Stephen King: 10 things I know about the remake of 'The Stand'

When news broke on Jan. 31 that Warner Bros. Read the full post.

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  • Meli

    When I first read the novel around late 1980-early 1981, I always thought of Richard Gere in the role of Larry Underwood. Like Rutger Hauer, he’s become too old to play the role. Sad.

    • jules

      Baby, can you dig your Gere? He’s a righteous Gere…

  • waya

    I’d love to see a mini-series of Under the Dome! And someone please make a film of Lisey’s Story, which I have a great fondness for. Perfect role for any actress most producers feel are too OLD. Duh.

    • Trixie

      I loved Lisey’s Story. I listened to the audiobook, which was read by Mare Winningham. She was pretty amazing.

    • Kate

      Both of these would be brilliant!

  • Shakespeare

    Ok so I forgot maybe three decent movies that turned out good, but you get my point! Frank is the only director to kind of understand kings material, and when he wanted to pursue The Dark Tower series KING shot him down, and instead hands it over to Happy Days?! The point I’m making is that the film will only be as good as it’s director, and KING should have a say and pick wisely when he does! But yeah Shawshank Redemption was good and The Myst wasn’t bad either.

    • Kristin

      Loved The Myst. Was so amazed and glad that they didn’t wuss out on the ending no matter how disturbing it was. That was the point.

      • BlackIrish4094

        What do you mean, wuss out on the ending? You know that’s not the ending of the story right? Plus, to me, the movie ending sucked.

  • Khoff

    Good grief, I love Stephen King. Thank you for this. It helped me relax a little. I’d LOVE to know his thoughts on The Dark Tower being turned into a movie/tv series. And Javier Bardem?? Oh, please, please talk about it, Uncle Stevie…

  • Debi

    I think it’d be hilarious and oh so cool if they had the whole cast from LOST :)

    • BLT

      that would be cool.

    • BlackIrish4094

      That would actually be the polar opposite of cool.

  • LOL

    Get Sinatra for this and you’ve got yourself a hit. Love, Grandpa

  • Butterfly

    We don’t need a stinking remake, why mess with perfection (except for Molly R. who was hideous as Frannis). Casting? What about Edward Norton as Nick? My favorite character in the book and in the movie. M-O-O-N that spells Nick.

    • Gdub

      I love to look at Rob Lowe, but his performance as Nick was god awful. (and then in the dream sequence when he uttered “I can hear. I can talk” blah, blah – worst. acting. ever.

      • To Gdub

        I completely disagree. Rob Lowe was brilliant in the mini-series, you obviously haven’t read the book. Nick “had to” speak in the film sequence in order for Tom to understand what pills to get for Stu. This was the best work Rob Lowe has ever done.

    • Mary

      Ed Norton is WAAY too old to play Nick! Nick is barely into his 20s when everything happens….not to mention he’s Hispanic! (at least just a little bit).

  • Butterfly

    Meant to say Frannie, not Frannis

  • To Uncle Stevie

    As your No. 1 fan, who do you want to see playing Frannie, Harold Lauder, Tom Cullen, Nick?

  • SLB

    It better be better than that hunk of crap The Shining remake.

  • “IT”

    IT was a great movie as well. The casting was perfect. I wish it was shown on TV more often. Tim Curry was scary as hell as Pennywise. Come to think of it, all of Tim Curry’s great performances are in drag.

    • Zo

      Ditto, EXCEPT Tim Curry was the bomb as the (un-dragged) butler in “Clue”.
      Watching him in that movie is great for the abdominals!

  • xoxojalal

    I don’t really understand his comments about Molly Ringwald. Is he basically saying she sucked in the miniseries?

    • ksoze

      I took it as his response to criticism over the years re: casting her as Frannie.

    • Kristin

      She was so miscast. She wasn’t even close to the Frannie of the book.

    • To ksoze

      Precisely, Molly Ringwald BOMBED in the movie – and not in a good way. She was absolutely awful.

  • Shannon S.

    I love King’s very dry, sarcastic sense of humor about the whole thing…he’s not gonna get paid a dime for it, but he’s proud enough of his work to care about someone butchering it. I just adore this man. I agree 2 hours is too short…but then again I also think the mini-series was a little too long. Maybe a Lord of the Rings-style running time? About 2 hours, 50 minutes? I could handle that.

    • Shannon S.

      …oh, and I’d like to see Olyphant as Larry, Christian Bale as Flagg (watch American Psycho and tell me he couldn’t pull this off), and Jackie Earl Haley as Trash Can Man.

      • To Shannon S.

        OMG, you are so right. Christian Bale would be perfect as Flagg. Bale scares me just looking at him.

    • Sarah

      So the 8-hour mini-series was too long for you, but 3 almost 3-hr. movies, which would be about 9 hours, are short enough for your attention span?

    • Could never happen….

      not to tell the story well. The Stand is an ambitious work that deserves a minimum of 8 hours on the screen. Since that has already been done, a remake is ridiculous. M-O-O-N – that spells ridiculous.

  • Bgl

    I am a huge fan of the mini-series. I love it. I have always said that the reason it went over so well with so many was because ABC gave it the time and attention it needed. I just don’t see how anybody can cram all that story, character development, and nuance into a two hour movie. I just don’t see it. I just think that Mick Garris, who directed the 1994 mini-series did it about as well as it could be done. That book has so much to it that I don’t think anybody could do it perfectly, but Garris gave it a good try and came out with descent results. A two hour movie will not be able to do that.

  • Brandy

    The Stand mini-series was terrible. Someone would have to really try very hard to make the movie be worse than the mini-series.

    • Oh Brandy

      You couldn’t be more wrong. I think that you didn’t even read the book.

      • Oh Oh Brandy

        The mini-series of “The Stand” wasn’t terrible; it was merely low-budget and suffered from poorly done special effects.

    • Sarah


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