Box office update: 'Green Hornet' on pace for $40.5 mil holiday weekend

Green-HornetImage Credit: Jaimie TruebloodWith data now in for half of the four-day holiday weekend, it appears that The Green Hornet will finish the frame slightly stronger than initially expected. According to studio estimates, the Seth Rogen superhero movie won the three-day weekend with $34 million. That’s the third-highest January debut ever, following 2008’s Cloverfield and the 1997 re-release of Star Wars. The $110 million action film is on pace for an estimated four-day harvest of $40.5 million, which would rank as the second-best Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend opening (also after Cloverfield). The Sony release predictably skewed male, with 61 percent of the audience sporting a Y chromosome, and 3-D screens accounted for 69 percent of the film’s business.

Universal’s The Dilemma snatched second place with a three-day tally of $17.4 million. If estimates hold, it’ll be star Vince Vaughn’s worst opening since 2001’s Domestic Disturbance for a movie debuting in at least 1,000 theaters. The $70 million comedy, which attracted an audience that was 60 percent female, is heading for an estimated four-day figure of $20.7 million. True Grit slid only 23 percent to lasso $11.2 million. Taking its four-day estimate of $13.3 million into consideration, the Coen brothers’ Western should boost its cumulative gross to $128.5 million by Monday night. The King’s Speech, which expanded into 1,543 theaters this weekend, rose a regal 41 percent for a three-day take of $9.1 million (and a four-day estimate of $10.9 million). Not far behind in fifth place was Black Swan, which spun a three-day total of $8.1 million. The Natalie Portman thriller should finish the holiday frame with a cumulative gross just under $75 million.

Here are the three-day studio estimates (with four-day estimates in parentheses):

1. The Green Hornet — $34.0 mil ($40.5 mil)
2. The Dilemma — $17.4 mil ($20.7 mil)
3. True Grit — $11.2 mil ($13.3 mil)
4. The King’s Speech — $9.1 mil ($10.9 mil)
5. Black Swan — $8.1 mil ($9.8 mil)

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  • Will

    If True Grit continues to hold strong it may end up making more than Little Fockers. Nice to see a good movie doing well.

    Hopefully The Dilemma will die quickly at the box office.

    • Large Marge

      Little Fockers has (shockingly to me) also made $111 million overseas. It doesn’t appear that they’ve rolled out True Grit overseas yet.

    • Tom

      Oh wow when I get done spending 50 bucks seeing this lousy movie about a comic book.. I can go and spend 500 on broadway seeing another comic book story. You people are pathetic.

      • JohnDorian

        I trying to understand why you feel that “you people are pathetic”? Is it their grammar? I’ll agree, your grammar, Tom, is exceptional and exquisite for someone of your obvious mental capacity and emotional maturity. Your statements show your intelligence, respectfulness, and how well-balanced you are. Is it the fact that most people pay, at most, $18 for a movie (and snacks), and that you pay $50 somehow? Is it that you pay ten times more than that on “broadway”? I always thought “broadway” was capatalized in every possible use of the word, but you seem to know better.

        Thank you for your enlightening comment! I feel like my IQ has changed after reading your contribution.

      • Brian

        I guess in Tom’s world of double periods, “comic book” means “radio serial” since that’s what The Green Hornet is based on.

      • Boo Radley

        I’m not familiar with any movies about a comic book. Is the comic book the main character? Is it bullied by sport star biographies? What’s the love interest- a romance novel?

      • bill

        Tom, I bet I can get you a discount on that ticket to see Spider-Man on Broadway. Send me $400 and I’ll get you a good seat.

      • zamborini

        Ummm… why are we pathetic? We’re not making you see these movies / plays. Perhaps a little personal responsibility would be in order before taking a swipe at the rest of us.

  • Joker

    Wow, even Jesus hated that Narnia movie

    • Priyanka

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  • m1

    Go Black Swan! $100 million!

    • and

      Go The Dilemma! I enjoyed the movie a lot. I hope it does good, they spent 70 million to make the movie. I feel bad for Ron considering his movie got ragged on so much because of the gay word.

  • Nick

    Nice to see good movies like Black Swan, The King’s Speech, and True Grit doing well at the box office.

    • Darrin

      Add The Fighter, and the Social Network before that, and it’ll be nice to have an Oscar season where people aren’t whining that the nominated movies are just “stuff that no one wants to go see”

      • Nick

        Very much agreed, Darrin. All excellent films.

      • AK

        Yeah, I didn’t even realize that so many of the Oscar frontrunners were both good and successful. How exciting!

  • teatroborikua

    Who would’ve thought that a smallish psychological thriller about madness and self-doubt set in the clickish world of ballet would outgross an uber-polished big budget international espionage film starring Angelina Jolie And Johnny Depp?

  • jfms777

    The saddest part is that there were so few good movies this holiday season–which helps explain why these
    few are doing so well. (Besides the fact that they are great.)

