Michael Moore sues Weinstein brothers over 'Fahrenheit 9/11' profits

Filmmaker Michael Moore filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles court today alleging Harvey and Bob Weinstein defrauded Moore from at least $2.7 million in profits from his 2004 film Fahrenheit 9/11. The suit claims the Fellowship Adventure Group — the company the Weinstein brothers formed specifically to release Moore’s white-hot button documentary, in partnership with Lionsgate and IFC Films — and Moore agreed to a 50/50 split of the profits from the film, but the Fellowship Adventure Group “failed and refused to share equally in the fruits of the venture as the partners agreed.” (Fahrenheit 9/11 brought in $222.4 million in worldwide box office, and remains the highest-grossing documentary of all time.) The suit is also seeking punitive damages.

When reached by EW, Bert Fields, the lawyer for the Weinsteins, stated that Moore has received more than $20 million for Fahrenheit 9/11, and “he’s not entitled to another dime.” Fields also calls the lawsuit’s claims of accounting misconduct “absolute baloney.”

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  • Jaymii


    • George

      you clearly did not read the article. it is F.A.G.

    • Josh

      S A G = Screen Actors Guild
      F A G = Fellowship Adventure Group

  • Liva

    In the end, who’s really to know. But… I’d sway away from thinking accounting in film is completely on the up-and-up.

    • Rush

      Michael Moore shows his true capitalist heart.

      • Liva

        I think he’s an idealist. If he can prove accounting subterfuge, then I’m glad he’s taking them on. It bugs the life out of me when those who create (whatever the content) are bamboozled out of what is rightfully their due.

  • joblo

    I thought million dollar profits were bad, Michael Moore. You want millions more PLUS punitive damages? Oh, the irony.

    • Teena


      • Joe

        Yep, on a howard stern interview when his last movie came out he said he does not make any money off his movies, he is not a millionaire, etc. What a lier, wonder what else he lies about…

      • liza

        He lies about global warming. . .and healthcare.

      • Jeff S

        Yeah Liza, global warming is pretend, even though temperature measurements prove that its real. Argue the reasons for it if you wish, but don’t fight the thermometer.

      • Ultravox

        Hey Joe. It is spelled “liar”.

    • Scrappy8350


      I’m GLAD that Moore did this, now maybe people can see him for what he really is, a con-artist that stirred up a lot of B.S. controversy to line his pockets!!!

      • enoch

        B.S. controversy? Do you work for nothing? Are you a tool who lets people walk all over him? If I had a few million due me I’d sue.

      • clg30949

        Ya think he should get the money if he has it coming, but then I think he should be forced to redistribute his wealth! LOL!

      • Jason

        So youd not care if someone robbed you?…he made a contract and they signed it, they wouldnt have gotten as much money if moores name hadnt been on the movie…now they want to steal his share?…bet they woudnt be so nice if he did it to them..doesnt matter if hes left wing or not..if you do a job and you sign a contract you abide by it or off to court you go

      • aaron

        Yeah, Michael Moore is the reason people are dying because privately owned insurance companies aren’t covering their medical bills. It turns out they want to make a profit. What?! Quit causing problems Michael Moore! Scrappy shouldn’t have to know about what’s going on outside his/her stupid little world. I’m embarrassed for the lack of sympathy and empathy in this country.

    • Richard Valois

      how do you know what he’s doing with the money? None of your business really. He could be giving it to charity for all you know. Do you think it’s fair that he shouldn’t get the money agreed upon? Should it go into the multi millionaire Weinstein Bros. instead?

      • J

        I know what he is doing with it, buying tubs of lard to eat.. He’s soo fat!

      • paul ray

        Wasn’t this his gripe about wall streets greed, and the insurance biz, and the auto makers? Geesh talk about a hypocrite of the nth degree

      • Jason

        J..hes american..fat is the new citizenship badge..an american that isnt fat is some celeb trying to sell themselves on jenny craig

      • aaron

        J, you’re an idiot. Go lay down.

        Paul Ray, are you really comparing letting someone die for a profit and taking someone else’s money with asking to be compensated for a job? I can’t believe that your vote is equal to mine.

