Stephen King's 'The Stand' being made into feature film

Stephen King‘s 1978 novel The Stand is being made into a feature film, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Warner Bros. and CBS Films will reportedly co-develop and co-produce the feature, and King is said to be involved in some way as well. The novel, about a group of survivors living in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a super virus, was previously made into an eight-hour ABC miniseries (featuring Molly Ringwald, Rob Lowe, Ruby Dee, and Gary Sinise) in 1994, and Marvel has recently adapted the story into a successful comic book series.

News of a Stand film follows last year’s announcement that Universal will produce three films and an NBC series based on King’s The Dark Tower. Ron Howard, who will direct the first film and the first season of the TV show, has offered the lead role of Roland Deschain to Javier Bardem.

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  • LAJackie

    I love The Stand! It’s my favourite Stephen King book. I hope they don’t mess up the casting.

    • Bluto

      “The Stand” as a standalone (or standard, 90-120 min) feature film is unworkable. It would need to be broken into 2 or even three parts to effectively tell the story without diluting the plot or being a typical apocalyptic flick.

      • Eric

        If the last Twilight book can be broken into two movies, they may decide to make this massive book into two or three movies.

      • missm

        totally agree! the plot is way to complex to squeeze into a 2 hour flick. bad idea..especially since the 8 hour TV movie was so great. why re-do? oh, yeah…it’s Hollywood; why expand into new ideas?

      • jmcg

        Yeah, I don’t get why they have to redo a very good TV movie which I recently rewatched on the syfy channel.

      • Cynthia

        I agree – it will need to be split to carry even part of the weight of the book. That’s why the mini-series was good – they were able to really give it the time it deserved to tell the entire story.

      • Cygnus

        Sometimes “Hollywood” throws these ideas out there to see if they stick. If there’s enough public interest in having The Stand remade as a movie, then they’ll easily entertain a 2 or 3 part movie series. I have a feeling the Hollywood players are arranging themselves to have a piece of King’s Dark Tower universe (The Stand being part of it), as the DT series may be the next Lord of the Rings mega-blockbuster series which guarantees a decade or more worth of profits.

      • Jenn

        @Eric – Yes! Lets not forget Harry Potter/Deathly Hallows. It was broken into two movies as well.

      • Ofelia

        I agree. It would have to be released similarly to the Lord of the Ring trilogy. It has far too much content to fit into a neat two hour box.

    • team eddie

      first of all, ron howard is only directing the first film and tv season? second of all, javier hardem as roland is growing on me…i lobbying that james mcavoy is cast as eddie :] and third of all, im glad they are redoing the stand. the mini series was so effine cheesy.

      • BlackIrish4094

        The mini-series was awesome, your taste is so effin cheesy ,especially if you like Bardem as Roland.

      • Carla

        I would also like James Franco as Eddie. Back in 1982, when the Drawing of the Three was released, Nicholas Cage would have been perfect. I won’t see a feature length version of The Stand. The miniseries and the cast of the minseries were as close to perfect as it could get.

      • mary q contrary

        The miniseries was incredibly cheesy, but it jumpstarted my love for Gary Sinise, so I can’t complain. I would love to see it made into a good film. At its core, the story is really, really good and I think it has the makings to be worked into a fine piece of cinema. If we’re lucky. It’s really hit or miss these days with adaptations.

    • Shellibelli

      Molly Ringwald was so miscast as Frannie lets hope they make better casting decisions this time around.

      • Bluto

        OMG, isn’t that the truth! And what’s sad what just about everyone else was great.

      • Ditto

        Amen to that! I LOVED the Stand, but cringed everytime M.R. spoke a word of dialogue.

      • Benjy triplett

        i totally agree with the fact molly ringwald was miss casted as frannie goldsmith i hope they get a actress who can represent the character well

      • Cygnus

        Flagg was totally not who I thought he should be. I pictured someone so much darker and sinister. That clown they got to play him for the miniseries seemed like Clown-Demon to me.

