'Hunger Games' exclusive: What the movie will be rated, and how it feels to be called the next 'Twilight'

Hunger-Games-Gary-RossImage Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos It’s never enough, Hunger Games fans! Many of you have been leaving passionate messages on the boards declaring that if Gary Ross’ adaptation hopes to capture the truly brutal nature of Suzanne Collins’ grim new world, the movie had better be rated R. Muttations eat MPAA board members for snacks! But, as director Gary Ross revealed in our exclusive interview, it’s time to get real.

“It’s not going to be an R-rated movie because I want the 12- and 13- and 14-year-old-fans to be able to go see it,” says Ross. “This book means too much to too many teenagers for it not to be PG-13. It’s their story and they deserve to be able to access it completely. And I don’t think it needs to be more extreme than that.” He promises though that his vision for the movie will be just as stirring as anything found in Collins’ prose. “I don’t need to have a huge prosthetic budget or make this movie incredibly bloody in order for it to be just as compelling, just as scary, and just as riveting.”

The book has some terrifyingly vivid scenes of carnage and loss — respect, Cato — to be sure. But Ross maintains that Collins, who he’s already enjoyed hours-long phone conversations with, hasn’t “written in any way an overly graphic book. Even things like the Tracker Jacker sequence, while horrific, it’s the ideas that Suzanne has created that are so harrowing.”

One can’t help but wonder if the demand for an R-rating comes partly from adults who are somewhat mystified by the fact that they devoured a trilogy marketed to the YA audience. Not everyone appreciates being told that they’ve fallen hard for “the next Twilight,” as many in the press have already dubbed Collins’ anti-war trilogy. Producer Nina Jacobson is no stranger to the comparison, even if it’s one she doesn’t buy.  “I think anybody who’s read the two books knows that they are as different as night and day, with very little in common other than the youthfulness of their protagonists,” she says. “I mean, Holden Caulfield is young too! But as a producer you can’t help but be thrilled that people are comparing something that you’re working on to something that so many people love.”

For much more of our exclusive conversation with Gary Ross about the Hunger Games, check out the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands today.

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  • Sarah

    It sounds like everyone involved in this project is taking it very seriously and knows exactly what they are doing. I’m an adult and don’t mind if its PG-13 because a lot of times I find R-rated violence unneccessary and done more for shock value.

    • katie

      I agree. In fact, I think the restrictions of the PG-13 will force Ross to be more creative. It reminds me of Mad Men, where if it had been on HBO (as they originally hoped) they wouldn’t have been forced to do more with less, and as we all know now, they got creative and thrived. It’s a fertile opportunity for imagination.

      • Betty

        I don’t get your Mad Men reference. Showtime doesn’t have many budgetary or creative restrictions…
        I do agree that PG-13 can work. Network TV shows like Lost have proven to me that you can tell a compelling and thrilling story with minimal violence actually shown. Sometimes the suggestion is more scary than actually seeing it for yourself.

      • Betty

        Oops, sorry. Meant to say AMC, not Showtime, when talking about Mad Men. However, still the same story.

      • katie

        Actually, they have both as I have heard it from Matthew Weiner in interviews.

      • Kristeneilts2adm.com

        AMC is basic cable which, while more permissive than network, is traditionally more conservative than pay cable. This delineation has been slowing dissolving over the last few years but still holds as a generalization.

    • charlotte

      Absolutely. I’m an adult to who would be upset if it was R because ultimately, I think that children can and should be able to watch this movie. I know I want to take my niece to see and I wouldn’t do it if it was rated R. It would make me question why we read the series together in the first place. I’m feeling more confident about this movie the more I read about Gary Ross.

      • Shannon

        Completely agree with you Betty. This movie is about teenagers, written for teenagers, and loved by teenagers(and a few of us adults ;) ). Why would they give it a rating that does not allow teenagers to see it?

