'Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation' clip reveals return of the toybox gang -- EXCLUSIVE

Sometimes even toys need a little play time. Unfortunately, Barbie’s Ken screwed up the vacation plans. That’s the premise of Pixar’s new animated short, Hawaiian Vacation, which picks up with the characters of Toy Story 3 as they settle into their new life with the little girl Bonnie.

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex and Co. have no Toy Story 4 on the horizon, but for now, Disney and Pixar are keeping them active as a sort of animated repertory company of performers, play-acting different scenarios for a series of short films. In this exclusive clip from Hawaiian Vacation, which will premiere before Cars 2 in June, Ken and Barbie take the lead, trying to recreate the tropics in their new owner’s bedroom after the two dolls fail to stow-away with Bonnie on a family getaway. See the clip below:

Director Gary Rydstrom, an Oscar-winning sound designer, previously directed the 2006 Pixar short Lifted, about an alien who is none-too-coordinated with the tractor beam as he tries to abduct a sleeping man from a farmhouse. He talked with EW about what to expect from the Toy Story bunch from here on out.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you get all your voice actors back? Michael Keaton as Ken and Jodi Benson (the voice of the Little Mermaid) as Barbie?
: Everybody. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Don Rickles … My life is complete because I got to meet Don Rickles. I desperately wanted him to make fun of me in our dialogue sessions, but I feel I need to do something more with him, to give him another shot at insulting me.

Maybe the ultimate insult is to not be insulted by Don Rickles?
[Laughs] Can you think of anything worse?

Who’s the most obscure Toy Story character to return in this one?
My favorite is Chuckles the Clown, voiced by Bud Luckey, who’s a longtime Pixar animator and artist [Luckey directed the 2004 bouncy-rabbit short Boundin‘]. So Chuckles gets to sing a romantic Hawaiian love song, written by Mark Mothersbaugh [best known for the ’80s techno band Devo and countless Wes Anderson film scores.]

What inspired the Hawaiian theme? Was the Pixar brain-trust longing for a getaway too?
We wanted to figure out a story that would include everybody, which is crazy because it is under six minutes. It takes place in Bonnie’s room — Woody, Buzz and Rex and everybody is in on it. Ken wants to take Barbie on a perfect vacation to Hawaii by stowing away in Bonnie’s backpack, but they get left behind in the middle of winter while she goes off without them. Ken kind of screwed up. [Laughs] Barbie probably does all the planning, and he tried to plan this one.

Toy-Story-HAWAIIImage Credit: Disney/Pixar

What motivates the other toys to recreate the islands for them?
All the toys see how devastated Ken is. As toys who get played with all the time they have a pretty good imagination. When it’s time for a little play-acting, they’re pretty good at it. And all the toys have different abilities and skills. Woody becomes kind of the leader, like whatshisname on Love Boat.

Captain Stubing?
Captain Stubing! And Slinkydog becomes a porter at a hotel, and Mrs. Potatohead becomes a great tour guide. Mr. Pricklepants plays a couple different roles, since he likes to be theatrical. It was fun to think of the things they could do to make the magic of Hawaii come alive in Bonnie’s room.

It’s like they’re theater actors in a repertory company, performing all these different roles.
It is. If you think about these toys, they get played with and it’s like putting on a show. Here they get to put on a show for their own purpose. They know they’re not in Hawaii, but Ken really wanted to take Barbie on this romantic trip to Hawaii because he was hoping they could have their first kiss. He’s got some pretty strong motivation. The other toys in the room are willing to play along.

Another Toy Story short will be shown before the new Muppet movie in November. Are you involved with it, and can you say anything about it?
They haven’t announced what that one’s about, but the idea is to try making more. There are several stories being worked on, different shorts in the pipeline. We discovered with these characters that it’s not necessarily easy to come up with stories for Toy Story shorts, but it certainly is fun and there’s a rich vein of material.

