Kristen Stewart offered the part of Snow White

Kristen-StewartImage Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty ImagesWho’s the fairest of them all? We think we know! Sources tell EW that Kristen Stewart has been offered the part of Snow White in Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, to be directed by Rupert Sanders.

As EW has previously reported, this project has been heating up, with both Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron in “final talks” to play the Huntsman and evil queen, respectively. Stewart has long been at the top of the list (other names mentioned include Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, Felicity Jones, Bella Heathcote, and Elvis granddaughter Riley Keough), and if the deal is finalized, it will be her first post-Twilight project.

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  • shea


    • LOL

      K-Stew will be the first weed and cig smoking Snow White!

      • mkt

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! my inner five year old self just died.

      • beth

        Terrible actress. I think I’ll see the other snow white film instead.

      • Joe

        Why they’d pick this gloomy no talent actress for a massive role like Snow White is beyond me. What better way to ruin a world renowned character than by getting her to play it. They need a perfect 10 (physically) actress to play Snow White, Kirsten is without a doubt on the bottom 100 list of ugliest actresses in Hollywood.

      • vanessa

        @mkt.thats hilarious……the girl who played “precious” would be better than kristen……please plesae sont cast her!!!!!! anyone listening the people have spoken

      • Mandy

        Yes, I love Kirsten Stewart, I think she would the perfect role for snow white.

    • gwen

      She’s awful. Felicity Jones would have bene great.

      • audrey

        I agree Felicity Jones would have been great

      • DaniVT

        Kat Dennings!

      • chocolateislove

        Yes, I totally agree! With an actress like Felicity Jones, why pick the mope-y Kristen Stewart?

    • Krissy

      Kristen is a great actress. I don’t know why so many Twi-hards give her a hard time (Rob will never be yours, get over it). I saw her in Adventureland, and she is a “still water that runs deep”. She can communicate so much while saying very little. That is why she is so in demand and highly respected in the industry.

      • shea

        People give her a hard time because she is a terrible actress. Because she can say a line without expressing emotion doesn’t make her deep. It makes her an emotionless piece of driftwood. You could basically replace her with Plank from Ed, Edd and Eddy and get the same result.

      • angelwhiteraven

        Shea LOL! However I think Plank would do a better job.

      • tipsy

        She is incredible in everything that isn`t Twilight. Runaways, Aventureland, Speak, Welcome to Rileys – brilliance. I hope she overcomes Twi stigma like Portman overcame The Prequels.

      • Japanese HIROSHI

        From the picture shown here, she definitely looks Snow White. If there’s a deal done, I’m hoping she’ll be able to deliver, given the already right look, here.

        But, IMO, she really needs to improve her acting skills.

      • District 12

        she is terrible! she acts the same in all her movies, and by that I mean looks pissed of all the time and says her lines in a monotone voice, there is no way she is a “great actress”

      • Patty

        Twihards are the only ones who love her. “Rob will never be yours.” No, actually Rob will never be YOURS, no matter how much you try to pretend to be Kristen and pretend you’re with him through her. It’s all a silly fantasy. Grow up! But about THIS, Snow White casting, I say, let her have the role of SW. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

      • megan


      • JC

        Haven’t seen any of the Twilights but she was crap in Adventureland and Runaways.

      • fossafun

        She can’t seem to keep her hands out of her hair. If you had to take a shot every time she ran her hands through her hair you would die of alcohol poisoning. She is also a joyless turd.

      • Nicole

        @shea Points for Ed, Edd, n Eddy reference! Somebody said Alison Brie from Community would have been perfect for the role and I agree.

      • susie

        who gives a sh*t about “rob” you are the fool bringing it up. This is about Kristen and her possible role as Snow White

      • Liz Lemon

        Not a twi-hard. Not even close. I didn’t think was a good actress even before twilight. The only film I’ve seen of hers in which she gives a tolerable performance is Panic Room and I think that was her first movie.

      • are you joking?

        seriously there is no argument what so ever for kristen stewart being a good actress the only thing she conveys on screen is awkwardness, it radiates from her. shes horrible and should not be snow white.

      • SMB

        Adventureland was not good. A complete waste of time.

      • KL

        Everyone should watch The Cake Eaters then decide if you really think she is a horrible actress. She’s not a horrible actress just because she does the Twilight movies. She has talent & will be a great Snow White.

