films usually see strong returns the weekend after Christmas, as parents scramble to find ways to entertain the little ones who are still on holiday break. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader also received a bump this weekend, increasing 11 percent for $10.5 million — enough for fifth place.

On the indie front, The King’s Speech graced the top 10 with its presence for the first time, collecting $7.6 million from 700 theaters. The break-up drama Blue Valentine, which was initially rated NC-17 but has since won an appeal for the R rating, debuted to $180,000 from four locations — an impressive per-theater average of $45,000. And Another Year, the latest drama from acclaimed British director Mike Leigh, opened to $120,000 from six theaters.

Check back next weekend as Season of the Witch, the Medieval-set thriller starring Nicolas Cage, finally reaches theaters. (It was originally scheduled to be released last March). The music drama Country Strong, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw, will also expand nationwide.

1. Little Fockers — $26.3 mil
2. True Grit — $24.5 mil
3. TRON: Legacy — $18.3 mil
4. Yogi Bear — $13.0 mil
5. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader — $10.5 mil

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  • mephysto

    Wow, how embarrassing for NARNIA, first one made 300 million domestically, and this one is hardly gonna make 100 million … can you imagine if Harry Potter and LOTR had pulled those same numbers?

    • Gabe

      more like how embarrassing for this country when Little Fockers is the number one movie – people, when the movies out in theaters stink, don’t go – it just feeds the idea that people will see anything if a big enough name is in the movie. Rent a classic instead – I have been happily watching all the classic Judy Garland films – Easter Parade, Meet Me in St. Louis, The Clock, Pirate, Presenting Lily Mars, Harvey Girls, In the Good Old Summertime, For Me and My Gal – any one of these is FAR greater than the trash out in theaters

      • John

        Judy Garland? Could you be any fruitier?

      • Jose

        John, could you be any more of an a-hole?

      • clark

        @John – you define your manhood by choice of movies? Get a red ferarri and get it over with

      • Mary

        I love ‘The Clock’, best romance movie ever.

      • FromChicago

        Let’s hope this is the last of the Fockers and they change it into a TV series.

      • hahahahahah

        Lets argue about movies and manliness. losers

      • Darrin

        @FromChicago – they already did have a TV series that was basically a “Meet the Parents” rip-off, it was called “Worst Week.” Let’s hope they don’t decide to make another series of the same concept.

      • Susan

        Instead of “In the Good Ole Summertime” watch “You’ve Got Mail,” I love Van Johnson, but can’t stand that movie… and “The Pirate”? Really? Of all the Gene Kelly movies that was is even farther down the list than Brigadoon.

      • Jem

        Hey Judy Garland was amazing. But most of those films were only amazing to watch because of her star presence, not because they were great films with great stories.

      • Jem

        Easter Parade, For Me and My Girl, and Meet Me in St Louis are some good Judy Garland movies.

    • John

      B/c Christian movies are trash.

      • B

        How is this a Christian movie? Does that mean Lord of the Rings is garbage too? Both authors were Christian. Book of Eli was cool. You are the trash, my friend… and I am taking you out.

      • SteveStrifeX

        Not that I’m agreeing with John, because, well, he’s an idiot; but he’s referring to the Narnia book series having large Christian overtones.

      • Susan

        Christian movies are NOT trash… Hollywood just can’t do Christian films right… maybe because they are all Scientologists??? And Narnia is a Christian movie. The series was of course written by a Christian, and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is entirely an allegory of Christ’s death and resurrection. The books are great, the movies are boring.

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

      • Devin Faraci

        Coen Bros rule, a-hole!

      • AJ

        That’s true. That’s why Little Fockers is so big.

        BTW, though, Narnia is #1 in the worldwide box office. It’s not fair to judge it by its domestic gross when it has a bigger audience foreign.

        Also, Christianity is the biggest religion.