Toy-Story-HAWAII2_450.jpg Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

Is there a chance of a Toy Story 4, or if you answer that will I only hear the sound of John Lasseter kicking down your door and dragging you away?
[Laughs] I don’t know if there’s any longterm plan. Everybody feels Toy Story 3 was the perfect end to that trilogy of films, but what happens down the road with features hasn’t been decided. Short films don’t go into the big, grand thematic stories of the features, but we get to spend time with the characters. Also, there were great characters introduced in Toy Story 3 that are wonderful. Mr. Pricklepants, whom Timothy Dalton plays, and Jeff Garlin does Buttercup, Bonnie Hunt does Dolly, and Kristen Schaal does Trixie [the girl dinosaur]. We kinda get to know them in Toy Story 3, but we got to use them in Hawaiian Vacation and give them more to do.

So we can count on seeing many more Toy Story stories in the short-format?
The characters are too cool to let go. Shorts are a great way to keep them alive.

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  • ST

    I’m on the fence about a Toy Story 4. I LOVED all the movies and 3 really was the perfect ending. Would 4 be as good? I don’t know. I would definitely go see it if they did it though. In the meantime, these shorts are a good way to keep in touch with the characters. Hopefully they’ll release a DVD of the shorts (by themselves) at some point.

    • SN

      We want more! We want more!

      • haha

        Making money isn’t so terrible. Certainly, enough people with it went to go see TS3. But I think it’s time to move Buzz and Woody to the Disney Channel and focus on the new stuff.
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      • Scab

        No we don’t! No we don’t!

        Pitch perfect ending to the series in TS3. Time for some fresh Pixar stories.

    • Dave

      It’s a SHORT, not a full blown movie.

  • Tim

    Given the time and effort it takes to do these, please stop at 3 and carry this on with shorts. If you have to re-visit a Pixar movie for sequels, please do The Incredibles, or Cars, but don’t drag Toy Story 4 out just to make money.

    • GoddessLu

      Amen. I love animated shorts anyway–they are the only Oscar nominated films that I ALWAYS make sure to see.

    • OT

      For real. Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending.

      • Theones

        This tune popped into my head so I kehcced it and finally found it as this song.Watching this brought back so many memories, childhood memories sitting down and watching toy story for the first time. How you should enjoy your childhood while it lasts.I am actually gonna download this song, I actually love it and its great for remembering things when you’re sad.

    • Dave

      I agree. Toy Story 3 was so perfect and ended so beautifully. But I would like it if they did continue to do shorts every now and then, which it seems like they will do.

    • Anya

      We’d love to see another Incredibles movie too.

    • Bre Rose

      The Incredibles sequel NEEDS to happen

    • DAISHI

      Well if you look at the Toy Story 2 struggle, they’re definitely opposed to making sequels just to cash in. They’ve been pretty adamant about wanting a good story to tell. So while I think TS3 was a great finale, if the storytellers have a good story to tell with these characters, I’m all for it.

  • Rebecca

    Heh, sounds like Gary Rydstrom got mixed up. Bonnie Hunt voices Dolly, not Bonnie the little girl. I also second the idea to keep the series going as shorts. The third movie ended things on the right note.

  • Sue Sylvester

    Making money isn’t so terrible. Certainly, enough people with it went to go see TS3. But I think it’s time to move Buzz and Woody to the Disney Channel and focus on the new stuff.

  • Chelsea

    I want to know what happened to Bo Peep!

    • hobbes242

      Wasn’t there a moment in TS3 where they mentioned losing Bo Peep in a yard sale or something?

      • Chelsea

        Yeah, I guess I just found it sad that she got separated from Woody and the gang. Hopefully she’s with some cool toys. Like creepy Furby.