      • valhallaarwen

        This movie is going to be such trash. Why is Ben Affleck directing this? You know he is going to put his no acting wife in it as Fannie and it will ruin it. I loved the tv miniseries. Apparently those who believe it will make money, I question your age and if you have ever watched miniseries. When I was a kid in the 70’s that’s all that was shown on tv, miniseries and they were good. When tv used to have ideas and money.

    • Trashcan Man

      Never mind the casting. I hope they don’t screw up signing on a director and screenwriter! They’ll have to trim down the story to make it fit into under 3 hours but it’s possible to make a great feature-length movie out of it.

    • Rush

      The book is too long and displays the common King traits: excellent and compelling premise, a well developed first third, meandering middle, and Deus Ex Machina ending.

      • Kate

        Deus Ex Machina ending? Only if you never read the uncut version. He would have only been taking the easy way out if the bomb had actually served its purpose.

      • Rush

        A giant glowing “Hand of God” appears and detonates the bomb. Sort of the definition of Deus Ex Machina, no? The epilogue in the uncut version just underscores the fact that evil can never really be completely eradicated.

      • Peter Vee

        Agreed. There is much to like in the story, but the ending was just awful. Ralph and Larry are supposed to be martyrs, but King seems to miss the point of martyrdom completely.

    • Cynthia

      The casting in the mini-series version in the 90s was very good, except for Molly Ringwald – I thought she was terribly miscast. I’m with you – the casting will be very important and will have to compete with the memories we have of Gary Sinise, Rob Lowell, and the rest.

      • mary q contrary

        Oh man, I forgot about Rob Lowe as Nick. He really was good in that one.

    • elr

      The Stand is my favorite Stephen King book too. How about Jake Gyllenhal for Nick?

    • Jason

      If King is involved, it will be terrible. Whenever he puts his hands into these adaptations, he always ruins it as a “film”. I love his books, but hate watching the films.

  • Nan

    Just read The Stand about 2 years ago and it blew my mind! I always hoped they would make a movie of it (I found the miniseries underwhelming). Great news! I hope it gets the same star treatment.

    • Nan

      The same star treatment that The Dark Tower is apparently receiving.

  • dee123

    The Stand is one of his best, but to make it into just 1 film you would have to cut a hell of a lot out.

    • Kat

      Too true. Wonderful book (even if it dragged a little in places) but even the 8 hour mini-series cut out several characters and subplots that weren’t vital per se but were still very important to plot and character development (I always saw, for instance, the thing with Rita as a big part of the reason Larry grew up so fast, so was disappointed to see her character merged with Nadine who never would have been a druggie as she existed in the novel).

      A two or three hour adaptation is almost certainly going to be an act of hack-job butchery, imo…

  • Kristen

    I liked the miniseries. When I saw the title I actually was thinking that there already was a movie. My bad.

    • Yngwie Mackadangdang, Jr.

      me, too.

  • Q.H.

    Already been done in the TV miniseries, and done well. No need for a feature film. But alas, this is Hollywood, where everything needs to try to be done bigger and better than it already has been (See “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The”).

    • PJ

      It’s just The Girl With the Green Dragon Tattoo, no comma.

      • Shotgun Samurai

        I think he was trying to be extra smart… say if you were looking it up in a dictionary. Right?

      • chris

        He wrote it like that because a lot of lists will automatically organize titles that begin with ‘The’ with the following words alphabet, for example. “The Abyss” will often be logged in the A section as “Abyss, The” instead of the T section. He wasn’t trying to be extra smart, he was just trying to help a person that might want to look for it.

      • Jason C.

        I hate to tell you Chris, but what he did was actually pretense, as in he’s a pretentious douchebag masquerading as someone trying to help. I understand people getting upset about remakes, but to mention The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is not right. As much as there are plenty of us who enjoy a good foreign film, there’s probably about 5 people for every one of us that won’t touch a foreign film with a 10 foot pole. Not too mention that David Fincher is one of the best filmmakers working today, his movie will most likely be a reinterpretation of the source material, filmed in a way that’s different from the Swedish version.