    • Dan

      Narnia is showing some legs. With its weak opening, many people didn’t think it would reach 100 million. Well, 100 million is pretty much a given now. With the worldwide numbers Narnia 3 is receiving, we should all be preparing for The Silver Chair in a couple of years.
      *Not embarrassing at all!

      • joker

        Dan, its over dude.. give it up.. now you’re just being sad. I am embarrass for you

      • Dan

        Joker: I expect Narnia to be around for a very long time. 4 more books = 4 more movies

      • joker


      • Chris

        Yeah, “The Silver Chair” is looking good now.

      • Luke

        “Dawn Treader” has already made $300 million worldwide from a marketing and production cost of $240 million. If it can get to $500 million, then I think it is safe to say that “The Silver Chair” is coming. Granted, I wasn’t a huge fan of this latest film – way too episodic with little plot momentum and no solid villain – but I still would like to see the whole series translated. Still upset that I won’t be seeing the full “His Dark Materials” trilogy.

    • Don

      Embarrassing? How about $273 million worldwide on a $155 million budget with more to come? People should read up on what they comment on.

  • Flip

    I hope we get more TRON…I saw it in IMAX 3D and it was amazing!

    • stephen

      Agree! A group of us saw this film in IMAX 3D and everyone loved it. It truly is eye popping. The music is unbelievable and fits perfectly with the video game world. Go see Tron!

    • Frank

      Enjoyed it as well. A truly wonderful IMAX 3D experience. If ever the cliche of a film being a roller coaster ride was to be used, this the movie for it. Hypnotically immersive.

  • Tony

    Sigh* its January, Let the Crappy Boring Movies begin…

    • Colleen

      Exactly what I was thinking, no good movies ever come out in January….that’s why I have little hope for The Green Hornet

  • Amelia

    Sad commentary on the movie goers in the country, when that stupid movie is #1 with all the other really really good films out there right now.

    • Kris

      Wow, its really groundbreaking that family films do better at the box office than Oscar contenders that only really appeal to adults. And for the record Little Fockers isn’t THAT bad.

      • Michelle

        You apparently have no taste, Kris.

      • Colleen

        I wouldn’t say Little Fockers is a family film Kris…and True Grit can appeal to teens and adults, that’s why it’s PG-13…….

      • John

        Of course family films do better bcause its usually a family of FOUR going to the family film and only one or two people go to the R rated movie.

    • Barry

      The really good movies like The King’s Speech & Blue Valentine are still in very limited release. Hopefully the stench of The Fockers & Yogi Bear will have left the theaters by the time the 2 quality films go into wider release.

  • Anonymous

    Next week it’s “season of the witch” starring Nicholas Cage! Yawn!!

    • Dean

      Gage can use the money,whatever it bring in.

  • Matt1

    Here’s looking forward to… Scream 4!? Almost 4 months til a movie I actually wanna see comes out. Sad.

    • joker

      Saw an advanced screening, upset me that they killed sidney right away. That was their big shocking moment and it was lame

      • D

        Seriously…you couldn’t have used a spoiler alert.

      • Traci

        If this is true, you’re an a$$hole!

      • LAJackie

        There’s a reason his handle is Joker. This is NOT true. Although have I now just posted a spoiler? Ooops.

    • Barry

      What’s sad is that you want to see that garbage.

      • Dublin

        The first scream is one of the most overrated movies of the 90s, when in truth it is just lame. I didn’t even bother with the sequels, and this one looks just as dumb as the original.. oh wow, look at us, we are hip and cool cause we make smart ass comments and reference to other movies… like I said, lame

      • Flip

        You’re garbage, Barry. End it all.

      • Flip

        Dublin, you’re a very sad troll. Go take a long walk off a short bridge.

      • Mark

        “Scream” is overrated. The first fifteen minutes are terrific, but the rest of the film is a generic slasher film moderately rescued by Jamie Kennedy. The sudden anointment of “Scream 4″ as some sort of movie savior is asinine.