      • miss k

        @Patty: No, you get over yourself. I really don’t think Krissy is fantasizing over being with Rob through Kristen. What the hell was that all about??

      • Krissy

        @Patty, you are wrong. I am not a Twihard, I haven’t even watched any of those movies except for the first one (and it was awful). I have seen her other indie films, however, and think she is a great actress.

      • A-K87

        She’s ‘In Demand’ because Twilight fans seem to make up a large percentage of the paying customer over in the US. Just look at Taylor Lautner’s earnings last year. Is that seriously down to his talent??? Revenue is KING.

      • @A-K87

        Yeah, but Lautner has been cast in a few films that have yet to be released, which means he’s yet to prove that he’s actually a box office draw. Those studios are taking a big gamble on him.
        STewart and Pattinson’s non-twilight films always do terrible at the box office. Neither of them are draws, specifically Stewart.

      • abbie

        thank you! finally someone who doesnt think she a horiable actress just because she was in twilight. if shes so bad then why has she been in over 20 movies?

    • Kris

      She’s not a horrible actress just not Snow White material. She is only good for gloomy, depressing roles. Just look at Twilight and Adventureland, she wasnt bad in either but she just looks like she wants to kill herself throughout. Im not even sure that she can crack a smile anymore, LOL. Oh well.

      • Miss Beat

        Its a remake of snowhite…and its going to be gloomy and depressing….its not the disney snowhite…its brothers grim… evil queen will send huntsmen to kill her…but he will instead train her to fight and survive….

      • susie

        It is NOT the brothers grimm version that one is with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen not Charlize
        and yes supposedly it has some weird twist where the huntsmen teaches her to fight..whatever. HORRIBLE casting mistake

    • D.

      Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the first thing I thought of when I read the headline. Kirsten Stewart, while she has the looks to play Snow White, does not have the right attitude. A Snow White with a constantly p.o.’d look on her face? I don’t think so…heck, with that crappy look she constantly wears, I think the Huntsman would have no problem taking her heart this time. Lol Otherwise, I fully support Viggo as the Huntsman…He’s an awesome choice. Charlize Theron as the evil queen…meh…whatever.

    • Steph

      seconded. Isn’t snow white supposed to be …pretty?

      • Canadian

        There needs to be a way for the Internet to automatically block “meh” from being typed. You criticize her acting, now let’s talk about your writing skills…

    • Liz Lemon

      Agreed. Terrible idea. I got excited when I heard Charlize and Viggo may be on board, but as soon as they mentioned her name…any excitement immediately deflated.
      Thank goodness there’s another Snow White film in the works just in case they do cast Stewhead for this one.

      • A-K87

        I agree with Liz Lemon. While K-Stew keeps biting the hand that feeds her (Hollywood) I don’t understand why 1.) fans still like her and 2.) why nobody has spotted that she an unconvincing actress.

    • Lily

      Oh thank God, I thought it was just me. =P

    • Adwina Lambert

      nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! tee-hee

    • Kath


    • Carla

      Who’s the most bland and one dimensional of them all???? NO TALENT KRISTEN STEWART!

    • RMills

      No Joke. This will be the only Snow White Movie where people cheer for the Wicked Witch.

    • Meredith

      Kristen is gorgeous, but when I think of snow white, she does not come to mind. Dark haired blue eyed megan fox is my vote.

  • Vannessa

    She sux!

    • sam

      Don’t understand all of the people posting such negative stuff about a woman they never met. There are plenty of popular actresses out there that I’m not a fan of but I certainly don’t go around posting mean, hateful stuff. Online bullying is obviously a problem with women. Anyway, I think Kristen will be amazing in this role. She’s beautiful and bad-ass, the perfect combo. for this Snow White role.

      • Titan

        You’re Gay aren’t you?

      • Joe

        Sam, everyone’s referring to her looks and acting ability, all of which she sucks at. No one clearly knows her on a personal level and I highly doubt anyone wants to… I think you need to re-read the snow white books, she isn’t supposed to be ‘bad-ass’, and she most certainly isn’t supposed to be below average looking (which is clearly what Kristen is)…

      • Teresa

        There are no Snow White books, there is a fairy tale, on which the script is based. The huntsman teaches her how to fight so she is “badass” to a certain extent. And I disagree with your assessment of Kristen’s looks, to me she is way above average.

      • googie

        Agreed! I can’t wait!