    • badhouse

      shows how much you listen to him. typical but sad. as a side note, essentially 100% of everything he’s said in ALL his movies turned out to be true! ahhh the irony.

      • FromFlint

        Glad he’s sueing. He shoould do a doc on this!

    • Ct dude

      Let’s see what you would do if you weren’t payed monies due to you. Don’t tell me…..you’d just be a punk and do nothing. What a cabrone

    • steven STEVENS

      wish i could remember the charities but moore dose do much good in and around flint with his earnings..he is very much loved in flint mi.

      • MrMarine2U

        Of course he’s loved in Flint. He’s the only one bringing in money to that crime ridden, God-foresaken hell hole. I felt safer walking through Iraq nude than through Flint in a tank. I’d likely never make through in a tank. The natives would’ve stripped it faster than the ignition could be started. Moore and Flint deserve each other.

      • Jeff S

        Why were you walking nude through Iraq? I thought DADT was still in effect until recently.

  • Jordan

    How bout giving that money to a charity supporting the victims families, or our soldiers.

    • Jack Mehoffer

      Give the money to murderers/soldiers. Because victimizing people that have suffered just isn’t enough. Long live the SLA

      • Hah

        I thought your first comment was much more intelligent.

      • Tim McVeigh

        Baby killers!!!

  • SickOfConservatives

    OK neocon lunatics, get your hands out of Moore’s pockets. I swear nobody can make money except you tired people. Sit down and shut up.

    • Hah

      See comments from joblo and del taco.

    • Adam

      You are an idiot. This guy spends his whole life bashing Capitalism. Except when it’s his turn to belly up at the troth. Then we have foaming at the mouth moron’s like you shouting and name calling because you can’t argue you point with any fact’s or logic.You left wing hypocrite.

      • Gena

        How is it “his turn to belly up to the troth” (trough maybe?)by not getting his contractual pay? Maybe you need to google “Capitalism” to really understand what it is. He is not a “capitalist” because he wants his check.. he is a normal working person. It’s one thing to hate him for his views but siding against him because of them when he has a justifiable complaint is ridiculous. You wouldn’t put up with it if your employer did it to you, so stop being a hypocrite.

      • Jason

        Just because your rich doesnt mean you cant be working class or left wing, goerge soros manages it and was also the largest donor to charities in the last year giving some $300m plus…hes rich but cares about people and is if you believe fox spews a left winger

    • LiberalDoucheBag

      Let’s throw him to the wolves.

      • Jeff S

        Your Queen Sarah already shot all the wolves, because she loves the healthy ecology of Alaska.

  • dee123

    Aren’t they also being sued by Kathy Conrad a producer on the first 3 Scream films but was “shut out” of the 4th?

  • Randy

    This from the man who blatantly ripped off Ray Bradbury’s title for Fahrenheit 911.

    • Colin

      That’s the whole point…


      • Fert

        Randy & Colin Fahrenheit 451 was the title of Bradbury’s book. It is not the same title and it is not a ripped off title by any legal standard. It is obviously a direct reference to an iconic American classic novel dealing with relevant material. Not only would it not entitle Bradbury’s estate to damages, but in no way excludes Moore’s claims for damages for royalties not received

    • Mark C

      Cultural reference =/= ripoff. And you =/= too bright.

      • Randy

        Moore certainly has the right to all of the royalties that he is due but his heavy handed use of Bradbury’s original title was downright uncool. So what if he changed three digits?! In the end the phrase Fahrenheit with any numbers attached to it will engender mistaken comparisons to the original novel. What Bradbury was really worried about was how the confusion of titles would affect any future film adaptations Fahrenheit 451. Sam Weller’s Bradbury Biography addresses that very thing.

    • SalSal Gamboni

      They were going to call it Centigrade 488.33333333333337, but the Weinsteins objected.

  • del taco

    Michael Moore finally gets greedy.
    After years of accusing corporations and Western Governments of greed, he now has too crossed over to the dark side.
    To say this is ironic, is an a severe understatement.

    • Fert

      Does not compute. Where was the ethical or legal breach on Moore’s part

    • shawn

      big difference between being greedy, and getting what you have earned. Would be no diff than a boss cutting 400 dollars out of your check that you are owed.

