Diane Lane will play Martha Kent in new 'Superman'

Diane-Lane-castingImage Credit: Mark Ralston/Getty ImagesWarner Bros. announced today that actress Diane Lane (Secretariat) will play Martha Kent, the adoptive mother of Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), in director Zack Snyder’s new Superman movie. Lane, 46, is the first actor to join the film since Cavill, 27, was cast as the Man of Steel in January. “This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman,” Synder said in the release. “We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.”

The film, produced by Christopher Nolan and scripted by David S. Goyer, is slated for release Dec. 2012.

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  • Bobbi


    • Kendall

      FAIL, I can’t stand the casting of this movie, Brandon Routh is Superman for me, the only worthy successor to Reeve, its not his fault Bryan Singer could not pull it off

      • bill

        Reeve did an amazing job as superman and Rest his soul.. but Reeve is not superman. While i think the casting choice for the new supers is okay, i would have much prefer someone with that old 1950’s tough guys look just like how they portray superman in the comics.. now that is superman.

      • nick

        i totally agree. would love to see a toughguy, not pretty, superman.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Hey why don’t we wait until the movie comes out before we judge?

      • Michael

        Seriously, thank you, Nerwen. None of you know how it’s actually going to be until you see it, so just chill!

      • goose gander

        If WB doesn’t want everybody’s opinions then they should chill on the hype shouldn’t they? Nobody is forcing them to push out this info.

      • Mikey M

        Routh was so wooden. Welling would have been a better choice.

      • jk

        Routh was only doing an impersonation of Reeve, and not a very good one. And yeah, it would be cool to have a tough guy, older looking actor, like the old comics, but I’ll reserve judgement until the movie is out.

      • jk

        And right now Welling is the best Superman out there.

      • elicia

        Routh is Superman? That clearly proves you have no idea who Superman is.

      • Altair

        Everyone’s complaining about the choice of actor for Superman; what I don’t believe is how no-one has a problem with Snyder as Director. I mean, the only thing he’s good at is turning an hour long movie into a three-hour long snore-fest. If you watch his previous movies (Watchmen, 300, etc), that’s what you’ll find; he’s Michael Bay minus the car-porn. Oh and judging by the trailer for ‘Sucker Punch’, it’ll be more of the same. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch it; after all, i am a guy…

      • Brett

        Routh and Welling are both wooden actors. Routh is more like elm, whereas Welling’s more of a Douglas fir.

      • Dude

        Welling is the best current Superman, but John Hamm would have been the best choice. That dude IS Superman.

      • Sith Lord J

        Brandon and Kate careers have never recovery anyone know what happened to Superboy?

      • Mark

        I’m really worried about this movie. but i have to keep telling myself christopher nolan is the producer. i do think they should’ve kept Brandon. superman returns wasn’t his fault. the writers and bryan singer was the cause of that debacle.

        it’s early..wait and see i guess

    • Trenton

      She fits…she so seems like the type of woman who would wear plaid shirts and jeans.

    • harry

      Very Cool!!!

    • Brett

      They should have got her to play Lois. Again, way to young and hot to play old and frumpy Ma Kent. People are going to see Diane Lane as Ma in the beginning and no one is going to care about Lois Lane, all the guys are all going to be dreaming about getting a booty call from Ma.

    • frank garzon

      I think for all the followers of this super heroe,is a mistake to change brandon routh,he is the best first guess in after reeve he is the one,do not ruin a good carrier of this good caracter on brandon routh,he is the right election.or 300 millions of followers can not be wrong.

  • keith

    Awesome! I love Diane Lane.

    • Nathan

      She’ll likely be a heck of a lot hotter than whoever they pick to play Lois Lane.

    • Duder NME

      That’s Judge B*tch!!

      • John

        A Judge Dredd reference…I love it?!
        YOU WILL ACCEPT THE COUNCIL’S DECISION, JUDGE HERSHEY! lol. I like the movie myself and own it on DVD. I happen to like Diane Lane a lot.

      • Brett

        Isn’t that a hoot, Ma Kent is going to be hotter than Lois Lane, because no matter WHO they get to play Lois, none of them are going to be as hot as Diane Lane.


    if only rachel mcadams got the part of lois lane that would be awesome…a dream cast!! and please stop the kevin costner nonsense !!!