      • Patty

        Don’t want to hear negative stuff on the internet? Quit reading comment sections!!!! “you’ve never met her” *massive eye roll* I’m sure you’ve never said anything critical about a celebrity before. Yeah, I bet you’re a real Pollyanna, huh? Got love for Lindsay Lohan? Heidi Fleiss? What about Obama? or Bush? You’ve never met them, so I guess in your book, you’re not allowed to form an opinion about them. Such a hypocrite!

      • susie

        beautiful and BAD ASS
        why? because she flips the bird so freely and has the mouth of a sailor(sorry sailors) and wears chucks HA HA fool
        get a life
        badass connotes some bravery/standing for something important etc.. or at least someone who can ARTICULATE a sentence …jfc there are thousands and thousands of people that ARE badass and she is not one of them ever not even close

    • si

      Kristen Stewart cant act. She stutters, stammer and does long pauses. thats it. Thats her act – its all ticks and odd mannerisams. She’s also cold and charisma free.

      • angelwhiteraven

        Si I agree with you. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that she’s a mouth breather! I really tried to give her a chance but she just can’t shut her mouth when she doesn’t have dialogue. I watched a few of her movies and it’s like the parts she played were interchangeable.

  • Alex

    No a big Kristen Stewart fan by any means, but roll the Twilight hate in 3…2…1…

    • Alex

      Or moments before that!

    • tiavro

      twilight hate? um no I don’t think that’s the problem right here. It’s just Kristen.

  • yourmom

    Kristen Stewart sucks! She will ruin any movie she is in with her twich. ANYone would be better!

    • davey

      She was actually pretty good in The Runaways. But I hope she isn’t cast in this – Viggo and Charlize though….that sounds interesting.

    • Kalie

      She was also really good in “Speak”.

      • tiavro

        no. i saw that movie. she was not that great.

      • Krissy

        She was great in Adventureland.

      • susie

        right where she played an emo silent/gloomy teenage victim…what a stretch

      • @Krissy

        I actually found everyone, but her good in Adventureland. Her performance was distractingly bad.

    • nld

      she was also decent in “The Cake Eaters”

  • Lynn

    Shouldn’t she be the wicked witch?????

  • Nan

    YUCK. No thank you.

  • emma

    Guess I know which movie I wont be watching, which is really sad, because I love Viggo Mortenson, but K-Stew can’t act her way out of a paper bag

    • emma

      And I’m not just saying that because of Twilight either

      • Audrey

        I’ll be watching this. Not a fan of Twilight, but I like her and the rest of the cast.

  • BooYa

    YES! More “I don’t show emotion when I act on screen” and the blank stare look … OH WAIT… this movie is going to suck now.

  • James L

    Thanks filmmakers for ruining this movie in one swoop. I have to ask; who in the hell would pay to see Kristen effin Stewart as Snow White??

    • Erika

      I would.

      • Anthony G

        I would also. People are so amusingly ridiculous in their “hatred”. She will ruin the fairy tale, she will destroy the character, she raped my childhood bla blah blahhhh. If she does the film, whether it sucks or not, how in the hell does it “destroy” anything? You can still read the Girmm fairytale and enjoy it, you can still watch the Disney film and enjoy it. Get a grip, guys. It’s just a film…

  • K

    Wow you really are a vile bunch of people here is an idea don’t watch the movie. Personally think Kristen will do a great job and looking forward to seeing her work with Viggo

    • emma

      Kristin, is that you?

    • lelie

      good idea, K! I won’t watch the movie! you’re a genius.

  • olivia

    Not Selena Gomez? Damn, I was really hoping. She could have brought something to the role. She fits Snow White not just physically, but emotionally and brawn-wise.

    • Laura

      EWWWW! She would be worse! K-Stew FTW!

  • AQS

    This is going to receive so much hate but… K.Stew WILL win an Oscar. She’s still overcoming her strange acting tics, but the girl has incredible talent. I think she 100% has the look for Snow White, especially this being a dark adaptation of a tale that hasn’t even been truly told correctly (sorry, Disney). In my mind, she’s a perfect choice (and she looks STUNNING in the 2 stills just released for ‘Into the Wild’). Can’t wait for this project.

    • Sarah

      2 stills just released for “Into the Wild”? I think you mean “On the Road,” unless you are living in 2007.

