Razzie Awards: 'The Last Airbender' earns Worst Picture, Director, and 'Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3-D'

aang-airbenderImage Credit: Industrial Light & MagicThe Last Airbender was the big, er, winner at the 31st Annual Razzie Awards, announced tonight in a special ceremony in Hollywood. Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan’s martial arts fantasy earned Golden Raspberry trophies for Worst Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Supporting Actor, along with a new category for 2010, “Worst Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3-D.” All four main actresses from Sex and the City 2, meanwhile, shared the Worst Actress award, and the film’s entire cast bagged the Worst Ensemble Award.

Unfortunately, unlike last year when Worst Actress winner Sandra Bullock actually showed up to receive her trophy for All About Steve (the night before she won an Academy Award for Best Actress for The Blind Side), no one picked up their award in person this year.

Check out the “winners” in all the categories below, and don’t miss our Razzies on-the-scene report

Worst Picture: The Last Airbender

Worst Director: M. Night Shyamalan, The Last Airbender

Worst Actor: Ashton Kutcher, Killers and Valentine’s Day

Worst Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon, Sex and the City 2

Worst Supporting Actor: Jackson Rathbone, The Last Airbender and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Worst Supporting Actress: Jessica Alba, The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete, and Valentine’s Day

Worst Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3-D: The Last Airbender

Worst Screen Couple / Worst Screen Ensemble: The entire cast of Sex and the City 2

Worst Screenplay: M. Night Shyamalan, The Last Airbender

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel: Sex and the City 2

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  • Nanam

    I was certain Ashton Kutcher would show up.

    • jake

      This is outrageous, Ashton Kutcher is one of the most likeable and great actors who can do both comedy and drama — don’t think he can act — catch him in personal effects with michelle pfeiffer. He is definitely not the worst actor. Once again, they just want to go with who will get the most press.

      • Ian

        Lots of great actors have been awful in awful movies. Get over it…

      • Nathan

        Kutcher sucks, always has and always will.

      • Kvivik

        Kutcher should have stuck with modeling or producing. He was hoping for a John Travolta/”welcome back, Kotter” successful turnaround after “that 70’s Show”, but he isn’t nearly good enough to pull that off.
        He should stick to projects where he doesn’t open his mouth on screen. Then he will be truly successful.

      • Lewis

        LOL, Personal Effects was a terrible movie, and Kutcher was terrible in it. There’s a reason that film went straight to DVD.

      • jthunders

        You’re joking right? Ashton Kutcher is TERRIBLE!. The only reason people cast him is because of his looks. He’s the male version of Megan Fox.

      • Jerry

        Are you serious? Ashton Kutcher’s continuing success is exhibit A of why Hollywood sucks. He plays the same role in everything, I’m assuming that he’s just being himself, and he blows at it. He’s like the Tony Danza for the 21st century. Except Tony Danza could act!

      • Topher

        Did someone just say Tony Danza can act?

      • Jack

        Yeah, the comment right before you.

      • Matt

        Ashton Kutcher has the body of a 12 year old boy. Jesus with all that money you’d think he’d get a personal trainer and bulk up a bit. Goofy and lanky will only get you so far…

    • jj

      The best year was when Tom Green showed up with his own red carpet

  • Grubi

    I wish they wouldn’t combine all the movies that the actor/actress was in that year. That’s just stupid. Not to mention talking about all four of the actresses from Sex and the City 2 as if they were one person.

    • Steph

      but all those movies were rubbish

    • Joe

      I don’t even get how they won/were nominated. Yes, the movie was bad. But the acting wasn’t. They are good actresses who had a bad plot to work with.

      • AntonioSaucedo

        Agreed; none of them are bad actresses; they’re just in a horrible movie

      • Ethan

        Because the Razzies are kinda knee-jerk cranky and think they have an easy target

    • RJM

      They should just call it “Person who made the worst career choices”

    • Niix Starkyller

      Yes, because this is a >serious< award process…

      • Gigi

        Go Niix.

  • Jonathan

    Well this just makes me want to see The Last Airbender and SITC 2 even less. It’s really difficult to explain to friends why exactly these are awful movies. I guess here’s a bit more proof that I’m right to have not wasted 10 dollars on any of these.

    • Ian

      How could you explain why something you haven’t seen is awful???

    • Jonah

      Of course it’s difficult, you haven’t even watched them!

  • Fit

    I really admire the artists that showed up to accept their awards lol.

    • Kvivik

      Halle Berry was amazing when she accepted hers.
      I thought last year’s irony of Razzie/Oscar Best actress to the same woman was HUGELY funny. Kudo’s to Bullock and Berry for realizing that “worst performance” awards showcase the crappy movie more than the performance and not being embarrassed to admit it.

      • Fit

        Hence the admiration. Both Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock accepted their award with a sense of humor because the Razzies is not supposed to be taken too seriously.

  • Dirk

    I can’t agree with Jessica Alba, at least not for The Killer Inside Me. That was a good movie, and she did a fine job in it. Machete was just a fun, silly movie, and there was nothing wrong with her performance in it. The others I haven’t seen, maybe she deserved it for those. But not for The Killer Inside Me and Machete.

    • Rashy

      agreed, complete crap. Killer Inside Me was great and she played her role perfectly. No one sizzles and looks sexier smoking a cigarette in bed. She was photographed beautifully!!

    • cee

      Thank you. I was just about to comment on that. She was great in Killer inside me and it’s the first time I actually thought of her as an actor.

    • Harvey Dent

      well they are making up for all her bad movies…she is overdue…deal with it

    • octopus

      Uh, I respectfully disagree. To this point I haven’t seen her in any movie that I thought she did a good job so I can’t expect she was actually good in anything she’s done recently (which, admittedly, I haven’t seen). As far as acting skills go, she’s right down there at the bottom with Megan Fox. They’re both just pretty faces.