      • Jowen

        But in order to make the movie accurate, it must be rated R. I dont mind either way, because I can fill in the blanks because I have read the books. It will be impossible to make this movie pg-13 and still make the movie the same as the book. Im confused why you would not take the child with you to see it if its rated R, unless you skip parts of the book while you are reading it to him or her. If it was rated R it would only be because of the violence, which everyone reads in the book anyways. Kids could watch it, they would just have to be taken by their parents…which is going to probably happen regardless of the rating.

      • Gary

        this is why you don’t have kids.

      • nick

        In responce to Jowen, I am 14 now and I was 12 when I read the books and I have to disagree. First of all, do you think that the teenagers (as in not little kids) are illiterate? I doubt many parents read this book to the children. Also, given the concept of the series, there is no way most people my age would be allowed to see it if it was rated R. Even if they could, no young teenager wants their parent with them at the movies. It is nonsense for a movie to be rated R when it is meant for people age 12-18. If you’re not happy with that go see something meant for adults. And btw, I just saw the PG-13 movie with two friends, without my parents who also want to see it

    • Emily

      But that’s the thing about this book. It IS shocking. And I think it was meant to be that way. Children fighting to the death is shocking.

    • Mocha

      I agree; many action/thriller movies are PG-13 and don’t need to have a rated-R level of violence to work. It’s also very reassuring to me that Suzanne Collins herself is writing the screenplay–that way, we know it will mostly stay true to the plot, and won’t get butchered like so many other good books that are adapted into horrendous movies (the mess that was “Percy Jackson” still makes me sad). I am so beyond excited for this movie!

      • robin

        Percy Jackson was still not as horribly done as Eregon

      • Monique

        I totally agree. PG-13 can provide all the ideas the fans need. Suzanne Collins is the one who wrote the book and knows how it should be portrayed. If it ended up like Percy Jackson, I don’t know what I’d do!

      • mrswinchester248920

        I thought the Percy Jackson movie was alright :)

      • PercyJacksonLover

        IKR!!! i friken was crying because that movie was so horrible!!!! i cant believe thet made the most awesoem books in the world into a Chis Columbus piece of crap!

      • Anita Wu

        Oh MY GOSH i saw the percy jackson movie and i was devastated. I read all the books and thought that the movie was gonna be ok. it was far from ok. it was a joke of a movie like avatar: last airbender.

      • hunger games

        yes, percy jackson was horrible

    • AREM

      I’m glad it’s PG-13! I wouldn’t be allowed to see it other wise!:3

      • Smurph

        I’m 14 and i can watch what ever i want to, cause i’m cool like that… lol

      • quinn

        I really hope it’s not R because then I wouldnt be allowed to see it! There are some parts in the book that might seem like it needs to be R but altogether it should be PG13!!!!! I cannot wait to see the movie!!!

    • Jay

      Jurassic Park was PG-13, and it managed to still scare the bejeesus out of people even though the book had gory scenes.

      • Dudewithkoolaid

        Yah but PG-13 is a lot more different now then it was back in the glory days.

    • Someone

      I think pg 13 is fine and they shouldn’t compare it to twilight. The hunger games is going to be better and is its own thing

      • Aaliyah

        that, if she is a young 12, she might just read through those parts and not get their full siainficgnce. Bottom line, you know your niece better than we do. Do YOU think they are appropriate for her?How about if you buy them but don’t give them to her yet. Read the first book yourself and see what you think.In the meantime, a great book for a person her age is “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. I read it for the first time LOTS of years ago and have read it several times. I bought the book as a thank you gift for the teen who lent me her Twilight books and the girls Mom said The Outsiders was one of her all time favourites.

  • mrswinchester248920

    Good luck with that PG-13 rating. Very violent book and many children die brutally. Not sure how this is going to go over.

    And this is not the next Twilight. Why is everything the next Twilight?

    • KP

      Before Twilight, everything was the new Harry Potter.

      • Liz Lemon

        Well being the next “Harry Potter” isn’t an insult. That series is brilliant and has done magnificent things for the literary world.
        Twilight on the other hand….