    • Matt

      The miniseries was so cheesy and low rent. Total B-style lifetime/sci fi quality junk. Corin Nemec was dreadful, Molly Ringwald was a terrible choice since she’ll never be anyone but the 16 years old she played in the 80s.. Randall Flagg, that guy was dreadful. Only Gary Sinise and Rob Lowe seemed to pull off their roles. Everyone else was just awful.

      • TorontoTom

        Give your head a shake and watch it again, dude. It was brilliant. M-O-O-N, that spells brilliant…

      • staci

        Thanks Tom, LMAO! I forgot all about M-o-o-n, I would go see this new try just for that.

      • bhm1304

        There was absolutely nothing wrong with Jamey Sheridan’s “Randall Flagg” and as Nemic may have been slightly off as “Harold”, Laura San Giacomo was pretty good as “Nadine”. And Matt Frewer was a superb “Trashcan Man”. Also, the veterans were all splendid as well, Ray Walston, Ruby Dee, and Ossie Davis all put in great performances. It wasn’t a bad mini-series at all.

      • Katymay

        My dream was that they would make a continuing SERIES from the Stand-at least 22 eps to do it justice. A movie from this huge book? Bummer.
        I loved the miniseries. Yeah, it wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty damn close.

      • BlackIrish4094

        You are an idiot. M-O-O-N, that spells idiot…

    • naynay

      The miniseries was not done well, it pretty much sucked the life out of the story. Mother Abigail-miscast; Frannie-miscast; Flagg-way miscast. Please don’t screw this up again. Thank you very much.

      • Young

        I’m not interested in wtiirng so I don’t have anything to say there but I love Stephen King. I read my first SK novel in 7th grade Salem’s Lot. I remember reading IT in 11th grade and it scared me so much I didn’t read another one of his books for a long time. I also remember liking one of his short story collections Skeleton Crew a lot. The story Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut has always stuck with me.I remember enjoying the film version of his book Misery (i believe Kathy Bates won an oscar for her performance). Other films from his books that I liked were Stand by Me (based on The Body), The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile (nominated for some academy awards I think) and Dolores Claiborne.

  • MikeyNYC

    I have no idea how they plan to condense the entire book into a feature film, which is the reason why it hasn’t been done yet. A mini-series (or film series) is really the only medium that would be able to do it justice, so unless they are hiring Stephen King to write the script, I can’t imagine the film being very successful.

    • Caiman

      Hollywood has rarely known what to do with Stephen King’s stories. “They” certainly won’t know how to do The Stand justice. For every Shawshank, Stand by Me & Misery there are Pet Sematary, The Mist & Dreamcatcher. If Peter Jackson helmed it, MAYBE there’d be a chance. MAYBE.

      • Shotgun Samurai

        But I like Pet Sematary and The Mist…

      • Jason C.

        Stephen King loved The Mist by the way, he wishes he had come up with the ending.

      • alan of montreal

        my only quibble with The Mist was Thomas Jane’s performance. When he breaks down at the end of the film, I didn’t hear anguish–I heard overacting

      • Paco

        I recall “The Dead Zone” as being one of the best movie adaptions–Christopher Walken starred, David Cronnenberg directed–was pretty good in my book

      • KCC

        The Mist movie’s ending was way better than the book’s ending, but your right The Mist does not even compare to The Green Mile, Carrie, The Shinning, etc.

      • Kate

        I’m a huge King fan and I loved The Mist. The ending was much better in the movie.

      • BlackIrish4094

        The Mist sucked as a movie and the ending was in no way better.

      • Dave

        I know the ending of The Mist was supposed to be upsetting, but I couldn’t stop laughing at Thomas Janes’ wailing.

  • Nan

    Plus, if Teh Dark Tower is getting three, why not give The Stand two or three?

    • Jones

      The Stand is one novel. The Dark Tower is a series of books.

      • Antonio of Gilead

        Yes, The Dark Tower consisted of 7 books. I dont think 3 is enough. It would be nice to see it on HBO or Showtime. NBC would water down all the gritty stuff.