      • Dirk

        I haven’t seen many of her movies, I guess I’m not a fan of the types of movies she usually does. I have seen the Fantastic Four movies and Sin City. She wasn’t good in FF, but neither was anyoneelse, just poorly done movies, so that doesn’t tell me much. I had no problem with her in Sin City, nothing special, but not bad either. She did a good job in The Killer Inside Me, so I guess she’s a decent enough actress. Machete was supposed to be ridiculous, and she was fine in it. She may well have deserved it for the other two, I don’t know, and likely will never know. As for Megan Fox, I’ve only seen her in the first Transformers movie. The whole movie was dreck, and even actors I know that are usually good, were terrible. So I can’t glean much from that.

    • JP

      Alba deserves it with a bullet. Her getting knocked around in her average role of Killer Inside Me doesn’t forgive the other THREE she got nominated for in one year alone where she was just BAD. There are equally bad actresses nominated, but none with so many bad outings. Alba with a bullet. . .

    • reshamX

      so true man…at least there is no way she deserved to win the razzies for her performance for the killer inside me…i thought she was actually good in the role…this is so very unfair

  • MWeyer

    For all those who suffered the agony of Last Airbender (especially those who loved the awesome cartoon), a fitting “tribute” to that piece of trash.

  • MWeyer

    A fitting pick for Worst Picture indeed (especially for fans of the awesome cartoon).

  • MVaughn

    When they say “worst”, what does that mean? Like does it mean disappointing movie based on prior expectations or just plain bad on all levels. The Razzies should make a category like “most disappointing movie” or “movie we could care less about”. There’s a nuance between the 2 descriptors and I think it’s worth mentioning/dishonoring.

    • Ian

      Who cares? It’s the razzies, not rocket science. Let it go…

  • a person

    I actually liked the Last Airbender! Except the 3D part which i thought was lame, and its still one of the only 3D movies Ive seen!

    • Caroline

      Clearly, you aren’t a fan of the original cartoon.

      • Pat

        I didn’t realize you had to be a fan of the original cartoon in order to see this movie. There are many fans of superhero movie genre who don’t read the comics; does that make them insignificant? If someone enjoys a movie it’s irrelevant whether or not they’ve read the book or the comics they were based on.

      • hmm

        my friend, the movie gutted/butchered the original serie, so you saying you liked it, is like pouring salt to open wound.

      • e

        Not true at all. It was by no means a good movie and nowhere near the excellent cartoon but you dont have to like the source material to enjoy a movie. For example, the Harry Potter movies and books are VERY different, but I enjoy them both equally…..just have to see keep in mind that they are different visions of the same BASIC story

    • TheRealEverton

      It doesn’t count as a 3D movie, it really doesn’t.

  • tori

    I can’t agree with Ashton Kutcher getting Worst Actor. He’s not the greatest actor obviously, but he’s a lot more entertaining to watch than Taylor Lautner. Not to mention Gerard Butler was AWFUL in The Bounty Hunter.

    • PN

      Gerard Butler in The Bounty Hunter was distracting to watch! Overly arrogant and self centered in that movie facing Jennifer Aniston. He’s a much better actor than that filth!!!!

  • LOL

    Who won the George W. Bush Award for all-time worst ______ ?

  • jt

    The Razzies are losing some credibility with some of its choices. Ashton may not be on the level of, say, Andrew Garfield, but he is charming and can act. There are FAR worse actors out there. And the cast of Sex 2…come on. All talented actresses in a not so great movie. They’re just picking big names to bring attention to the ‘awards’. They seriously couldn’t find a worse female performance all year? Or a worse male performance? I say try harder.

    • Niix Starkyller

      You said credibility and Razzies in the same sentence. Cute.

    • Jonah

      Obviously they have to pick from big names; the Razzies will be so boring if they perpetually picked from D-list actors in low-budget direct-to-DVD flicks.

    • California

      This made me think of sometime in 2010 when there was a big fuss made over a movie with Heather Graham that made like $100 or something in a week in the theater (I forget if it was the first week or not). Shouldn’t that movie and Heather have swept the awards??

      • Danny

        This was Motherhood starring Uma Thurman. It played in a theater in London (barely released anywhere and now seen on cable) and made less than $100. It’s not a good movie but not the kind of movie to attract a Razzie – it was just kind of blah and dull and cost very little to make. The Last Airbender cost a fortune and failed on all counts. Anyone can vote for a Razzie. You just need to join the organization for as little as $20 or $25 (I think that’s the price). The membership allows you to nominate, vote and you get tickets to go to the event live. It’s a labor of love/fun, not some big money-making outfit. I was a member for about 5 years but could never attend the event.

  • jake

    The worst movie of the year is actually Skyline and with The american being the most boring.

    • reshamX

      the american boring…come on dude…lets not equate the slow pace here wid boring man

  • PN

    But Sex and the City 2 just did not perform as well as the first one. The soundtrack was better than the movie anyway with its dance heavy sounds.

  • sam

    They truly have to end these awards shows because they really don’t pick the worst, they pick the biggest names they can find just to bring attention to their ridiculous awards ceremony which really serves no purpose. Ashton as worst actor — COME ON!

    • Rob Grizzly

      Agreed completely, sam. You can’t say you dump on the worst of the year, and not have Furry Vengeance anywhere. The Razzies are so annoying, and who really f’ing cares anymore?

      • LOL

        You do.

    • D’s Advocate

      A similar argument can be made for any award show. It’s the nature of the beast.

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