    • Tonya

      If it is successful how will it not be the next “Twilight”? Book franchise that made a ton of money to movie franchise that made a ton of money. And as KP said, before that it was Harry Potter. Not everything Twilight related needs to be negated, I’m betting everyone involved with the Hunger Games is crossing every finger they have and praying to every deity they can think of that it will be “the next giant thing that will make us a ton of money”

      • mrswinchester248920

        I don’t this is going to be the next huge franchise. Here’s my reasons:
        1. There is too much hype it can’t live up to. No one saw Twilight coming (not sure about HP though).
        2. The hype is too early, they haven’t even cast anyone yet, things peak and this may have been too early
        3. Many children, getting killed by children, is usually not popular with the public on screen. The third Pirates movie killed a child and no one was happy. I can’t imagine what Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa think of little Rue getting impaled with a spear.
        4. Nothing is ever good enough for book fans

      • LordofHungerGamesfandom

        My granparents or Mom would not like seeing Rue dying, I believe, but my Dad read the books.

      • yall aint nothing but some haters!!!!

        ummm, watever if you dont like twighlight u dont like but u sure azz hell shuldnt be disin it online!!!! get over urself!!! grow up!!! and i totally agree that hunger games shuld be rated pg-13 i have read all of the books and have wondered if there was going to be a movie!! i am 14 and i am aloud to watch any rating tht i wan! yall know tht us teenagers(and some of our parent) love the books and are dying to see the movie, so why wuld u say tht u want it to be rated r???? we want it to be rated pg-13 fair enough! if you dont want your kids to see it then dont let them go see it! I personaly cant wait till the movie comes out!!!!! PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 PG-13!!!!!!

      • Kat

        It is already PG-13, not R.
        And Mrswincheswhatever, I totally disagree with you. It’s not up to you on who gets to see the movie, it’s completely up to the parents. Maybe so, the parents may not like what happens in the book/movie, but like I said, its totally up to the parents if their kid can see the movie. So don’t make assumptions until you know the truth.

      • nick


        what do you mean, “nobody saw twilight coming.” obviously with every first book nobody sees it coming because it doesnt exist yet. and by the time the first movie came out the books were already a huge hit.

        and to prove my point you just have to look at the box office numbers and rotten tomatos score after only two days

    • KarlHall

      But Harry Potter actually has a whole mythology and storyline. Well-written and crisp. So is The Hunger Games. Twilight is just… bewildering. I mean, concept is odd, the dialogue isn’t fresh, and come on, how the hell do you expect me to not laugh at vampires sparkling in the sunlight?!

      • Liz Lemon

        Hunger Games is not well-written, but the story is great. The author could use some grammar lessons and should have slowed down with the storyline (specifically in the last book). She rushed it and that kind of ruined it for me. However, the creativity of the story makes up for the bad writing.

      • megs

        I completely agree that the Hunger Games books are not well written. Collins came up with a great and original storyline, but good God, has she ever taken a ninth grade English class, in which the fundamentals of literature (plot exposition, climax, resolution) are explained? I nearly cried when she used SEMI-COLONS to explain how the rebels took over the Capitol. I know the books are for young adults, but honestly, I’ve read pictures books that are more suspenseful than what Collins writes.

      • ginger

        how can you think that it was not well written??????????????
        This is like my favorite series EVER!!!!!

      • Jonny

        I read this book in 8th grade because it was required reading since my literature circle group was advanced. I don’t think it would be rated R because I’m sure many more teenagers have read this book than adults.

