Johnny Depp says he wouldn't change a thing about 'The Tourist' - EXCLUSIVE

TouristImage Credit: Peter MountainJohnny Depp tells EW he wouldn’t change a thing about his recent thriller The Tourist. The film, which also stars Angelina Jolie, was released last month to a tepid $16 million opening-weekend gross and often harsh reviews. (EW critic Owen Gleiberman wrote that while the film “isn’t a debacle … it’s a caper that’s fatally low on carbonation.”)

However, Depp says that even if he could go back in time to the start of the movie’s production, he wouldn’t alter the film one jot. “I’d do it exactly the same,” says the actor, who portrays a math teacher caught up in some international intrigue while on a European vacation. “I wanted to work with Angelina and I felt like I had a good handle on the character. It was not a character that I’d really played before. I don’t know the main ingredient of success at the box office. I just feel that’s not something I can do anything about.” 

To be fair, Depp isn’t the only one happy about the way The Tourist turned out. The film is up for three awards at this Sunday’s Golden Globes, including a nod for Depp in the category of Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. The movie has also now grossed $160 million worldwide.

Depp will next be heard in this March’s Rango — director Gore Verbinski’s animated Western for which Depp voiced the movie’s chameleon hero — and then will be heard and seen in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which will be released May 20. For much more on the fourth Pirates movie, check out this week’s Entertainment Weekly, a special Forecast issue that hits stands at the end of this week.

What did you think about The Tourist? Is there anything you would change about it? Are you looked forward to Rango? What about On Stranger Tides?

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  • Matt C.

    I actually really liked “The Tourist”. It was enjoyable, entertaining, and even relaxing, with all the scenic locations and two of the biggest stars of our time. Does it deserve Golden Globes? No, not really. But it was still a good film that is worth checking out.

    • Big Walt

      Why is it nominated in Comedy or Musical? I know it’s not a musical, is it a comedy? I haven’t seen it. From the reviews I’m wondering if unintentionally funny qualifies it as a comedy.

      • Wolfensteinberg


      • Lisa

        I’m curious myself. I thought it was more of an action/adventure with a dramatic flair. I haven’t seen it but based on its marketing, I would not call it a comedy or musical. Am I wrong?

      • love

        You tell em Johnny!!! I thought the movie The Tourist was a lot of fun. Of course it’s not a thinker movie like Inception, but it was a blissful romance thriller. I’m glad Johnny is sticking up for the movie.

      • well

        Just to answer your question, the parts that I thought were funny was all because of Johnny. Just like his Jack Sparrow character…he could be just reading a phone book and he would still have me laughing. I loved the scene in the tourist were he is on the roof…his expressions and body movement are always classic.

      • sydney

        it’s dominated in action in teen choice awards

    • HC

      @MattC. I agree, I found it quite entertaining! I wouldn’t call it a “bad” movie at all.

    • S.

      Agree – I was entertained.

    • Bonnie

      I liked the Tourist a lot, it reminded me of The Italian Job. I think that if critic’s can’t categorize it as “artsy” to defend it not having the gun fights and explosions that characterize the summer blockbusters then they judge against said blockbusters because it has some intrigue and Angelina Jolie? It’s a remake of an older European film and that’s what it felt like, which is why the foreign press loved it and the Americans don’t have the patience for it. It does take some patience. I WILL say that the studio did a poor job representing the film and so I feel like there are people who, had they known what kind of movie it really was would’ve seen it and those who were looking for an action flick were disappointed.

      • liz

        I agree; I think it’s really important for a “critic” to compare films like this to ones of a similar caliber and genre; because The Tourist is sure as hell nothing like Social Network– they aren’t comparable.

  • Sunshine

    I didn’t hate the Tourist, but I sure didn’t love it either. The one criticism I keep reading, is how there was zero chemistry between the 2 principals; which I kind of disagree with. If there was one thing I believed, it was that Angelina’s character was in loved both the math professor and the illusive Alexander Pearce.

    • maiv

      I felt that they did have zero chemistry. I agree that it did seem as though she did love both of them, but I chalk that up to her acting skills. I just pretty much cringed whenever the both of them were on screen together. For some weird reason though, I did sort of still enjoy the film.

      • sydney

        simply because both of them already have a family..

  • Nat

    I liked “The Tourist”, it was entertaining. However, I’m baffled as to why it is the category of Musical or Comedy, as it is neither of those.

    • Big Walt

      I just found this: “”The Tourist was submitted by the studio as a drama,” Berk says. “However, the filmmakers involved with the film expressed their opinion to us that the film should be categorized as a comedy. Given the differing opinions, we asked the studio to screen the film for us in advance, and collectively, we decided that the elements of preposterous fun lent the film more to a comedy than a straight drama category. The issue was raised not by the HFPA but by the director himself.”

