Elijah Wood will appear in 'The Hobbit' as Frodo Baggins

Elijah-Wood-hobbitImage Credit: Pierre VinetElijah Wood had better start letting the fur on the tops of his feet grow again. EW has confirmed that the 29-year-old actor will reprise his role as Frodo Baggins in director Peter Jackson’s long-awaited adaptation of The Hobbit. Though Frodo is a central character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings books and Jackson’s film adaptations, he doesn’t actually appear in Tolkien’s original Hobbit book, which takes place a good many years before the events of the Rings trilogy. But according to the official fan site TheOneRing.Net, plans are for Frodo (who is the nephew of Hobbit hero Bilbo Baggins) to appear at the beginning of each of the two installments of The Hobbit as a sort of framing device for the narrative. As we’ve already seen from the return of Cate Blanchett as Galadriel — who also doesn’t appear in Tolkien’s original Hobbit tale — Jackson clearly seems comfortable taking a few liberties with his adaptation, like he did with The Lord of the Rings.

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  • Anna

    YESS!! I love him. He was great as Frodo.

    • Alaine Grenouille

      I agree Mister Wood should have won an Ocsar, however I worry he will become type cast and only be able to find acting jobs in movies that are about hobbits. I know many Canadians respect this fine actor, so perhaps he comes up to Montreal to act in our wonderful singspiels.

      • Becky Scallop

        It’s a shame Wood doesn’t hand this over to someone new like Robert Pattinson. I’d LOVE to see what Rob would have done with the part. It would have worked well for everyone involved. Oh well, too bad the people in Hollywood aren’t as smart as me.

      • SirLizard

        Becky Scallop, I hope you’re kidding, because what you’re saying MUST be a ridiculous joke.

      • Becky Scallop

        rpattz is a really good actor, in the same league as Leonardo DeCapo. I almost feel bad for him because he’s got a tougher road. Success is double edge sword.

      • kaloalo

        rpatz as a hobbit? lol that’d be a funny picture to see

        he may be a good actor but him being a hobbit just doesn’t seem right

      • MsSuniDaze

        Well I do love DeCapo. :)

      • Catherine

        Becky Scallop,
        1. What kind of name is Becky Scallop?
        2. Robert Pattinson playing a hobbit in LOTR would result in many a fanboy suicide.
        3. I’m assuming you mean Leonardo DiCaprio when you say that Pattinson is in the same league as him, but I hope you really did mean ‘Leonardo DeCapo’ and Leonardo DeCapo is some Canadian porn star.

      • Becky Scallop

        Not everyone understands Robert the way I do, at least he’d be better than an AARON CARTER hobbit.

      • musica1

        BeckyS has to be joking.

      • Erin

        “Not everyone understands Robert the way I do”

        Becky Scallop is a joke.

      • tipsy

        Becky Scallop is right on the money. What Pattinson haters think and what industry people think are two different things and if Pattinson is good for Cronenberg, than there is more to him than meets the eye.

        Wood and Oscar? Lmao! For what? One note scared expression? He was utterly boring. No wonder he now has to guest-star on The Hobbit which, last time I checked, is Martin Freeman/Richard Armitage movie. No Cronenberg calls here and no wonder.

      • Emma

        I don’t think Elijah will be typecast as a hobbit. He’s been in tons of other movies. And plus, look at Dominic Monaghan. He played Merry, and was worried he’d be typecast, but now he’s just as well known for his role of Charlie on Lost, a recovering heroin addict rock star. So, yeah.

      • tipsy

        What tons of movies was Elijah Wood in post-LOTR? And with the exception of Sin City where he played the villain (and I must say by far his best acting turn), all other roles are variations of wimsical hero – 9, Happy Feet, Tron Whatever, Everything Is Illuminated. I don`t recall what he played in ESOTSM but some goody-two-shoeser again, I guess. That was Winslet show, hard to remeber others.

        His creepy look, and yes, he is creepy, child molester creepy, would be perfect for deranged characters. He`s too bland for heroes but as a villain, like in Sin City, he would be wicked awesome. Page Nolan, dude. Page Tarantino. Page Cohens. Don`t waste time on Hobbit cameo. You`re the guest on other actor`s show and you may be getting more attention than they now but once the movie is out, it`ll be all about them.

      • Bob

        Becky, Becky, Becky. You’re all of what, 15, maybe 16 years old? Once the Twilight movies are done, he’s going to be stacked atop the pile of one-hit-wonder actors that Hollywood produces (just like Elijah Wood).