      • Ella


      • jodiej

        if you don’t like twilight then don’t read it simple as that. this book is totally different from twilight and harry potter but saying it’s “the next twilight” is a huge compliment that even the author of the book is proud to accept which is why on the back of the book she listed stephanie meyers review so shut your simple minded self up :-)

      • nick

        how the hell were they not well written. I know many fans were dissappointed with the ending but prior to that they were well written and compelling enough to make millions of fans (and $)

    • susana

      have u even read the books? i read this at SCHOOL in 8th GRADE y would it be rated r? many ppl wouldnt whatch it just cus itd be rated r, so rated r=less money

      • susana

        well they say that harry potter was well ritten but the author didnt go to school when she was little, so i still read suzanne collin”s books anyways,i dont care it the hunger games trilogy is rated the worst franchise

    • hunger games rocks my socks off

      because twilight is AWESOME and everyone wants it to be as good as it was and still is

    • Dudewithkoolaid


      • Orosz

        We don’t really see Gale that often in the books, so doe sthe love-triangle part mean that the Gale-sneaking-into-the-Capitol rumor is true?God, no!!!! This. Is. Terrible. There was balery any romance in the first book! How can they make it steamier?!?! I HATE HOLLYWOOD.Or whoever are doing the movies. Whatever.

  • M

    I seriously can’t wait!!!

    • Dupont

      I’m reading Green Angel by Alice Hoffman right now. It seems like a fairy tale, but I’m not sure how it will end. I have The Amaranth Enchantment, Incarceron and Dreadnought in my TBR pile I think that I will raered the Hunger Games trilogy at some point.

  • kelly

    I hope this isn’t the next Twilight! I LOVED the books, but the movies are so bad, so poorly written, and so mis-cast I no longer consider myself a fan.

    • Megan

      Kelly, you are spot on. I was a huge fan of the Twilight books before they became big, then the movies let them down so badly! Hunger Games is so unique in it’s storyline – I hope the movies that follow do the books justice. I’m glad they won’t be R Rated either, am looking forward to the finished project.

      • Erin

        Kelly, Megan, I agree with you so much it makes me want to laugh. No one I talk to understands that the Twilight books were so much better before they included Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. Sorry for the random Twilight comment in a post dedicated to the wonderful Hunger Games, but I just couldn’t resist!

      • LordofHungerGamesfandom

        They aren’t totally unique(read Battle Royale)but they aere creative.

      • mrswinchester248920

        Unique? It’s about a rebellion. Um, more unique than others but not all that unique. I mean, we’ve been doing “The Hunger Games” since ancient times. Seriously. Look up Thesus’s story or the Colosseum. Pretty much ever reality TV show, is like the hunger games. Also, “Battle Royale” or “The Most Dangerous Game.” All you added was a half-baked forced love story. Also: see Darwinism. Survival of the fittest. Yeah, not unique.

      • Ces

        it does have some resemblance with reality shows, but that’s because Collins took those as an inspiration and gave her the idea of the whole Hunger Games.

        there might be other similar pieces but you have to admit they are refreshing since nowadays everything has vampires involved, not that i’m against them but enough is enough

  • lili

    It should be Pg-13! And i think it`s gonna be amazing! Tell me that Kaya Scodelario and Hunter Parrish are Katniss and Peeta -it`s all i need to hear to be perfectly happy!

    • Betty

      Although I like Kaya a lot, lately I’ve been thinking about the girl from True Grit – right age, pretty, and has the acting chops, too.

      • Rebecca

        While True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld is a good actress, she’s way too young, having not even turned 14 yet. Brie Larson, however, of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, would be a good choice.

      • Emmy

        I agree Hailee Steinfeld is too young.

      • Pemilik

        I really enjeyod this first one in the series but despite having the other two books I haven’t managed to read them yet. I like the portrayal of a strong female character as well. It’s something that should be portrayed more in books. I’m glad that you finally read it and liked it. Hopefully you get to the next two in better time than I did. Lol.Darlene recently posted..

    • Chelsea

      Hunter Parrish all the way!!! He is the perfect Peeta.

    • jane

      hunter parrish looks like peeta, but he’s to old!!!….. he’s like 24, and peeta’s like 17!!!!

    • Emmy

      I think that Kaya Scodelario and Hunter Parrish would be the perfect Katniss and Peeta.