    • TheBlackFingerNail

      If you are owed money it is not greedy to ask for it,and if you believe you are being robbed not greedy to fight for it.

    • James

      The most likely reason why they would not pay him money he is owed is because they’d rather keep the money: greed. Thus, he is accusing THEM of being greedy, consistent with what you said he has done in the past.

  • Patricia

    You know I did respect Michael Moore, but that’s over now. The Weinsteins put their necks out on the line over Fahrenheit 9/11. They gave up Miramax to Disney when Disney wouldn’t release the film. Disney parted ways with the Weinsteins, but they had to give up their library of movies. They then started from scratch with a new company to get their independence back. Since then they been near bankruptcy for years, but now they are slowly coming out of it and might get control of Miramax again. Moore knows this, he even mention this this during the first big screening of 9/11, that there was nothing that could repay them for what they did to get the film shown. Disney wanted to sit on the film and never release it, and Moore wouldn’t make a single cent on the film if it hadn’t been for the Weinsteins. All this history including Moore’s early films they produced for a lousy 2.7 million. Sad

    • jonny

      so that gives them the right to steal all the profits that Moore is LEGALLY entitled to?!?! AHHAHAHAH grow a brain.

  • Kim Kardasian

    I wish Michael Moore would take off his tarp/shirt and let those bewbs loose. Wahoo

    • Jeff S

      I usually won’t post a comment just to say “LOL” but wow: EL-OH-EL! The use of “tarp” really set off the overall comment. Well played, Kim…well played.

  • George W. Bush

    I am eagerly awaiting the next Michael Moore film.

  • Paul

    What a hypocrite! For years Moore has bashed capitalism, greed, and people making millions of dollars. Now, he has the nerve to ask for millions. Duh Michael…those millions, which is from capitalism, is greedy. All three things you’ve bashed for years. Hypocrite! Why don’t you walk the walk? Why don’t you stand by your “views?” Why don’t you have a spine!

    • Fert

      i have to say while I don’t agree with a lot of Michael Moore’s opinions, he has been quite philanthropic, and has donated a lot of money to causes and foundations that support his beliefs

      • DJB

        ummmm Macdonalds and Taco Bell are not charities….

    • Kelly

      You obviously have never seen a Michael Moore film. He doesn’t bash capitalism–He bashes greed and impropriety. Capitalism, if done right, is fine in Moore’s book.

      • Terri

        Agree completely. You hit the nail right on the head.

      • bob

        He also bashes the 100% complete truth by cherry picking the facts that back up whatever it is he’s trying to prove. The “facts” he used in “bowling for columbine” are woefully incomplete.

      • veggiedude

        “The “facts” he used in “bowling for columbine” are woefully incomplete.”

        Umm, The “facts” used in “the search for WMD’s” are woefully incomplete.

      • Ryan

        I would hope that he finds some form of capitalism to be beneficial. After all, he does make living pillaging the truth in the name of the mighty dollar. Such irony. Such a slob.

      • DJB

        What? He is a socialist who will lie and fabricate things to deface capitalism.

    • law on my side

      Some people to learn about contracts and rules created by elected officials

  • John

    This coming from a man who clearly stated that ALL profits would be donated to charity? Google this.

    • Fert

      He has been very generous, and i would assume he plans on making sure the profits he believes he rightfully earned should go to the causes he supports

    • Gunner

      It does not negate his right to have his contract honored 100%. If he balks on a pubilc pledge afterward that is something he must deal with. However, it is his money to pursue… and not the charities that would receive the monies were he to prevail.

  • LOL

    Making movies takes money.

  • JayG

    At LAST — Moore could afford to get a new cap, buy himself one better than a beat up car, and move out of his decrepit Flint neighborhood. I mean 20 million, c’mon — the dude’s got to feed his family, right? On a side note, he’s a some time resident of the Upper East Side and the only folks he’s fooling with his “down home blue collar” act are cretins. Go, Michael, go.

    • Hubert the Two-Footed Marsupial

      Feeding Michael Moore has to be expensive — he needs the money.

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