Academy announces seven visual-effects finalists

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which last month narrowed down the Best Visual Effects category to 15 semifinalists, has announced the seven films that remain in the running for a nomination. They are: Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, Hereafter, Inception, Iron Man 2, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Tron: Legacy. That means The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Clash of the Titans, The Last Airbender, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Shutter Island, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Unstoppable are now officially out of the competition.

Five of the remaining seven contenders will end up scoring an Oscar nomination later this month. Which two won’t end up making the cut? My guesses areĀ Hereafter and Iron Man. How about you?

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  • PaulH

    The two who should be out are Hereafter and Scott Pilgrim. Absolutely not SP.

    • ?

      Scott Pilgrim broke some ground and it was fun to simply watch. I wasn’t a fan of the film, but in all honesty the visuals progressed the story forward and they did so with excellence. I feel like Inception will win, Tron will be runner up, Scott Pilgrim will accept the nomination with pride, and the other films will accept that their effects have all been seen before. Tough category.

  • Kyle

    Tron, Inception, Hereafter, Alice and Harry Potter are my top five hands down.

    • Meier

      I’m probably talking out of my patoot here, but I hear there are some glaring errors in ‘TRON: Legacy’, namely having to do with “young Jeff Bridges'” mouth. Couldn’t something like this hurt the film’s chances?

      • Chris

        i personally didnt see anything wrong with “the young Jeff Bridges” the one thing i heard was bad was his blank CGI eyes but the way i took it was hes a program so theres a possiblity to be some glitches. and even if it isnt taken that way. the visuals were beautiful and the eyes and mouth didnt detract to much from the film.

  • Nick

    I agree with Dave. I think it will be Hereafter and Iron Man 2 that get left out.

  • Lynn

    Top five I think will be Tron, Inception, Alice, Harry Potter and Iron Man 2. Hereafter and Scott Pilgrim would be out.

  • Doug

    Four of the Top Five should definitely be Alice in Wonderland, Inception, Tron, and Harry Potter.

    Bottom two should from the following: Hereafter, Scott Pilgrim, and Iron Man 2.

  • Brandon

    Anyone that thinks Scott Pilgrim will be out clearly didn’t see it. This isn’t a best film category, it’s best visual effects. The movie was constant, impressive VFX

    • Jinx

      Double that! The visual effects had heart – and they moved the story forward. It was nutritious eye-candy . I don’t think it was the best film by any means and I can’t see it topping Inception, but it was worth the nomination to say the least. I’m happy it was recognized, it definitely deserves it.

    • Jason

      It was unique.

      • Jinx

        Exactly. If it doesn’t get the wild card nomination, I’d be surprised.

    • paige

      it wont get nominated because the movie bombed and the academy wont nominate it because the other 5 are more “popular”. trust me, when it comes to most of the technical awards, the academy mostly nominates within popularity.

      • Lance Lauda

        Trust you? Look at The Golden Compass and What Dreams May Come. Both films were complete bombs, but they still took the Oscar. S.P. may not win – but it’s definitely getting a nomination. I’d bet on it.

    • Peter

      I saw Pilgrim and the visual effects were nothing special. What you would expect from a tv show. Just because some people think the movie was fun doesn’t mean the hokey visuals are worthy of an Oscar nom. Puh-leese.

  • Joe

    Hereafter is the clear odd man out here. The other six are all very deserving, and somehow I’ve seen them all, so I actually know what I’m talking about.

    Inception and Tron are definitely in. No doubt. Iron Man 2 was impressive, but not really groundbreaking; there were no “oh sh**!” shots I remember. Scott Pilgrim’s effects were groundbreaking, as they could have been a small portion of the background or full-on throughout a scene, and it was literally a live-action comic. HP and Alice didn’t wow me, but they’ve got prestige and box office numbers on their side, so they should be in.

    • Jason

      Actually with HP, the effects were so well blended in with the acting and shots that it seemed like it was a reality. I think that deserves an nomination.

      The House-Elves; they look incredible, or the giant snake, landscapes, spells, Ministry, subtle things like that, it’s really well done.

  • Amy

    Tron, Inception, Harry Potter, Scott Pilgrim, and Alice in Wonderland.

  • James

    I kinda want Scott Pilgrim to win.

    • Jordan

      Have you seen Tron in 3D? In IMAX? The story wasn’t much, but I couldn’t believe my eyes throughout the entire movie. At one point I actually looked around me to see if anybody else was as shocked by the effects as I was lol.

  • carlo

    The Oscar’s Best VFX award should really be called “Most Obvious Use of Computer Animation.” These films (Inception, Iron Man 2) are painfully obvious choices because they all have blatant CG sequences. Black Swan had over 300 VFX shots (mostly subtle but brilliant mirror replacements) that no one will ever notice because they were intricately integrated into the story. Now that’s a great mark of VFX.

    • Jason

      The same can be said with Potter tbh. About the way the effects are integrated into the story.

    • Zach

      Black Swan WAS brilliant and should have at least been shortlisted over more typical, cheesy fluff. But Inception should still win because the effects were awesome, memorable, and looked real, which itself was groundbreaking.

  • zaviar wun

    Go Scott Pilgrim! Not only were its visuals a deft mix of digital manipulation for old-school analog effect, its easily the most entertaining and rewarding movie of this Visual Effects crop. A nom would be lovely and validation for a film that many overlooked unfairly. A win…well, we’ll cross that bridge if it happens (fingers crossed).

  • Maureen

    This should go to TRON, no question!

  • Kriss

    Well i guess no not just guessing I’m absolutely certain that inception would win it !!!! What about the nomination for directors well just give Nolan the Academy Award he deserves it dude!!! Well my bet is also for Fincher just love theer work :)))

  • TJ S.

    Say goodbye to Hereafter and Scott Pilgrim. Although I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Potter and Iron Man 2 don’t make the cut.

  • Mike

    I thought there were only 3 nominations for visual effects… at least that’s what it has been in the past.

    Inception is going to win it. But I hope Scott Pilgrim gets some recognition.

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