    • Blessing

      It’s much easier to undestrand when you put it that way!

    • Anonymous

      I’m they aren’t katniss and peeta. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutchinson are. Sorry if that makes you not really want to see it.

      • Anonymous

        Oops the first word was supposed to be um.

    • Sensatto

      Steamier is not a very good thing sometimes for the yogneur viewers who already walk a thin line with their parents that dislike the plot of the books. I hope it is only rumor and only that, because HG does not need the stereotypical YA love triangle to flare in the first movie. They need to see the aspect and that it is NOT a movie based on romance as is Twilight. Too much drama means you lose a lot of viewers mostly male. Many highly protective parents may also go on alert and instantly disagree with the watching of the movie and instantly link it to the book, therefor, not approving.

  • Louise

    Anyone who has dubbed it “the next Twilight” didn’t read the books. I’m an adult and I enjoyed these books because they are some of the most compelling I have read in years. Don’t try to trivialize or generalize them because they happen to be YA books.

    • Anonymous

      The Hunger Games is not the next Twilight because, 1. Suzanne Collins is a great writer. Stephenie Meyer couldn’t write her way out of a paper bag, and 2. Bella is a stupid, whiney, annoying, unbelievably unlikeable heroine, the antithesis of Katniss. There are a million other reasons but those would be the top two.

      • Bella/Katniss

        Katniss better than Bella? Katniss was an unforgiving girl who in book one, tried to kill Peeta (trackerjacks anyone) and only tried to keep him alive because “everyone at home would hate me if I let him die,” in book two her attitude was, “oh lets not tick the bad guy off too bad, he may do something well bad (like he wasn’t already)” and “we should keep Peeta alive because I owe him.” I mean she was so horrible they couldn’t even tell her the plan because they knew she would not listen. Also, my favorite Katniss moment was when she hid in the ducts instead of dealing with her issues, whining the entire time over Peeta, not doing anything, not listening, and talking everyone on a death mission to fulfill some crazy fantasy. All the while the kisses Gale and Peeta one moment after the next only choosing the one she did because every other character was sick of her as was I. Makes Bella look amazing. Peeta and Gale deserved better (as did Rue, Cinna, etc…)

      • Emmy

        I do agree that Peeta deserved better, but I don’t think that Bella/Katniss is giving her, her credit. I mean honestly. She’s 16/17!!!!!!

    • Kate

      I don’t think the comparison to Twilight is meant to trivialize The Hunger Games- it is merely acknowledging the THG is on track to be a massively successful female lead franchise targeted to teens, with fanatical fans, who are incredibly passionate about it (I think you two can use yourselves as examples).

    • mrswinchester248920

      Um, just because something is labeled “YA” is not an insult. They happen to be very popular for a reason right now. And BTW, “The Hunger Games,” is a “YA” novel (as is some other books people may have heard of: “Harry Potter,” “Twilight,” “Eragon,” “The Mortal Instruments,” “The Vampire Dairies,” “The Princess Dairies,” heck, some people think “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and “The Catcher in the Rye,” YA.

  • msw

    Just saw ‘True Grit’….what does anyone think of Hailee Steinfeld as Katniss? She is a terrific actress…she blew me away.

    • katie

      YES!!! I pictured her all throughout as I was reading it, and she’s perfect.

    • Snsetblaze

      She was my first thought. The second were Saoirse Ronin (not sure of spelling) or Elle Fanning (who might be too young still). Peeta and Gale are a little harder.

      • Missy

        Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it welisy.

    • Meera

      msw…I also have thought about Hailee Steinfeld as Katniss! She would be very fitting for the role, although Hailee is real life is 14 and I feel like Katniss should be cast as someone a little older, say someone who in real like is betweeen 17-20.

      • Jen

        Well, by the time shooting starts she will be 15-16.