      • Sammi

        and she was only in Into the Wild for about 15 minutes. LOL

    • Laura

      hahahahahahaha…that will happen when pigs fly

    • Krissy

      I completely agree with you AQS.

      • susie

        why are there all of these girls with this bizarre fixation/crush/obsession with this dull ordinary mess of a girl?

      • StewyFan

        Susie, and why are there all these people that love to pull for a person to fail and never accomplish anything just based on their own bias.

      • jodipo

        funny how if you don’t like her your “bias” somehow, but if you do like he its not? Grow up and make sense. For it to be bias yo wold have to have a reason to not like her other than her atrocious acing skills and pathetic interviews. For instance, if I knew her personally, and was criticizing her acting because of my personal dislike of her.

        Seeing her movies and thinking she is a one trick pony does not make you bias, in fact it makes you the exact opposite.

        So I am totally correct in saysing I will not see this movie because her being given the roll of Snow White seems absurd to me. She cannot act… unless they are going to make snow white a depressive teenager with gross emotional problems

      • StewyFan

        Because I guarantee you that 90% of the negative comments on this board are from people that are basing their dislike on her being in Twilight. EW is a breeding ground for Twilight haters. I’ll give a small percentage to some that probably have done their actual homework on her and that’s fine. I respect that, but when the majority of the comments are about how much she sucks in Twilight, it only leads to one conclusion.

    • tipsy

      I ttoally agree. She`ll pull a Portman on everyone who thinks that all she is as an actress is Twilight (or The Prequels in Portman case).

      • mari

        OMG people already knew that Natalie Portman had potential even before the horrid prequels. I watched “Speak” and this was before “Twilight”. She wasn’t really good in it and I blamed it on youth & inexperience. Then I saw “Twilight” (I finally watched it on one of the cable channels). She played the same character. I’m not saying she won’t improve but to say she has natural acting chops is kind of ludicrous.

      • susie

        for god’s sake the girl has been acting for more than 10 years…!! IF she was going to PROVE she had potential post Twilight or whatever you are babbling about It would have happened by now

      • Liz Lemon

        What do you mean? Natalie Portman is brilliant. She’s had her fair share of bad movies, but her performances are still great. Even if the movie is good (e.g., Adventureland), Kirsten still manages to someone suck.

      • omeron

        Portman was phenomenal in The Professional. Don’t you dare compare her to Stewart!



    • Kate

      If Kristen Stewart ever wins an oscar I will actually throw my TV out of a window!

      • Liz Lemon

        Don’t worry. That won’t happen. Most Oscar winners show some signs of talent pretty consistently. I haven’t seen one performance of Stewart’s that’s 1. memorable, 2. Good, 3. Memorable or Good.

      • JR

        Amazing how much subjective hate Kristen receives. Personally, I think she’s an incredible actress and I wish I could be there when Kate throws her television out her window, because not only will she win one, but two or three before her long career is over. Face it, haters… Kristen is a mega talent and will be around a very long time. Don’t believe me… how about you pick up Vogue and read what Bill Conden, a respected director (& oscar winner) says about her… and that is echoed with everybody that sees her work.

    • StewyFan

      I agree AQS. I think she will do great in this role. I literally cannot WAIT for Kristen to make all of these commenters eat their words.

      • @StewyFan

        You gone be waitin’ a loooong time.

      • KStewfan

        I agree with u JR i wish all those haters shut their mouths F*cken becouse they aren’t perfect either and i bet u they suck at acting too!!

    • Plus

      I saw one of those stills and she looks horrible. I wasn’t sure if that was a guy or a girl.

  • Moflo

    WOW What the hell is with all the hate on this poor girl?

    • StewyFan

      Let’s see: People love to hate. People love to thrive on the negative. People are cowards that love to hide behind their computers. Kristen is not frilly and bubbly and cheerleader happy 24/7, so therefore … And she is f***ing Robert Pattinson. Pick and choose.

      • @StewyFan

        People do love to hate, especially on the internet. However, everywhere you go people say the same thing about her. I’ve even heard some journalists report the same thing. This stuff comes from somewhere, it’s not just made up. But it has nothing to do with her not being frilly, bubbly, etc. Lots of celebrities are serious and awkward (e.g., Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, etc), but people still like them because they have SOME kind of personality. Kristen is just so blah. She’s so Oatmeal. Cold oatmeal.

    • Sarah

      I agree! I don’t get all the hate. I think she’s great and I’m excited to see her as Snow White.