      • axn

        lol @ elements of preposterous fun. Love how they phrased that.

      • MCS

        That sounds like code for: “The Drama category is too competitive this year, put me in Comedy so I have a chance”

      • Ryan

        Wierd, they basically it’s so unbelievable it’s kind of funny, before nominating it for one of the best comedies of the year, almost like a backwards insult “It was a terrible film, but so terrible it was arguably one of the funniest movies of the year”. And hate to hate, but yeah, I hated it.

      • Japanese Japanese HIROSHI

        MCS, I agree. The entire quote seems a “good” reason, but methinks the real one is simply that the film makers were being pragmatic. (Thanks for the quote, Big Walt.)

  • Jessica

    I really don’t understand why people are hating on The Tourist so much. It was a fine movie. Not every movie is meant to be critically acclaimed. Some are just meant for people’s enjoyment. It really was just a light hearted and fun movie!

    • Brett

      Really? Cause I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during most of it. I regret paying the $13 to see this. The plot needed work, and the actors did what they could with what they were given. It was TERRIBLE.

    • Dili

      Because when a movie get two of the biggest stars of our time, we get waiting a big movie

    • kristen

      For $10 that I have to work really hard for, it had better be more than a tepid “enjoyable”. Depp is brilliant when he is not being sexy. He is sexy when he is not being sexy. In sexy roles he feels plastic (not in a goood way).

    • sydney


  • KC

    I’m thinking Jolie is starting to become box office poison.

    • Felicia

      Despite the box office success of “Salt” just last summer, right?

      • Japanese Japanese HIROSHI

        Jolie is the main reason I rented Salt on DVD (recently). Very disappointed, to begin with. SPOILER ALERT: I mean, correct me if I’m wrong (anyone), the President is STILL alive (so that he could testify against LS’s villain character.); the moment she pressed the button, the launching of missile/nuclear (or whatever) weapons were deactivated (this — humor me — in real life, could be put in favor during the hearings); Salt shouldn’t have killed LS’s villain character (he was the key witness to her innocence); (I know it’s a movie but,) any real-life Salt wouldn’t have fled the scene, even in the beginning of the movie, let alone in the end, etc. Simply put: weak plot, not good a script, etc., IMO. (Sorry for babbling.)

    • jmcg

      This movie grossed $130 million–even her so-called “flops” are successful.

      • Abe Froman

        Eh, $100 million is no longer the bar to call a movie a “success”. Given their huge paychecks, that’s not much of a return on the investment.

      • Sammy

        Didn’t it cost $100 million?

      • jmcg has it grossing $161 million worldwide; so it cost about $100 million to produce and its on track to make about $200 million. I’d say thats a healthy return on investment and a lot of filmakers would probably want a “flop” like that.

      • MB

        The break-even point is twice what it cost to make. Considering the star power of Depp and Jolie, this is a financial disappointment.

    • Em

      Totally agree. No one wants to see Johnny Depp, whom we adore, with Jolie.

      • kim

        Not true; I loved seeing them together! Two of my favorite actors in one movie. Sure wish they would act together again in another movie, preferably in a real action/comedy.

      • SS

        Nail on the head.

      • sorella

        Disagree, speak for yourself.

      • sorella

        Diagree that nobody wants to see Jolie and Depp in a movie together is what I meant!

      • RS

        COMPLETELY DISAGREE! Love Angelina Jolie; for me, Depp was the cherry on top. (Albeit, a very nice cherry.)

    • JoeC

      Haven’t seen the movie. However, I do think there is a backlash against Angelina, whom I do think is beautiful and is a good if not great actress. Simply speaking, people are tired of her; she’s everywhere, and I think critics are waiting to pounce on her as well. I certainly don’t think anyone should feel any sympathy for her, believe me. But I have sensed some glee in the articles depicting the ‘flop’ of the ‘Tourist’ from the Roger Friedman crowd, etc. ‘Salt 2′, Angie???

      • fancypants

        Jolie is nowhere near being a “great actress”. Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep are great actresses. Jolie is nowhere near that level.

      • YY

        She was amazing in “A Mighty Heart.”

      • JoeC

        Lol, fancypants, I said she wasn’t a great actress, just good….

      • Whitney

        Angelina has about 5 Razzie nominations and should get another one for this piece of junk of her walking around acting like a mannequin.

  • Se Retha Posey

    I like a film that I cannot figure out what the end will be. I need to see this one again to see what I missed. Both leads gave a great performance in “The Tourist”. This movie was like a puzzle being put together. Great to watch!

  • sara

    Except for the fact that I figured out the ending in the first 10 minutes, it was a decent movie. I don’t remember laughing, though and nobody sang.

  • Dee

    I’ve heard Johnny Depp say multiple times that he never watches his own films, so maybe he’s not a really good judge of them. Just because he had fun making it doesn’t make it fun for others to watch.