    • AcaseofGeo

      What “Holiday” weekend? I don’t think anyone really considers this a “Holiday” weekend. I do realize Dr. Martin Luther King Day is Monday, but this is not any sort of special-release weekend; its the doldrums of January.

      • I can read

        jfms777 said “holiday season” not “holiday weekend,” idiot. read the post more carefully before you go ballistic on someone.

  • fromMarkHall

    Wonder how the Golden Globes tonight will effect Monday’s figures. More interestingly, can “The Tourist” nominations be considered honorable???

  • dominic

    I saw The King’s Speech yesterday with a packed theater. It’s nice to see that smart Oscar-worthy films are getting attention. Movies like Little Fockers, The Dilemma, and The Green Hornet are just stupid and don’t deserve much attention. The Green Hornet looks like it has too much bad comic relief for an action film. I hate it when I’m watching an action movie and there’s always someone who laughs at bad comic relief, even if it’s not funny in the slightest.

    • DizzySnazzle

      It seems a little unfair, biased and arrogant to simply dismiss films like Little Fockers, The Dilemma and The Green Hornet. While they are all certainly less intelligent, lower-pedigree films, that shouldn’t diminish their entertainment value, which is ultimately what film making is about- entertainment.

  • Alex

    Glad that The Kings Speech and Black Swan are doing well. Two very good, quality films.

    • AcaseofGeo

      I haven’t seen Black Swan yet but King’s Speech is a v-v-v-very awesome movie! Its truly an inspiration and quite funny too.

  • Jay

    its amazing that movies which would normally be indie are doing so well. when studios make movies that are so ridiculous, like The Dilemma and Yogi Bear, audiences revolt. mainstream audiences don’t respond well to movies about rapes and gays, so the answer to making indie movies successful on a mainstream level was normal movies about a king overcoming a speech impediment, and a cool cowboy movie.

    • AK

      Huh? As far as I know, neither “The Dilemma” nor “Yogi Bear” is about rape or “gays.” I will also choose not to be insulted by this comment, since it’s fairly incoherent and I fear I may have misunderstood your point.

      • Chichi

        Chichi | 1/16/11, 7:16pm
        AK – you’re misunderstanding. J is saying don’t make stupid mainstream movies auds are getting insulted by, and any swing to the opposite and of the spectrum and make indie flicks about gay characters (no homophobia at all – box office-wise, money making size auds don’t respond to that genre unfortunately) and darker indie type material. He’s saying (I think) that if you just make smart, entertaining films that aren’t either so stupid in their mass appeal formula or so far away from topics that they’d have any desire to go see a movie about, that you’ll achieve both critical and box office success. All if which I’d agree with. Strongly.

    • mimie

      as AK said seeing as you can’t seem to write anything half sane it is hard to get your point. However you do know that “The Dilemma” isn’t about “gays” but has anti gay jokes and they went out of their way to sell that fact as a selling point no doubt to appeal to people like you. Sadly for you apparently anti gay jokes don’t sell to anyone but a few dumb American women and people like you.

      • Dorchester

        Not to mention, the big gay scene and subtext in Black Swan.

        Jay, please go away.

  • Kristiane

    I enjoy both the indie movie and a good blockbuster. True Grit was one of the best I’ve seen in a while but I also enjoyed myself some Green Hornet!!! It’s ok to enjoy some fun cheesy movie when it comes along.

    • barthez

      That pretty much sums it up right there! i agree completely!

      • S.

        I agree also.

  • GuitarHarry

    Black Swan was the first movie I’ve seen in a very long time where the lead actress is really deserving of an award; it is a rare psychological drama that entertains and horrifies without resorting to cheap scares and predicatable scenes. Execellent work by Natalie Portman.

  • Chris20906

    Why the Asian guy gotta be the side kick?! I have a dream my Asian brother will put his foot up the Green Hornet’s rich, white @$$.

    • S.

      Apparently you didn’t see the movie or you would know that quite a bit of it was centered around the conflict of who was in charge. The “Asian brother” does indeed kick the Green Hornet’s @ss.

      • Francesco

        I would wish to thank you for that efforts you’ve craeted in writing this post. I am hoping the same most effective get the job done from you in the long term too. In fact your creative writing skills has inspired me to start my personal BlogEngine blog now.

  • Mcfly

    This movie was so stupid. Seth Rogen’s take on Britt Reid was a total misfire. I like Rogen as a the slacker with the frat boy behavior but it just didn’t work here. This is a case of really bad miscasting. Kato was very cool though and Cameron Diaz wasn’t much more than a cameo. This could have been good but Rogen ruined it for me.

    • S.

      I agree that Seth was the weakest part of the movie, but the movie wasn’t ruined for me. I was entertained and Jay Chou was awesome as Kato. And why does everyone complain about Cameron Diaz having a small part? Is there some law I don’t know about that says actors with big names can’t have small parts? It was a male superhero buddy movie; the female part should be smaller. I thought Diaz was in it for just the right amount of time.

  • Richard

    A crappy movie with a horribly miscast hero, but look at current box office releases and you can see why it would do well.

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