'Captain America' first look: Chris Evans in his full costume -- EXCLUSIVE

Captain-AmericaImage Credit: Jay Maidment/Marvel StudiosAs you may have see via some blurry, scanned photos today on the blogosphere, this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly includes an exclusive first look at Chris Evans in his full Captain America suit in this summer’s Captain America: The First Avenger. Well, here’s the real, clean, clear, and expanded photo. If it looks strikingly different than the classic Captain America get-up — bold colors, flimsy material, a mask with weird little wings — that’s definitely by design. “You can’t really take him seriously in his flag pajamas,” director Joe Johnston told EW in last year’s exclusive first look cover story on the film. So instead, the hero’s main uniform was designed to resemble a tricked-out airman’s jumpsuit, the “A” on the helmet and star on the chest modest in size, the colors muted. It took Evans about 25 minutes to suit up. “He likes to do it all by himself,” explained costume designer Anna Sheppard. “I think it helps him feel like a super hero.” The film hits theaters July 22.

For more on what to expect this year, check out this week’s 2011 Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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  • Jim

    Looks good. Not in love with the helmet, but I’m really looking forward to see how this movie turns out.

    • Kendall Knight

      It looks pretty good, most movies get the costumes right these days with the exception of Green Lantern. But this movie will be successful because of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull

    • Mole

      I like how the shape looks adapted from a WWII helmet.

      • Joe Malik

        I think Captain America should come out gay.

      • Carlos

        @Joe Malik; that would be hot if Captain America came out gay. I will watch anything with Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds. These men are sexy and hot. LOL

        They both can ring my bell. LOL

      • Bruce

        Joe Malik, I think you should come out as gay cause I’d definitely love to malik you.

      • harry


      • Terry McBruce

        I’m am not gay, I’ve been going steady with the same girl for 5 years, but Chris Evans is such a handsome guy. I could totally see myself hanging out with him and Ryan Reynolds in a hot tub with like some Swedish chicks we picked up at a ski bar.

      • HektikLyfe

        Hate to break it to you Terry but um….

        Yeah, I think you are.

        Not that its a bad thing necessarily.

      • Joe

        This costume looks a bit campy or something. I’m hoping this is just one of his earlier costumes and his real costume is more professional or something. Looks like he’s got a big package though…

      • MassiveMarbles

        I actually would think it would be great if WonderWoman was a lesbian. Think about it, She’s an amazon from an island of women, how can she NOT be a lesbian???? Besides it would make her impervious to muscle bound guys who think they’re GOD’s Gift. She’d just arbitrarily beat them to a pulp with no regard for they’re pretty boy looks! YAY!!!

    • Teller

      Looks awesome. The only thing that ruins it is the Shield: Looks like a prop for a cheap Halloween costume.

      • Blue Silver

        Not bad! I’m sure we’ll see different versions of the suit throughout the movie! I’m sure peeps will still bitch about it, or find something to bitch about!!!

      • Big Walt

        That’s my only problem too: the shield. I just don’t understand how you work that in as “realistic”. If that’s what you’re going for.

      • Shania

        Why’s the suit so padded? Is it made from recycled quilts? Looks like a very cool potholder.

      • thin

        If it’s an adapted WWII-era flight suit (as the article says), it’s padded because it had to keep the pilots and crew warm at high altitudes, which are very cold.

  • Pop Culture Savant

    I’ll try to withhold judgment until I see more, buy my initial thought is “I don’t know about this”

    • cowboy

      Way to formulate a thought, Savant. Good going.

  • Kelson

    I sure hope that the “prototype” costume, because he looks like a dork. I have seen 5 year old kids in store-bought halloween costumes look more convincing as Captain America.

    • Dave


      • Javith

        I concurr,
        And where the helll is a dedpool movie???

      • thin

        After seeing what they did with Deadpool in the Wolverine movie, I don’t get how any fan of the character could be looking forward to his movie.

    • Joe

      Somehow I seriously doubt that

    • Brian C.

      Don’t forget this is the 1940’s Capt. America. So the suit is designed to look like that. Hopefully by the time they bring him into the present with Ironman, the Hulk, and the rest; the suit will be updated and more high tech.

      • Apos

        Point taken,but it still looks cartoonish and something one might expect to see in a low-budget SyFy Channel production…

      • Levionne

        this is the updated suit there is a pic. of him in a in a leather jacket and a blue helmet plus the original shield.

      • Nicksta

        Yeah, and he’ll be about about 80 years older.

  • Virgo

    Flag pajamas or no, there was an earlier pic of Mr. Evans and the guy was absolutely RIPPED. So why hide it in a getup that looks like it was stolen from an Army/Navy surplus store? Talk about a great opportunity wasted…

    • Dave

      a great opportunity WASTED is right–looks like garbage–or worse–a great opportunity wasted!!

    • tomm

      Straight men in US would feel ‘uncomfortable’ seeing his build, :P

  • Gary

    This is supposedly the WW2 prototype. The modern costume will hopefully be slimmer and sleeker.

    • Jane

      I hope so cause next to Iron Man, Captain America looks cheap.

      • Deadpool

        but not as cheap as your girlfriend!!! ohh!

      • Nicksta

        Didn’t Tony Stark use Capt.America’s shield to hold something up in Ironman 2?

  • Steph

    I’m quite positive it is just a prototype, that said- I like it! Not too cheesy, and I like what they did with the helmet.

    • Dave

      seems odd that they would release their first big image of the character as a prototype–this is it, I am afraid (VERY afraid)

  • Doris

    Cap’s packing some huge equipment there…

    • Phil


    • Gordo

      I think it’s a bazooka.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        I’d definitely like to fire that cannon. OMG!!! **eyes flutter, mouth drool**

    • Marc

      That’s all I could focus on! Wasn’t gonna watch the movie, but sure am now!!!

    • Mcfly

      Yeah, that shield. I know that’s what you’re referring to (wink wink)

  • Large Marge

    Er…no. I laughed when I saw it. As others above said it’s supposed to be a prototype I’ll hold out hope.

  • Kat

    Thank goodness they didn’t put him in the “flag pajamas” – I have to agree, it’s hard to take him seriously in them. I like that they did add a little nod to the ear wing things on the helmet by painting them on. Otherwise, like Jim above, I’m not in love with the helment – but overall the outfit looks really good. Now I want to see some shots of the Thor costume in use on the set, because that’s another odd one, with those circles that have always made me think of dog nipples or something. They looked okay in those early pictures, but I still have my doubts…

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    I like it, we’ll see how good the movie is though.

  • Hen

    It looks good, gritty and realistic. It doesn’t look like a prop, but still looks really good. : )

  • yepyep

    im gonna wait i think that as they start it, like it was in spiderman i think it will change into something we know more. I kinda dont like the helmet, but its not a major point that will not make me see this or not. I really hope the story line is done good.

  • Beverley

    I would really rather see a photo of Richard Armitage in his costume. Yum!

    • Danielle

      I second this!

    • kim

      Totally agree with you Beverley. Richard Armitage is the sexiest man EVER!

  • Phil

    Its a combo of The Ultimate Cap’s costume and Steve Rogers’ current costume in the Marvel U. I think it looks pretty good, buit as someone else pointed out, Evans has a fantastic body, and the bulky costume does hide it, whereas his Human Torch skintight costume accentuated his fine body. Anyone else think the dudes behind him look like some roided out Snake Eyes!?

    • Marcel

      You’ve got a point on the Snake Eyes thing.
      Either way can’t wait for this movie.

  • s

    look at that bulge

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