Marion Cotillard joins 'The Dark Knight Rises': report

marion-cottilardImage Credit: Toby Canham/Getty ImagesOscar-winner Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) is reuniting with her Inception director, Christopher Nolan, for The Dark Knight Rises, according to People. Though it’s unclear what role she will be playing, the pregnant actress — who’s expecting in April — joins a cast that already includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and newcomers Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy.

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  • JLC

    Love Marion Cotillard, but Nolan’s movies are beginning to resemble the old Universal and Warner Brothers’ stock companies. “Look, there’s Dwight Frye!”

    • K


      • SXiPPY

        Right, I’m not sure what’s so wrong with that? I like it when a director reutilizes members from a former production, by incorporating them into diverse roles that set them apart from the last time they’ve worked together. Tim Burton does it and still Johnny Depp merits critical and fan accolades alike, so what’s the problem here?

      • JLC

        After awhile, you start playing a game of “spot the regular.” “This movie can’t be over yet. Michael Caine hasn’t appeared.” It doesn’t ruin the film, but seeing the same people over and over can take you out of the film somewhat.

      • paulie

        How does “spot the regular” take you out of the film more than any other casting spoilers?

      • Kris

        I do have to agree, it wont ruin the movie but when a director works with the same group of people all the time his movie get a bit familiar. Tim Burton does it far too much with Johnny Depp and (after Alice in Wonderland) he’s been criticized for being lazy and falling into a familiar pattern. It has also hindered Johnny Depp’s performances as he’s gotten too comfortable working with Burton.

      • Brett

        It certainly helps that the actors Nolan uses are incredibly diverse and the scripts they’re enacting are such original and daring pieces of work. You forget that Michael Caine has worked in as many Nolan films as he has, for example.

      • Alex

        Christian Bale was nothing like Bruce Wayne in the Prestige. As someone else said, Cillian Murphy was nothing like the Scarecrow in Inception. I don’t know why people are making such a big deal of this, though, aside from Michael Caine, it seems like a lot of the actors Nolan works with more than once have been in two films (or three, counting the Bat-films, but their inclusions make sense with continuity), and really Murphy’s part in TDK was one scene, and Caine was in two or three scenes in Inception — hardly the significance of his characters in the Batman films and The Prestige.

      • Sally

        I see nothing wrong with it. In fact I think it is a good thing when director and actor work together on multiple projects – means both have the same work ethic and connection.

    • Johnification

      Ha, yes! I actually welcome a bit more of that in today’s system. Back then it was fun to see big names occasionally turning up as members of an ensemble or as bit players under contract. The main reason it fell out of use was because the contract system led to a lot of actor rights abuse. With that no longer a concern in the free agency system, it would be cool to watch more directors and troupes do this.

      • paulie

        I agree. A cast that works together frequently builds rapport that can shine through.

      • Kelly

        A la the Christopher Guest movies like “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind.” It’s the same people who appear, but you love to see them in new roles.

      • C Men

        A Mighty Wind sucked. Or should I say it blew?

    • Rob Grizzly

      I’m kind of with JLC on this one. Cotillard is classy for sure, but directors falling on the same actors over and over again can seem a bit lazy, or tiresome casting-wise. Especially when HALF the cast of his last movie are returning. Yes, it CAN be distracting to the film for some viewers. Scott and Crowe, the OTHER Scott and Denzel, DiCaprio and Scorsese. Burton and Depp of course have become a joking cliche.

      • Chris

        It all depends on the actors and the directors. No one complains that the Coen brothers use a lot of the same actors in their films (with exceptions), or that Samuel L Jackson is in almost every Tarantino movie. So far Nolan’s movies have featured exceptional actors excelling at their roles (even in Inception where most were barely written characters). Cillian Murphy created a completely new character in Inception that was nothing like his Scarecrow role, and he was great. Caine, however, had absolutely no reason to be in Inception. He just made a cameo as a very Alfred-like character.

      • Bre

        Of course half of the cast is returning- this is the third movie in the trilogy. You can’t get new actors for the same roles in the same franchise.