    • Jason C.

      The Stand, though, was written as Stephen King’s Lord of the Rings. If you look at it right, Lord of the Rings is one book split into three parts. It’s sold as three different books so the publisher can make more money. Look at The Stand and it’s actually split into three parts, the book hasn’t been separated for sales purposes for some reason though (thank God). They should treat each section as it’s own movie though.

      • Eric

        To make the comic adaptation, Marvel has split up the book into arcs. The movie could follow that example and come out as two or three films.

      • Hen

        The Dark Tower was written as Stephen King’s Lord of the Rings. What are you talking about? I even recall him saying so in a foreword or autobiography I read.

      • KCC

        @Hen, thats what Jason just said…

      • Kyle

        @KCC, No, Jason said that The Stand was written as King’s LOTR. Hen correctly commented that The Dark Tower series was written in that ilk.

  • shea

    This just made my day! I just hope they get the casting down right.

  • cultural ignoramous

    And why don’t they just make a movie based on the old “I Love Lucy” TV series. This would make as much sense as doing a remake of “The Stand” which was excellent as a mini series.

    • BFD

      “And why don’t they just make a movie based on the old “I Love Lucy” TV series.”

      STFU. Don’t give them any ideas.

    • Matt

      I can’t believe people thought that mini series was good. I watched it, enjoyed it, but it was TERRIBLE quality. Overacting, cheesy effects, almost intentionally comedic.

      • Laura K.

        It’s better than It.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Your taste is TERRIBLE, that mini-series was really well done and kept the tone of the novel.

      • naynay

        Thank you, Matt, I agree wholeheartedly.

      • mary q contrary

        I agree. I was also entertained, and it was better than a lot of other miniseries that have come and gone since, but when you compare the book to the miniseries, you still get a sense that it could’ve been so much better.

  • meowser

    I can’t imagine how they’ll be able to make only one two-or-three hour movie out of this massive novel, which is probably my favorite King book, along with the DT series. I enjoyed the miniseries; I’m afraid they’ll have to butcher the book to get the story into only one movie.

    • markie51

      People, people. Hollywood have been doing this for the past few years. Look at Harry Potter or Twilight. They have taken one book and divided it into two movies. The Stand is massive and to make it into one movie, would be butching it and leaving a lot of juicy part out. Wish they would remake “Gone With the Wind” in two or three parts.

      • mary q contrary

        I’m not on Reddit, so I don’t have to worry about getting downvoted for saying this: I agree about Gone With The Wind getting remade. Yes, I love the original. Yes, it does stand the test of time. Could it be done better now, 70 years later? YES. I would love to see it happen. Just thinking about the casting gets me excited…… knowing my luck, though, they’d give Scarlet to Angelina Jolie and Rhett to Ryan Reynolds…….

  • Liz

    What? When did Roland Deschain get offered to Javier Bardem? There goes my interest in seeing Dark Tower…

    • to: Liz

      Amen! Javier Bardem? Roland? I think not!

    • @Liz&to:Liz

      And exactly which pretty boy were the two of you hoping for?

      • King Fan

        How about Viggo Mortensen. Roland is in his 40’s. He is tall and has light blue eyes. He is rugged looking. Need I go on?

    • King Fan

      I totally agree. Not Roland in any way.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Totally agree with you, I thought I was the only one who was unhappy with that decision.

  • Kyle Chandler

    as long as they do it in the form of a trilogy. there is no way they can do it justice in one movie. not even a three hour one.

  • Shotgun Samurai

    Well the first 200 pages will go in like ten minutes, half an hour before they get to Colorado, another half an hour in Colorado, another half an hour getting to Vegas and like 20 minutes for a epilogue. Winner!

    • Matt

      haha good call. Pretty ridiculous concept.

  • Cecilia

    Why? The miniseries was well done. To try and compress the story into one film would cut way to much out.If a series of film are planned I could possibly see where it might work.

  • JRM

    Say WHAT!? I really hope they know what they’re doing . . .

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