    • Michael

      Ooo, Rachel McAdams as Lois, I support that!

      • Nuray

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    • Sarah

      She is my favourite as well. My second choice would be Amy Adams.

      • Trenton

        Lois is this visceral force of nature…Amy Adams is too dainty…

      • Hoani

        Hi, I just saw this video off Evil Mad Scientist Labs, and was wondering what dvaice you might have for someone looking to get in contact with a local Makerspace ( I live in Columbus, OH)? Is there some kind of central site or list?

    • adam

      Rachel McAdams could be good. My personal choice would be Rose Byrne.

      • Sarah

        It is ironic you suggested her, because she acted in I Capture the Castle with Henry Cavill back in 2003.

  • nick

    hmmm. imho, diane lane, who is a fine actress, is too young and hot for this role. i know that’s how smallville did it, but it doesn’t gel for me.

    • Dante

      Annette O’Toole is attractive, but not what I would call “hot”. Diane Lane, on the other hand, is “hot”. And I just don’t see Martha Kent as “hot”! Attractive, beautiful, yeah! Hot? That’s seems off.

      On a side note, if that is a current picture of Diane Lane at the top of the article, WOW!!!!

      • Trenton

        Probably she is playing Martha when Clark is younger not grown up…so unless farm women are by default ugly then no worries

      • bwayne58

        Annette O’Toole not “hot”?? Have you ever seen “Cat People”??!

    • DiMi

      I’ve been a Diane Lane fan since, “A Little Romance,” but I do think she’s too sexy. I can see Clark Kent, especially played by Henry C, stalking her for some cougar action, not calling her Mom. She’s middle-aged, but she looks too young and pretty.

      • Brett

        Clearly, Snyder must have seen “Secretariat” and realized that Lane can play a more mature role while still being attractive.

      • Zoe

        I love a Little Romance! What a sweet flick, and it never runs on cable.

  • disturbing

    Diane was picked because she looks like Annette O’Toole. Before Smallville, Martha Kent never looked like this in any comic book, cartoon, TV show or movie. The ONLY way you can say Diane Lane looks like Martha Kent is if you say she looks like SMALLVILLE’S Ma Kent (O’Toole).

    • Trenton

      I seriously doubt Zack Snyder said lets cast Martha based on Smallville. He is choosing his cast based off talent and not obvious choices…Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent would never be your first thought, but then you think about Field of Dreams and yea, he has that in his wheelhouse

      • awesome

        Someone who looks like Annette O’Toole is the obvious choice to a lazy hack like Snyder, so that’s what we get. Nevermind that Ma Kent NEVER looked like that in any comic book, movie, TV show, or cartoon before Smallville. An actor who looks like John Schnider is the obvious and lazy choice for Pa Kent, so we are getting that too. Nevermind that Pa Kent has never looked like that before Smallville. Lazy hackitude or reverent homage? I pick the former.

      • Trenton

        “Lazy Hack” Seriously? Based on his limited budget for 300 and what he made that in to…lazy, hard-working, dude is smart and talented. Ask anyone of merit, working smart is always preferable to working hard. Where is it written that Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent have to be ugly people in their 40’s or 50’s? Or were they always old people in their 60’s and 70’s? So you hate Martha and John…who would be ur ideal choices then? He wants Viggo for Zod…is that a hack choice as well?

      • Trenton

        Annette was cast b/c she was a part of the Superman Legacy, she played Lana, and she was the right age to play Martha and was available. Smallville always cast people with a connection to the movies: Margot Kidder, Chris Reeve, Terrence Stamp, even Super Girl was cast to play Lara

      • Steph

        I completely agree with everything you wrote, Trenton.

        It’s surprising how people think Lane was picked either because she ‘looks’ like O’Toole or because it’s the “lazy-hack” choice (whaaa?) why is everyone forgetting that fact that O’Toole won the role was not only because she’d a good actress but it also probably had something to do with the fact she played LANA LANG. And as those of us who watched Smallville know, it loves casting actors that have been a part of this Superman legacy.
        Lane and O’Toole don’t even looks alike and have two different acting styles.

      • Brian

        Gough and Millar didn’t even know O’Toole had been in Superman 3 until she told them, after they’d already cast her.