      • Wicasta Lovelace

        Robert Pattinson would first have to learn to act before he could play a role like Frodo Baggins. I don’t think he could skate in that role with a sullen face and a few pouts.

    • Wilbur Whateley

      I think we just need to hope Peter Jackson will be returning to form. LOVELY BONES WAS AWFUL. Sexing up the hobbits is a good idea though. An AARON CARTER hobbit would be pretty fantastic and I’m not like that.

      • @Wilbur Whateley

        An AARON CARTER hobbit???? No thanks!

      • Trish

        I disagree. The Lovely Bones was a great movie. It was different from his normal genre but I enjoyed it and I know many others who have too. I actually liked it better than the book.

    • Shay

      Pattison is way too tall. In this case, size does matter.

    • A.F. for EW

      Awesome! Welcome back, Elijah Wood!

  • HD

    F Frodo, where’s Sam?!

    • Peter Vee

      “Hello, Welcome to the Middle Earth History Channel. I’m your host, Frodo Baggins.”

      • anne

        ha ha ha!! I like the way you think, Peter Vee! :-)

      • Andre

        To rate this product as 1 star bseuace you think it’s a ripoff is absurd. Not everyone wants to spend an entire day watching one movie and don’t care to spend the extra money for an extended edition that they’ll rarely watch. I personally prefer to not spend an entire week watching all three movies. . . I mean honestly, you’re in the minority if you can sit and watch all of these movies, start to finish, in one sitting. Most people are quite content with the (long enough) theatrical versions.You’re being extremely hypocritical to say Rate this one star! The product sucks! It’s a ripoff! . You’ll be the same person going off and rating the other one 5 stars bseuace it’s awesome and a great deal. Just bseuace it’s not right for you doesn’t mean it’s not right for the majority of the buying public.The product you’re rating here is the movie no matter how you want to dress it up to justify your 1 star rating.This particular version of the movies is great. There’s no reason to throw your moronic self-centered opninion around and force it on other people. Be objective and keep your personal grudge against the studio out of it.

    • Cage is BACK

      Saw this yesterday. He keeps getting better. NO ONE in hollywood has the courage to do what NC does. NO ONE. There is something refreshing and real about NC performances, even the over the top stuff. He is BEYOND hollywood. CAGE….

      • BLT

        Nic…get off the computer and back to work. You have IRS bills to pay…More crappy movies to be made.

        Sad that an Oscar winner could fall so hard.

  • dee

    Who better to play him than Elijah Woods. He’s the best!

    • Becky Scallop

      vide supra…rpattz baby, rpattz.

      • thin

        Good God, please stop spewing this crap.

    • emily

      i agree ! when i first saw elijah wood , i almost fainted he was so cute , and an amazing actor !!!! Becky Scallop must be off her head , she only wants r.patt as Frodo because she thinks he’s cute . but not to mention way too old for her !!!!

  • Ronnel

    I think this is a great idea and an easy way to tie both movies together! I trust PJ all the way!

  • Happy

    i couldn’t be more pleased.

    • @Happy

      I couldn’t care less. Tobey McGuire was originally slated to star as Frodo but turned it down because of religious issues. I think Shia LaBouef would have made a truly, truly KICK BUTT Frodo. EW is good 2 though, DGMW.

      • @@Happy

        Shia LaBeouf???? I don’t know about that….

      • Ian

        The Tobey McGuire rumor was nothing more than that, lol. Don’t believe everything you read. And Shia would have been terrible as Frodo. I’d go so far as to say that every part in LOTR was given to exactly the right actor or actress.

      • elsie

        Tobey McGuire was never slated to be Frodo, LOL.

      • Michelle

        Shia LaBeouf was 15 when the Fellowship e
        was released. Do math much?

      • Dicazi

        What possible religious issues could anyone have in playing a hobbit??

    • anonymous

      Ha! Ha!

  • sabrina W

    they should get orlando bloom too back as legolas , i’m not too sure havent read the book in a while but i’m pretty sure they encounters elves from mirkwood!

    • Ugly Bug

      I think he’s already signed on.

      • Ugly Bug

        Sorry, wrong. Still negotiating.

    • Celimene

      Orlando Bloom has already been confirmed as coming back for the Mirkwood bit. It’s not a huge part, but he’s back in elf get-up.

  • Feuer

    In the books, Sam was a young adult while Frodo was middle aged when the war of the ring really came to a head. Sam probably wasn’t even alive when the events of the Hobbit were happening. Granted, the same could be said of Frodo, but eh.