    • KStewfan

      I now right give her a break you f***en kstew HATERS!!

  • Deena

    Ohhh, I see a lot of haters here! My guess is Rob fans LOL
    I’d like to see her in something else the Twilight. And if the producers and the director want her who are we to say no?

    • Jason

      The audience who has to watch her?

      • D

        One day you’ll learn, Jason, that making good movies should be reliant on artistic integrity, not pleasing the audience.

      • Laura

        And yet, focusing on pleasing the audience is generally what sells well…not saying its right, but its reality.

    • Kate

      The reason i am not a Twilight fan is because of Kristens terrible acting! She is what make Adventureland beyond awful! The girl cannot act!

      • Sammi

        She’s dead-eyed with her mouth agape in every role.

  • Jessica

    I don’t think she’s the best young actress, but I do wonder if those who detest her have actually seen her work besides Twilight. Films include: The Runaways, Speak, Adventureland, The Cake Eaters, Fierce People, Cutlass, Into The Wild and Panic Room. Like her or not, she has shown promise and acted in some good films. I predict she will have a long career.

    • Ann

      Yep, she was really good in “The Runaways”, “Into the Wild”, “The Cake Eaters” & “Speak”.

      • Sammi

        She was tolerable in The Runaways because she was basically playing herself. In Into the Wild, she did the same lip biting, mouth-breathing, hair-pulling thing she always does. In Speak, she’s mostly mute.

      • StewyFan

        Sammi, uh no. And she narrated Speak, so her being mute is untrue.

    • jenny

      I think this is great. Kristen has done really good supporting roles outside of Twilight and it’s great to hear that she’s taking a lead. I also think it’s pathetic that some people feel the need to troll every article that mentions Kristen Stewart just to dump on her. You losers aren’t even original, do you just copy and paste?

    • jessica

      The Runaways was terrible. Speak was good because she hardly spoke at all. Into the Wild was good because she hardly had a role at all. And Panic Room was good because Jodie Foster’s talent carried her. Adventureland…please, it was only good because of Jesse Eisenberg whom I’ve liked since the Squid and the Whale, and it wasn’t even that good.

      • lelie

        … I love you, jessica.

      • shea

        Gosh, this just made me burst out laughing. 100% dead on.

      • bob

        Kristen is the greatest young actor of her generation. This part is perfect for her and will no doubt continue to showcase her awesome ability to carry a movie.

      • Jenny

        Thank you! 100% agree.

      • susie

        hahaha Bob hahahaha
        you just like to see your name here don’t you?

    • demented

      Yes, I’ve seen her other roles. Her best ones are where she just starts there looking gloomy. Her worst ones are where she’s required to talk and play an attractive character.

      Also: lip-biting, mouth-breathing, twitching, hair-pawing and monotone.

    • Jenny

      Why do people who like this girl assume that the people who DON’T like her haven’t seen her films? The only movie I found her remotely tolerable/memorable in was Panic Room, and I think that was mostly Jodie Foster playing off of her.
      Speak, she obviously didn’t talk that much. The Runaways, she was playing a hyper version of herself. She wasn’t in Into the Wild long enough to make any sort of impression. Adventureland, she just felt like a complete drag.

    • B

      While I don’t think she is the best young actress around. I think she is doing a good job. have any of you negative morons thought that she was supposed to act that way for the Twilight movies? If she was that bad they would have replaced her less than halfway through shooting the first Twilight. It would not have been the first time that it has been done (Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future) She is supposed to act gloomy in twilight that is part of the plot so I guess she is doing a pretty good job!

      • @B

        Ah, but what’s her excuse for the rest of her films? Either nearly every role she takes requires blankness or gloominess, in which case she clearly has yet to really challenge herself. Or she’s simply playing her blank, gloomy self in everything. Either way, it’s not a good thing.

      • RissaRukus

        When was she “gloomy” in The Runaways, other than at the end when Cherie f*cked them all over? What about “Fierce People”? I don’t deny that she tends to take roles of trouble beings but she always adds variation to her roles. If you say differently, then you are obviously going into the movies with a preconceived notion of what her acting is going to be like. Do you EVER go to her movies without feeling so negative towards her? Probably not. I’m glad that I have given her the chance over her career to watch her grow and blossom as an actress.

    • omeron

      yep, and she was bad or forgettable at best.

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