    • tanya

      me too! : )

    • Anya

      When I heard Woody talk about toys that ended up in yard sales, Bo was mentioned. At that moment, I envisioned a reunion at the end. When the credits rolled and they had the little clips, I was sure there would’ve been a scene when Bonnie’s mom shows up, and in a sing-song voice says “Boonneeey! Look what I picked up at the yard sale next door?” Bonnie squeals “Little Bo Peep! Oh no! She’s lost her sheep. Sheriff Woody will help you find your sheep”.

      • Color Me Impressed

        And then Woody and Bo look at eachother and smile? D*mn, that would have been perfect!

      • Chelsea

        I would’ve loved that.

  • hobbes242

    I agree that Toy Story 3 finished the story off nicely. Doing Toy Story 4 would make Pixar a lot of money, but it could damage their credibility with a lot of fans. I think doing shorts will be a great way to connect with these characters once in a while.

  • Alvin

    All great things must come to an end. Hopefully, they’ll continue with these characters in short films rather than theatrical films. They ended the TOY STORY trilogy perfectly. And I don’t want to spend any more money on boxed sets.

  • Jack

    Not to be “that guy” but last we saw them Barbie and Ken were at the daycare not with the others. Although they could have “backpacked” there or something I suppose.

    • Chelsea

      In the clip they say that they backpacked.

    • Cambo211

      It shows you them getting out the backpack right at the beginning

    • Rashmi

      Loot at dem THIGHS!In the US 8 inches tralenatss to a bigger number in the metric system. I think it was created out of envy, or something.My question now is how did Kevin see a box? And where was said box, as well as it’s dimensions?For some reason I just keep lookin’ at those thighs, and I’m getting a very visual picture of the backside underneath that red coat. Is it me or is this happening to anyone else?

  • Doug

    Did anyone else notice the little lego figurines in the backpack? How awesome is that?

    • Voodoo

      I know! I loved them, more please.

      • Baim

        Its an awesome idea, but I woldun’t have it made as a Toy Story 4. (Just because TS3 ended so well) If anything it should be an entire different story, with similar concepts. Just because, Andy is no longer in the picture, it would have a weird feeling to it, it woldunt be Toy Story anymore.It can be called Mii’s space adventure!!!(if u use this title..that would be awesome!!)

  • Mr. Pricklepants

    You spelled Mr. Pricklepants two different ways Mr. Breznican.

  • Damon

    I liked this.

    (When I clicked the link, however, I didn’t look closely at it and thought that Disney & CBS was planning some sort of bizarre Toy Story/Hawaii 5-0 crossover, lol.)

    • J.

      HAH! I thought the exact same thing too!

    • Sue1

      That occured to me too. Love this idea, one of the best stories I’ve seen on EW all day.

    • Ravi

      So many people have ieflad to walk away from their intellectual properties or franchises when the time was appropriate, especially if it was their big break or flag ship creation. And every one I know has lived to regret it (perhaps not financially, but artistically). If there is a 4th Toy Story feature, I’ll have really lost all faith in Pixar. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the first three films, but honestly, folks need to learn to put things to bed.I could go on about the reasons for sequels becoming inbred & contrived, or complain about folks like George Lucas. But I’ll spare your great blog that torment.Cheers Paul, Love your work. Stick to the art though. ;-P

  • thebreadbinman

    I wanna see it, but it’s not worth sitting through Cars 2

    • Ed

      Well it beats sitting through another Shrek or Madagascar or Ice Age flick.

  • Lauren

    Wait – Barbie and Ken don’t belong to Bonnie…right?

    • Lauren

      Never mind. Just read the whole interview and the comments that follow and now I got the gist of things – ignore me, lol.

  • Lala

    I know this short is gonna be like mostly just about Ken and Barbie, but I hope Buzz and Jessie have a moment, too. ;P

  • Anya

    It doesn’t exactly say this, but Ken & Barbie stowed away in Bonnie’s backpack when she was at Sunnyside and ended up back at her house. When they don’t get taken with her to Hawaii, then the gang comes up with the plan to recreate a Hawaiian vacation.

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