      • Maricel

        I think it would be appropriate for Hailee Steinfeld to be Katniss especially because of her age. The first book is all about how Katniss loses her innocence. Wouldnt 14 be the perfect age to symbolize innocence

      • Emma

        yes but haliee steinfeld is also an extremely annoying actress…just her in general, ugh. i hate katniss, in fact the only reason i read the books were because i love peeta to death. kaya & hunter please! (otherwise i might not go..) and i agree about the writing being not up-to-par.

    • angela

      you know, personally, i find that i really like chloe moretz as katniss. yes, she’s really young, yes, she’s blonde but she’s my personal preference. if not, i’d like hailee steinfeld, definitely. and my friends and i were talking about it, but ellen page? just a kooky preference of mine. but this cannot be the next twilight. i mean, i don’t really like katniss personally but at least she’s more badass than bella…and she doesn’t go on the feelings of love. she goes on survival. personally, i loved gale. don’t spam, just my thoughts. :D twilight is terrible with terrible acting. maybe they should get unknown, new actors for the role. so that way people won’t have that much of an opinion on their previous movies and stuff. i think chris evans should be finnick? haha…i think he could do the sobbing/disoriented scenes pretty well…i don’t know why i just pictured the finnick in his robe to be comical…rip finnick. someone who shouldn’t have died.

      • MJ

        I see Kaya Scodelario, Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe Moretz, or Saoirse Ronan in the role (see Ronan’s trailer for Hanna and you’ll probably agree with me that she’d be excellent. But Ellen Page could be an inspired choice too–her performance in Hard Candy was intense. The casting director’s probably under a lot of pressure right now, I feel sympathy for her!

    • Lynn

      Steinfeld would be good. Chloe Moretz also came to mind. By the time shooting started she’d probably look/be old enough for it.

      • KarlHall

        Chloe Moretz!! YES!

      • A2

        I hate the idea of Chloe Moretz. Worse than Kristen Stewart! No kidding.

      • Auth

        I think it’s isterenting to see how people define what YA means. I’m eighteen, and so if you take YA literally, I’m the youngest of all possible adults, because I’m the youngest age that an adult can actually be. And seeing as how I’m allowed to see NC-17 movies, the young adult classification isn’t necessarily all that bad. I know most people view YA as more tweenish stuff (13-16, perhaps?) but generally, I’ve found that’s not the case. In fact, I would argue that books like THG are more suitable for younger audiences than other YA books I’ve found that center on real life. When I was fourteen, I guess, maybe fifteen, I picked up a realistic YA book that contained vivid portrayals of abusive relationships & eating disorders. It scared the living daylights out of me. So while THG is thematically more intense and more awful than abusive relationships and vivid, realistic portrayals of eating disorders (I mean, I think the murder alone qualifies THG as being more intense), I think kids are better able to deal with it because Panem doesn’t exist. Whereas, many of us know people having abusive relationships or who are battling eating disorders.

    • RBC

      I think she would be amazing but she looks a little young…

    • LordofHungerGamesfandom

      I saw Katniss as her own person.

      • Fritznel

        Yes, Suzanne Collins certainly does torurte these characters! I have read/listened to this series a few times now, and always discover something new about the story. I rushed through Mockingjay so fast to see the ending, it was nice to re-read at a leisurely pace and enjoy the details.What will you read next? More dystopia?

    • Liz Lemon

      Ella Purnell (she’s in Never Let Me Go) is my Katniss. She’s perfect.

      • jane

        ella purnell kinda does look like katniss but still to young..

      • Emmy

        much too young

  • Snsetblaze

    I just finished the series (and I’m an adult). I don’t remember there being much swearing, sex or nudity in the books (what little nudity there might have been could easily be gotten around) but a lot of action-oriented violence and so I’m sure the movie would get a PG-13 rating anyway.

  • DK

    They call it “the next Twilight” because it was a YA book that became HUGELY popular (despite the fact the Twilight books are poorly written), beginning with the (awful) movies and expanding to include tons of merchandise. That’s basically where the similarities between HG and Twilight end. HG is an entertaining read (well written, to boot) with compelling characters, lightyears away from Twilight. that’s the only way they compare the books.