      • Matt1

        So I’m guessing you’re about 15 and trying to sound like you know what you’re talking about on this comment board here. It’s not working. Just cause Scream scared you so bad you used to wet your jammies and have scary, scary nightmares (or maybe you still do?) doesn’t mean you have to trash talk it as a teenager. Get a life and come back after puberty.

    • Flip

      Agreed. I can’t wait to see Scream 4—3 months is just too long a wait. Oh well—I get to save my money til then!

      • Dublin

        Further proof that regards have money to waist

      • Dublin


      • GHB

        Waste. Who’s the retard?

      • Matt1

        How exactly do u “waist” money? Do u put it around your belt?? Idiot.

    • Chris

      I want to see Scream 4 too. Red Riding Hood looks really good too. 2011 looks to be a good movie year.

  • jt

    How depressing. There are such good films out there and this and Yogi Bear are in the top 5. I weep for mankind.

  • SC

    “Yogi Bear” has made entirely too much money for my liking.

    Great performance from “True Grit”.

  • StewyFan

    Saw The Fighter this weekend. Christian Bale should be handed the Oscar now.

    • m1

      Were the supporting actresses good enough to win? That category is just too close to call, I’m afraid.

    • John

      Can they give an ensemble Oscar for the actresses who played the sisters?

  • dominic

    It saddens me to see unfunny movies like Little Fockers and Yogi Bear make it to the top five; and yet, quality films like The Fighter, The King’s Speech, and Black Swan are not. It really speaks about the poor taste in some of the movie-going audience. I can’t believe people think that erectial dysfunction jokes are still funny. Within my next few weeks of break, I’ll be spending my money on better, attention-deserving movies like True Grit, Black Swan and The King’s Speech. And I saw The Fighter on wednesday, and it’s one of the best of 2010. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo both should receive Oscars. So do yourselves a favor and see The Fighter instead of Little Fockers. It’ll be more worth your money.

    • whatevs

      I just saw The King’s Speech yesterday. It deserves every nomination it has and more. Colin Firth was impeccable, and I agree with you about the movie going public, unfortunately.

    • Alice

      I haven’t seen Yogi Bear, Tron, or Little Fockers. And I really want to see The King’s Speech but none of the theaters in my area have it. I’m guessing some people want to see The King’s Speech and other movies in limited release but can’t so they see something else.

    • Jose

      The Fighter debuted in spot number 4 when it was in wide release (I must say though its not as good as everyone says it is). And despite not being in the top 5 Black Swan has made more money each weekend, and both films are close to making $50 million. And as for The King’s Speech, that film is gaining momentum, all three films will do fine.

    • Traci

      It’s kids. People take their kids to see things like Yogi Bear and Little Fockers. Who takes their 10 year old to The King’s Speech? Not many people.

    • John A. Miller

      Very sad indeed. The Fighter was a great movie and had intelligence and wit while Little Fockers is a piece of crap. but money making crap and that is all Hollywood cares about. People in Hollywood call real Americans stupid when it si them who are trying to make us dumber everyday with crap like Little Fockers.

  • Bobby

    How embarrasssing for this country when a crap movie like that is #1. What a bunch of morons.

  • Joe

    While I didn’t particularly like Black Swan, it’s nice to see a movie which takes artistic risks being financially healthy. The success of the King’s Speech is quite uplifting: I thought it was a very good (if not brilliant) film that was entertaining throughout. The success of those two movies is proof enough that studios needn’t bust out sequels to make money (even though in Black Swan’s case, I suppose sex is still capable of drawing people in).

  • Natch

    AMAZING! You mean, the hottest new hit film at the box office sold more tickets than movies that have been in the theater for more than a week? HOW SHOCKING!!!

    WHY exactly is this considered “news”, week after week? Sheesh!!

  • Bob

    I can’t belive that trash is still #1, espically when such brilliant films like true grit, black swan, the fighter, and kings speech are out. imo black swan=best pic.

  • JFK

    The movie stinks. Don’t waste your money. The first was great! They should have stopped there.

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