    • Brett

      Exactly! He has “fun” making them because of the paycheque. They get paid in advance, so why would he care about the outcome? He will always get roles and he knows it.

      • Soleil

        You must not be familiar with his body of work. He picks roles and movies that HE cares about, paycheck aside. And at this point in his life, he’s quite wealthy enough to not care if he makes a lot of money doing a film. He does it because he likes the work, and he pretty much always has.

      • gellerbing

        Clearly you’ve never meet johnny depp and have absolutely no clue as to the kind of person he is. He pick roles he cares about and that improve his craft which if you listened or payed any attention to what he says this film did that for him which I i think everyone can agree. Depps films have earned studios over 6 billion through his career so he’s earned the right to have a big pay slip. However bare in mind Depp has worked for free in the past even after he became a 3 time oscar nominated actor. A profit is a profit even if exceptions are higher because of there so called star power which by the was is something created by the press , making them celebrities instead of actors. In the end the film has made a 60 million profit so far and the studio should be content with that. the sales agents estimate wrong and the studio listened. It doesn’t mean we should do the same. If you invest a hundred dollars and get a 60 dollar return then it hasn’t been the worst day, you could have ended up out of pocket. Depp performance was good however I think other actor may could possibly have portrayed frank better but Depp is a better actor for it. He did a good job. Johnny is one of the most down to earth , generous , genuine people I have ever meet and there are hundreds of others who would tell you the same.

    • Marcy

      He doesn’t see them, so he doesn’t judge them. He just likes the process, as he’s stated several times. He said after he’s done filming, the rest is none of his business. He goes home.

  • Dave

    It appears that critics tend to be a bit rough on movies featuring major stars. It appears they get satisfaction out of trying to manipulate the movie public into avoiding their movies. Well it appears once again that Johnny Depp is mightier than the critics pen. Depp who is the only star to have two billion dollar movies and more than likely three with the release of POTC 4 has Tourist on track for a 200 million dollar box office world wide. Johnny is the best and the critics need to accept it!!!

    • Tessa

      Yes Sir!!! Very well-written Dave!! Thank you VERY Much!!!

    • Brett

      Critics are there to comment on the WORK of the piece… no one gives a crap if he’s made successful movies. “Mall Cop” was successful, and it was about… a MALL COP.

    • Brett

      Also, to give him credit for the movies reaching a billion is laughable. “Alice in Wonderland” was popular because of Burton, and the story, NOT Depp. He wasn’t the main draw and it wasn’t even marketed that way.

      • Stevex

        Oh really? Sure looks like Johnny front and center on the cover of the DVD.

    • Japanese Japanese HIROSHI

      I like Depp as a good actor. But for him, or any other actors/actresses for that matter, methinks it’s just another publicity stunt of sort to imply that a movie is financially successful “mainly” because of the lead actors/actresses. Speaking for myself, for instance, I watched War of the World, “first,” for Spielberg. I watched Before Devil Knows You Are Dead primarily for Lumet, as well as the main cast. I admit that I watched Salt (on DVD) for Jolie (and I’m D-plus disappointed!).

  • sabrina W

    he’s right about one thing,nobody knows why a movie works or not, and why it is received good or bad by critics& audience! he’s only the actor, he took a chance on a role with another actor, it is what it is!

  • woop

    it could have been edited a bit more, but i liked it. i thought it was fun.

  • Cici217

    The Tourist was just fine as a film. Most people just harp on it because they want to stir up more Jolie controversy

  • brandon

    Depp is a very talented actor (sweeney todd, the pirates films, public enemies) but the tourist is a poor quality film and the golden globes should be ashamed of themselves. What a joke they are becoming. Thankfully, the oscars are quickly approaching and they do a much better job at recognizing the best movies released.

    • Sandra

      Actually, I think the Oscars are lowering standards. When No Country for Old Men won was nominated I was baffled. It was horrible! Then it won and I was confounded. The only Coen Bros. film I found truly great was Fargo. That says something about the voting process.

  • Reality Bites

    I liked it too. THis was one of those critic to the audience disconnects. Rotten Tomatoes has the critics at 20% and the audience rating it a 78%. So obviously someone isn’t on the same page.

    • Mike

      I used to count on Rotten Tomatoes, until I read through most of the reviews. There are the reputable ones, sure, but there are an equal number of troll bloggers who are somehow counted because they have some random website. Many of them don’t write thorough reviews, or even write about the movie, but instead bash the stars they don’t like, and are overtly subjective in their “critique.”

      • Иван

        джонни супер и его фильмы я жду не даждусь следующей серий про пиртов) джонни ответь

  • change

    It was a very good movie. I liked it very much.I do not know the harsh reveiwer come from. Every moview should not show sexually effective things.It should not be a porn movie. To me it is a nice movie.

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