    • Bob in FL

      Not only was Sam not born yet during the events of the Hobbit, but neither was Frodo! At the begining of the book version of Fellowship, Frodo was 33 and Bilbo 111. Bilbo had been mid-50’s during the events of The Hobbit, so Frodo was years away from being born.

      • Sunil

        Fantastic blog! I genuinely love how it? s silmpe on my eyes as well as the information are nicely written. I’m questioning how i may be notified when a brand new submit has been produced. I have subscribed to your rss feed which need to complete the trick! Have a good day!

  • Feuer

    And yeah, they do run into Mirkwood elves, but Legolas is never mentioned-Thranduil (sp?), his father, is the one to be focused on.

    • sabrina W

      sure but at this point, does it matter if he’s mentionned, bring back the gang in any capacity, i’ll be there for multiple viewings at the cinema!

      • Celimene

        From what I’ve read on theonering, Legolas will be given a bit more to do in Mirkwood – and his father less – in order to get Orlando some more screen time.

  • sabrina W

    how zen are we as fans knowing peter and co-writers/producers wife and friend are in control of this project..

    • N

      very very zen. I am beyond relieved and thrilled that they’re behind this project.

    • MsSuniDaze

      Very Zen! I love LOTR’s and was getting worried when other names were being thrown around for the Hobbit. Happy to know Jackson will be back at the helm.

    • Monfiel

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  • hirolla74

    Oh yeah! Bromance is ON like Donkey Kong!

  • Cage is BACK

    Saw this yesterday. He keeps getting better. NO ONE in hollywood has the courage to do what NC does. NO ONE. There is something refreshing and real about NC performances, even the over the top stuff. He is BEYOND hollywood. CAGE…

    • anonymous

      But, he is not beyond the IRS… He is gonna end up in the slammer with Wesley Snipes if he is not careful.

    • Anne

      Come on people the blu-ray isn’t even out yet and all there is are cntlpaioms. If you were true fans as I am you would be beyond the sensation of excitement that the blu-ray is finally being mentioned even though this pre-order may not get to us for another year. But it almost brought tears to my eyes when i seen this, I’m so thrilled I spent a year learning Elvish just for the 3rd movie release. I’m proud to spend my money for the first theatrical blu-ray set and more for the extended when it comes out. It will be the best day of my life. I have my King Elessar costume ready to go to where with gathering at my house to see on my New 50inch i will buy with the money i have saved up solely for the newest best HDTV on the market at the time this movie is out. This blu-ray set is the grail and deserves no less honor and people who show it any lest respect don’t deserve to see the beauties beyond heaven it will shine upon our skin. Hail Aragorn, King of Gondor. My services I surrender to you, I live to fight and die for you.

  • Andrea

    This news makes me even more excited for the movies to come out. It sucks that we’ve had to wait…but I think it’s worth it to have Peter Jackson at the helm again.

  • Brian

    Will Ian Holm appear as old Bilbo?

  • Al

    I assume that the movie will start with Bilbo telling the story to Frodo, since Frodo wasn’t born when the events of The Hobbit happened.

  • tipsy

    How about running a contemporary picture of Wood? That frodo pic is from 10 years ago. he looks much older now. baby fat is all gone.

    I hope he has only a cameo because he has no business in the movie. The book is about Bilbo and totally different set of characters save Gandalf and episodes with Gollum and Elrond.

    Also, they are casting all those returning actors hoping for career revivals (lets face it, Wood disappeared and Bloom`s star has faded ever since he bombed as a leading man) but the real news would be casting of remaining big roles – Bard, Elven King and Smaug. Judging by Fordo fangirl`s repsonse, I have a feeling some people have no clue what The Hobbit is about. They think it`s Frodo and legolas sitting in the tree or something.

    • elsie

      If you had bothered to read the article, you’d see that they are just putting Frodo at the beginning of the film reading the story from Bilbo’s book, as an intro.

      • tipsy

        So? He`s still much older than in LOTR and his intro reading in unnecessary. Tell me exactly why we need him to read the book? Did anyone read LOTR book in LOTR movies? Are they affraid that without Frodo nobody will figure out these movies are LOTR prequels? It`s just weird. besides, intro reading won`t upgrade Wood`s barely existing career if this is a charity return. I see no point of having him.

      • Yassine

        Laknath placed an obsvreative post today on Two new LOTR movies Yea!Here’s a quick excerptAnd there’s no need to talk about LOTR movies done by Peter Jakson because they made a land mark in modern Hollywood movies, specially in Special Effects arena. Then LOTR games done by EA Sports also became one of my favourites.

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