  • drake

    i think that this movie should be rated pg 14 that way we can see a little of the violence but still get the concept of the movie

  • TJ

    It sounds like he is taking this very serious. I agree with the PG-13 rating. As people have said, you don’t needs tons and tons of blood to make this stay true to the book. As for this trilogy being the next Twilight… No. The entire Twilight conception is horrible. It’s cliché, badly written, and the films are even worse. The Hunger Games is written fantastically, and has a captivating plot.

    • =>

      TJ, i totally agree with you! you are soo right! twilight is terrible, whereas The Hunger Games is an AMAZING book, and im only 12. i think i know good books when i see them. also, im very glad that it will be rated PG-13 because if it was rated R, i couldnt go see it, and if it was rated PG, it would be a terrible movie because the book is so good. this is my favorite series and i just cant wait to see the movie!!! =>

  • Melissa

    Boo! I totally disagree. The books are VERY graphic and I don’t think pg-13 will do it justice. Also, anyone that says The Hunger Games are like Twilight needs to be shot.

    • Bella/Katniss

      Yeah, I agree. Twilight is MUCH better. I’m sorry, but I read Twilight about four years ago and I still love the characters. When it first came out, no one hated it. This is just a reaction to how popular it is. Hunger Games was so difficult to follow I had to re-read passages to see what was happening. There were three death scenes where I did not even realize the character was dead until another character said they were and I found the character of Peeta very inconsistent. Also, there was a lot of stuff that Mrs. Collins wrote about and made look important that never came into play (the avox girl, the relationship between Madge and Katniss and their families). Also, out of no where in the third book, Katniss has lost her mind and can’t do anything but cry over Peeta (who she showed very little care for in the first two books). Another thing, she killed off very interesting characters off screen and they deserved better. The third book was complete crap. The first two were interesting but difficult to follow.

      • marie j

        “Hunger Games was so difficult to follow”? no wonder why you’re a Twitard! ;)

      • Max

        I didn’t find the books at all confusing to follow. I think that the purpose of the loose-eneded snippets that you speak of (the avox, Madge, ect.)are simple devices that Collins employed to showcase Katniss’ insecurities and stubborn nature.I believe that the reason that Katniss “showed very little care” in the first two books for Peeta was because she was stuck in survival mode. This young girl had been taking care of her family by herself and nursing her mentally-faltering mother back to health. Katniss was tossed into a survival-of-the-fittest situation, and she knew that to survive she had to put all of her feelings aside (which isn’t that hard to do considering she is cold hearted). And of course she didn’t love Peeta at first. It took losing everything that meant anything to her: *spoiler alert* her sister, her best friend’s innocence, her mother’s love, her allies in the arena, her compassionate designer, and her dignity. He defined her only weakness-that someone had to help her. She is a survivor, so what else would you expect?

      • nick

        it seems to me that you are just bad at reading and or are too simple minded to comprehend anything deeper than the inane cliché that is twilight

  • jane

    If you want a PG13 movie with the feel of an R rated one, get Christopher Nolan to direct.Remember all the parents freaking out about The Dark Knight? Parents thought is was too violent and kids loved it. It was only PG13 , LOL!

  • Lynn

    I like these books a lot (although the third was disappointing), and I’d never stoop so low as to call them the “next Twilight,” just as I never insulted Harry Potter by calling Twilight its “successor.”
    Ross seems to be taking it seriously and has a genuine respect for the material. Hopefully it will stay that way and won’t devolve into the crass commercialization to which Twilight has sunk.

  • Tonya

    Hooray for keeping the movies accessible to the audience that made the books hugely successful. As a HUGE Collins fan I read all of her books alongside my children – yes, what happens is horrendous – but the descriptions are not overly graphic (well, okay – MockinJay is a little more so)

    a PG13 rating can be done with success… and with the kind of respect for readers that Ross appears to have I believe he can achieve the end goal.

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