Kevin Smith says he's retiring. So does Steven Soderbergh. Former indie wunderkinds, we hardly knew ye!

Announcing that you plan to retire while you’re still in your prime used to be the special province of pop stars. Read the full post.

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  • IK

    All that money, and he still can’t loose wait.

    • edl

      All those free online dictionaries and you still can’t spell

      • Shannon


      • Julie

        LOL, best comment on this whole post

  • c.j.k

    “All that money, and he can’t loose… wait a minute I’m an ignorant f**k.”

    Loose: opposite of tight.
    Wait: hold on, stay… you’re a goddamn idiot.

  • dominic

    Kevin Smith is such a slob. Why don’t people shave properly today? Seriously, he looks like a total slob. People that don’t shave always give off the impression that they don’t have any real world skills. One of the keys to success is to look like you care about how you look. This guy clearly doesn’t.

    • Mike

      I think that is a silly statement. He has a nice trimmed beard. Saying someone is a slob because of that is saying everyone has to fit your ideal, a cultural trend. Abraham Lincoln had a beard most of the time, one of the greatest president in American history, was he a slob too? Historically man have worn beard more than not, especially when razor were not common place.

  • Amy

    I always felt that Kevin Smith would make better movies if he could get out of the way of his own stories. His movies are so “him;” just by reading the dialogue you can tell it’s a Kevin Smith movie. In a way, that’s great. In another way, sometimes the story is hard to get to. It’s “The Story According to Kevin Smith” and it’s hard to let the character development or acting choices cut through.

    I see there’s mad love for Chasing Amy on here, and I just have to say, I hate that movie. I thought it was unrealistic and more than slightly ridiculous, and it was another situation where the endless blathering dialogue and trademark “Kevin Smith” humor wouldn’t let the story progress or the actors act.

    Kevin Smith is basically famous for having been a famous director at one point. I think once Judd Apatow came along, and people saw what SMART, tightly-written crude humor could be like, Kevin’s movies started looking a little shabby – and then when Todd Phillips came along, the nail was in the coffin. You wouldn’t be able to tell, from reading the script, that a movie was a Todd Phillips movie (although I do hate that he has to cameo in all of his movies – I hate that about Jon Favreau too, though). Kevin Smith had a schtick and it was funny for awhile, but then the movies stopped being about real people talking about real things and started being about KEVIN SMITH, and that’s where they lost me. I want to watch a director take on a good story and let his well-chosen, talented actors bring the story forth. There are so much actors can do to nuance a script if they’re given the leeway by the director. When Kevin Smith is the director, there are no nuances, it’s just Kevin. It got tiresome for me about five movies ago.

  • Mike

    I think if you look at some of the movies Clint Eastwood has made in the last decade it debunks any ideal that directing is for young people only. It may vary from person to person. How much drive they have. How young they feel. However, age is not an all encompassing factor.

  • Mike

    I think that is a silly statement. He has a nice trimmed beard. Saying someone is a slob because of that is saying everyone has to fit your ideal, a cultural trend. Abraham Lincoln had a beard most of the time, one of the greatest president in American history, was he a slob too? Historically man have worn beard more than not, especially when razors were not common place.

  • TheIntersect

    “on one of the antic road-show speaking tours”

    How do you mess that up?

  • Norm Nelson

    Interesting Soderbergh wants to paint
    that’s what Im doing since HD killed
    film the brush holds more art

  • Sarah Palin

    Since we are all pretending to be someone here, why not?

    And, oh yeah… YOU BETCHA!

    P.S. I read the posts that Kevin made here many moons ago. That’s him…. he even posted links on his message-board so there would be no doubt. Nuff said.

  • Darrell

    Clerks 2 was HORRIBLE…it took eevrything that was great about Clerks, and threw it away…

  • Bill Kilpatrick

    Kevin Smith has reason to hang up his spurs. He was a nineties sensation and the nineties are long gone. The 2000s are not so kind to Smith, and his last flick was so bad it hurt – even on video. But Smith has undeniable talent. He just needs to get his head out of his crack pipe. To be fair, he’s in a kind of Catch 22, where he’s either doing the same thing over and over and over – or selling out. There’s got to be a sweet spot between the extremes of Clerks III and some Disney flick that should never be helmed by Kevin Smith. As for Soderbergh, he was better off when he was just making films to suit his own curiosity and creative cravings, back when creative genius could sustain a commercial bomb – and life went on. Far too much, directors’ ambitions are centered on dazzling us when maybe they focus more on finding a story worth telling and tell it well. In Soderbergh’s case, there may be a little too much analysis paralysis, a little too much need to rock the world with art for the sake of art. When did making movies cease to be fun? Probably when making them had to be a reinvention of the medium – every single time at bat. Who can live with such overblown expectations?

  • Dan

    Smith has been peddling the “I’m giving up” line for years. These grand farewells are like the Hollywood version of James Brown on stage. There’s Smith, sweating out his stuff. Oh, he’s fainting, he’s turning, he’s giving in! There’s Jason Mewes to put the cape over his shoulder – but no! He’s back! Wow.

    James L Brooks is hardly prolific and when he has a movie in him, he makes it. But he hardly comes out of retirement to do so. Why sweat it? Kevin Smith puts more into his monologues and tours now anyway. Maybe that’s his problem, he’s spreading himself too thin.

    As for directing being a young man’s game, maybe these young guys feel older than they are. John Huston directed classics of the 40s (“Maltese Falcon” and “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”) and then comes back 25 years later in his late sixties to direct one of the greatest movies of the 70s, “The Man Who Would Be King”. Not a bad example to follow.

    • spiek78

      Yay! Great movie, great director… John Huston!

  • Salsa Shark

    I love Kevin Smith because I love his characters, the dialog, and making a story happen out of common situations. I’m glad he hit his stride during my highschool/college years and I love how Clerks 2 “grew up.” And as a hockey fan, thank you! We need more hockey references in film. Can’t wait for the new movie.

    For all you haters, I look forward to critiquing your films. Oh wait, all you have is a flipcam and a YouTube channel. B*tches.

  • Darth Randal

    Did someone just give Jud Apatow love? Sorry but any good will generated by “40 year old Virgin” was erased when I got stuck watching “Funny people.” I least I didn’t get suckered into watching Jersey Girl.

  • Browncoat Jack

    I have loved all of Kevin Smith’s movies (yes, Jersey Girl, too) save for the one he didn’t write (Cop Out). His work speaks to me as few other writer/directors do, and when the balance was off, as it was in Cop Out, it didn’t work for me. I’m looking forward to Red State and Hit Somebody, and I hope Kev will return to the View Askew-verse after he takes some much deserved time off.

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