  • disturbing

    Diane was picked because she looks like Annette O’Toole. Before Smallville, Martha Kent never looked like this in any comic book, cartoon, TV show, or movie. The ONLY way you can say Diane Lane looks like Martha Kent is if you say she looks like SMALLVILLE’S Ma Kent (O’Toole).

    • bloom

      Going toward Smallville is brilliant. Young people don’t read comics! They don’t watch 30 year old movies! They know Superman from Smallville and cartoons! Moving away from Smallville would just CONFUSE young people. Snyder will give us some of Smallville and some of the cartoons and it will be brilliant!

      • Steph

        …young people don’t read comics?
        Yeeeah…you’re wrong.
        hello comic-con!

    • Brett

      With all due respect to Annette O’Toole, Diane Lane is much more attractive, and I imagine she was cast because she’ll be able to believably age from the time she and Jonathan discover the Kryptonian rocket ship up to Clark’s adulthood.

    • Brian

      Perhaps she was cast simply because Smallville is right and younger Kents just makes a LOT more sense than Clark having adoptive parents who are the age of grandparents. The same goes for Spider-man’s Aunt May (how old were his parents supposed to be anyway if she was so old?)

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Interesting choice but after 10 years of Smallville it will be weird seeing anyone but Annette O’Toole as Martha Kent.

    I bet Diane Lane will do great though.

  • disturbing

    Diane was picked because she looks like Annette O’Toole. Before Smallville, Martha Kent never looked like this in any comic book, cartoon, TV show, or movie. The ONLY way you can say Diane Lane looks like Martha Kent, is if you say she looks like SMALLVILLE’S Ma Kent (O’Toole).

    • Sara

      Well, there was nothing wrong with Annette O’Toole and she did a wonderful job.

      At the end of the day, I am a Superman fan. I watch because I personally believe he is the greatest superhero of all time and ironically find him the most relate-able. I Christopher Reeve, I loved Routh, and I love Tom Welling. There’s pros and cons in EVERY incarnation. I say don’t cry before you’re hurt and everyone should just enjoy.

      In conclusion, Diane Lane as Martha equals awesome sauce! 2012 can’t come fast enough!

      • Messi

        That time will come before you know it, Phoenix. It’s such a fun poitsion to be in, where you don’t have to owe anyone anything and your money works for you instead of some creditor!Matt Wegner recently posted..

  • JLG


    • Obi-Have

      That’s Super MILF!

  • V

    Bc Christopher Nolan and David Goyer will be involved with movie, this means that I’m in. Not a big Superman fan but I know that it’s gonna be good.

  • Mr. Underhill

    Now if they cast Costner, we’ll have a Nicholas Sparks flick!

  • Liz Lemon

    So far so good.

    • Wim

      its partly gbraging rights, partly fear and mostly stubborness if only i was as good at research the good news is that the course is shorter than i thought and I’ll be glad to do a decent run without an injury I’ve seen the number of cripples in our dept!

    • Kirat

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  • ben

    As a super fan of Diane Lane and growing fan of Chris Nolan, I will definitely watch this Superman. Also, the last Superman was pretty good.

  • Rob

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Now finally there’s a reason to see the movie. Heck she could be Lois. People complain about age in Hollywood and I’m sure it’s true, but darned if Diane Lane doesn’t get sexier every year. That woman is incredibly hot. It’s a little weird to now be attracted to an actress playing Superman’s mother, but whatever. And she’s a decent actress. Major win.

    • Sarah

      I know she does not look 46!

      • John

        Got to agree with Rob and Sarah ….she’s gorgeous. And I don’t feel weird at all….she’s not much older than me. I’m 42.


    Thanks for the update.

    – –

    While this might turn out to be something like “another” supporting role as usual, I’m hoping for Lane to be professionally treated better concerning the script and screen time. She’s talented.

    – –

    Side note: I’m NOT dissin’ her, but is it possible that she’d just had her nose done (say, last year)?

    • Thomas Hindman

      You guys are idiots. The only man that can play SUPERMAN is Brandon Routh who played in SUPERMAN RETURNS. The guy you picked doesn’t even look close to superman so you need to pick Brandon Routh.

      • Le HIROSHI

        @ Thomas Hindman: IMO, Brandon’s got the SUPERMAN look. But whether it’s not his fault, his ability to act well is questionable (I’m not sure if it had anything to do with B. Singer’s direction). Just say’n.

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