    • Webster Coogan

      Too bad that Nolan can’t (or won’t) write woemn decently. In a cast that’s already this crowded, and a director that’s (in)famous -among other things- for writing cardboard-thin female characters, how much we wanna bet that once again, Cotillard, an extraordinary actress, will be underused in a role that will be as one-dimensional as her Inception part?
      Anne Hathaway will also be a victim of this…

      • A-K87

        Geeez, give the guy a chance. He’s made 7 films where arguable the main theme in each is male obsession. The blokes only 40 for crying out loud!

        Give him a chance!! Does it occur to you that he might not be interested in writting about women? That doesnt automatically make him a failed writter/director or a bigot or sexist.

  • KC

    Ra’s daughter?

    • Nicotine

      Talia Al Ghul is a great guess.

      With Anne playing Selina Kyle and Marion playing Talia, Batman should be crazy in lust this next movie.

      • Flip

        The only woman Bruce loves is Selina. Talia is an evil skank.

      • Chris

        You do know Bruce and Talia had a child together, right?

    • Stacie

      Sex! Batsex? Please.

      • Cat


    • Brett

      Martha Wayne, in flashbacks.

    • Brian

      Didn’t Ras say his family was killed in “Begins?”

  • Rene

    OMFG!!!!! The greatest news of the day!!!

    • Gigi

      So true.

    • jk

      She’s so hot!

  • dublin


  • Mike

    Awesome… The casting needs to stop here though… he doesn’t want to get the cast too big and not be able to showcase all of its stars.

    • HoldMeCloserTonyDanza

      I like it when there are large casts of great actors. It really shows who is capable of working in an ensemble and who isn’t. I prefer ensembles to one star and a bunch of second raters that dont’ really know what’s up.

  • Mole

    Talia. Boom. Done. Also? Awesome. And echoing an above comment, there is a little “rep company” action happening with Nolan (look at The Prestige, too), but with actors this good, I am beyond ok with that.

    • DUH

      agreed. i’d be perfectly happy watching this troupe he’s amassed in pretty much everything.

  • schaden


  • Slimer

    I hope she gets more screen time than Hathaway.

    • AB

      I hope she’s replacing Hathaway.

    • sunsetsnow81

      I agree with you because I have never found Hathaway appealing. Marion Cotillard on the other hand is great to watch.

  • Niix Starkyller

    Holy Star Power, Batman!

  • Thalia

    This cast is simply epic. As long as the cast also includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this movie should be amazing.

    • Mole

      At that point we should start to wonder if Talia will be trying to incept Batman.

      • markinnyc

        That’s why rich people like Bruce Wayne and Jack Donnahgy don’t sleep on planes.

      • A-K87

        Love 30 Rock eternally for that line

      • Bre

        If I see a silver suitcase in this film I’m going to have trouble accepting the rest of the movie happened in reality

  • jmcg

    Now, she should be Catwoman! Not that homely Anne Hathaway.

    • Kim

      Thing is, Anne Hathaway was cast as Selina Kyle who IS homely. I think she can transform to the sexy Catwoman. While I can see Marion Cotillard as Catwoman, I can’t imagine her be homely enough to be Selina Kyle.

      • Flip

        Um, Selina Kyle is not homely. Have you read the comics or are you basing that off of Batman Returns’ “mousy” Selina?

    • paulie

      I will bet a thousand dollars that Anne Hathaway is much more attractive than you.

      • C Men

        Are we using the Rogers Scale here?

  • Flip

    Ugh, hopefully not as the sleazy, skanky Talia Head.

  • bamalam

    Now if Joseph Gordon-Levitt is included…this will be a regular Inception reunion! Is it at all possible that Ellen Paige can join?

    • Kim

      Ellen Paige can be Harley Quinn. Lol.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Ellen Paige would ruin it.

    • Amanda

      Joe should be listed. Nolan still hasn’t confirmed it, but it’s pretty much a fact he’s in this. There are stories about it everywhere. Also, I’m half expecting to see Ellen or Leo added to the cast as well. LOL And I wouldn’t mind one bit.

      • Bre

        He might as well just add them in, really. I mean everyone wants him to, and it’d be super epic. But I really want him to do an Inception 2 after this.

  • tracy bluth

    YAY!!! I was hoping she’d join! It would be great if she played Talia, but she’d be amazing in any role.

  • sally


    • A-K87

      Is she not classy, talented or beautiful enough for you, Sally??

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